Chapter 251 – Wenren Yue!

Almighty Sword Domain

How had Qin Youran died? There was no doubt that he’d been killed by Yang Ye. But how exactly did Yang Ye kill him without anyone noticing? This was exactly what everyone was puzzled and fearful about!

They didn’t know that Yang Ye had utilized the Hidden Sword and the Sword Control Technique while he fought Qin Youran. Yes, it was the Hidden Sword that caused Qin Youran’s expression to change violently at the end of the battle. Everything Yang Ye had done before that moment was actually an effort to numb Qin Youran, cause Qin Youran to become conceited, and then utilize the combination of the Hidden Sword and Sword Control Technique to annihilate Qin Youran with a single strike!

At that time, they were truly too close to each other, and Qin Youran was conceited as well. So, even if Qin Youran had sensed danger at the last moment, it was still too late in the end. It could be said that the reason Qin Youran had been killed by a single strike from Yang Ye was mostly because of his own carelessness!

If he took Yang Ye to be an equal like how he had treated Yuan Tong, then even the combination of the Hidden Sword and Sword Control Technique would probably be unable to kill him. Unfortunately, the only true opponent in his heart was Yuan Tong, and the others weren’t worthy to be his opponent….

Since the ancient times until now, how many genius experts had perished because of their own carelessness?

In the end, the reason Yang Ye had diced Qin Youran’s corpse up was naturally for the sake of concealing the injury on Qin Youran’s body that was caused by the Hidden Sword. The combination of the Hidden Sword and Sword Control Technique could be considered to be a trump card of his, so if he could conceal it, then he naturally had to. After all, he had even stronger enemies waiting for him!

When Yang Ye walked down the arena, Li Si appeared on the arena. He glanced at Qin Youran who’d been sliced up into countless pieces, and then he shook his head lightly while a complicated expression flashed in his eyes.

Qin Youran was an outstanding disciple from the younger generation of the Imperial Household, and numerous people within the entire Grand Qin Empire looked favorably upon him. He was one of the few princes in the Empire who had the strength to fight for the throne. The outsiders were unaware but numerous ministers in the Empire were watching the Ascension Rankings, and if Qin Youran was able to ascend to the top 3 positions, then there would be countless clans and ministers that would support him. However, he’d perished during the Ascension Rankings! Moreover, he’d even died at the hands of someone that possessed no reputation before this!

Li Si shook his head lightly, and then he glanced at Yang Ye who was below the arena before he said, “The Sword Sect’s Yang Ye is victorious!”

There was no cheering or clapping in the surroundings, and there was only silence on the entire square. Because of the incident on Ascension Mountain Range, at least 90% of all the profounders on the square didn’t have a good impression of Yang Ye, so it was impossible for them to cheer and clap for Yang Ye….

Of course, Yang Ye didn’t care about this. In his opinion, he only cared about the thoughts and actions of people that he cared about. As for the thoughts and opinions of outsiders, what the fuck did they have to do with him?

Even though the spectators were still shocked and puzzled, the battles had to continue. In next to no time, two more people ascended the arena….

Although a new round of battles had begun, numerous people were still talking about Yang Ye. On the wall of the Imperial Palace, Qing Yun’zi gazed at Yang Ye who resided on the square below and said in a low voice, “This kid is slightly mysterious. Even though it’s impossible for him to defeat you, you still shouldn’t be careless. It’s better to be safe than sorry!”

Yuan Tong who stood behind Qing Yun’zi smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, Elder Yun. The stronger he is, the happier I am! I originally looked favorably upon Qin Youran, but I never expected that he would actually be such a useless piece of trash. First, he was heavily injured by an unknown person, then he even died at Yang Ye’s hands. How disappointing!”

Qing Yun’zi shook his head lightly and said, “It’s becoming more and more difficult to see through this kid, Yang Ye. Even though I don’t believe he can be a match for you, but you should be careful. Securing your position as the Martial God isn’t just a personal matter of yours, it’s also related to the Karmic Luck of my Origin School for the next few hundred years. You ought to be clearly aware that you’re only allowed to succeed, and failure is not an option!”

Yuan Tong nodded lightly and didn’t say anything. Merely a wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of his mouth! In the younger generation of the entire southern territory, besides that mysterious Darkbeast called Luo Xue from the Darkbeast Empire who was able to make him feel slightly fearful, did any other human or Darkbeast possess the qualifications to be his opponent?

Sword Intent? Perhaps it was terrifying to others, but in Yuan Tong’s opinion, mere 1st level Sword Intent was truly slightly insufficient!

On the other side, Cai Feng gazed at Wenren Yue who stood in front of her, and then she said in a low voice, “Little Yue, I know that there’s some relationship between you and Yang Ye’s mother, but you ought to be clearly aware what Yang Ye who has comprehended Sword Intent represents to my Flower Palace. If he’s allowed to grow, then he’ll definitely become a formidable enemy of my Flower Palace. So, if you encounter him during the following battles of the competition, you must remember not to hold back. Understand?”

She hadn’t aroused a feeling of danger when Yang Ye killed Li Xianjun. However, she was unable to maintain her calm when Yang Ye killed Qin Youran. Qin Youran was an extraordinary genius who was painstakingly fostered by the Grand Qin Empire, but he’d still perished at Yang Ye’s hands as well. Moreover, she was finding it more and more difficult to see through Yang Ye.

Her intuition told her that she absolutely couldn’t allow Yang Ye to grow, otherwise, he would definitely be an enormous threat and problem for the Flower Palace in the future!

