Chapter 264 – Defeat!

Almighty Sword Domain

As he gazed at the Azure Sword that was suffused with an azure glow, Qing Yun’zi who stood on the wall of the Imperial Palace muttered in dejection. “How could this be possible? How could he be able to utilize that Dao Artifact?”

It wasn’t just Qing Yun’zi who felt disbelief, all the other great figures in the vicinity felt disbelief as well. They were clearly aware of how terrifying a Dao Artifact was, and that was exactly the reason why they felt even more unable to believe this! Because a Dao Artifact was absolutely not something that the profound energy of a First Heaven Realm profounder could activate. Even if it was a King Realm profounder, unless that profounder was an extraordinary genius, it was absolutely impossible to utilize a Dao Artifact as well!

However, Yang Ye had succeeded right before their eyes!

As the golden profound energy in the pool of profound energy surged ceaselessly into it, the Azure Sword started to tremble violently. Moreover, a faint glow gradually appeared on it. Because the vibration from it grew stronger and stronger, Yang Ye had no choice but to hold it with both hands. However, even then, Yang Ye found it difficult to control the vibrations of the sword!

“How could this be possible…?” As he gazed at Yang Ye who held the Azure Sword, Yuan Tong seemed as if he’d lost his soul, and his eyes were filled with disbelief as he muttered. “How could you possibly utilize a Dao Artifact….”

It was a Dao Artifact! Even he was unable to utilize one! Yet Yang Ye was able to do so. Did this represent that Yang Ye was a greater genius than him?

When he thought up to here, Yuan Tong’s expression turned savage and slightly frenzied. He gazed at Yang Ye with crimson red eyes, and he said in a fierce voice, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe you’re an even more monstrous genius than I, Yuan Tong, am!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw this. He held the Azure Sword in both hands as he slashed it downwards. In an instant, an enormous strand of golden sword qi that was around 12m wide and over 40m long had shot out explosively from the tip of Azure!

At the instant this strand of sword qi left the tip of his sword, Yang Ye felt his a wave of emptiness in his entire body, and it was caused by the fact that the profound energy in his body had been completely exhausted. At the same time, a wave of dizziness instantly filled his mind, causing him to almost faint. Fortunately, he used his strong will to maintain his consciousness and stop himself from collapsing!

Everywhere the strand of golden sword qi passed, space was like glass that had been struck by a hammer, and it instantly shook violently as if it was on the verge of shattering. Moreover, an enormous and bottomless gully had appeared on the ground!

Yuan Tong’s pupils had instantly constricted to the size of a needle when he laid eyes upon this strand of sword qi. Because the terrifying energy contained within it caused his soul to tremble. However, he was utterly unable to evade it because it was truly too swift!

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Yuan Tong instantly made his profound energy surge out from his body and form a barrier. At the same time, he stretched open his palm and pushed it forward as he shouted. “Defend!”

As soon as he spoke, a white energy shield instantly appeared in front of him, and as the profound energy in his body surged ceaselessly into it, the white energy shield grew more and more material before it actually seemed like a material object in the end!

Under the astounded gazes of everyone, the golden strand of sword qi collided with Yuan Tong’s white colored energy shield. After a brief moment of silence, an enormous world shaking bang resounded from the point of collision. The white energy shield instantly dispersed into nothingness while the golden sword qi didn’t slow down at all as it struck Yuan Tong’s profound energy barrier!


An enormous bang resounded. Under the astounded gazes of everyone, the profound energy barrier that Yuan Tong formed was instantly shattered into pieces, and then he was blasted flying by the golden sword qi. He flew for around 100m before he finally fell heavily to the ground, and his fate was unknown….

The countless spectators in the surroundings gaped when they witnessed this scene, and they were dumbstruck.

The expert that was said to be the most monstrous genius in the southern territory for the last 1,000 years, the expert said to be most likely to become the Martial God, the expert who was said to be the number one expert below the King Realm, had actually lost just like this at the hands of a disciple of the Sword Sect that wasn’t even renowned before this!

“I never expected that he would really defeat Yuan Tong….” Li Si gazed at Yuan Tong who lay motionlessly there while he spoke with a voice that carried dense disbelief. He said in a light voice, “Not only has he comprehended Sword Intent before the age of 20, but he has also improved it to the 4th level. Besides that, he has even comprehended the Enlightened Sword Heart. Now, he utilized a Dao Artifact while possessing a cultivation at the First Heaven Realm…. He really is an extremely monstrous genius. This time, the Sword Sect’s Daoist Zui, the Talisman Master’s Formation, and I were mistaken!”

“If he’s given the time, then he’ll definitely become another existence like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!” Meanwhile, Bai Qi spoke abruptly.

Bai Qi had compared Yang Ye to the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect, and this was undoubtedly a very high evaluation. After all, all those years ago, the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had reigned supreme throughout the world with a single sword in hand. Even the Martial God of that time had been firmly suppressed by the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. Since the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had vanished from the southern territory, an extraordinary expert that could reign supreme over all experts had never appeared in the southern territory!”

Yet now, Bai Qi had compared Yang Ye to the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect, and this was sufficient to display how highly Bai Qi thought of Yang Ye!

Li Si didn’t refute Bai Qi. Conversely, he nodded in agreement.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly started walking slowly towards Yuan Tong. However, Yang Ye walked very slowly, and his footsteps were disorderly. He was weak to the point even a weak gust of wind would be able to blow him to the ground.

Utilizing the Dao Artifact hadn’t just completely exhausted all the profound energy within his Dantian and the tiny vortex, it made him feel completely exhausted to the point he was able to arouse a shred of strength in his entire body! It could be said that even an ordinary profounder could easily kill him right now!

