Chapter 250 – Kill!

Almighty Sword Domain

On the arena, Qin Youran gazed at Yang Ye while killing intent flashed in his eyes. He said, “I never expected that we would encounter each other so quickly. Your luck stops here! But don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll merely cripple you. Haven’t you comprehended Sword Intent? Then I’ll chop off your hands. I really look forward to witnessing the scene where a genius who has comprehended Sword Intent loses his hands!”

Yang Ye shook his head. Qin Youran who stood before him wasn’t just arrogant and haughty, he was actually extremely narrow-minded as well. There wasn’t any deep enmity between the two of them, and only mild conflict had erupted between the two of them on Ascension Mountain Range. However, Qin Youran actually bore a grudge towards him until now. So, Yang Ye was slightly furious when he thought up to here!

Yang Ye held Violet Spirit in his hand as he walked slowly towards Qin Youran, and he said while he walked. “With the strengths we possess, we would probably be able to fight for an entire day if we didn’t get serious. So, in order to not waste time, why don’t we decide the outcome with a single move?” As soon as he finished speaking, his Sword Intent surged out and enveloped Qin Youran.

Qin Youran grunted coldly and released his Spear Intent as well. After that, he said, “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Youran held the black spear in his hand as he took a step forward, and then he stabbed it towards the space in front of him!

Suddenly, countless spear images surged out violently from the tip of the black spear, and the impetus they revealed was extremely shocking!

As he gazed at the countless spear images, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled. Such a combat technique that confused others was simply useless before Yang Ye possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart. With a light tap of his foot on the ground, Yang Ye shot explosively towards Qin Youran. At the same time, he swiftly waved Violet Spirit about, causing countless strands of golden sword lights to flicker into appearance on the arena, and they were dazzling to the extreme!

With the golden sword lights opening up a path for him, Yang Ye arrived in front of Qin Youran, and then he drew his sword and stabbed it towards Qin Youran like a bolt of lightning!

Qin Youran’s expression changed. He’d watched the battle between Yang Ye and Li Xianjun, so he was naturally aware of how terrifying Yang Ye’s physical body was. If he fought Yang Ye in close quartered combat, then he would definitely be forced into a disadvantaged position. So, he’d executed a combat technique at the beginning with the hope of pulling apart the distance between them before engaging in battle with Yang Ye. However, he’d never imagined that the sword lights Yang Ye executed were actually so sharp and fierce, and they directly destroyed his spear images before Yang Ye directly arrived in front of him!

He didn’t have the time to think about anything else, and he twisted his wrist to make his speak block before him.


A muffled bang resounded on the arena. The enormous force exerted by Yang Ye caused the spear in Qin Youran’s hand to curve at a shocking angle, and his hand that held the spear had even gone numb!

Qin Youran was astounded, and he was just about to retreat. However, right at this moment, the Violet Spirit sword in Yang Ye’s grasp suddenly left Yang Ye’s hand, and it transformed into a violet ray of light that shot directly at Qin Youran’s head. At such a close distance and with such swift speed, Qin Youran was terrified in his heart. But fortunately, his reaction wasn’t slow. He immediately changed his footwork and dodged to the side, causing Violet Spirit to brush past his face!

However, when Violet Spirit passed by his face, a strange scene appeared. It suddenly stopped, and then it swept horizontally towards him….

Horror arose in Qin Youran’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. He immediately stomped his foot on the ground and retreated explosively. However, it was still a little too late, and Violet Spirit left a deep mark behind on Qin Youran’s gorgeous nose! If his reaction wasn’t this swift, then this strike would have split his head in two!

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of countless spectators in the surroundings had changed. Qin Youran was actually injured after a single exchange of blows? Yang Ye’s strength is actually so formidable?

Yang Ye frowned when his strike failed to succeed. He naturally didn’t stop attacking to speak a bunch of nonsense to Qin Youran. Strike when the enemy was weak! This was his style of doing things! So, when Qin Youran had just retreated, he’d executed the Gale Steps technique to press forward, and he arrived in front of Qin Youran again. At the same time, he swiftly slashed once more with Violet Spirit that had returned into his grasp!

Presently, Yang Ye didn’t emphasize on skill or combat techniques, and he merely placed emphasis on speed and strength!

On the arena, a similar scene like the one that appeared during the battle between Yang Ye and Li Xianjun had appeared once more. Qin Youran was firmly suppressed by Yang Ye and could only block incessantly! This sight shocked the spectators in the surroundings to the extreme.

“He’s like a human Darkbeast!” As she gazed at Yang Ye who was in battle on the arena, Wenren Yue spoke in a low voice.

Leng Xinran who stood by her side nodded lightly, and then she said, “His physical strength is too formidable. Besides Yuan Tong, any one of us will definitely be in an extremely disadvantaged position once we enter into closed quartered combat with him!”

Wenren Yue suddenly puckered her lips and smiled when she heard this, and then she said, “The Martial God is said to be a machine of closed quartered combat while Yang Ye is skilled in close quartered combat as well. I truly look forward to the battle between them. It would definitely be extremely exciting!”

“Yang Ye’s strength has far exceeded our imagination. With his potential, then so long as he’s able to survive, he’ll definitely become an expert in the future. It truly isn’t wise for your Flower Palace to offend such a future expert. Just think about it, if your Flower Palace is able to change its rules, forgive his mother, and then pull him into the Flower Palace. In that way, wouldn’t your Flower Palace have obtained another extraordinary expert?” Leng Xinran spoke in a flat tone.

