Chapter 258 – A Level Of Sword Intent With Every Step!

Almighty Sword Domain

Li Si gazed at Yuan Tong who was on the ground below him, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot!

After a short moment, everything returned to calm. Leng Xinran and Yuan Tong were both fine. An extremely thick shield of ice had been condensed around Leng Xinran, and it was exactly this shield of ice that allowed her to remain completely unscathed before the tornado of energy! As for Yuan Tong, his ability to remain completely unscathed slightly puzzled everyone because Yuan Tong hadn’t utilized any treasure or executed any defensive technique….

“Do you still intend to continue?” Yuan Tong was the first to speak!

Leng Xinran glanced deeply at Yuan Tong, and then she said, “I’ve lost!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Leng Xinran walked down the arena. When she arrived by Yang Ye’s side, she stopped and looked at him before she said, “He’s very strong. Out of consideration for the fact that we’ve worked together in the past, allow me to advise you not to exert any pointless effort!”

Yang Ye smiled, and he twisted his wrist, causing two Icesoul Fruits flew towards Leng Xinran. After that, he said, “Thank you for your advice. However, I want to give it a try. I think that you would like to witness the limits of this future Martial God as well, right?”

After she put the Icesoul Fruits away, Leng Xinran took a deep glance at Yang Ye before she left!

Before long, another new arena had appeared at the center of the square. Li Si appeared on the new arena, and then he glanced at Yang Ye and Yuan Tong before he said, “Both of you can choose to rest for a day or start the battle right now!”

Yuan Tong smiled indifferently and said, “There’s no need for that!” As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Tong before he said, “My thoughts are the same!”

Since they had to fight sooner or later, Yang Ye felt that it was better to finish it right now!

Li Si glanced at Yang Ye, and then he said, “Since it’s like that, then the battles will begin once more. The Sword Sect’s Yang Ye against the Origin School’s Yuan Tong!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Si’s figure flashed and vanished from the arena.

When Yuan Tong appeared on the arena, the surroundings instantly started seething with excitement!

“Yuan Tong!”

“Martial God!”

“One hit!”

The shouts of countless people converged together, and its impetus was extremely astounding!

At this moment, everyone in the entire southern territory felt that Yang Ye would definitely lose. No, it should be said as they felt he would definitely die. Because up until now, no one had been able to make Yuan Tong reveal his full strength. Even Leng Xinran from the Snow Palace had no choice but to admit defeat before him. As for Yang Ye, what could he do even if he’d comprehended Sword Intent?

Perhaps Sword Intent would be terrifying to others, but it was insufficient in front of Yuan Tong!

Did Yang Ye have a chance to win? In their opinions, he naturally didn’t. Even though Yang Ye still hadn’t lost until now, Yang Ye had won with extreme difficulty against Li Xianjun, Qin Youran, and Lin Xiuran. On the other hand, even if he was facing a formidable opponent like Leng Xinran, Yuan Tong could be said to have won every single battle with ease.

So, wasn’t it obvious who was superior between the two of them?

On the wall of the imperial palace, Su Qingshi couldn’t help but clench her fists tightly at the moment Yang Ye ascended the arena. She knew Yang Ye was very strong and definitely had some sort of trump card, but even she was slightly doubtful in his ability to defeat Yuan Tong! It wasn’t that Yang Ye was weak, and it was because Yuan Tong was too strong!

There was once a time when she wanted to ask Yang Ye to directly admit defeat because she knew that it was very likely for Yuan Tong to strike a killing blow against Yang Ye! Why? There were many reasons. One of them was that countless participants in the surroundings hoped for Yang Ye’s death. If he killed Yang Ye, then Yuan Tong’s popularity would instantly rise once more to a completely new level!

However, was it even possible to make Yang Ye admit defeat? The answer was — it was impossible!

On the other side, Cai Feng’s face could really be said to be covered with smiles. If Yang Ye didn’t admit defeat immediately in the battle with Yuan Tong, then Yang Ye would definitely have no chance to admit defeat. Moreover, based on the investigation and understanding she’d obtained about Yang Ye, she knew that Yang Ye would absolutely not admit defeat. So, in other words, Yang Ye was dead!

There was no resentment and enmity between her and Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s only fault was being Feng Yu’s son, and the relationship between her and Feng Yu was….

“How many moves from Yuan Tong do all of you think Yang Ye will be able to withstand? I guess he should be able to resist around 10 moves. After all, he killed Li Xianjun and Qin Youran!” said a profounder beneath the arena.

“10 moves? You think too highly of him. I bet that he’d be defeated within five moves. No, he’ll be killed within five moves! Sword Intent? Sword Intent is trash before Yuan Tong!”

“I think that since Yang Ye dared to participate in the Ascension Rankings and dares to fight Yuan Tong now, he probably has some sort of trump card. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to go give his life away, right?”

“Perhaps he’ll directly admit defeat later?”

