Chapter 271 – Meeting Yin Xuan’er Again!

Almighty Sword Domain

With a flick of his finger, a strand of white flames appeared in front of Yang Ye. As he gazed at the little tongue of flames that was only the size of his thumb, Yang Ye had a solemn expression. Based on its outward appearance, the tongue of flames seemed to be like an ordinary tongue of flames, and besides its ghastly white colored appearance, it didn’t look different at all.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, stopped hesitating, and flicked his finger. A strand of golden sword qi that was enhanced by his 4th level Sword Intent shot out explosively from the tip of his finger. At the moment this strand of golden sword qi appeared, the Nether Ghostflame in front of Yang Ye transformed into a fiery glow that attached itself onto the strand of golden sword qi.

With 4th level Sword Intent and the Nether Ghostflame surrounding it, that strand of golden sword qi instantly became terrifying. Everywhere it passed, space seemed to have been burnt, causing a very long white mark to appear in space.

Under Yang Ye’s gaze that was filled with excitement and anticipation, this strand of golden sword qi collided with a tree in the distance that was wide to the point it required around 10 people to hug completely!


Along with a resounding explosion. The enormous tree was blasted into pieces before Yang Ye’s astounded gaze, and then it suddenly started burning just like the tree from before. In less than an instant, that enormous tree had transformed into a pile of black ash that scattered all over the ground. However, the golden strand of sword qi hadn’t vanished, and it was shooting explosively towards the distance without losing momentum at all!


Numerous explosions resounded once more!

However, to Yang Ye’s shock, the sword qi hadn’t vanished after successively burning over 10 trees into ash. After all, he was already over 300m away from that strand of sword qi! In the past, because of the profound energy he possessed, the golden sword qi he executed were able to exist for a certain period of time after he’d executed the attack. Moreover, with the enhancement of his Sword Intent, his sword qi was able to travel a distance of over 120m away from him. This was his limit!

Yet now, the sword qi hadn’t dispersed after traveling over 300m away from him. Moreover, it was under the circumstances that it had already blasted apart and incinerated more than 10 trees!

Is the Nether Ghostflame really so terrifying?

A mountain wall resided over 300m away, and that strand of sword qi directly pierced into the wall. After a moment of silence, an enormous bang resounded before the mountain wall was suddenly blasted apart. In a few breaths of time, a pitch black and bottomless hole that was around 15m in both width and height had appeared on the mountain wall!

Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva as he gazed at the pitch black hole. The might of Sword Intent combined with the Nether Ghostflame is truly terrifying! Just that strike alone would have been more than enough to instantly annihilate some experts at the King Realm!Right at this moment, a ray of fiery light suddenly shot out from the mountain wall, and then it flashed and arrived in front of Yang Ye. Yang Ye took another deep breath as he gazed at the ghastly white tongue of flame before him. It really does deserve to be a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth. Such might is truly too terrifying. 

After he kept the Nether Ghostflame within the tiny vortex, Yang Ye bowed to Elder Mu and said, “Elder Mu, I’m truly unable to repay such kindness. If you need me in the future, then feel free to provide me with your instructions. So long as I, Yang Ye, am capable of it, I definitely won’t refuse!”

Even though he didn’t know what this mysterious old man wanted him to do in the future, he didn’t mind so long as it didn’t go against his principles, and he was resolved to accomplish the task that the old man entrusted to him in the future!

It could be said that Yang Ye wouldn’t be able to possess his current accomplishments without this old man. Just like it was said before, even though they weren’t master and disciple in name, they were like master and disciple through the relationship they possessed. Or perhaps, it could be said that in Yang Ye’s heart, he’d taken this old man to be his master!

Elder Mu grinned and said, “I’ll remember what you said. I hope that you’ll think in the same way when the time comes! Alright, let’s not talk about that for now. Your physical body has already arrived at a certain level now, and if you want to accomplish another ‘qualitative’ improvement, then you must find the treasure of the heavens and the earth that I spoke of. There’s a place called the Coldwind Tunnel at the Ancient Battlefield, and that treasures resides in the deepest depths of the Coldwind Tunnel. It’s called the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Of course, the precondition is that no experts have noticed the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!”

“The Ninth Hell Cold Gale?” Yang Ye was puzzled. “Elder Mu, what’s that?”

“The Ninth Hell Cold Gale leaves no traces. It’s born in the Ninth Hell, and it can only gain intelligence after existing for a few thousands of years. All those years ago, it hadn’t formed intelligence of its own when I was at the Coldwind Tunnel. It was still in a chaotic state, so I hadn’t taken it. Now that a thousand years have passed, I presume that it has probably formed its intelligence. So, you can try your luck!” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye nodded. After he witnessed how formidable the Nether Ghostflame was, he was extremely interested in the Ninth Hell Cold Gale that Elder Mu spoke about. Since it was a treasure of the heavens and the earth just like the Nether Ghostflame, then it’s might was definitely indisputable. If he was able to suddenly utilize both of these treasures of the heavens and the earth in battle, then it would definitely give his opponent an extremely huge ‘pleasant surprise’!