“Change its rules?” Wenren Yue was stunned, and then she shook her head and said, “If Yang Ye was Yuan Tong, then perhaps it would be possible…. Unfortunately, he isn’t!”

On the other side, Li Si gazed at Yang Ye while he said, “This kid was able to attain such accomplishments while without the fostering of a sect. Such natural talent and potential can be described as terrifying. It truly is a pity. If he was able to give up that mysterious Darkbeast and give up his intent to save his mother, then I believe both the Talisman Master’s Association and Sword Sect wouldn’t be willing to abandon him!”

“If he really did give them up, then I presume you wouldn’t think highly of such a person anymore, right!?” Bai Qi spoke indifferently.

Li Si smiled and fell silent.

On the arena, Yang Ye and Qin Youran had intended to finish the other with a single move when the battle began. However, they’d both fallen into a drawn-out battle in the end. Unless both of them stopped holding back and fought with all their strength, it was impossible to decide the outcome with a single move. However, unless they had no other choice, both of them refused to act in that way! Because they had even stronger opponents waiting for them!


Suddenly, the Violet Spirit sword in Yang Ye’s hand slashed onto the spear in Qin Youran’s hand, and the enormous force from this collision instantly blasted Qin Youran back. This time, Yang Ye didn’t follow up with another attack because Qin Youran’s combat awareness had slightly exceeded his expectations. Even though he’d been firmly suppressing Qin Youran since the beginning, besides the slight injury he caused Qin Youran from the surprised attack executed with his Sword Control Technique, he hadn’t been able to cause any material injury to Qin Youran.

In other words, if this battle were to continue in this manner, then it would only be a waste of time!

At this moment, Qin Youran’s appearance was extremely hideous. There was a gash that was a few inches long on his nose, causing blood to cover the entire portion of his face that was below his nose. So, he seemed extremely terrifying and savage at this moment.

Since the beginning, he, Qin Youran, had felt that only Yuan Tong had the qualifications to be his opponent. However, up until this point in the competition, he’d first been injured by Lin Xiuran and fought Lin Xiuran to a draw. Now, his face had been injured by Yang Ye and was steadily suppressed in the battle. How could Qin Youran who’d never tasted defeat be able to endure this?

Qin Youran’s eyes were crimson red, and his expression was savage while strands of violent aura surged ceaselessly from within him. He slowly raised the spear in his hand and pointed it at Yang Ye from afar, and then he said in a ferocious voice, “Since the beginning, you’ve always been the true dark horse of the Ascension Rankings, and all of us have underestimated you. However, you don’t have to worry. I won’t do that again. I’ll….”

Qin Youran seemed to intend to mouth off some threats before he executed some sort of terrifying combat technique. However, Yang Ye didn’t give him the chance. Qin Youran had merely spoken halfway when Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground, and then his figure shot forward like a cannonball!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, talking nonsense during a life and death battle was undoubtedly the actions of an idiot. He, Yang Ye, was no idiot. So, he didn’t waste his breath and directly attacked.

Under the boost from the Gale Steps technique and Gale Shoes, Yang Ye’s speed arrived at his limits. Everywhere he passed, even air was torn apart and emanated numerous sounds of explosions. Moreover, he’d even left a string of faint afterimages behind. He was swift to the point countless spectators below the arena were unable to locate his true whereabouts.

Yang Ye arrived in front of Qin Youran in less than a breath of time, and then just as he’d done before, he drew his sword and slashed with extreme speed!

When he sensed Yang Ye’s terrifying speed and the terrifying force contained within Yang Ye’s sword, Qin Youran didn’t dare act carelessly. The profound energy in his body immediately surged into his spear, and then he utilized it to block before him! However, right at this moment, the Violet Spirit sword that Yang Ye had originally swung down towards him had suddenly escaped Yang Ye’s grasp, and then it transformed into a violet glow that shot off like a bolt of lightning towards Qin Youran!

Qin Youran sneered when he saw this. Again? Do you think I’m an idiot? How could I fall for the same trick again?Qin Youran changed his footwork. However, right when he was about to dodge to the side, he suddenly seemed to have sensed something, causing the hairs on his body to stand on end. Moreover, horror had even appeared in his eyes. His mouth opened slightly as if he wanted to say something, but it was still too late in the end….

Qin Youran’s figure froze mysteriously on the spot, whereas, his spear that was originally moving to block Yang Ye’s sword had stopped in midair. Without the obstruction of the black spear, the Violet Spirit sword shot forward and instantly pierced through Qin Youran’s chest!

When they witnessed this scene, countless people in the surroundings were dumbstruck. It wasn’t just those profounders below the arena, even those great figures on the wall of the Imperial Palace were puzzled at this moment. They couldn’t figure out why Qin Youran had revealed such an expression earlier, and they couldn’t figure out why he’d been suddenly killed by a single strike of Yang Ye’s sword….

On the arena, Yang Ye gestured with his hand, and then Violet Spirit flew back into his grasp. As he gazed at Qin Youran who was completely devoid of any signs of life, Yang Ye held Violet Spirit in his hand as he waved it about against Qin Youran’s corpse. In next to no time, Qin Youran’s corpse had been transformed into countless pieces.

After he slashed Qin Youran into pieces, Yang Ye gestured with his hand, and then the black spear and Qin Youran’s spatial ring flew into his grasp. He put these two treasures away before he walked off the arena under the astounded gazes of countless others in the surroundings!

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