Wenren Yue glanced at Cai Feng before she nodded….

On the other side of the wall, Yu Heng gazed at Yang Ye who stood amongst the crowd below, and he said in a low voice, “I never expected that even Qin Youran would perish at his hands. We’ve been constantly underestimating him since the beginning! If he received Martial Uncle Zui’s guidance for a few years, then with his natural talent, his accomplishments would definitely not be beneath Lin Xiuran!”

Yu Heng had never imagined that Yang Ye would actually be able to kill Qin Youran. If he knew that Yang Ye possessed such strength and potential, then he wouldn’t have allowed Yang Ye to leave the Sword Sect even if the Sword Sect had to offend the Flower Palace and Origin School. Unfortunately, it was too late now. Fortunately, the Sword Sect still had Murong Yao and Lin Xiuran!

Su Qingshi who stood behind Yu Heng didn’t say anything. Since she’d met Yang Ye, the changes he’d displayed had truly shocked her. If the Sword Sect fostered Yang Ye with all its might, then he would even be able to fight for supremacy with Yuan Tong! Unfortunately, Yang Ye hadn’t even displayed his natural talent when the Sword Sect had already abandoned him….

Of course, she didn’t really care about all of that now, and she was even more concerned about Yang Ye’s fate after the Ascension Rankings came to an end…. Once the Ascension Rankings come to an end, how would Yang Ye who has lost the protection of the Talisman Master’s Association and Sword Sect be able to survive a before the Ghost Sect, Origin School, and Flower Palace?

Every time she thought about this, a wisp of worry would appear on Su Qingshi’s exquisite and gorgeous face….

At this moment, Lin Xiuran’s expression was rather unsightly. Because he hadn’t imagined that Qin Youran had actually perished at Yang Ye’s hands. He’d personally experienced Qin Youran’s strength, and it was exactly the reason why his expression was slightly unsightly right now. Because he seemed to have slightly underestimated Yang Ye since the beginning!

Lin Xiuran really was a genius that Daoist Zui had chosen, but others didn’t know that he wasn’t the only one. To put it in simpler terms, he could be eliminated at any moment! His opponent during the Ascension Rankings wasn’t Yuan Tong or the two women from the two palaces. It was Yang Ye! If his ranking was below Yang Ye, then he would be abandoned by Daoist Zui, and once he lost the support and ability to rely on such an extraordinary expert, his future accomplishments would be limited even if he’d comprehended Sword Intent!

Moreover, could anyone resist the temptation of being a figure that possessed real power in the Sword Sect in the future?

So, only one of them could remain alive!

The countless people in the surroundings had various thoughts after witnessing Yang Ye kill Qin Youran. However, all of this was meaningless to Yang Ye. Yang Ye knew the situation that he was in, and it was extremely easy for those powers to kill Yang Ye since he’d lost the protection of the Talisman Master’s Association!

Flee? What a joke! If he fled now, he would die even sooner. Moreover, if he fled, then what about his mother? So, fleeing was impossible!

Since he couldn’t flee, then he could only stay here and fight. Even though he was very unwilling and very displeased, Yang Ye knew that he had to work hard to prove his value.

Because only by proving his own value would his mother have a chance at surviving!

In next to no time, another day had passed, and 8 of the remaining 16 participants had been eliminated.

At this moment, only 8 profounders remained on the arena, and they were the top 8. To the surprise of everyone, besides Yuan Tong, Wenren Yue, Leng Xinran, Yang Ye, and Lin Xiuran, the Brightmoon Sect’s Hao Ming who everyone had overlooked until now had actually advanced into the top 8 as well!

The Brightmoon Sect hadn’t declined like the Sword Sect, but it had always kept a very low profile. Not only did the sect keep a low profile, even its disciples were the same. So, most people had unconsciously forgotten Hao Ming.

Right, Murong Yao had stopped at the top 16. One could only say that her luck was slightly bad because she encountered Leng Xinran from the Snow Palace. Murong Yao’s strength was extremely formidable, but she’d lost to Leng Xinran in the end. However, Murong Yao was already very satisfied with being able to be ranked in the top 15, and the Sword Sect was extremely satisfied as well!

Besides the members of the six great powers, there were two more profounders who’d advanced into the top 8. One was a disciple of the Liu Clan called Liu Feng, and the other was an independent cultivator called Bai He. Both of them were extremely strong. Of course, if the Ghost Sect’s Li Xianjun and the Imperial Academy’s Qin Youran hadn’t perished, then they would absolutely have no chance of entering the top 8!

In the opinion of the spectators in the surroundings, the two of them would be unable to advance further after entering the top 8. After all, the other six profounders in the top 8 possessed strengths that could be described as terrifying.

Once it came to the top 8, the battles would naturally become more and more intense because not a single one of them was a weakling. Of course, the most popular amongst them was still Yuan Tong. Because during the battles of the top 16, Yuan Tong had still finished his opponent with a single attack. In other words, since the ranking battles had begun, Yuan Tong had merely executed a single attack during every single battle….

Presently, so long as Yuan Tong ascended the arena, then countless people below the arena would shout loudly. “One hit! One hit!”

Exactly how strong was Yuan Tong’s attack? The spectators would probably only be able to obtain a rough understanding of it if he fought Wenren Yue from the Flower Palace or Leng Xinran from the Snow Palace….

“The Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue against the Sword Sect’s Yang Ye!” On the arena, Li Si announced in a flat voice.

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