Chapter 263 – Impossible To Utilize!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw Yuan Tong shooting over explosively. With a command in his heart, the swords that were scattered all over the surroundings had instantly shot into the sky, and then they transformed into numerous rays of light that flew swiftly towards Yuan Tong.

Yuan Tong’s expression turned gloomy when he saw this. If Yang Ye was allowed to awaken the spirit of that Dao Artifact, then it would definitely be a calamity for him. Perhaps Yang Ye would be unable to control the Dao Artifact, but he didn’t dare to take that risk! Because the might of a Dao Artifact was truly too terrifying. Moreover, this Dao Artifact was a sword!

So, even if he had to go back on his world, he couldn’t allow Yang Ye to awaken the spirit of that Dao Artifact!

But it was a slight pity. Under the obstruction of the dense mass of swords, he was utterly unable to approach Yang Ye. Right when he intended to execute another Heaven Rank technique, the little girl that floated in midair had suddenly opened her eyes.

At the moment that she opened her eyes, everyone in the surroundings instantly fell silent, and all of their gazes shot simultaneously towards this little girl that seemed extraordinarily cute.

The little girl blinked, and then she swept the crowd with her gaze before it descended onto Yang Ye in the end. She gazed at Yang Ye for a short moment before she suddenly transformed into a strand of light that appeared in front of Yang Ye. After that, she said, “It was you who awakened me?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched as he gazed at this Sword Spirit that seemed like a human. Isn’t it a little too like a person? Even though the Sword Spirit before him was merely a little girl, Yang Ye didn’t dare look down upon her at all and hurriedly nodded right away.

When she saw Yang Ye nod, the little girl nodded lightly as well, and then she said, “4th level Sword Intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and you’ve even awakened me. You’re qualified to utilize Azure.”

“You’re not one with the Azure Sword?” Yang Ye was astounded.

The little girl rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “You idiot. You don’t even know that? I’m the Azure Sword’s Sword Spirit, so we’re naturally one!”

“Then since you said I can utilize the Azure Sword…. In other words, I can utilize you as well?” Yang Ye had a slightly weird expression on his face.

“Is there any problem with that?” The little girl’s eyes opened wide as she gazed at Yang Ye and asked this question.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he heard this, and he said, “How would I utilize you in your current form?”

As he spoke, Yang Ye pointed at Yuan Tong who was encircled by the swords in the distance and said, “He’s very strong, and it’s very difficult for me to defeat him without a Dao Artifact!”

The little girl glanced at Yuan Tong, and her brows suddenly knit together upon laying eyes on Yuan Tong. After that, she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The Quasi Martial God? The Quasi Sword Emperor?”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “I don’t know about all of that. All I know is that I have to defeat him if I want to obtain the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings. Can you help me?”

“Are there any benefits for me?” The little girl blinked as she spoke.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Is she really just a Sword Spirit and not a person? She actually knows how to ask for benefits…. Exactly what sort of monster have I awakened!?

“Can we deal with him first before we discuss that?” Yang Ye pointed at Yuan Tong and spoke in a slightly helpless tone.

The little girl glanced at Yuan Tong, and then she looked at Yang Ye and nodded. She said, “In the past, it’s usually the Sword Emperor that loses to the Martial God. I hope you won’t be as useless as those Sword Emperors of the past. Oh, I almost forgot. With your current strength, you’re probably not even able to swing my true body once.” As soon as she finished speaking, she shrugged and revealed a helpless expression.

“Are you really that terrifying? I’m not even able to swing you once?” Yang Ye was slightly doubtful.

The little girl was clearly slightly displeased by Yang Ye’s doubt. She glared at Yang Ye before her figure shook, and then she transformed into a sword that floated in front of Yang Ye.

This sword was a few centimeters longer than Violet Spirit or Green Darkness. One side of the sword was dark green in color while the other was dark violet in color. Moreover, numerous strange markings were inscribed on both sides of it. If it was based on the make of this sword, then an ordinary person would definitely not think that this was the Azure Sword that was ranked at the 10th position on the Dao Artifact Rankings! Because it was truly a bit too ordinary!

As he gazed at the Azure Sword before him, Yang Ye took a deep breath before he stretched out his hand and suddenly grasped its hilt. Right when he did that, an enormous bang resounded from ahead. Yang Ye raised his eyes to look over, and he saw those swords he’d been controlling to attack Yuan Tong had been blasted into pieces while Yuan Tong was walking slowly towards him!

The corners of Yuan Tong’s eyes twitched when he saw the Azure Sword in Yang Ye’s hand. Yang Ye actually succeeded in awakening the spirit of this Dao Artifact, and it was actually willing to be utilized by Yang Ye. All of this caused him to feel slight disbelief, and it was difficult for him to accept this. Because the Sword Spirit of every single Dao Artifact was proud, and one needed formidable strength in order to control them. However, Yang Ye was merely at the First Heaven Realm….

Right at this moment, Yang Ye held Azure with both hands as he raised it up slowly, and then he pointed it at Yuan Tong. Right when Yang Ye had just circulated his profound energy, his expression instantly changed while disbelief appeared in his eyes! Because he noticed that as soon as he circulated his profound energy, the profound energy within his Dantian had been instantly sucked dry by the Azure Sword….

