Chapter 283 – Nether Energy of Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

After that, Yang Ye and Luo Xue shot backward explosively in opposite directions, and it wasn’t long before they stopped moving!

At this moment, Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression. Because he’d moved 18m back while Luo Xue had moved 15m back…. Moreover, only half of the sword in his hand remained right now! Yes, at the moment his sword collided with Luo Xue’s fist, the sword in his hand had been instantly blasted into half by the terrifying force that Luo Xue’s fist carried!

It was an Earth Rank sword! However, such a sword had been blasted into half just like that…. This caused Yang Ye to have no choice but to re-evaluate Luo Xue’s strength!

At this moment, Luo Xue’s expression was slightly solemn as well. Because he noticed that he seemed to have underestimated Yang Ye. Even though he’d merely utilized less than 60% of his strength just now, that 60% of strength wasn’t something that a profounder at the First Heaven Realm could resist! However, the facts of the situation showed that Yang Ye hadn’t just resisted his strength, Yang Ye had even blasted him backward!

This caused him to be slightly shocked!

Liu Weiwei and Cai Yanyan were even more shocked than Luo Xue was. They didn’t know how strong Luo Xue was, but they knew how strong Huang Yan was! Huang Yan was slightly weaker than Liu Weiwei, but he was only able to survive for a few breaths of time in front of Luo Xue. However, Yang Ye was able to fight Luo Xue equally!

In other words, Yang Ye’s strength far surpassed them?

Didn’t they say that the profounders of the southern territory are extremely weak? Didn’t they say that the profounders of the southern territory can’t resist a single blow? At this moment, both Liu Weiwei and Cai Yanyan wanted to drag over the person who said all of this and chop that person into pieces! Are these two people before us weak? If they are considered to be weak, then all the geniuses of the northern territory are probably weaklings….

Of course, the true source of their shock was the 4th level Sword Intent that Yang Ye utilized just now! Sword Intent wasn’t just rare in the southern territory, it was extremely rare in the northern territory and the other territories! Yet Yang Ye had attained the 4th level of Sword Intent before the age of 20…. When it comes to such natural talent, then in the entire Heavenly Sword Sect, only Senior Brother Yuan Guixiu can compare to him!

Of course, the precondition to this was that Yang Ye hadn’t attained the Enlightened Sword Heart. Otherwise, not to mention the Heavenly Sword Sect, it would be impossible to find someone who could compare to Yang Ye even in the Immortal Sword Sect which was a Fifth Rank Sect!

“4th level Sword Intent, gold element profound energy, and physical strength that’s comparable to a King Realm Darkbeast of my Darkbeast Empire….” Luo Xue gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke in a deep voice. “Needless to say, your strength is really not bad. If you attain the King Realm, then there’ll probably be very few in the southern territory who can be a match for you!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “There are numerous monstrous geniuses in the world! Even if we disregard everyone else, I wouldn’t be confident in my ability to defeat you even if I attained the King Realm!” He was telling the truth. Because Luo Xue’s strength really was extremely strong. It was even to the extent that it was much stronger than Yuan Tong. Just as Luo Xue had said, he would probably be unable to kill Luo Xue even if he utilized a Dao Artifact! This was a feeling he had!

Luo Xue gazed at Yang Ye for a short moment, and a wisp of surprise immediately flashed through his eyes when he saw Yang Ye’s rosy face remain completely calm and composed, and then he said, “You’ve truly surprised me. We’ll meet at the Ancient Battlefield!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Xue glanced deeply at Yang Ye before he led the horde of Darkbeasts along with him and vanished from their fields of vision.

Liu Weiwei was just about to say something when she saw Luo Xue leave. However, right at this moment, a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth, and then his face swiftly turned ghastly pale!

Both the two women were shocked, and then Liu Weiwei said, “You’re injured?”

“I’m fine!” Yang Ye shook his head, and then he gazed towards the direction Luo Xue had left towards while his expression turned slightly more solemn!

At the instant that his sword collided with Luo Xue’s fist just now, besides the fact that his sword had snapped, he’d also sensed a strand of mysterious force suddenly travel through his sword and enter his body. After the mysterious energy entered his body, it started to rage throughout his body and ceaselessly damaged the meridians within his body. Moreover, to his astonishment, the golden profound energy within his Dantian was actually unable to suppress this mysterious energy!

Fortunately, when that energy started to damage his Dantian, the tiny vortex within his body had finally ‘acted’! A strand of suction force had suddenly surged out from within the tiny vortex. Under the effects of this suction force, the mysterious energy had been instantly absorbed into the tiny vortex, and then it transformed into nothingness….

Even though the tiny vortex had dealt with the mysterious energy, Yang Ye was still heavily injured right now because numerous meridians within his body had been damaged! That was the reason why he’d spat out a mouthful of blood just now!

The reason he’d acted as if he was fine in front of Luo Xue was that he’d sensed Luo Xue’s killing intent. Yes, his intuition told him that if he revealed even the slightest sign of being injured, then Luo Xue would definitely attack him with the intent to kill! Without the little fellow by his side, he didn’t have any chance of survival while he faced Luo Xue and the countless Darkbeasts in the surroundings!

So, he had no choice but to endure the heartrending pain within him just now. Fortunately, the pain he experienced from having his meridians damaged was extremely inferior when compared to the pain that the Nether Ghostflame had caused him that day! It was exactly because of this that he was able to avoid exposing the injuries he’d suffered to Luo Xue!

