Chapter 253 – I Admit Defeat!

Almighty Sword Domain

Wenren Yue’s expression remained unchanged when she saw the strand of golden sword qi shoot explosively towards her, and with a light flick of her slender finger, a ring instantly shot forward like a bolt of lightning.


Along with a sound of explosion, the ring and the golden sword qi instantly dispersed in the air, and then a wave of air swept towards the surroundings. During this period of time, Yang Ye arrived in front of Wenren Yue, and with a twist of his writs, Violet Spirit swept forward horizontally.


Because the strength behind the sword was too formidable, the air was completely torn into pieces wherever it passed while hissing that caused the scalps of the spectators to tingle instantly resounded from the arena.

Wenren Yue’s expression became slightly solemn when she sensed the terrifying strength contained within the Violet Spirit sword. She’d experienced Yang Ye’s physical strength in the past, and she knew that she would definitely suffer a disadvantage if she went head-on against it!

So, when she thought up to here, Wenren Yue formed a strange seal with her hand, and then her entire body shook abruptly. After that, a bang resounded as she transformed into countless flower petals that erupted towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye’s expression changed at the instant that Wenren Yue had suddenly vanished before him, and he didn’t hesitate at all to turn around while raising his sword up horizontally to block an impending attack.


A crystal blue ring was instantly blasted flying by this strike from Yang Ye….

After that, an extremely strange scene appeared on the arena. Countless crystal blue rings swept ceaselessly towards Yang Ye from all directions in an extremely shocking manner. As for Yang Ye himself, even though he hadn’t become flustered because of this, anyone with a discerning gaze was able to notice that it was slightly strenuous for Yang Ye right now.

As she gazed at Yang Ye who seemed to be strenuously resisting the crystal blue rings on the ruins below, a wisp of worry arose once more in the eyes of Su Qingshi who stood on the wall of the Imperial Palace. The crystal blue ring was a mid-grade Earth Rank Dark Treasure, and it was even one that possessed a Natural Weapon Spirit. Coupled with the shocking combat technique that Wenren Yue was utilizing right now, the might it revealed was something that even some King Rank experts were unable to resist!

Violet Spirit was once a Dao Artifact, but its Weapon Spirit was in deep slumber, and coupled with the fact that it was only half of its original self, how could it resist that crystal blue ring?

On the other side, the Flower Palace’s Cai Feng revealed a smile for the first time. Even she had to admit that Yang Ye’s strength was really good for his age. But so what? As the most outstanding disciple of the Flower Palace’s younger generation, no matter if it was cultivation techniques, combat techniques, and the guidance she received in all aspects, the Flower Palace had given her the best. But what about Yang Ye?

So, Yang Ye was bound to die in this battle!

It wasn’t just Cai Feng who had such thoughts. Lin Xiuran who was watching the battle from below thought in the same way. Needless to say, the strength Yang Ye revealed now had caused him to feel threatened. Of course, it was merely a slight threat. Even if Yang Ye revealed 2nd level Sword Intent, Lin Xiuran was still confident in his ability to defeat Yang Ye.

Of course, it couldn’t be any better if Yang Ye died at Wenren Yue’s hands.

Everyone felt that Yang Ye would definitely lose, but Wenren Yue who was fighting on the ruins of the arena didn’t think in that way. On that day while they were on Ascension Mountain Range, she’d witnessed Yang Ye’s strange technique of sword control. If Yang Ye utilized that technique, then dealing with this trouble before him would be extremely easy!

However, even up until this very moment, Yang Ye hadn’t utilized it, and this caused Wenren Yue to be extremely puzzled.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about this, and then she stretched out her fair hand and shouted lightly towards Yang Ye. “Trap!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the crystal blue rings instantly started revolving at high speeds. In the next moment, all of them enveloped down towards Yang Ye at a speed that was too fast for the eye to catch.

They instantly surrounded Yang Ye.

When they witnessed this scene, countless spectators in the surroundings instantly shook their heads while many even started discussing once more.

“Yang Ye is finally going to lose! I knew it! Once he loses the assistance of that mysterious King Rank Darkbeast, then he’s a complete weakling when he encounters a true expert!”

“Alas, I never expected that Yang Ye who has already comprehended 2nd level Sword Intent would lose to Wenren Yue. She really deserves to be the most outstanding disciple of the Flower Palace’s younger generation. I think that if Yang Ye hadn’t comprehended Sword Intent, then he would probably be unable to resist three moves of hers, right?”

“Three moves? You think too highly of him! If he wasn’t a lucky bastard that comprehended Sword Intent, then not to mention three moves, he wouldn’t even be able to resist a single move of hers!”

On the ruins of the arena, Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye who was surroundings by countless crystal blue rings, and then she shook her head lightly while a wisp of disappointment flashed in her eyes.


Right at this moment, a resounded howl of the sword suddenly resounded from the center of the encirclement created by the crystal blue rings, and it caused the countless spectators in the surroundings to be stunned.