Moreover, when the profound energy within his Dantian entered Azure, it was like a rock that entered an ocean. There was no reaction from Azure at all…. At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood what the little girl meant. With the size of his profound energy reserves right now, it was utterly impossible for him to utilize a Dao Artifact!

When he witnessed this scene, Yuan Tong was first stunned, and then he roared madly with laughter. He laughed for a moment before he gazed at Yang Ye with a mocking expression and said, “Yang Ye, you’re truly ignorant. Do you think a Dao Artifact is so easy to utilize? Not to mention that you’re merely at the First Heaven Realm, if you don’t have any special methods, then it would be impossible for you to utilize a Dao Artifact even after you’ve advanced into the King Realm!”

On the walls of the Imperial Palace, Qing Yun’zi and Cai Feng who had unsightly expressions just now had started smiling. After taking such pains to awaken the spirit of that Dao Artifact, he’s unable to utilize it in the end. What a joke.

On the other hand, Yu Heng and Su Qingshi’s expression had turned grim. If he’s unable to utilize the Dao Artifact, then how would Yang Ye resist Yuan Tong who’s already at the Half-step King Realm?

At this moment, Yu Heng even wanted to head down to the battlefield and ask Yang Ye to admit defeat. However, he knew that it was impossible because Yang Ye wouldn’t listen to him at all.

“What a pity!” Li Si shook his head and said, “His cultivation is too low. If he was at the Half-step King Realm like Yuan Tong and had transformed a portion of the profound energy in his body into true essence, then perhaps he would be able to utilize the Azure Sword. Unfortunately, his cultivation is truly too low.”

“It really is a pity!” Bai Qi agreed.

“HAHA! He awakened its Sword Spirit yet is unable to utilize the Dao Artifact. What a joke! Yang Ye is probably aggrieved to the point of wanting to admit defeat now, right? I think that should be the case. If I were him, I would definitely feel aggrieved to the extreme!”

“Without the Dao Artifact to help him, Yang Ye should be dead this time, right? It’s just a slight pity that the future Sword Emperor is going to vanish from the world just like that. The Sword Emperor, how many thousand years has it been since one has appeared in the southern territory. I never expected that once someone likely to become the Sword Emperor appeared, he would directly encounter the Quasi Martial God. Needless to say, Yang Ye is truly pitiable….”

At the moment that they noticed Yang Ye was unable to utilize the Azure Sword, the crowd below the arena started to take pleasure in Yang Ye’s misfortune because they naturally sided with Yuan Tong in this battle. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be slapping their own faces if they sided with Yang Ye?

Yuan Tong gazed at Yang Ye while his eyes were filled with an expression of mocking and ridicule. He said, “Yang Ye, I bet you never imagined that you would be unable to utilize it after you awakened its Sword Spirit. You’re probably extremely aggrieved and depressed now, right?”

When he spoke up to here, Yuan Tong suddenly sighed, and then he said, “Alas, what a pity. I originally wanted to witness the might of this Dao Artifact. But regretfully, I won’t be able to fulfill my wish!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and mocked. “Wasn’t it you, Yuan Tong, the future Martial God, who was anxiously trying to stop me?”

Yuan Tong’s gaze turned icy cold when he heard this, and then he grunted coldly and said, “Stop trying to argue about it. Yang Ye, since you were able to force me, Yuan Tong, into such a state, you can feel proud even in death!”

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he said, “Since you want to witness the might of this Dao Artifact, then I’ll satisfy you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly and immersed his consciousness into his body. After that, he said, “I don’t exactly what sort of existence you are, and I don’t know what objectives you have. All I want to say is I’m at a moment of life and death. If you don’t borrow your profound energy to me, then today will be the day of my death.”

What was Yang Ye’s greatest trump card? It wasn’t Sword Intent nor was it the Enlightened Sword Heart. It was the mysterious tiny vortex. It was exactly because of the tiny vortex that Yang Ye was able to undergo such tremendous changes in a short period of time. Moreover, there had been numerous moments of life and death where the tiny vortex had suddenly lent him a hand, allowing the situation to be turned around.

Just as he’s said, he didn’t know its origins or objectives. However, he knew that the tiny vortex was one with him, and it could be said that they were bound together for good and bad.

Of course, it didn’t mean that he would definitely die at Yuan Tong’s hands if he didn’t have the tiny vortex’s help. Even if Yuan Tong was a Half-step King Realm expert, it was still slightly impossible for Yuan Tong to kill him. If they continued fighting like this, then the most likely outcome was that both of them would suffer heavy injuries. Such an outcome was naturally not something Yang Ye wanted. In Yang Ye’s opinion, he was determined to obtain the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings. Since it was like that, then it was best for him to directly utilize his biggest trump card!

After a moment of silence, there was no movement from the tiny vortex. Right when Yang Ye was about to give up, the golden profound energy within the pool of profound energy in the tiny vortex had suddenly started surging. Subsequently, the golden profound energy was like a surging yellow river that shot out violently, and it flowed through the meridians in Yang Ye’s body and into the Azure Sword in his hand!

As the golden profound energy from the tiny vortex surged endlessly into the Azure Sword, it gradually lit up, and all the spectators in the surroundings were stunned when they witnessed this scene.

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