Chapter 270 – Courting Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

Even though it wasn’t his first time, Yang Ye was able to sense that the temperature within the bath barrel couldn’t be compared to the past at all!

“Your physical body has arrived at a certain level, so it’s utterly impossible to improve it effectively with just the medicinal herbs that you gathered. Only by greatly stimulating your body with the Nether Ghostflames and supplementing it with the medicinal herbs would your physical body be able to obtain an obvious increase. Moreover, if you want to subdue the Nether Ghostflames, then the first step is to endure its heat!” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye smiled bitterly. No wonder there are practically no body refiners in the entire southern territory now. There are probably very few people in the world that are able to endure the process of body refinement!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, stopped hesitating, and then jumped into the barrel! So long as he was able to improve his strength, then what was a little bit of pain?


As soon as he entered it, the clothes Yang Ye wore had transformed into ash. At the same time, the skin throughout his body instantly turned crimson red as if it had been cooked. Moreover, his veins had started to bulge up all over his face and neck, causing his appearance to seem especially terrifying!

Pain! Extreme pain! Pain that struck deep into the bones! This was what Yang Ye felt at this moment. Even though he was mentally prepared, he still couldn’t help but almost be unable to restrain himself from leaping out from the bath barrel when he felt the terrifying temperature of the Nether Ghostflames. However, fortunately, he was able to endure it in the end!

There was a price to pay if one wanted to become strong.

Scarlet red blistered started to gradually appear on Yang Ye’s skin, and the blisters were around the size of a thumb. These blisters densely covered his entire body…. It could be said that Yang Ye’s current appearance was something that could even terrify a demon!

Elder Mu nodded lightly when he saw these blisters, and then he tossed the spirit herbs Yang Ye gathered into the bath barrel, causing some green dots to gradually appear within the water. Under Elder Mu’s control, those green dots surged towards Yang Ye!

The blisters on his body popped apart when these green dots came into contact with Yang Ye’s skin….

Pain! Pain that was even greater than before! Yang Ye almost let out a shrill cry! Fortunately, right at this moment, the golden profound energy within his body had started to flow slowly, and it flowed slowly through the meridians in his entire body. With the incessant recovery provided by the golden profound energy, Yang Ye instantly felt much better.

Time passed slowly. Ten days later, Yang Ye had gotten completely accustomed to the temperature of the Nether Ghostflames. Of course, this temperature was its temperature while it was under Elder Mu’s control, and if it was the Nether Ghostflame’s true temperature, then not to mention Yang Ye’s current physical body, even the physical body of an Exalt Rank Darkbeast would probably be instantly transformed into nothingness!

Elder Mu who stood by the bath barrel suddenly gestured with his right hand, and the ghastly white ocean of flames within the bath barrel had instantly converged into a small clump of flames that appeared on his palm. A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in Elder Mu’s eyes as he gazed at the tiny clump of flames on his palm. He said, “I obtained this Nether Ghostflame by chance at the Ghost Territory. I originally had no intention to subdue it because while it possessed intelligence of its own, it was merely at a juvenile stage. Nether Ghostflame at the juvenile stage is truly useless to me. But it was too much of a waste to just leave it there. However, I never expected that it would still be at the juvenile stage after being by my side for over 1,000 years. Now, you’re going to benefit from it instead!”

Yang Ye said with astonishment when he heard this, “Elder Mu, this Nether Ghostflame is merely at the juvenile stage?”

Elder Mu nodded and said, “If it was already mature, then I wouldn’t give it to you. Of course, if it has already matured, then it would be utterly impossible to subdue it with your strength. Alright, you’ve gotten used to its temperature, so open your mouth and allow it to enter your Dantian!”

“Enter my Dantian?” Yang Ye was shocked and said, “Elder Mu, even though my body has gotten used to its temperature, the insides of my body are still comparatively weaker. If I allow it to enter my body, then I would probably be instantly incinerated into nothingness!”

“The treasures of the heavens and the earth contain terrifying energy within them, and just approaching them would be life-threatening to ordinary people. On the other hand, subduing them is extremely dangerous. Even though it’s dangerous, if you’re able to subdue it, then the assistance it provides you wouldn’t be inferior to your Sword Intent at all! Of course, if you’re afraid of danger, then just forget it!” Elder Mu spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye smiled bitterly, and then he said, “Elder Mu, let’s begin!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye had opened his mouth.

Elder Mu nodded lightly, and then he flicked his finger, causing the flame on his palm to instantly fly into Yang Ye’s throat. At the moment this happened, Yang Ye’s expression immediately became colorful.

One would definitely understand how Yang Ye felt right now if one had tried to drink boiling water.

No matter what, the pain from the outside of the body was impossible to be compared to the pain that came from within the body. Because all the organs and structures within the body were extremely weak and fragile. So, at this moment, Yang Ye’s expression had started to warp from the pain he experienced.

