Chapter 252 – Fierce Battle!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Haha! Yang Ye is finally going to be finished! Let’s see how he continues acting arrogantly now that he has encountered the Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue!”

“Exactly! If he encountered Wenren Yue or Leng Xinran earlier, then he would have been finished a long time ago. How could he have possibly possessed the chance to enter the top 8? He really is a lucky bastard!”

“Don’t get happy too earlier. What if he defeats Wenren Yue? After all, Qin Youran died at his hands.”

When they heard these words, some of the profounders in the surroundings had shut their mouths. But in next to no time, some started speaking again….

“Hmph! I though Qin Youran was an extraordinary figure, but I never expected that he wouldn’t live up to his reputation. He was actually injured by an independent cultivator and even died at Yang Ye’s hands. It looks to me like he wasn’t strong at all, and his reputation was just a product of boasting!”

“Exactly. After all, Yang Ye was blasted back with a single punch from Yuan Tong on Ascension Mountain Range. But Qin Youran actually died at Yang Ye’s hand. To think he had the guts to say that his opponent was Yuan Tong. It looks to me like he can’t even compare to Yuan Tong at all….”

In next to no time, the profounders in the surroundings had stopped trashing Yang Ye, and they started to trash Qin Youran instead. Of course, they were naturally trashing Qin Youran in order to trash Yang Ye...

Amidst the sounds of animated discussion in the surroundings, Yang Ye and Wenren Yue ascended the arena.

“You really surprised everyone!” Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye while she spoke in a flat tone. Indeed, Yang Ye’s display had caused countless people to feel surprised. Because since the very beginning, no one had thought that Yang Ye would be able to come this far.

“I think that the Flower Palace has already instructed you to eliminate me, right?” asked Yang Ye.

Wenren Yue didn’t hide it from him and nodded before she said, “The greater the potential you display is, the greater the palace’s resolution to kill you would be. Moreover, this competition is the best time to kill you!”

Yang Ye shook his head slowly and said, “You can’t kill me. Out of consideration for the possibility that you know my mother, admit defeat, alright?”

“Do you think it’s possible?” said Wenren Yue in a cold voice.

Yang Ye nodded lightly and said, “Then attack!”

Wenren Yue flipped her palm and a crystal blue ring appeared in her hand, and with a wave of her hand, it whistled sharply as it tore through the sky and shot towards Yang Ye like a bolt of lightning.

When he saw it shook towards him, Yang Ye just drew his sword and slashed!


The sound of metal colliding rumbled through the area, and then the crystal blue ring shot backward towards Wenren Yue at a speed that was even faster than before!

Wenren Yue stretched her hand forward and made a grasping motion. The crystal blue ring’s speed instantly slowed down, and when it arrived before her, it simply seemed like Yang Ye had tossed it to her!

“If you want to kill me, then stop pulling your punches!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently as he gazed at her.

“As you wish!” As soon as she finished speaking, Wenren Yue flicked with her finger, and the crystal blue ring shot out like a bolt of lightning. It expanded explosively in midair and instantly transformed into an enormous ring the size of the arena, and then it started revolving in midair at high speeds. In the next moment, Wenren Yue flicked with her finger once more, and she shouted softly towards Yang Ye. “Go!”

As soon as her voice resounded in the air, the enormous crystal blue ring shot down towards Yang Ye at a speed that wasn’t visible to the eye.

Yang Ye’s expression was slightly solemn when he saw it shoot down towards him. He’d experienced the might of this ring that day, and it was impossible to escape and could only be resisted by force! When he thought up to here, the profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged into the Violet Spirit sword in his hand, and as his profound energy surged ceaselessly into it, a strand of dazzling golden light erupted from it.

When the crystal blue ring had arrived less than 10 inches away from him, a wisp of a ferocious expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he drew his sword and slashed. Under the enhancement provided by his golden profound energy and the instantaneous eruption of energy created by the Heavenrend Sword Drawing Technique, the strength carried by this strike of Yang Ye’s had arrived at an extremely terrifying degree. Everywhere Violet Spirit passed, a vacuum formed around it, and an extremely obvious mark of the sword appeared in the air. It was extraordinarily striking!


An enormous clang resounded from the arena. This time, the crystal blue ring wasn’t blasted flying. On the contrary, the terrifying might that was emanated from the crystal blue ring had caused Yang Ye to be shaken to the point his feet scraped the ground as he retreated explosively, and he finally stopped when he arrived at the edge of the arena.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed when he lowered his head and saw his palm that had split open. With the overall strength he possessed, he was actually unable to block the crystal blue ring, and its strength had slightly exceeded his expectations!

“Bring forth your true strength, otherwise, just stop here!” As she gazed at Yang Ye, Wenren Yue spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he heard this, and then he strode slowly towards Wenren Yue. After he’d taken two steps forward, an invisible force surged towards Wenren Yue like tidewater. At the same time, a clear and melodious howl resounded once more from the Violet Spirit sword in Yang Ye’s hand. On the other hand, all those who possessed swords beneath the arena had once again felt as if their swords had received some sort of summons. Their swords were trembling violently and seemed to be on the very of struggling free from their control!

2nd level Sword Intent!