Under the astounded gazes of countless spectators in the surroundings, a golden sword light lit up from amidst the crystal blue rings. In the next moment, all of them heard an enormous bang resound as those crystal blue rings that surrounded Yang Ye were blasted flying. After that, they saw a figure shoot explosively towards Wenren Yue.

When she witnessed this scene, Su Qingshi immediately heaved a sigh of relief, and her frown had eased up. Conversely, Cai Feng frowned instead, and her face had turned gloomy.

Yang Ye had merely utilized less than a breath of time to traverse a distance of over 30m. A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes as he gazed at Wenren Yue who stood right before him, and the profound energy within his body surged violently into Violet Spirit before he drew it and swung it swiftly.

A wisp of surprise flashed in Wenren Yue’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye launch an assault against her. How did he break through the encirclement of those crystal blue rings? Even though she was extremely puzzled, she didn’t have the time to think about it now because Yang Ye had launched a ferocious attack against her.

Just like before, Wenren Yue’s figure shook and transformed into countless flower petals as she vanished on the spot, and then she appeared on Yang Ye’s left. After that, a ring in her hand slashed towards Yang Ye’s neck.

Yang Ye seemed to have expected this, and he’d dodged to the side as soon as she vanished, and then Violet Spirit slashed horizontally towards his left in an extremely natural manner.

At this moment, it seemed like Wenren Yue had moved on her own accord to be slashed by Yang Ye’s sword.

Wenren Yue’s expression changed, and she even revealed shock in her eyes. How did he grasp the trajectory of my movements?

She didn’t have the time to think it through before she executed that mysterious movement technique and vanished on the spot again. After that, she appeared on Yang Ye’s right.

However, right when she appeared on Yang Ye’s right, Yang Ye’s sword that was slashing towards the left had suddenly started slashing towards the right, and it was moving towards the precise location where Wenren Yue had appeared right now!

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of all the great figures on the walls of the Imperial Palace had changed. Even Yuan Tong who’d always been indifferent and composed couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a solemn and puzzled expression.

The movement technique Wenren Yue executed was naturally filled with flaws when they looked at it, and with the strengths and discerning ability they possessed, they were naturally able to easily deal with this mysterious movement technique. But how could Yang Ye do the same? After all, Yang Ye was merely at the First Heaven Realm now. He can see through the flaws of an Earth Rank technique while at the First Heaven Realm? This isn’t logical no matter what!But if Yang Ye hadn’t seen through the flaws of this Earth Rank technique, then how was he able to constantly seize the initiative to pin Wenren Yue down?

“This kid is really mysterious!” As he gazed at Yang Ye, Li Si frowned as he spoke in a low voice.

Bai Qi nodded lightly at his side and said, “If he was able to accomplish this by relaying on his own combat experience, then isn’t it a little too terrifying? But it seems to be impossible. If it was Yuan Tong, then it might be possible. After all, Yuan Tong has comprehended the Battle Intent of legend! However, if it isn’t that, then how was he able to accomplish this?”

“I originally thought that 2nd level Sword Intent was his limit. But now it would seem like he still hasn’t exposed his true strength and trump cards even until this very moment. Alas, the more shocking the strength and potential he reveals are, the more impossible it would be for t he Flower Palace, Ghost Sect, and Origin School to let him live. What a pity!” Li Si shook his head slowly as he spoke.

“But what if he obtains the 1st on the Ascension Rankings?” Bai Qi asked this same question once more.

“Then the Sword Sect, the Talisman Master’s Association, and the two of us were all blind!” Li Si gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke in a light voice.

On the ruins of the arena, Yang Ye and Wenren Yue had split apart. Wenren Yue gazed at him as she said in a low voice, “How did you do that!?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “No comment. If you still want to kill me, then utilize that Dao Artifact that the rumors say you possess!”

Wenren Yue fell silent. After a short while, she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “How confident are you in your ability to obtain the 1st?”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said with a puzzled tone, “What do you mean?”

“Answer me!” When he noticed the serious expression on her face, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “50%!”

Wenren Yue’s eyelids twitched when she heard this. 50% confidence…. Isn’t this fellow a little too confident?

What did 50% confidence represent? It represented that Yang Ye was confident in his ability to be on par with Yuan Tong. Where did he get such confidence from?

Wenren Yue fell silent once more. After a short while, she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I believe you. I hope you truly have 50% confidence to win!”

As soon as she finished speaking those words, she turned around to look at Li Si who stood in the distance and said, “I admit defeat!”

An uproar erupted in the surroundings when they heard Wenren Yue. The Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue admitted defeat? Admitted defeat? What is the meaning of this? All the profounders in the surroundings were slightly puzzled by Wenren Yue’s actions.

Even Yang Ye was slightly dazed at this moment. He was able to sense that Wenren Yue hadn’t utilized her full strength yet. If she utilized her full strength, then he would definitely fall into an intense battle with her. But he’d never imagined that Wenren Yue would actually admit defeat….

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