After the tongue of flames had entered Yang Ye’s body, it seemed like a playful child that ‘played’ over here for a moment and ‘stopped’ over there for a while. Everywhere it passed was completely scorched black. However, fortunately, the golden profound energy within him was ceaselessly repairing his body, otherwise, Yang Ye would have probably taken his last breath by now….

In next to no time, it had arrived at Yang Ye’s Dantian. Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief and was just about to utilize the method Elder Mu taught him to take control of the Nether Ghostflame when it suddenly transformed into a fiery ray of light that entered the tiny vortex!

Yang Ye was stunned.

After it entered the tiny vortex, it once again acted as it had when it had just arrived within Yang Ye’s body. It became a curious child that moved about all over the place. Suddenly, it seemed to have noticed something, and then it moved towards the outside of the tiny vortex. However, right at this moment, it suddenly froze stiff on the spot as if an invisible force had trapped it!

The little tongue of flames slowly started to tremble while it grew dimmed as well. It seemed as if it would be extinguished at any moment. Moreover, it slowly started trembling even more intensely as if it had encountered something extremely terrifying!

Suddenly, the invisible force vanished. However, even though it had vanished, the tongue of flames was still unable to leave the tiny vortex.

After the invisible force vanished, the little tongue of flames floated about on the spot, and then it felt that it was safe and started moving slowly towards the pool of profound energy. It seemed to be very interested in the violet mink, and it floated about around the violet colored barrier of light that enveloped the violet mink.

Right when it was about to come into contact with the violet barrier of light that enveloped the violet mink, the invisible force appeared once more….

After a short while, the little tongue of flames had moved away from the little fellow. On the other hand, the King Rank Darkbeasts within Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian had astounded expressions as they gazed at the tongue of flames. All of these King Rank Darkbeasts felt both curious and fearful towards this newcomer because their intuition told them that this tongue of flames was extremely dangerous!

As he watched the actions of the tongue of flames in the space within the tiny vortex, Yang Ye was slightly amused. Now, he believed that the tongue of flames was at the juvenile stage. He stopped hesitating and started to subdue it according to the method provided by Elder Mu. The tongue of flames was naturally unwilling to allow itself to be subdued, and it resisted Yang Ye. It started to move about incessantly within the tiny vortex. In the end, it transformed into an ocean of flames!

However, as soon as it became an ocean of flames, the invisible force had appeared once more. This time, it wasn’t just the little tongue of flames, even the other King Rank Darkbeasts there were able to sense the invisible force.

At the instant that they sensed the invisible force, all the King Rank Darkbeasts and the Nether Ghostflame that had transformed into an ocean of flames had started to tremble!

It was a mysterious force that caused even their souls to tremble!

All the Darkbeasts started howling towards the Nether Ghostflame as if they were complaining that it had infuriated the mysterious force. On the other hand, the Nether Ghostflame seemed to be aware that it had made a huge mistake, and it hurriedly transformed back into its previous state.

When Yang Ye witnessed this scene, he hurriedly started to subdue it. This time, even though the little tongue of flames had still tried to struggle, it was clearly not as intense as before.

After around an hour of time, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and he revealed an undisguised expression of pleasant surprise.

“You succeeded?” Elder Mu asked in a light voice.

Yang Ye nodded with a smile on his face. With a flick of his finger, a strand of ghastly white flames appeared on the tip of his finger.

As he gazed at the strand of flames, Yang Ye felt very fortunate in his heart. If the tongue of flame hadn’t gone into the tiny vortex by itself, if it hadn’t gone to disturb the violet mink, if it hadn’t acted wildly in the tiny vortex, if the tiny vortex hadn’t become infuriated….

In short, if the tongue of flames hadn’t courted death, then Yang Ye would probably have to suffer a great deal in order to subdue this wild and unyielding Nether Ghostflame. It was even to the extent that subduing it successfully might even become a problem!

A wisp of surprise flashed in Elder Mu’s eyes when he saw the little tongue of flames on the tip of Yang Ye’s finger. He knew exactly how terrifying the Nether Ghostflame was. In his opinion, Yang Ye would at least require half a month in order to subdue the Nether Ghostflame. However, to his surprise, Yang Ye hadn’t even used two hours to subdue it….

Elder Mu glanced deeply at Yang Ye, and then he said, “Now that you’ve subdued the Nether Ghostflames, I’ll use the remaining time to teach you how to utilize it. Right, it’s best that you don’t rashly expose the Nether Ghostflame in public. After all, it's extraordinarily attractive and tempting even to Spirit Realm and Exalt Realm experts. Be sure to always remember that!”

Yang Ye nodded. The Nether Ghostflame was a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth. Coupled with the terrifying ability and might it possessed, it would be impossible for those extraordinary experts to not desire it!

“Now, try controlling the Nether Ghostflames!” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye grinned because he’d wanted to test his might for some time now. Earlier, it was Elder Mu controlling the Nether Ghostflames and attaching it to the Hidden Sword, yet now, it would be he who had to control the Nether Ghostflames. The significance of these two events was completely different!

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