Chapter 262 – The King Realm! Sword Spirit!

Almighty Sword Domain

The battle between Yang Ye and Yuan Tong had arrived at its climax. At this moment, Yang Ye who held Violet Spirit in his right hand had executed the Sword Sect’s Basic Sword Technique to the acme of perfection. In the opinions of the others, it wasn’t a Yellow Rank technique anymore, and it was an Earth Rank sword technique. Moreover, at this moment, Yang Ye fully displayed the might of the Sword Control Technique!

Yes, at the same time he was utilizing the Basic Sword Technique against Yuan Tong, the Green Darkness sword had transformed into a green ray of light that ceaselessly attacked Yuan Tong. It could be said that Yuan Tong wasn’t just fighting Yang Ye alone, and he was fighting two people! Because the Green Darkness sword which Yang Ye controlled revealed a might that wasn’t inferior to another First Heaven Realm expert!

Even though the spectators didn’t really like Yang Ye, they had no choice but to feel admiration towards Yang Ye’s sword techniques. Especially the Sword Control Technique because in their opinions, the Green Darkness sword simply seemed as if it had come to life….

Even though Yang Ye had gained the upper hand in the battle, his expression grew more and more solemn. Because he noticed that Yuan Tong was still able to resist him with ease even when he was attacking in unison with the Sword Control Technique. Yuan Tong’s combat instinct was something that even he, Yang Ye, had to admire!

At this moment, Yuan Tong’s expression was extremely solemn as well. Even though he’d relied on his extraordinary combat instinct to repeatedly avoid Yang Ye’s lethal strikes, he knew that he would definitely fall into an extremely disadvantageous position if this were to continue! Because Yang Ye who possessed the physical defense of a King Rank Darkbeast could be said to be in an invincible position!

Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly when he thought up to here. He suddenly slapped his right palm against the Violet Spirit sword that Yang Ye had slashed down towards him, and then he relied on the counterforce to retreat around 15m back and withdraw from the battle.

When he saw Yuan Tong stop, Yang Ye stopped as well. Because he noticed the same problem that Yuan Tong had noticed, and that problem was that it was utterly impossible to finish Yuan Tong off by relying solely on close quartered combat with the Basic Sword Technique. The reason for this was that Yuan Tong’s combat instinct was truly too terrifying.

As he gazed at Yang Ye, Yuan Tong let out a light breath of air before he said, “I never expected that you would be able to pressure me to such an extent. Yang Ye, you can feel proud of yourself. But now, you don’t have a chance to win anymore!” As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of a terrifying imposing aura suddenly swept out like a tornado from within Yuan Tong’s body.

“The King Realm?” The expression on Su Qingshi’s beautiful face changed when she saw this scene, and she cried out involuntarily.

Yu Heng who stood by her side was shocked as well, but he quickly shook his head and said, “It isn’t the King Realm, and it’s only the Half-step King Realm…. I never imagined that Yuan Tong has actually transformed a portion of the profound energy within his body into true essence and has attained the Half-step King Realm. The Half-step King Realm before the age of 20. Such natural talent can’t be described with just the word terrifying….”

“Only experts below the King Realm are able to participate in the Ascension Rankings. He’s already attained the Half-step King Realm, so does it violate the rules?” said Su Qingshi in a low voice.

Yu Heng shook his head and said, “It doesn’t violate the rules. The Half-step King Realm is still below the King Realm….”

Su Qingshi’s face sank when she heard this. Even though the gaps between experts at the King Realm and First Heaven Realm couldn’t be described as being like the gap between the heavens and the earth. There was no doubt that King Realm experts had numerous advantages when compared to First Heaven Realm experts. The greatest difference was that once one attained the King Realm, the profound energy within the body would undergo a qualitative transformation and become true essence. This true essence was naturally very much stronger than the profound energy possessed by First Heaven Realm profounders!

If it was any other ordinary King Realm expert, then Yang Ye naturally had no reason to be too fearful of that expert. However, was Yuan Tong an ordinary King Realm expert? Even though he was merely at the Half-step King Realm and only a portion of the profound energy within his body had been transformed into true essence, one couldn’t forget that he was an extraordinarily monstrous genius. Surmounting realms to do battle was extremely normal for him, yet now he had the advantage of a higher realm of cultivation. So, was it possible for him to allow another to surmount the gap in their realms of cultivation to defeat him?

The answer was that it was practically impossible. This was what Su Qingshi thought at this moment, and it was also the reason why her expression was gloomy.

On the other side, Qing Yun’zi was slightly stunned when he saw Yuan Tong erupt with the imposing aura of a Half-step King Realm. Obviously, even he didn’t know that Yuan Tong had attained the Half-step King Realm. But in next to no time, the gloomy expression on his face had started to transform into a bright smile. Yuan Tong could be said to be on par with Yang Ye while he hadn’t displayed his cultivation at the Half-step King Realm. Now that Yuan Tong had utilized his cultivation at the Half-step King Realm, it meant that Yuan Tong had a comparatively larger advantage!

“It truly is full of twists and turns!” Li Si gazed at Yuan Tong and said, “I never expected that Yuan Tong actually concealed his cultivation. The Half-step King Realm before the age of 20. How many years has it been since someone like this has appeared in the southern territory?”

“Since the Founding Ancestor of the Origin School, there hasn’t been another figure like him!” Meanwhile, Bai Qi suddenly spoke from the side.

Li Si shook his head lightly, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said, “I wonder if he has some other shocking trump card! If he doesn’t, then the outcome is decided!”

At this moment, everyone was looking at Yang Ye because they wanted to see if Yang Ye had some sort of trump card. After all, Yang Ye had seemed to be always able to pleasantly surprise them throughout the competition.