When he saw the expression Yang Ye revealed, Elder Mu knew what Yang Ye was thinking, and he immediately shook his head and said, “Could it be that you think that the Ninth Hell Cold Gale is yours already?”

Yang Ye scratched his head with embarrassment when he heard this, and then he said, “Elder Mu, is the Ninth Hell Cold Gale even more terrifying than the Nether Ghostflame?”

“Not at all!” Elder Mu said, “But you have to understand that the Nether Ghostflame was already subdued and tamed by me before I gave it to you. On the other hand, you have to head to the Coldwind Tunnel to obtain the Ninth Hell Cold Gale yourself! The difference between these two situations is extremely huge. After all, the Nether Ghostflame was within the boundless ocean of flames in the Ghost Territory. With your current strength, not to mention heading into the depths of the ocean of flames, even approaching the ocean of flames would probably be impossible for you! On the other hand, the Coldwind Tunnel where the Ninth Hell Cold Gale resides is filled with boundless cold winds and Yin attribute wind. It’s even greater than the boundless ocean of flames!”

Yang Ye’s expression froze when he heard this, and then he said, “Elder Mu, then aren’t you asking me to give my life away by asking me to search for the Ninth Hell Cold Gale?”

Elder Mu said, “If it was a few days ago, then you would really be courting death if you went to look for the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. But now, with the physical body and the 4th level Sword Intent you possess, you may have a chance at resisting the endless Yin attribute and cold winds in the Coldwind Tunnel. Especially your current physical body, it should be able to resist the cold winds there, but you’ll probably have to suffer a little!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief. It’s fine so long as I have a chance. All he was afraid of was having no chance at all! As for some pain, had he not suffered a great deal already?

“Besides that, you must remember not to underestimate your enemies at the Ancient Battlefield. You really are practically invincible amongst the younger generation of the southern territory. However, the geniuses amongst geniuses gather at the Ancient Battlefield. When compared with the southern territory, no matter if it was cultivation techniques or inheritances, the other territories are much more superior to the southern territory,” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Elder Mu, don’t worry. I won’t underestimate any opponent. However, after I heard Elder Mu speak like that, I really want to see these monstrous geniuses of the other territories.”

Elder Mu grinned and said, “Perhaps you’re still unaware but the overall strength of the southern territory is the weakest amongst all the territories! Besides the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect who’d swept through the Ancient Battlefield by himself and crushed the geniuses from all the territories, there hadn’t been another person from the southern territory that has been capable of that for the last 10,000 years. You must understand that he crushed them to the point that all the young monstrous geniuses of the other territories had submitted before him!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Elder Mu, are you or the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor stronger?”

Elder Mu slowly restrained his smile when he heard this. After a short while, he shook his head and said with a smile on his face, “Kid, you’re actually trying to compare me with him?”

When he spoke up to here, Elder Mu suddenly sighed and said, “There’s probably no one in the southern territory who can compare to him. I… can’t as well! After all, he relied on the sword in his hand to completely crush the Path of Ascension that instills fear in countless extraordinary experts!”

“The Path of Ascension?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “Elder Mu, what’s that?”

Elder Mu shook his head and said, “If you don’t die prematurely, then you might be able to see that path in the future. Alright, it’ll be time for you to head to the Ancient Battlefield in a few days. So, go on! Don’t die prematurely!” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu didn’t speak another word. With a wave of his right hand, a blue teleportation circle appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he turned around and walked slowly into the cottage.

Yang Ye smiled bitterly as he gazed at the tightly shut door of the cottage. Elder Mu really is very mysterious, just like my tiny vortex. With Elder Mu’s strength, he should be renowned throughout the southern territory. However, for some unknown reason, Elder Mu’s name doesn’t exist in the entire southern territory. Moreover, why would Elder Mu be living in seclusion at the bottom of Death Abyss?Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about this. Presently, his most important objective was the improve his strength as soon as possible, and then find a way to rescue his mother. As for everything else, he truly shouldn’t waste time and energy to give it unnecessary concern. In any case, everything would fall into place in the end!

Yang Ye bowed respectfully towards the cottage, and then he didn’t stay here anymore and stepped into the blue circle.

Right when Yang Ye vanished in the blue circle, the door to the cottage opened slowly before Elder Mu walked out from within the cottage. He gazed towards the Grand Qin Empire while fluctuations surged in his eyes, and he seemed to have thought of something. After a short while, he sighed faintly and said, “Sure enough, not everything can be deduced. The Heaven Dao really does vary!”


After he returned to the Grand Qin Empire, Yang Ye obtained the information related to the Ancient Battlefield that Qin Xiyue had sent over. However, the information didn’t mention anything about the other territories, causing Yang Ye to fall silent as he looked through the information. Why would the Empire and the six great powers conceal the information about the other territories?

Right at this moment, a strand of white light flashed by, and then a graceful figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye and interrupted his deep thought.

“Hoho! Little Ye, what’re you thinking so seriously about? Could it be that you missed me? We were merely apart for around a month, so there’s no need to miss me like that….” A soft and charming voice suddenly resounded by Yang Ye’s ear, and it caused Yang Ye to instantly feel slightly restless.

It was none other than Yin Xuan’er who he hadn’t seen for over a month!

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