Chapter 261 – A Close Quarter Battle

Almighty Sword Domain

At the moment they realized that Yang Ye had attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, the expressions from the representatives of all the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire were extremely colorful.

Qing Yun’zi and Cai Feng’s expressions were especially unsightly as if someone had dug up the grave of their ancestors! The Enlightened Sword Heart! I never expected that Yang Ye has actually attained the Enlightened Sword Sect. Both of them were truly unable to accept this in a short period of time!

On the other hand, Yu Heng’s expression was slightly strange. It started with shock and excitement before transforming into bitterness and regret…. If Yang Ye had merely comprehended Sword Intent, then even though it was a slight pity that the Sword Sect had given up on him, it wasn’t to the point of making the Sword Sect feel regretful. However, the Enlightened Sword Heart was different. Not to mention the Sword Sect, even the Origin School would probably feel extremely regretful if it had done something similar!

What was the Enlightened Sword Heart? Possessing it was like becoming an emperor of the sword and attaining the ability to destroy all techniques with a single strike of the sword. If Yang Ye was given sufficient time, then an extraordinary expert in the sword would definitely appear in the southern territory. At that time, the Sword Sect would rise in status along with him, and it wasn’t impossible for the Sword Sect to recover to the state it was at during its prime. However, it was all too late now. Because Yang Ye wasn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect anymore, and no matter how dazzling Yang Ye was in the future, it would be completely unrelated to the Sword Sect….

When he thought up to here, the bitter expression on Yu Heng’s face grew deeper. After this day passed, the higher-ups of the Sword Sect would become the laughingstock of all the experts in the world. Because they’d kicked out a genius who’d comprehended 4th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart before the age of 20. So, how stupid would the higher-ups of the Sword Sect have to be in order to make such an idiotic decision?

At this moment, Su Qingshi heaved a light sigh of relief because Yang Ye who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart was finally on equal footing with Yuan Tong. Even if he wasn’t able to defeat Yuan Tong, there would be no problem for him to withdraw safely from the battle. Because all techniques were useless before Yang Ye.

In the crowd, Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye while she spoke in a low voice. “The Enlightened Sword Heart…. Aunty Yu would definitely be extremely happy if she knew….”

Li Si gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I originally thought he was a mere genius in the Sword Dao, but it looks like I’ve underestimated him. He isn’t just a genius in the Sword Dao but an extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao. He has already comprehended 4th level Sword Intent before the age of 20, and he has even attained the Enlightened Sword Heart. Such natural talent isn’t inferior to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from 10,000 years ago!”

Meanwhile, Bai Qi suddenly said, “Now, he has the qualifications to make our Grand Qin Empire be willing to sacrifice some things for him, right?”

“Yes. But the precondition is that he survives the battle!” Li Si said in a light voice, “Now, this battle is truly growing more and more interesting. The Quasi Sword Emperor and the Quasi Martial God are actually having their destined battle in advance. I truly feel more and more anticipation towards the outcome of their battle!”

On the square before the Imperial Palace, the entire crowd had erupted into an uproar and seethed with excitement when they found out that Yang Ye possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart.

“No wonder both Li Xianjun and Lin Xiuran’s terrifying techniques were mysteriously destroyed by him, so it turns out that Yang Ye has attained the Enlightened Sword Art! The Enlightened Sword Heart, the ability to destroy all techniques with a single strike! I never expected that Yang Ye is actually a Quasi Sword Emperor. No wonder that he was always so composed and arrogant. So he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart….”

“The Enlightened Sword Heart…. Yuan Tong is in danger now. However, I still think that Yuan Tong will win. So what if he possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart? Supposedly, Yuan Tong has comprehended the Heart of the Strong. What’s the Heart of the Strong? That’s an existence that grows stronger in accordance with the enemy. Moreover, Yuan Tong has obtained the guidance of the extraordinary experts of the Origin School. Regardless of whether it was combat experience or any other aspect, Yang Ye can’t compare to Yuan Tong at all….”

“But don’t forget that Yang Ye has comprehended 4th level Sword Intent and possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart that’s capable of destroying all techniques with a single strike. You witnessed it earlier, it isn’t an exaggeration at all. Moreover, Yang Ye’s physical body is comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast. If Yuan Tong can’t utilize any formidable combat techniques, then how would be break through Yang Ye’s physical defenses? In my opinion, this battle is full of suspense!”

“Yang Ye is truly scheming. He actually concealed his trump cards for so long before finally revealing them now. In my opinion, if he didn’t have to go against Yuan Tong, then he would probably continue concealing those trump cards of his. This is really too scheming of him, and I look down upon him for that!”

“You look down upon him? You idiot! That’s called concealing his strength, understand?”

“That’s enough. No matter what, this battle will definitely be this year’s Ascension Ranking’s… no, it’ll definitely be the most exciting battle since the Ascension Rankings began. The Quasi Sword Emperor against the Quasi Martial God, just thinking about it makes me feel excited. Let’s wait and see if Yuan Tong defeats Yang Ye to secure his title as the Martial God or will Yang Ye defeat Yuan Tong to attain the position of Sword Emperor?”

At the moment that Yang Ye revealed the ability of his Enlightened Sword Heart, countless Transmission Talismans had instantly erupted from the square outside the Imperial Palace.

At the headquarters of the Talisman Master’s Association, the President, Bai Shan, who was crafting a talisman had suddenly received a transmission talisman. After he heard the content of it, a crack resounded as the talisman brush in Bai Shan’s hand was snapped into two.

“The 4th level of Sword Intent before the age of 20. The Enlightened Sword Heart before the age of 20….” In the hall, Bai Shan’s murmurs that were filled with disbelief drifted through the hall, whereas, he himself had vanished from the hall and had flashed towards the Imperial Palace.