On the arena, Yuan Tong had his hands behind his back as he gazed at Yang Ye, and then he said indifferently, “Actually, I truly never imagined that you would be able to come all the way and fight the final battle with me. Needless to say, Li Xianjun, Qin Youran, and Wenren Yue’s performance really disappointed me. I originally expected that it should be one of them who would be standing here before me!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “My thoughts just happen to be the opposite of yours. At the moment I decided to participate in the Ascension Rankings, I’d already know that I would have such a battle with you. Truthfully speaking, I’ve wanted to fight to my heart’s content since the beginning, and now, I can finally have what I wanted!”

“Oh?” Yuan Tong’s brows raised, and he said, “You’re really confident in yourself, huh? I know you definitely have some sort of trump card, otherwise, you wouldn’t dare to stand here before me. I only want to say that I hope your trump card and your strength isn’t too weak. After all, I too hope to fight somewhat to my heart’s content in the final battle of the Ascension Rankings!”

Yang Ye said, “Then shall we begin?”

Yuan Tong suddenly asked. “Yuan Ye was killed by you, right?”

Yang Ye didn’t conceal it nor was there any necessity to conceal it, and he immediately nodded.

“Then you must die!” Yuan Tong spoke indifferently. “Of course, you still have to die even if you didn’t kill Yuan Ye! Because my Origin School doesn’t wish to see the Sword Sect rise once more!”

“But what if I don’t want to die?” It was a rare occasion where Yang Ye wasted his breath in battle.

“Then make your move. Otherwise, it’s very likely that you wouldn’t have another opportunity!” Yuan Tong spoke in an indifferent tone.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he took a step forward. 1st level Sword Intent surged out from within him!

Yuan Tong smiled coldly and allowed the Sword Intent to assault him because 1st level Sword Intent and 2nd level Sword Intent were utterly unable to affect him at all!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye took another step forward. This time, his 1st level Sword Intent had transformed into 2nd level Sword Intent! However, a cold smile and disdain still hung on Yuan Tong’s face!

Under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, Yang Ye took another step forward!


Right at the instant that Yang Ye’s foot descended, the ground beneath his foot instantly cracked apart, and numerous cracks swept swiftly towards the surroundings like a spiderweb!

3rd level Sword Intent!

When they witnessed this scene, everyone in the surroundings was stunned, and this included those great figures that resided on the walls of the imperial palace!

The initial-stage of Sword Intent? Yang Ye has attained the initial-stage of Sword Intent? Is this a joke? The initial-stage of Sword Intent before the age of 20….

Yuan Tong who stood before Yang Ye frowned slightly. Obviously, he’d never imagined that Yang Ye had actually attained the initial-stage of Sword Intent. But so what? Why would he, Yuan Tong, fear 3rd level Sword Intent? So, his brows had quickly eased up. Moreover, he revealed an extremely excited expression because the battle that was about to begin might be much more interesting!

However, right at this moment, Yang Ye took another step forward!


At the instant Yang Ye’s foot descended to the ground, the entire ground of the arena shattered into pieces as if it had suffered a heavy blow. At the same time, a sword howl suddenly erupted from the swords of every single profounder in the surroundings. Moreover, their swords had started to tremble as if they intended to charge into the sky!

4th level Sword Intent!

When they witnessed this scene, the countless profounders below the arena were dumbstruck. If they were surprised earlier, then they were shocked now. Extremely shocked! 4th level Sword Intent! What sort of notion was that? Even the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect was around such a level at this age, right?

On the walls of the imperial palace, Qing Yun’zi’s expression had turned solemn because 4th level Sword Intent was really sufficient to pose a threat to Yuan Tong!

Cai Feng’s expression had become extremely unsightly. 4th level Sword Intent! 4th level Sword Intent before the age of 20! If he’s able to survive and grow, then he’ll definitely be a huge calamity for my Flower Palace! Yang Ye must die no matter what! Even if I have to do it myself! At this moment, Cai Feng had decided in her heart!

On the other hand, the Sword Sect’s Yu Heng had an extremely bitter expression. 4th level Sword Intent!

At this moment, the regret in his heart seemed like tidewater as it surged out from the depths of his heart! A monstrous genius that attained the 4th level of Sword Intent before the age of 20 was actually abandoned by the Sword Sect just like that. The Sword Sect’s decision was really wrong!

Su Qingshi heaved a slight sigh of relief instead because Yang Ye who possessed 4th level Sword Intent possessed the ability to fight Yuan Tong. It was even to the extent that he could pose a threat to Yuan Tong! At this moment, she’d finally seen a glimmer of hope….

“A genius of the Sword Dao!” Li Si spoke while he gazed at Yang Ye.

On the arena, Yuan Tong frowned once more, and then he said in a deep voice, “Yang Ye, needless to say, all of us underestimated you. However, do you think only you possess Intent at the 4th level?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Tong took a step forward, and then a strand of terrifying Battle Intent that wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Yang Ye’s Sword Intent had swept out like a tornado!


The two Intents collided with each other, and the newly built arena instantly collapsed completely. Moreover, the collapsed arena actually started to be minced into pieces under the might of their Intents….

4th level Battle Intent!

Everyone in the surroundings gasped when they witnessed this scene. Yuan Tong has really comprehended Battle Intent! Moreover, it’s even at the 4th level!

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