Even though he really wanted to lie down and rest, Yang Ye hadn’t forgotten about Yuan Tong. Since Yuan Tong was his enemy and was an extraordinarily monstrous genius as well, then it was best for Yuan Tong to be dead. Yang Ye didn’t hope to see Yuan Tong appearing before him and causing trouble for him again in the future!

When they saw Yang Ye stagger towards Yuan Tong, the spectators in the surroundings gasped. Yang Ye actually intends to kill Yuan Tong? He actually dares to kill Yuan Tong? After all, Yuan Tong is a genius disciple of the Origin School, and the Origin School is the number one sect in the southern territory! Yang Ye actually dares to not give the Origin School any face?

At this moment, countless people were shocked by Yang Ye’s actions. Needless to say, Yang Ye was truly extremely brave to dare to kill Yuan Tong….

Right when Yang Ye was merely 10m away from Yuan Tong, Qing Yun’zi suddenly appeared in front of Yuan Tong, and then he lightly waved his right hand before a light bang resounded.

It was exactly this light bang that caused Yang Ye’s expression to change violently.

Yang Ye wasn’t an idiot. He naturally knew that the Origin School wouldn’t allow him to kill Yuan Tong. So, he’d utilized the last bit of strength he had to move the Hidden Sword with the Sword Control Technique just now, and he hoped to finish off Yuan Tong with this strike. However, he hadn’t succeeded in the end. Not only that, he’d never imagined that Qing Yun’zi would actually dare to make a move against him during the Ascension Rankings. Because at this very moment, the Hidden Sword was actually flashing towards him like a bolt of lightning at a speed that he was utterly unable to evade….

Right at this moment, Li Si and Bai Qi suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. Li Si merely stretched his right hand forward and lightly grabbed the invisible Hidden Sword, and then with a light swing of his right hand, it fell in front of Yang Ye. After he did all of this, Li Si gazed at Qing Yun’zi and said, “Qing Yun’zi the rules of the Ascension Rankings….”

“Breaking the rules of the Ascension Rankings is disrespect to my Grand Qin Empire. Those who disrespect my Empire must die!” Li Si hadn’t finished speaking when Bai Qi had interrupted Li Si, and then he took a step forward. With a twist of his wrist, the bone broadsword appeared in his hand, and then he swiftly slashed it towards Qing Yun’zi.

In an instant, a strand of blade qi that was numerous times larger than Yang Ye’s golden sword qi from before shot explosively towards Qing Yun’zi!

Qing Yun’zi’s expression changed slightly when he saw this. He was naturally not afraid of Bai Qi. However, he’d never imagined that the Empire’s number one god of slaughter would actually leave no room for discussion and directly attack him. Looks like the Grand Qin Empire is already very displeased with my Origin School.

When he thought up to here, Qing Yun’zi’s gaze turned icy cold because while the Empire was displeased with the Origin School, wasn’t it the same for the Origin School?

Qing Yun’zi’s figure flashed while he carried Yuan Tong, and he mysteriously appeared over 30m away to the right to avoid that strand of blade qi. At the same time, he stretched open his right palm and swiftly slapped it down at Bai Qi!

“Heavensplit Palm!” A colossal energy palm that practically enveloped the entire sky suddenly appeared here, and it carried terrifying energy as it shot swiftly at Bai Qi.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he saw this scene. As expected of an Exalt Realm expert. When it’s executed by Qing Yun’zi the Heavensplit Palm is countless times stronger than when it was executed by Yuan Tong.

When they saw Qing Yun’zi and Bai Qi had actually entered into battle, the spectators in the surroundings had hurriedly moved backward as they were deeply afraid of being affected by the battle. On the other hand, the great figures from the other sects remained silent while none stood up to try and mediate. Because they didn’t want to act impetuously and offend these two colossi, so it was best for them to watch from the sidelines….

Bai Qi’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the enormous energy palm, and then his eyes instantly turned crimson red.

When he saw this, Li Si’s expression changed slightly. Because once Bai Qi’s eyes changed color, then it represented that Bai Qi was about to go berserk. Once that happened, then the consequences would be extremely terrifying…. After all, he wasn’t called the god of slaughter for nothing!

Li Si waved his right hand and a strand of pure white energy instantly rained down onto Bai Qi.

Bai Qi’s eyes instantly cleared up when he came into contact with this white colored energy.

Meanwhile, Li Si held the Ruler of Righteousness in his hand as he swiftly swung it towards the enormous energy palm. In an instant, a strand of white energy instantly struck the enormous energy palm!


The energy palm immediately dispersed into the air.

Qing Yun’zi’s expression changed slightly when he witnessed this scene. Meanwhile, Li Si and Bai Qi suddenly appeared both in front and behind him, and both of them were gazing at him with icy cold gazes. Qing Yun’zi’s expression turned gloomy. He wasn’t afraid of any one of them. But if it was both of them at once, then he would be in danger!

Right at this moment, a middle aged man in a white robe suddenly and mysteriously appeared by Qing Yun’zi’s side. Bai Qi and Li Si’s expressions changed violently when they saw this middle aged man, whereas, Qing Yun’zi heaved a sigh of relief. After that, Qing Yun’zi bowed slightly to the middle aged man and said, “Sect Master!”

When they heard Qing Yun’zi, the countless spectators in the surroundings were shocked. This middle aged man before us is actually the Sect Master of the Origin School, Yuan Tian?

Yuan Tian glanced at Qing Yun’zi before he directly disregarded both Li Si and Bai Qi, and then his gaze descended onto Yang Ye as he said, “4th level of Sword Intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and a physical body that isn’t inferior to a First Heaven Realm body refiner of the ancient times. You’re really not bad. Are you willing to join my Origin School?”

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