Chapter 259 – Swords! Come To Me!

Almighty Sword Domain

“As expected of the existence that’s most likely to become the Martial God. He has attained 4th level Battle Intent before the age of 20. If he has even comprehended Fist Intent, then Yuan Tong can probably truly be considered as the most monstrous genius in the southern territory for the last 1,000 years!” As he gazed at Yuan Tong who stood on the arena, Li Si spoke in a low voice.

Bai Qi who stood by Li Si’s side spoke abruptly. “If he really has comprehended Fist Intent as well, then Yang Ye will be in danger!”

Li Si glanced at Yang Ye, and then he said, “Yang Ye’s luck is truly horrible. If Yuan Tong wasn’t here, then he would become the most dazzling existence in the younger generation! Unfortunately, it’s very likely that he’ll serve as a contrast to Yuan Tong’s magnificent reputation as the Martial God!”

The two extremely formidable and fierce ‘Intents’ were raging through the square, causing even the harm limestone that paved the ground to be unable to endure them and start to crack slowly. On the other hand, those profounders that were originally below the arena had retreated over 60m behind.

As they gazed at the two figures on the battlefield that had caused such destructive force with only their Intent, the countless profounders in the surroundings were extremely shocked. At this moment, they finally understood that the ‘Intent’ of legend was actually so terrifying!

Yuan Tong gazed at Yang Ye while a cold smile hung on the corners of his mouth. He said, “Yang Ye, what other trump cards do you have? Feel free to utilize them, otherwise, it’s very likely that you won’t have another chance!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath. As expected, he really deserves to be the most monstrous genius in the southern territory for the last 1,000 years! It really is impossible to suppress him by relying solely on my 4th level Sword Intent!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye flipped his palm, and a sword chest appeared in his hand.

When facing an existence like Yuan Tong, ordinary techniques and attacks were utterly useless. So, Yang Ye had directly exposed two trump cards that he hadn’t exposed until now!

With a command in his heart, the 36 Profound Rank swords within the sword chest transformed into 36 rays of light that shot into the sky. Under Yang Ye’s control, the 36 swords swiftly formed a circle in midair, and they circled around above Yuan Tong. The speed of these 36 swords was extremely swift, and it was to the point the spectators were unable to see the swords clearly and could only see 36 strands of white light circling swiftly in midair!

Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at the 36 swords, and a wisp of a solemn expression had flashed once more in the depths of his eyes. The sword formation formed from the 36 swords wasn’t very terrifying, and the truly terrifying aspect was that these 36 swords were being enhanced by 4th level Sword Intent! Under the enhancement of 4th level Sword Intent, the might of this sword formation seemed terrifying! At the very least, he had to take it seriously!

With a slight movement of his hands, a pair of dark golden glowed appeared in Yuan Tong’s hands. The surface of the dark golden gloves was densely covered in black spikes that were a few centimeters long. Under the illumination of the sun, the glove flickered with a ghastly glow that terrified the soul.

“It’s the Martial God Gloves!” As he gazed at the dark gold gloves that Yuan Tong had withdrawn, Yu Heng’s expression changed as he said, “According to rumor, the Martial God Gloves were refined from the bones of 999 Exalt Rank Darkbeasts. Not only is it extremely sharp and difficult to be harmed by Dark Treasures, but rumors also say that the incomplete soul of an Exalt Realm Darkbeast resides within it….”

“That’s a Heaven Rank Dark Treasure?” Su Qingshi suddenly interrupted Yu Heng and asked this question.

Yu Heng shook his head and said, “Even though it isn’t a Heaven Rank Dark Treasure, it isn’t too far away from one.”

When he spoke up to here, Yu Heng suddenly laughed bitterly and said, “In Yuan Tong’s hands, these gloves are simply like adding wings to a tiger. Alas….”

Even though he didn’t like Yang Ye, at this moment, he hoped that Yang Ye could win because the outcome of the battle was related to the benefits the Sword Sect would obtain!

After he wore the gloves, Yuan Tong said slowly, “Since I, Yuan Tong, started cultivating until now, there has never been a profounder at the same realm of cultivation that could make me withdraw this pair of gloves. Yang Ye, needless to say, you should feel proud of yourself.”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything. With a command in his heart, the sword formation that had accumulated strength in midair for a long time suddenly stabbed directly downward at Yuan Tong. Moreover, their speed was so swift that it was astounding.

At the same time, Yang Ye’s left hand moved slightly, and the Hidden Sword shot swiftly and silently towards Yuan Tong.

Yang Ye really didn’t hold back at all when facing this extraordinary genius!

As he gazed at the sword formation that stabbed straight down toward him, a wisp of a ferocious expression flashed in Yuan Tong’s eyes. He suddenly stomped with his right foot, and his figure shot out explosively. The profound energy within his body flowed slightly, causing the dark golden gloves to instantly seem as if they’d come to life, and the spikes on them actually started moving gradually!

“Fuck off!” Yuan Tong shouted fiercely while he smashed his fists towards the 36 swords. Space instantly shook before the energy from his fist blasted out. Everywhere it passed, ripples arose in space, and the sound of air exploding resounded incessantly wherever the ripples passed!

3rd level Fist Intent!

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions on Yu Heng and Su Qingshi’s faces had changed violently. Yuan Tong actually is an existence that has the legendary ability to possess dual Intent!

