Chapter 257 – Yuan Tong’s Terrifying Strength!

Almighty Sword Domain

“My Grand Qin Empire will guarantee your safety!” It wasn’t Bai Qi that said this, and it was Li Si instead. Li Si gazed at Yang Ye and said, “If you’re able to obtain the 1st and are willing to join my Grand Qin Empire, then my Empire will guarantee your safety. Moreover, it’ll foster you with great effort. Of course, the precondition is obtaining the 1st!”

Yang Ye smiled, and he didn’t say anything as he turned around and left. The price the Grand Qin Empire was willing to pay was slightly insufficient. So long as he obtained the 1st, then it represented that he, Yang Ye, could defeat the future Martial God. At that time, he believed that numerous powers would stand out to protect him. It was even to the extent that so long as he was willing, even the Origin School would open its doors to him!

If Yang Ye merely wanted to stay alive, then wouldn’t it be an extremely simple task? All he had to do was hide in the Grand Myriad Mountains. With the little fellow by his side, could anyone do anything to him?

However, Yang Ye’s objective wasn’t to merely stay alive, and it was to rescue his mother instead. If he wanted to rescue his mother, then he was bound to have to go against a colossus, the Flower Palace. Would these powers fight the Flower Palace to the death for his sake? The answer was a definite no….

In the end, it always came down to the same conclusion. He had to depend on himself for everything!

As he gazed at Yang Ye’s back, Bai Qi said in a low voice, “This kid isn’t bad. But he’s just unable to let go of his mother. It’s truly quite a pity!”

“It is quite a pity….” Li Si spoke in a light voice.

“How ruthless of Yang Ye! He’d clearly obtained victory, yet he still killed Lin Xiuran. Such character is truly ruthless and cruel to the extreme!”

“Exactly. Lin Xiuran had already fallen unconscious, but he still refused to let Lin Xiuran go. When compared to Yuan Tong’s kindness and righteousness, Yang Ye is as ruthless and vicious as the members of the Ghost Sect. No, even the members of the Ghost Sect aren’t as ruthless and vicious as him!”

“Hmph! Just wait and see. Yuan Tong will teach him a lesson sooner or later….”

After two hours passed, a new arena had appeared once more on the square, and a new battle began!

Because Lin Xiuran had chosen Yang Ye, so it was naturally a battle between Yuan Tong and Leng Xinran!

On the arena, Yuan Tong had his hands behind his back as he gazed at Leng Xinran, and he said, “Amongst the profounders that participated in this year’s Ascension Ranking, there are only a few that I take seriously. You’re one of them. I hope you don’t disappoint me!”

“I won’t!” Leng Xinran was sparing with her words.

Yuan Tong nodded lightly and said, “Make your move!”

Leng Xinran raised her hands slightly, and then the profound energy within her body instantly started surging. Suddenly, a strand of coldness appeared here. Some profounders that were comparatively closer to the arena instantly felt a strand of coldness assault them, and they couldn’t help but shudder before hurriedly retreating a few meters back!

At this moment, as Leng Xinran’s hands moved incessantly, the energy within her body started to seethe and surge like boiling water. Circle after circle of pure white and seemingly material ripples swept out incessantly from her, and then numerous white specks appeared around her. It was the air in the surroundings that had frozen….

“What a genius! She actually cultivated the Snow Palace’s A Thousand Leagues of Snow technique to such a level. As expected of the most monstrous genius in the young generation of the Snow Palace. In the future, she’ll absolutely be able to become a formidable existence like the Ice Maiden!” On the walls of the Imperial Palace, Qing Yun’zi praised as he gazed at Leng Xinran.

Cai Feng grunted coldly, but she strangely didn’t refute this because Leng Xinran really was an extremely monstrous genius….

On the arena, Yuan Tong was still standing proudly on the spot while allowing Leng Xinran to accumulate strength. Such composure caused the countless profounders below the arena to be filled with extreme adoration!

At a certain moment in time, Leng Xinran suddenly slapped her hands towards the space in front of her. “A Thousand Leagues of Snow!”

Along with this fierce shout from Leng Xinran, a strand of pure white energy suddenly swept out from her hands. As soon as the pure white energy appeared, the spot where she stood was instantly frozen by ice. Moreover, the ice was spreading at an extremely swift speed. It less than the time of a single breath, around 30m in Leng Xinran’s surroundings was covered in ice….

Of course, more terrifying than this was that snow had actually started to descend from the sky above the arena….

When the ice stretched out and arrived 1.5m before Yuan Tong, he slowly clenched his hands that were kept behind his back, and then he stomped lightly with his right foot to instantly propel his figure up into the sky. However, the ice that was stretching towards him seemed as if it had eyes, and it actually pursued Yuan Tong. Moreover, it was extremely swift and had instantly arrived beneath Yuan Tong’s feet. After that, Yuan Tong’s feet were instantly frozen, and in less than half a breath of time, Yuan Tong’s entire body was sealed within ice….

The countless spectators in the surroundings were dumbstruck when they witnessed this scene. Yuan Tong has lost just like that?

Right when this thought had just arisen in their minds, a light cracking sound resounded abruptly from the arena. After that, everyone saw numerous fine cracks starting to appear on the hard ice that sealed Yuan Tong. After a breath of time passed a bang resounded as the hard ice that covered Yuan Tong had instantly exploded into pieces….