Of course, Yang Ye was unable to figure out why Luo Xue would arouse killing intent towards him! Was it because of the little fellow? Or was it because of something else?

On the other side, Luo Xue had an extremely solemn expression as he gazed at the deep mark of a sword on his fist. The mark that was over a few inches long had been inflicted by Yang Ye just now! He’d utilized numerous methods to eliminate this mark. However, they were all useless! Because this mark contained sharp 4th level Sword Intent!

Of course, the thing he attached the most importance to was the fact that Yang Ye was actually able to break through his defenses! If Yang Ye had attained the King Realm and broken through his defenses, then he wouldn’t feel surprised by it! However, Yang Ye was merely at the First Heaven Realm now. Even if Yang Ye possessed 4th level Sword Intent, it was impossible to break through his defenses while merely at the First Heaven Realm!

But Yang Ye had accomplished such a feat!

This was the reason why he’d aroused killing intent towards Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye’s strength and potential had already aroused fear in him. Moreover, Yang Ye just happened to be a human who was heading to the Ancient Battlefield. In other words, it was very likely that Yang Ye would be heading to the Ancient Battlefield to fight for Karmic Luck for the humans!

If Yang Ye were to seize Karmic Luck for the humans, then it would definitely be bad news for the Darkbeast Empire! So, for the sake of preventing such great trouble from descending onto the Darkbeast Empire in the future, he was prepared to kill Yang Ye!

However, to his surprise, Yang Ye remained completely unaffected after his Nether Energy of Death had entered Yang Ye’s body. This caused him to instantly abandon his intentions to attack Yang Ye!

What was the Nether Energy of Death? It was like Yang Ye’s Nether Ghostflame, and it was a treasure of the heavens and the earth. However, unlike Yang Ye’s Nether Ghostflame, Luo Xue’s Nether Energy of Death wasn’t created from the energy of the heavens and the earth, and it was intentionally created by profounders!

Such energy of death was only be formed when someone had just perished, and it had to be preserved with a secret technique. After that, the energy of death could only be converted into a part of one’s own strength after it was refined innumerable times! Of course, the energy of death within a single person was insufficient. In order to form the type of Nether Energy of Death that Luo Xue possessed, the energy of death from at least a million people was required….

Once this energy of death came into contact with a living being, it would enter the living being’s body and destroy the vitality within the body. However, this sort of energy of death wasn’t terrifying because it could destroy the vitality within the body, it was terrifying because it was impossible to destroy. Even the profound energy of the five elements was unable to destroy such energy of death!

In the past, Luo Xue had relied on this energy of death to kill a human expert at the Spirit Realm!

Even a Spirit Realm expert was unable to resist the energy of death, but it was utterly useless against Yang Ye. So, Luo Xue was deeply bewildered by this!


“Are you alright?” Liu Weiwei gazed at Yang Ye who sat cross-legged on the ground as she asked in a light voice.

Right when Yang Ye was about to say something, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then a strand of cold light shot swiftly like a bolt of lightning towards Yang Ye’s throat.

This sudden and unexpected change in the situation caused the expressions of Liu Weiwei and Cai Yanyan to change! However, they were powerless to lend a hand at this moment because the appearance of that black shadow was too sudden and the black shadow’s attack was too swift. It was swift to the point they were utterly unable to react before it had arrived in front of Yang Ye’s throat!

As he gazed at Yang Ye who was right before him, Leng Jun couldn’t help but reveal a smile. He’d just arrived here, yet he’d noticed to his pleasant surprise that Yang Ye was actually heavily injured. Why was Yang Ye heavily injured? He hadn’t thought about this problem, nor did he need to think about it. In any case, his objective was to kill Yang Ye! So, this moment was the perfect opportunity!

Out of consideration for the terrifying physical defense that Yang Ye possessed, he hadn’t held back this time, and he’d utilized his full strength. This time, he was confident. So long as his dagger came into contact with Yang Ye’s throat, then it just had to slit open a small cut open on Yang Ye’s throat, and then Yang Ye would definitely perish! Because he’d smeared an extraordinary poison that was a mixture of over 1,000 poisons onto the dagger!

Not to mention a profounder at the First Heaven Realm, even a profounder at the Spirit Realm would definitely die without the antidote!

Yet now, his dagger was less than half an inch away from Yang Ye’s throat. So, Yang Ye was unable to evade it even if he executed a Heaven Rank movement technique. In other words, Yang Ye was dead!

However, right at this moment, a layer of violet light that was thin as a cicada’s wing had suddenly appeared on Yang Ye’s throat. The violet light was like skin that stuck tightly onto the skin on Yang Ye’s throat. Right at this moment, Leng Jun’s dagger came into contact with Yang Ye’s throat. Right, it should be the layer of violet light instead!


A clear and melodious clang resounded, and then Leng Jun was stunned. Because he noticed that it felt as if he’d struck his dagger against Dark Iron, and the force from the collision shook his arm to the point it felt numb! When he focused his gaze towards the point of collision, he finally noticed that an extremely thin layer of violet light had suddenly appeared on Yang Ye’s throat!

During this instant that he was dazed, a little violet colored fellow had suddenly appeared in front of him. The little violet colored fellow gazed at him, blinked, and then it raised its claw….

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