A large expanse of gasps resounded throughout the surroundings.

In the beginning, when Yang Ye killed Li Xianjun, he’d merely revealed 1st level Sword Intent and utilized a mysterious technique to kill Li Xianjun. So, all of them felt that Li Xianjun was weak and wasn’t even able to resist Yang Ye’s 1st level Sword Intent.

Later on, when Yang Ye killed Qin Youran, he’d utilized a mysterious technique again. So, everyone was actually fearful of Yang Ye’s mysterious technique and not the strength that Yang Ye revealed!

Yet now, all of them had never imagined that Yang Ye had actually attained 2nd level Sword Intent! 2nd level Sword Intent before the age of 20, such natural talent was superior to over 90% of the people in the surroundings. At this moment, even those that didn’t have a good impression of Yang Ye had no choice but to admit that perhaps Yang Ye hadn’t relied on luck to enter the top 8….

When she saw Yang Ye’s 2nd level Sword Intent, Cai Feng’s face instantly sank, and the killing intent in her eyes seemed material! 2nd level Sword Intent before the age of 20! Such natural talent wasn’t inferior to Wenren Yue at all! So, if Yang Ye was allowed to continue growing, then she could imagine that the Flower Palace would definitely have another terrifying enemy in a few hundred years from now!

Yang Ye must die! This was what Cai Feng thought at this moment!

“Interesting, truly interesting!” On the other side, Yuan Tong who stood by Qing Yun’zi’s side suddenly started laughing, and he said, “I really underestimated this Yang Ye in the past. I never expected that he has actually comprehended 2nd level Sword Intent, and it’s even more surprising that he was able to avoid exposing it until now. Did he intend to shock everyone with a single brilliant move? Haha!”

“2nd level Sword Intent. His natural talent really isn’t bad!” Qing Yun’zi spoke indifferently. “Unfortunately, such a good seedling is going to die on the arena in the end!”

“He deserves death!” Yuan Tong restrained the smile on his face and said, “I was originally wondering if Yuan Ye had died at his hands or those Darkbeasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains. Now it would seem like Yuan Ye was most probably killed by him. Yuan Ye can’t die for nothing, so I’ll personally send him to see Yuan Ye!”

Qing Yun’zi nodded lightly and said, “Of course. How could a member of my Origin School be killed just like that?”

On the arena, as she sensed herself being suppressed and restrained, Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Have you finally stopped pulling your punches?”

As soon as she finished speaking, a terrifying imposing aura surged explosively from her, and it resisted Yang Ye’s Sword Intent. Even she had no choice but to be cautious against the suppression and restraint of Sword Intent. Fortunately, Yang Ye’s Sword Intent was merely at the 2nd level, so it wasn’t able to suppress and restrain her too much!

With a gesture of her right hand, the crystal blue ring shot out once more. It shook slightly in midair, and then it instantly transformed into countless fist sized rings that enveloped down towards Yang Ye like a dense expanse of raindrops!

When he saw the dense expanse of crystal blue rings shooting down towards him, Yang Ye ceaselessly waved about the Violet Spirit sword in his hand. In an instant, countless golden strands of sword qi that contained Sword Intent shot out explosively from the tip of Violet Spirit. The sword qi formed from Yang Ye’s golden profound energy was already extremely formidable. Now that they were boosted by 2nd level Sword Intent, the sword qi Yang Ye executed right now had become extremely swift and fierce!

An extremely brilliant scene had appeared on the arena. Countless crystal blue rings and innumerable strands of golden sword qi collided incessantly with each other, and then they ceaselessly dispersed into the air while explosions resounded without end. The entire arena was heavily damaged and on the verge of collapse from the damage caused by the strands of golden sword qi and the crystal blue rings. It seemed as if the arena would crumble at any moment!

When they witnessed the terrifying scene on the arena, some of the profounders who were close to the arena had moved a certain distance backward. Regardless of whether it was the golden strands of sword qi or the crystal blue rings, both weren’t attacks that they could resist, and they didn’t want to suffer misfortune!


Suddenly, an enormous bang that could shake the world resounded on the arena. After that, the entire arena suddenly started trembling violently. In the next moment, the enormous arena rumbled as it collapsed before the astounded gazes of countless profounders in the surroundings, causing dust and dirt to instantly suffuse the air.

Bang! Bang!

While the profounders in the surroundings still hadn’t recovered from their shock, two figures had suddenly leaped up from the ruins of the arena. They were none other than Yang Ye and Wenren Yue.

At this moment, countless fist sized crystal blue rings were spinning around Wenren Yue at high speeds. The crystal blue rings weren’t spinning in a chaotic and disorderly manner, and they were spinning at high speeds according to a strange trajectory. It was like an invisible force filled the surroundings around Wenren Yue, and it caused the ground and rocks there to be ceaselessly crushed into powder!

Yang Ye had the Violet Spirit sword in his hand as he stood in front of her, and strands of light flickered ceaselessly on it.

At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye suddenly moved, and his figure vanished on the spot and left an afterimage behind as he shot explosively towards Wenren Yue. With a slash of the Violet Spirit sword in his hand, a strand of golden sword qi shot explosively towards Wenren Yue while he followed closely behind it!

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