At one of the four great clans of the Imperial Capital, the Yang Clan. The Yang Clan’s Patriarch was an Exalt Realm expert called Yang Neng. He had white hair and a face that was covered in wrinkled. When he finished listening to the contents of the transmission talisman, Yang Neng had suddenly started roaring with laughter.

“HAHA! The 4th level of Sword Intent before the age of 20. The Enlightened Sword Heart before the age of 20! The Quasi Sword Emperor…. HAHA!! The heavens truly don’t wish for my Yang Clan to be destroyed!”

At this instant, all the superior clans and powers in the entire Imperial Capital had found out about Yang Ye’s attainment of the Enlightened Sword Heart. The Quasi Sword Emperor and Quasi Martial God were fighting for the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings. At this moment, there was no news more exciting and delightful than this. So, at this moment, countless profounders in the capital were rushing madly towards the square outside the Imperial Palace….

At this moment, Yuan Tong had finally taken Yang Ye serious for the first time. If the Sword Intent could only cause slight trouble for him, then the Enlightened Sword Heart was capable of posing a threat to him. Because Yang Ye could destroy all techniques with a single strike. Unless he’d grasped a combat technique to perfection, otherwise, all techniques were useless before Yang Ye!

On the other hand, even he who possessed extraordinary natural talent was unable to grasp an Earth Rank or Heaven Rank technique to perfection. Because even King Realm experts and Spirit Realm experts were rarely able to accomplish that. Since he was unable to attain perfection in his cultivation of a technique, it meant that there was only one way to defeat Yang Ye, and it was hand to hand combat battle!

Yuan Tong was undoubtedly very formidable in hand to hand combat. If he was facing any other opponent, the hand to hand combat was definitely an enormous advantage of his. However, when he faced Yang Ye who possessed a physical body comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast, this advantage of his wasn’t very great anymore. In short, Yang Ye had forced him to start taking Yang Ye seriously and taking the battle seriously.

Because he had a feeling that if he wasn’t serious, then his title as the Martial God would probably be gone!

“I never expected that you would possess the Enlightened Sword Heart! What a surprise!” As he gazed at Yang Ye, Yuan Tong spoke slowly. “I originally thought that attaining the title of Martial God would be extremely easy for me because not a single profounder in the younger generation of the southern territory could make me take them seriously. But I never imagined that you would appear. Nevermind. Once I defeat you, my title as Martial God would become even more secure, and that existence on Martial God Mountain would have no further excuses. Come, let me see if you, the Quasi Sword Emperor, are stronger or I, the Quasi Martial God, am stronger!”

Yang Ye’s wrists moved slightly, and then Violet Spirit and Green Darkness that had fallen to the ground in the surroundings instantly transformed into two rays of light that flew towards him. He held Green Darkness in his left hand and Violet Spirit in his right hand, and then he slowly raised them and pointed them at Yuan Tong before he said, “I’m not interested in the title of Sword Emperor. But it’s fine, my objective is the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings. So, in other words, we must decide on a victor. Since it’s like that, then let’s fight to our heart’s content!”

“Haha…. That’s exactly what I want!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Tong suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then his figure shot out like a cannonball towards Yang Ye.

When he saw Yuan Tong shoot explosively towards him, Yang Ye’s figure moved as well, and he flashed towards Yuan Tong.


As soon as they came into contact with each other, an explosion rumbled and resounded from the battlefield, and then both of them shot backward explosively. In the next moment, they shot towards each other again.

At this moment, Yang Ye utilized the Basic Sword Technique that he hadn’t utilized for a very long time. Perhaps the Basic Sword Technique was useless against others, but it couldn’t be any better when utilized for close quarter combat.

With the enhancement of his Sword Intent and his perfect grasp of the Basic Sword Technique, the might revealed by the Sword Sect’s Basic Sword Technique had instantly risen by countless times in Yang Ye’s hands. Even Yuan Tong had to fear the might of every single strike of his sword and not dare go head on against it. This caused the countless spectators to be extremely shocked because they’d never imagined that the Basic Sword Technique could possess such might!

Of course, Yuan Tong’s combat instinct caused Yang Ye to be extremely fearful of it as well. Because every single seemingly perfect strike of his sword would be easily avoided or blocked by Yuan Tong. Moreover, after Yuan Tong blocked his attacks, Yuan Tong’s own attacks would be extremely shocking and difficult to deal with. Especially when these attacks were enhanced by Yuan Tong’s Battle Intent and Fist Intent. Even the slightest carelessness would cause him to suffer a barrage of attacks from Yuan Tong. This made Yang Ye feel as if he was treading on thin ice, and he didn’t dare be careless at all.

At this moment, Yuan Tong was extremely fearful of Yang Ye as well, and he didn’t dare be careless in the slightest! Because Yang Ye’s method of fighting was truly too shameless. Yang Ye had basically given up on defending himself and completely seemed like he wanted to exchange his own life for Yuan Tong’s life. The reason Yang Ye was able to do this so fearless was that his physical body was comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast, so suffering a few punches were utterly trivial to Yang Ye. However, if Yuan Tong were to suffer a few blows of Yang Ye’s sword, then it would definitely be lethal.

So, at this moment, Yuan Tong had really become serious.

The spectators were astonished by the battle between Yang Ye and Yuan Tong. Because regardless of whether it was Yuan Tong or Yang Ye, both of their combat instincts were too terrifying.

This caused the spectators to have the misconception that it wasn’t two First Heaven Realm experts who were fighting before them, and it was King Realm experts or even Spirit Realm experts instead….

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