In the air, Yuan Tong raised his leg, and then he suddenly descended like he weighed a thousand kilograms. After that, he swiftly stomped his right leg onto the arena that was covered in ice!


The entire arena trembled violently. After that, under the astounded gazes of the spectators, the hard ice that covered the entire arena had exploded into pieces and transformed into countless bits….

After he destroyed Leng Xinran’s combat technique, he lowered his head to gaze at his slightly red and swollen fists, and then he said, “A pretty good Earth Rank technique. If it was slightly strong, then I’m afraid even I wouldn’t be able to destroy it with such ease. Utilize your strongest trump card, otherwise, you wouldn’t have an opportunity once I made a move. You ought to be clearly aware that I’m not boasting!”

As she gazed at the bits of ice that covered the entire ground, Leng Xinran took a deep breath, and then she stopped hesitating and gently stretched out her fair hand. In an instant, the snowflakes that drifted through the air above the arena had suddenly stopped descending, and they’d frozen in midair! Leng Xinran lightly spin her hand, and then those frozen snowflakes had suddenly started to spin swiftly!

In an instant, sharp whistled that caused a chill to run down the spines of others resounded through the air above the arena….

It’s the Snow Palace’s high-grade Earth Rank combat technique, Snowflake Annihilation! Supposedly, the requirements to cultivate this technique are extremely harsh. Not only does it require the person cultivating it to possess water element profound energy, that person must possess the Icejade Physique. It’s exactly because of these two harsh requirements that besides that extraordinary expert who created this technique, no one else in the history of the Snow Palace was able to cultivate it successfully. I never expected that Leng Xinran would have actually cultivated it successfully….” Murong Yao spoke in a low voice while she stood by Yang Ye’s side.

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he said, “The energy contained within those snowflakes are extremely terrifying, and ordinary profounders would probably be unable to resist a single flower. Since Wenren Yue is equally famous to Leng Xinran, I presume she definitely possesses some sort of shocking combat technique as well. If she hadn’t admitted defeat, then I would have probably had to experience a difficult battle with her!”

“I haven’t asked you this until now, but why did Wenren Yue admit defeat!?” Murong Yao turned to gaze at Yang Ye as she asked this question.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Truthfully speaking, I’m very puzzled as well!”

Murong Yao glanced at him, and then she stopped questioning him and turned around to look towards the arena.

On the arena, Yuan Tong revealed a wisp of a solemn expression for the first time. Even he had no choice but to take a high-grade Earth Rank technique seriously. Of course, it was mainly because Leng Xinran had cultivated it to a certain extent!

This time, Yuan Tong didn’t dare be careless, and the profound energy within his body surged towards his right palm….

Right at this moment, Leng Xinran suddenly pushed her hand lightly towards Yuan Tong, and she shouted softly at the same time. “Go!”

As soon as her voice resounded in the air, the countless snowflakes in the surroundings had instantly shot explosively towards Yuan Tong in a dense expanse. Every single snowflake was to cause a sharp whistle to resound through the air.

The countless sharp whistled resounded incessantly in the surroundings, causing it to be extremely uncomfortable for innumerable profounders below the arena. It was even to the extent that blood had started to pour out from the ears of some profounders who were comparatively closer to the arena….

They were horrified by this scene, and they hurriedly retreated swiftly!

On the arena, Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly. When the dense expanse of snowflakes arrived 3m away from him, Yuan Tong flipped his palm so that it faced downward. In the next moment, he pressed it forward as he said, “Heavensplit Palm!”

As soon as his voice resounded, an enormous palm formed from energy appeared out of thin air in front of Yuan Tong, and then it blasted towards the dense expanse of snowflakes!

Space shook everywhere it passed, and the imposing aura it emanated made it seem like it could even split the heavens!

Murong Yao’s expression instantly became solemn when she saw Yuan Tong execute this combat technique. At that day on Ascension Mountain Range, Yuan Tong had utilized this exact technique to instantly annihilate a few dozen King Rank Darkbeasts! Will Leng Xinran’s Snowflake Annihilation be able to resist Yuan Tong’s attack?

It wasn’t just Murong Yao who had a solemn expression, Yang Ye’s expression was solemn as well. Besides because of the terrifying might this Earth Rank technique revealed, his expression was solemn because of the speed Yuan Tong had executed it at! Ordinary profounders had to accumulate strength before they could execute an Earth Rank technique, just like how Leng Xinran had accumulated strength before she executed the Snowflake Annihilation technique!

However, Yuan Tong had just casually swung his hand and executed an Earth Rank technique….

Under the astounded gazes of all the spectators, the enormous energy palm and the dense snowflakes collided violently. In an instant, enormous bangs that could shake the world resounded like thunderclaps throughout the area. After that, a terrifying wave of energy that was like a tornado had appeared on the arena!

When this tornado of energy appeared, the entire arena was instantly minced into pieces. It hadn’t collapsed, and it had been minced into pieces instead….

However, this wasn’t the end of it. After it destroyed the entire arena, the tornado actually swept towards the profounders below the arena, causing them to be filled with horror!

Fortunately, right at this moment, Li Si suddenly appeared in the sky above them. As he gazed at the tornado that carried terrifying and violent energy, Li Si stretched out his right hand and waved it lightly. After that, the enormous tornado had suddenly burst apart mysteriously….

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