Chapter 254 – Hao Ming!

Almighty Sword Domain

At the moment that Wenren Yue admitted defeat, Cai Feng’s expression instantly turned horrifyingly gloomy. She’d been constantly waiting for Wenren Yue to utilize her true trump card. In Cai Feng’s opinion, even if Yang Ye had suddenly become quite mysterious, Yang Ye would definitely die once Wenren Yue utilized her true trump card! However, she’d never imagined that Wenren Yue would directly admit defeat. This also caused her to become overwhelmed with rage to the point of suffering qi deviation!

Why did Wenren Yue admit defeat? Besides Wenren Yue herself, there was probably no one else who knew the answer….

Wenren Yue had just left the arena when Cai Feng appeared by her side, and Cai Feng asked in a furious voice. “Why did you do that?”

Wenren Yue glanced at Cai Feng before she said, “I’m willing to accept the punishment of the palace!”

Cai Feng was infuriated when she heard this, and she said with rage, “The punishment of the palace? Little Xue, truthfully speaking, I’m not angry that you let Yang Ye live because he would definitely be unable to escape death once the Ascension Rankings came to an end. I’m angry because you gave up on the competition! With your strength, you’re entirely capable of seizing the top three! Could it be that you’re not aware that the benefits the palace receives increases along with your ranking?”

Wenren Yue remained silent and didn’t say a single world. This caused Cai Feng to be even more furious, but she was helpless towards this. Even though Wenren Yue was merely an inner court disciple at the First Heaven Realm, Wenren Yue’s status in the Flower Palace was even higher than Cai Feng who was an elder of the sect. Because she was the inner court disciple who possessed the greatest natural talent and potential!

Even though everyone was still puzzled, the competition still continued. With a colossus like the Grand Qin Empire presiding over the competition, a new arena had appeared once more on the square in less than two hours of time.

In next to no time, everyone stopped thinking about why Wenren Yue had admitted defeat because Yuan Tong had ascended the arena. Yuan Tong’s opponent was an independent cultivator called Bai He.

Bai He had a slightly rugged appearance, and his figure was robust. If he hadn’t passed Li Si’s test, then the spectators might even think that he was over 30 years of age now! When he heard his opponent was Yuan Tong, Bai He didn’t reveal any sorrow on his face, and he withdrew a large saber that had a demon’s head carved on it. He supported the saber on his shoulder, and then he walked up the arena.

Under the gazes of anticipation that shot over from the surroundings, Yuan Tong appeared on the arena as well. At the moment Yuan Tong’s figure appeared there, the crowd in the surroundings instantly started seething with excitement!

“Yuan Tong! One hit! Yuan Tong! One hit!”

“One hit!”

Since Yuan Tong had started ascending the arena until now, not a single one of his opponents could withstand a single strike of his. Now, the spectators wanted to witness such a legend once more!

Yuan Tong grinned as he gazed at the spectator, and then he looked at Bai He who supported the large saber on his shoulder. Yuan Tong placed his hands behind his back, and a smile remained on his face, causing him to fully reveal the elegant demeanor of an expert.

No one said that Yuan Tong was trying to act cool because Yuan Tong possessed the strength for that. Even though it displeased many people, they couldn’t do anything about it….

When Li Si announced the beginning of the battle, the gazes of everyone moved onto Bai He. Now, all of them wanted to see if Bai He would be able to withstand a single attack from Yuan Tong!

At this moment, Bai He felt quite pressured. Of course, anyone who became Yuan Tong’s opponent would feel pressured. However, he had to fight even if he felty pressured. Even if he admitted defeat, he had to admit defeat after exchanging at least two blows with Yuan Tong. Otherwise, it would truly be a humiliation for him!

Bai He took a deep breath and slowly raised the saber from his shoulder. He held it with both hands before the profound energy within his body surged madly into it, and then a violent gale suddenly appeared around Bai He’s body, causing the hard ground where Bai He stood started to crack inch by inch.

Numerous spectators in the surroundings were shocked when they witnessed this scene, and they said to themselves, Bai He didn’t rely solely on luck to enter the top 8, and he does possess some strength. However, it’s truly a bit too weak in front of Yuan Tong!Yuan Tong who stood opposite Bai He still had an indifferent expression and didn’t show any intention to attack. He allowed Bai He to accumulate strength!

At a certain moment in time, a wisp of a ferocious expression flashed in Bai He’s eyes, and then he held the large saber with both hands as he swiftly chopped it downward towards Yuan Tong. In an instant, a white colored strand of light that was over 10m long shot out explosively from the tip of the saber. Because the energy contained within this saber light was too terrifying, a rift that was around 0.5m wide and a few meters deep had extended from Bai He’s feet to Yuan Tong.

Yuan Tong finally moved when the terrifying saber light had arrived less than 1.5m away from him. He took a step forward before he clenched his right hand tightly into a fist, and then he smashed his fist at the saber light. In an instant, a fist that was formed from energy shot out explosively.

Under the gazes of anticipation that came from the surroundings, the fist and the saber light collided with each other in midair!


An enormous bang rumbled and resounded on the arena, and then the fist formed from energy seemed like a sharp sword that pierced into rotten wood as it instantly blasted the saber light into dispersal. After that, it didn’t slow down at all as it arrived in front of Bai He before smashing onto Bai He’s chest.

