Chapter 284 – Separating The Soul!

Almighty Sword Domain

When he saw this little fellow that made a sudden appearance here raise its claw, a feeling of danger suddenly arose in Leng Jun’s heart, and he didn’t hesitate at all to flash backward explosively. Right at the instant that he’d just retreated, a strand of violet light had mysteriously appeared where he stood just now!

Leng Jun felt a wave of fear when he saw the violet arc of light, and it was even to the extent that some cold sweat had appeared on his forehead. Moreover, he felt fortunate in his heart. Luckily, I retreated swiftly, otherwise, I would have definitely been struck by it!

Right at this moment, that arc of violet light had suddenly vanished on the spot, and it directly appeared in front of Leng Jun in the next moment. Leng Jun was astounded, and he didn’t hesitate to utilize his movement technique to shook backward explosively!

Right at the instant that he’d shot backward, three arcs of violet light appeared out of thin air behind him!

“AH!!!” It was like Leng Jun himself had moved to collide with those three arcs of violet light, and he let out a shrill cry while his body was blasted flying!

How could Yang Ye let such a great opportunity slip by? He’d moved forward when Leng Jun retreated explosively for the second time, and then he drew his sword and slashed it towards Leng Jun who was shooting explosively towards him right now!

Leng Jun was already heavily injured from being blasted by those three arcs of violet light. However, he was still alive. After all, he was a King Realm expert!

Leng Jun’s pupils constricted violently when he saw Yang Ye’s sword slash down towards him. How could he dare go head-on against Yang Ye at this moment? So, he immediately forcefully endured the roiling profound energy in his body and the injuries on his back as he executed his movement technique once more, and he flashed towards the side!

However, right at this moment, three strands of violet light had mysteriously appeared on his right, and just like before, it seemed like he’d taken the initiative to collide with them….

When he sensed the violet light that had appeared abruptly on his right, Leng Jun was terrified this time! Because he noticed that the movement technique which he took pride in and knew was able to allow him to flee from even a Spirit Realm expert seemed to be useless this time!


Along with an explosion, Leng Jun was blasted in the opposite direction, and he flew for around 15m before his figure smashed to the ground!

However, he was still alive. But he was in an extremely miserable state. His black clothes had transformed into ash while his entire body was mangled. If his head wasn’t still attached to his body, there would probably be no one capable of recognizing that this was the body of a man….

After falling to the ground for less than two breaths of time, Leng Jun suddenly leaped up into the air like a leopard that was hunting its prey, and then he shot explosively towards the distance and even swiftly concealed himself!

After he’d concealed himself, Leng Jun instantly heaved a sigh of relief, and he felt fortunate that he’d once paid a huge price to purchase a high-grade Healing Talisman. If it wasn’t for that talisman, then he would have definitely died this time!

Yes, when he was struck by the violet light for the second time, Leng Jun hadn’t hesitated to slap that high-grade Healing Talisman onto his body, and it was exactly this talisman that had preserved his life. Moreover, it even allowed him to have some strength to flee!

Now, there was only a single thought in his mind, and that was to flee with all his might. He wanted to run from the Grand Myriad Mountains and never try to assassinate Yang Ye again!

He’d found out from the information the League of Doom had gathered on Yang Ye that Yang Ye possessed a mysterious King Rank Darkbeast. However, he didn’t take it seriously at that time because he was very confident in his movement technique. In his opinion, not to mention a King Rank Darkbeast, even a Spirit Rank Darkbeast would be helpless against him if he was determined to flee!

However, this incident told him that he was wrong! That mysterious little fellow was 10 times more terrifying than any Spirit Realm Darkbeast! Because the movement technique he took pride in was utterly useless before that mysterious little fellow. Moreover, that mysterious King Rank Darkbeast’s attacks were even more mysterious and terrifying than his movement technique….

When he thought about those strange attacks, Leng Jun’s entire body couldn’t help but shudder! At this moment, he’d decided to give up on assassinating Yang Ye!

He still had a chance to kill Yang Ye if that mysterious little fellow wasn’t present, but he had no chance at all with the mysterious little fellow present by Yang Ye’s side! Not to mention a chance to kill Yang Ye, the slightest mistake might even lead to his death!

When he thought up to here, Leng Jun sped up once more.

However, right at this moment, that mysterious King Rank Darkbeast had suddenly and shockingly appeared in front of him. After that, the mysterious little fellow blinked before it raised its little claw….

Leng Jun’s eyes opened wide when he saw this, and they were filled with shock. He was just about to turn around and flee. However, the violet mink’s claw had descended at the exact same instant that this thought had appeared in Leng Jun’s mind. Subsequently, a square shaped violet colored barrier of light had appeared around Leng Jun.

Leng Jun didn’t hesitate at all to strike his dagger against the barrier of light!


The violet barrier of light didn’t shake at all while Leng Jun’s arm felt numb instead. After that, his figure was blasted flying, but he didn’t fly far because he’d collided with the barrier of light behind him….