“Yuan Tong really does possess extraordinary natural talent!” Li Si said in a low voice, “Not only has he comprehended Battle Intent, but he has also comprehended Fist Intent. The most terrifying aspect of it all is that he has actually raised these Intents to the 4th and 3rd level respectively. If he’s given the time to grow, then he’ll probably reign invincible throughout the world just like the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect had all those years ago!”

When he spoke up to here, Li Si gazed at Yang Ye, and then he shook his head and said, “What a pity. Yang Ye should have been the most dazzling existence. Unfortunately, he’s bound to serve as contrast for Yuan Tong now. How unfortunate….”

In midair, the force from Yuan Tong’s fists had just collided with Yang Ye’s sword formation when the formation was instantly blasted apart, causing numerous swords to be blasted towards the surroundings. However, right at this moment, Yuan Tong’s pupils had suddenly constricted, and he practically acted out of instinct as he suddenly smashed his right fist towards his left!


The sound of metal colliding resounded!

Everyone in the surroundings was stunned.

Yang Ye shook his heart with slight regret when he saw that the Hidden Sword had failed to take Yuan Tong by surprise. Yuan Tong really isn’t someone that trash like Qin Youran can compare to! He was actually able to notice the Hidden Sword while under such circumstances! Such awareness of danger is truly too formidable!After he blasted the Hidden Sword back with a single punch, Yuan Tong’s expression became slightly more solemn. He gazed at Yang Ye as he said in a low voice, “Qin Youran perished at the hands of this strange sword and sword control technique of yours, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, and he said, “Unfortunately, it seems to be useless against you!”

Yuan Tong laughed coldly and said, “Yang Ye, if your trump card is merely this sword formation and that technique of sword control, then you’ll have to die here today.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he took a step forward before he gestured towards both sides with his hands. At the same time, he shouted. “Swords! Come to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an extremely shocking scene suddenly appeared.

So long as they had a sword with them, the swords of all the profounders below the arena had suddenly erupted with a sword howl, and then they transformed into a ray of light that shot violently towards Yang Ye. Sword after sword flew towards Yang Ye, and in less than a breath of time, a few thousand swords had appeared in the sky above Yang Ye. It was an extremely magnificent scene!

On the walls of the imperial palace, the Green Darkness sword in Su Qingshi’s possession had trembled slightly as well, and then it suddenly struggled free of Su Qingshi’s control and transformed into a green streak that shot towards Yang Ye.

Everyone in the surroundings was stunned when they witnessed this scene.

At this moment, Qing Yun’zi’s expression was slightly unsightly and solemn. Because even his own sword had started to tremble slightly just now, and if he hadn’t suppressed it, even his sword would have probably obeyed Yang Ye’s summon.

If Qing Yun’zi’s expression was merely unsightly, then Cai Feng’s expression was extremely unsightly. Because she noticed that up until this very moment, she’d been constantly underestimating Yang Ye by too much….

“What a mysterious and profound technique of sword control!” Li Si sighed with praise. “This technique of sword control is truly peerlessly profound. Especially when it’s utilized at the hands of Yang Ye who has comprehended Sword Intent. Its might and traits have even been fully brought to life. However, the Sword Sect doesn’t seem to possess this technique of sword control! Looks like this Yang Ye is a person that possesses Karmic Luck as well!”

“All of us have underestimated him!” Bai Qi suddenly spoke from the side.

Li Si nodded lightly to display his agreement.

On the battlefield, Yuan Tong’s expression had turned slightly more solemn again while he gazed at the dense expanse of swords that covered the sky. The quality of all these swords wasn’t very high, but when they were enhanced by the Sword Intent that Yang Ye possessed and controlled by Yang Ye’s shocking technique of sword control, these swords had instantly become terrifying. Even he had no choice but to fear swords that were enhanced by 4th level Sword Intent!

Yuan Tong took a deep breath before he took a step forward, and the ground that he stepped on instantly cracked apart. He raised his hands slightly, and a violent gale instantly appeared out of thin air. After that, he flipped his right palm downward while the profound energy in his body started to surge violently, and the terrifying energy flowing within his right palm actually cause the space around his palm to faintly show signs of warping. It seemed like the space there would explode into pieces at any moment!

At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the 36 Profound Rank swords that floated in midair transformed into 36 rays of golden light that seemed to have torn through space as they shot down in single file. It was like a shooting star was descending from the heavens, and it emanated a golden glow of the sword as it shot explosively towards Yuan Tong.

At the same time, the thousands of swords that floated in the air transformed into countless streaks that shot down towards Yuan Tong with shocking impetus!

As he gazed at the dense expanse of swords that were shooting towards him, Yuan Tong took another step forward. In the next moment, he suddenly flipped his palm upward, and then swiftly smashed it forward!

“Heavensplit Palm!” Along with a grim shout from Yuan Tong, an enormous palm print formed from energy appeared in front of Yuan Tong. The enormous energy palm carried extremely terrifying might as it blasted forward towards the dense expanse of swords.

Under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the enormous energy palm collided violently with the dense expense of swords that were under Yang Ye’s control.

After a moment of silence, and enormous bang resounded like a thunderclap, and then layer after layer of waves of energy swept out incessantly from the point of collision! Everywhere these waves of energy passed, the harm limestone that paved the ground was instantly blasted up into the air. The entire surroundings were in a mess!

On the other hand, those profounders around the arena were ceaselessly retreating backward at this moment because the wave of energy hadn’t stopped, and it was even sweeping swiftly towards them!

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