Under the astounded gazes of the spectators in the surroundings, Bai He was blasted flying. Or it should be said that he was directly blasted flying out of the arena….

After a short moment of being stunned, the crowd started shouting madly at Yuan Tong who stood on the arena.

“Yuan Tong! Yuan Tong!”

“One hit! One hit!”

“Martial God! Martial God!”

Countless voices converged together and shook the nine heavens.

On the other hand, the remaining participants of the Ascension Rankings had solemn expressions on their faces. Yuan Tong’s strength could really be described as being unfathomable, and they felt that Yuan Tong was really being a bully by participating in the Ascension Rankings while possessing such strength!

Yuan Tong grinned towards the spectators below, and then he leaped off the arena and returned to where he stood before the battle. If it wasn’t for his path to becoming the Martial God, he wouldn’t participate in the Ascension Rankings because the Ascension Rankings was like a game to him. It was truly not challenging at all.

After Yuan Tong descended the arena, Li Si appeared on it once more. He gazed at the crowd that was cheering and seething with excitement, and his expression was slightly gloomy. If Yuan Tong really becomes the Martial God, then with his power and influence, a single call from him would definitely be able to make countless profounders follow him in the future. That’s extremely harmful to the Empire.

When he thought about such a scene, Li Si couldn’t help but sigh lightly. It would be great if someone is able to stop Yuan Tong now. But is that even possible? Based on the strength Yuan Tong has revealed now, then not to mention these First Heaven Realm profounders here, even King Realm experts might not be able to defeat him. Perhaps only a Spirit Realm expert would be able to stop him….

Actually, it wasn’t just Li Si who wanted to eliminate Yuan Tong, the other powers that were hostile to the Origin School wanted to do so as well. It was even to the extent that even the Flower Palace and Snow Palace had such intentions. Because regardless of which power it was, all of them didn’t want to see the Origin School rise supreme above them for the next thousand years! But even though they wanted to do so, none of them dared to act. If any power dared to make a move against Yuan Tong, then the consequences would be suffering catastrophic revenge from the Origin School.

In the southern territory, it was probably only the two titans that were the Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire who could endure the frenzied revenge of the Origin School. However, even these two titans wouldn’t rashly lay hands on the Origin School’s ‘reverse scale’. Because once they’d offended this extraordinary sect, then even if they won the battle, they would suffer heavy losses and might even be completely destroyed….

In the southern territory, just possessing good natural talent and potential was insufficient because one could perish at any moment. Besides good natural talent and potential, one needed a powerful backing as well. So long as one possessed powerful backing, then one had the chance of maturing successfully into an expert.

Just like Yang Ye right now. Because he didn’t possess formidable backing like the Origin School, everyone felt that he would definitely perish!

In next to no time, the next battle began, and it was Leng Xinran who’d ascended the arena. Her opponent was that disciple from the Liu Clan, Liu Feng!

Nothing unexpected occurred during this battle. After less than 10 exchanges, Leng Xinran had defeated Liu Feng! This caused the countless profounders below the arena to cheer endlessly once more.

Besides Yuan Tong, Leng Xinran and Wenren Yue had the greatest popularity amongst the top 8. Of course, besides the strength they possessed, it was also because of their respective beauty. After all, beauties were always welcomed anywhere. Not to mention that they were formidable beauties from the two palaces! Unfortunately, Wenren Yue had admitted defeat and her journey had stopped at the top 8!

“Lin Xiuran against the Brightmoon Sect’s Hao Ming!” Right at this moment, Li Si’s voice resounded once more by the side of everyone’s ears.

On the arena, Lin Xiuran held the black iron sword as he gazed at Hao Ming who stood in front of him. Hao Ming’s figure was slightly chubby, and there was always a faint smile on his face. Unlike Yuan Tong’s smile, Hao Ming’s smile felt sincere, and it didn’t seem forced or faked at all!

Of course, this wouldn’t make Lin Xiuran hold back!

“Make your move!” Lin Xiuran spoke indifferently as he gazed at Hao Ming. Truthfully speaking, he’d never taken Hao Ming seriously since the beginning, and he felt that his opponents should be Yuan Tong, Wenren Yue, and Leng Xinran. Right, Yang Ye could be considered as one as well. As for Hao Ming, he really didn’t take Hao Ming seriously!

Hao Ming wasn’t infuriated by Lin Xiuran’s contemptuous tone. He smiled before his figure flashed explosively towards Lin Xiuran.

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Lin Xiuran’s mouth when he saw Hao Ming flash explosively towards him. With a light movement of his wrist, 1st level Sword Intent surged out and instantly enveloped Hao Ming. The appearance of Sword Intent caused Hao Ming’s speed to instantly slow down, and the disdain on the corners of Lin Xiuran’s mouth thickened when he saw this!

However, right at this moment, Hao Ming’s speed suddenly rose explosively, and he flashed towards Lin Xiuran at a speed that was a few times faster than before. In merely an instant, he’d already arrived before Lin Xiuran, and then countless palms formed from energy covered the heavens and the earth as they enveloped down towards Lin Xiuran who was slightly stunned!

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