Leng Jun was filled with despair as he gazed at the thin barrier of light around him!

While Leng Jun was filled with despair, Cai Yanyan and Liu Weiwei were shocked. Since Leng Jun appeared, until the moment the little fellow appeared, and then the battle came to an end right now, both of them had been completely shocked!

It was naturally that little fellow who had shocked them. The mysterious violet light and the shocking barrier of light created by the little fellow made them feel shock and deep fear at the same time. Because this strange method of attack was truly too mysterious, and it was mysterious to the point of being impossible to evade….

The movement technique possessed by that black figure had already shocked them and caused fear to arise in their hearts, but it was too much more inferior when compared to the violet light!

What sort of Darkbeast is that little fellow? Their minds were filled with questions right now because they weren’t able to determine the little fellow’s origins even with the knowledge and experience that they possessed….

After it trapped Leng Jun, the violet mink flicked in midair and arrived in front of Yang Ye. After that, it rubbed its head against Yang Ye’s face in an intimate manner.

Yang Ye smiled as he gazed at the little fellow, and a wisp of a gentle expression flashed in his eyes. He stretched out his hand to rub the little fellow’s head as he said, “Little Fellow, long time no see, huh?!”

The violet mink blinked before it rubbed its head against Yang Ye’s palm.

“Are you at the Spirit Rank now?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

The violet mink shook its head, and then it started gesturing with its little claws. After a period of ‘difficult’ communication, Yang Ye finally found out that the little fellow was still a King Rank Darkbeast….

However, it was no ordinary King Rank Darkbeast. Because the little fellow was at the peak of the King Rank. Just like the Earth Bear King from before, the violet mink was already half a step into the Spirit Rank.

This caused Yang Ye to feel extremely delighted because once the little fellow stepped foot into the Spirit Rank, then he could subdue Shapeshifted Darkbeasts at the Spirit Rank to fight on his behalf….

Just think about it, if a large group of Shapeshifted Darkbeasts at the Spirit Rank appeared with a wave of his hand one more….

Yang Ye finally went over to Leng Jun after he played with the little fellow for a while. He gazed at Leng Jun who was trapped behind the violet barriers of light as he chuckled lightly and said, “So you’re still alive. I thought you would have taken your own life! Since you didn’t, then it means you don’t want to die! You can live if you want. You just have to answer a few questions of mine. What do you think?”

Leng Jun gazed coldly at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye restrained his smile and said, “I don’t like to waste my breath. So, I’ll count to three. If you don’t answer me after I count to three, then you have to die even if you don’t want to!”


Leng Jun’s eyelids twitched but he still didn’t speak.


Leng Jun’s face fell but he still remained silent because he knew what Yang Ye wanted to ask, and he couldn’t answer such a question.

Because once he answered Yang Ye, then it meant that he would have the face the endless pursuit of the league! The League of Doom permitted its assassins to fail, but they were prohibited from betrayed!

Once they betrayed the league, then the league wouldn’t let them go even if they fled to the ends of the world!

However, if he didn’t answer, then he would die right now….

As he gazed at Leng Jun who remained silent, Yang Ye said indifferently, “Little Fellow, kill him!”

When it heard Yang Ye, the violet mink instantly raised its claw, and then the violet mink didn’t hesitate to wave it lightly. After that, a strand of violet light directly appeared behind the barrier of light, and it blasted down towards Leng Jun who was already heavily injured!

Leng Jun was shocked in his heart. He didn’t want to die right now, so he immediately spoke without thinking. “Wait!”

Yang Ye was about to speak when he heard this, but it was already too late because the violet light had struck Leng Jun….


Leng Jun was blasted flying once more, and then he collided forcefully with the barrier of light behind him and was bounced forward again. After that, he lay on the ground without moving at all, and his fate was unknown….

The violet mink glanced at Yang Ye, and then it revealed an innocent expression. It seemed to be saying that Leng Jun was too late….

Yang Ye shook his head with a helpless expression, and then he asked the little fellow to open up the barrier of light. He walked over and checked Leng Jun before he said, “Luckily, he’s still alive!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to look at the violet mink and said, “Little Fellow, do you have any method to control him? Right, the type that will make him have to obey me once he recuperates!”

The violet mink blinked, and then rubbed its chin with its little claw. It pondered deeply for a long time before its eyes lit up, and then it waved its little claw at Leng Jun. In an instant, Leng Jun’s brows had knit together tightly, and his face was covered in an expression of pain.

In next to no time and under the astounded gazes of Yang Ye and the two women, a strand of mysterious black gas had slowly floated out from Leng Jun’s body, and then it floated in front of Yang Ye.

“Separation of the soul!” When she witnessed this scene, Liu Weiwei gazed at the little fellow and suddenly cried out involuntarily. “You’re actually able to separate the soul of a person. You…. This…. How could this be possible!? How could this be possible!?”

Separation of the soul? Yang Ye frowned. Could it be that this strand of black gas is that assassin’s soul?

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