Did Yang Ye have any other trump card? He’d fully revealed the Sword Control Technique, Sword Intent, and Enlightened Sword Heart that he possessed. So, did he have any other trump card? The answer was of course he did. Since the beginning, even Yang Ye had overlooked one thing, and that thing was his true greatest trump card….

Right at this moment, Yuan Tong’s figure moved. Right at the instant this happened, Yang Ye’s pupils suddenly constricted, and then he didn’t even give it any thought before he drew his sword and slashed!


Yuan Tong had suddenly and strangely appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then his fist whistled through the air and left a string of explosions behind it as it smashed down towards Yang Ye’s head. Fortunately, Yang Ye’s reaction was sufficiently swift, and he’d slashed his sword towards Yuan Tong’s fist. A muffled bang resounded before Yang Ye’s expression changed, and then an enormous blast of force came from his sword and blasted him flying….

Yuan Tong’s ability to blast Yang Ye flying with a single push caused all the countless spectators in the surroundings to be shocked. This is the strength of a Half-step King Realm expert?

Yang Ye’s legs moved slightly in midair, and his figure instantly stopped flying backward and descended to the ground. Yang Ye gazed at Yuan Tong while his eyes narrowed, and a wisp of a solemn expression flashed within them. In the past, he hadn’t taken ordinary King Realm experts seriously. Now, Yuan Tong who was merely a Half-step King Realm expert had actually been able to blast him flying with a single punch of the sword. Looks like I really was slightly proud and arrogant in the past!The King Realm was extremely formidable, but there were numerous King Realm experts who were very weak. He realized that he had to differentiate between the two!

“Yang Ye!” Yuan Tong walked slowly towards Yang Ye, and he said while he walked, “Needless to say, you can feel proud of your accomplishments for being able to force out all of my trump cards. Of course, I’ll feel proud of myself as well. Because I, Yuan Tong, will be the first to attain the title of Martial God after annihilating the Quasi Sword Emperor. Now, I’ll give you an opportunity. Execute your strongest attack. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance.”

Yang Ye let out a light breath of air, and then he gestured with his right hand, and then the Green Darkness sword that circled around in the sky above his head had instantly flown into his grasp. As he gazed at the Violet Spirit sword and Green Darkness sword in his hand, Yang Ye took a deep breath before his 4th level Sword Intent surged out and enveloped the two swords. Under the envelopment of his Sword Intent, the two swords instantly started vibrating intensely.

When they witnessed this scene, both Yu Heng and Su Qingshi couldn’t help but be excited because Yang Ye intended to awaken the Sword Spirit that was in deep sleep within the swords. If it was in the past, Yu Heng and Su Qingshi would definitely think that Yang Ye had gone mad. But now, it was entirely possible for Yang Ye who possessed 4th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart to awaken this former Dao Artifact!

Yuan Tong stopped and gazed at Yang Ye while a wisp of a puzzled expression flashed in his eyes. Even though he didn’t know exactly what Yang Ye intended to do, his intuition told him that he was in danger. He had the intent to stop Yang Ye, but he’d dispelled the thought to act against Yang Ye when he thought about what he’d just said. He wasn’t shameless enough to go back on something that he’d said in public!

As Yang Ye’s Sword Intent poured ceaselessly into the swords, they suddenly erupted with a strand of violet light and green light. After that, two resounding sword howls shot into the sky. Subsequently, under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the two swords gradually rose into the sky before ceaselessly coiling around each other….

In just a short moment, a strand of dazzling radiance suddenly erupted from the two swords, and then a slightly illusory and translucent little girl appeared in midair.

The little girl was around seven or eight years of age. Her eyes were slightly closed, her face seemed as if it was like carved jade, and her hair was tied into two pigtails. Moreover, she wore a small linen dress that was covered in a floral print, and her jade white feet were completely bare, causing her to seem like a little fairy that was extremely cute. Of course, the most striking feature she possessed was at the space between her brows. There was a small sword shaped marking there, and it was like a sharp and swift sword that caused others to not dare stare directly at it.

Yang Ye heaved a slight sigh of relief as he gazed at the little girl that appeared in midair. When he executed the Sword Control Technique and summoned the Green Darkness sword from Su Qingshi earlier, he had a feeling that he could awaken the Sword Spirit that was slumbering with Violet Spirit and Green Darkness. Sure enough, he’d really succeeded!

On the wall of the Imperial Palace, the excitement in the eyes of Su Qingshi and Yu Heng was impossible to conceal when they saw this illusory and translucent little girl. This Dao Artifact of the Sword Sect is finally about to return after so many years of slumber!As he gazed at the little girl in midair, Li Si said in a low voice, “If I’m not wrong, then that is probably the Sword Spirit of the Azure Sword that’s ranked at the 10th position on the Dao Artifact Rankings. According to rumor, it was heavily injured by the Ghost Sect’s Master all those years ago, and then it fell into a deep sleep. Moreover, the Azure Sword itself was split into two and vanished from the world. I never expected that it would be awakened by Yang Ye now. Even if Yang Ye’s only able to bring forth 10% or 20% of its might, Yuan Tong would still be unable to resist the might he would be able to bring forth!”

Bai Qi suddenly said,

“Would Yuan Tong allow Yang Ye to completely awaken this Sword Spirit?”

Li Si glanced at Yuan Tong, and then he shook his head lightly.

Sure enough, right when Yang Ye was about to continue awakening the Sword Spirit of the Azure Sword, Yuan Tong suddenly said, “Playing tricks and wasting time! I don’t have the time to waste on you!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Tong suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground, and then he shot explosively towards Yang Ye….

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