Chapter 285 – The Demon Territory!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Liu Weiwei was extremely shocked, and it should be said that she was shocked to the extreme. It was common knowledge that the soul of a person consisted of many different parts. However, even though this was common knowledge, it was utterly impossible for one to see and take control of one’s own soul unless one possessed a secret technique or some sort of special technique.

The soul was a slightly ethereal and unreal thing. Because it really existed in the body, yet it was impossible to sense or control. Even if it belonged to you!

Besides the residents of the nether territory, there was only one sort of existence capable of controlling their own souls and utilizing the soul to execute attacks, and it was extraordinary experts at the Monarch Realm! The reason the members of the nether territory were capable of accomplishing it was because they weren’t people at all, and they were souls… or what people called ghosts….

On the other hand, Monarch Realm experts possessed extraordinary cultivations themselves, and they had attained an inconceivable height. So, not to mention their own souls, they were even able to observe their destiny slightly.

To put it simply, only Monarch Realm experts and those ghosts of the nether territory were able to directly affect the soul of another! However, this little fellow before them wasn’t from the nether territory nor was it a Monarch Rank Darkbeast. However, it was able to forcefully separate the soul of a person….

What sort of monstrous genius is this?

Even though he was slightly shocked by the little fellow’s ability to separate the soul of the black robed assassin, he wasn’t as shocked as Liu Weiwei was. Because Qin Xiyue had done so in the past. Even though he guessed that the strand of the soul which Qin Xiyue gave him was fake, it made him feel that while the separation of the soul was slightly mysterious, it wasn’t especially rare!

“He’ll obey me in the future with this in my possession?” asked Yang Ye while he gazed at the black gas that was enveloped by violet light.

The violet mink nodded.

“Why?” Yang Ye wasn’t ashamed to constantly ask questions in order to broaden his knowledge.

The violet mink blinked, and it gazed at Yang Ye while being at a loss for how to explain it. Obviously, it was very difficult for it to explain the answer to Yang Ye’s question.

“Because with this strand of the soul in your possession, you only need a single thought to make living worse than death for this assassin!” Meanwhile, Liu Weiwei suddenly said, “A person has three spiritual and six physical souls, and they are one!”

When she spoke up to here, Liu Weiwei glanced at the violet mink with a complicated expression on her face, and then she continued. “However, a spiritual soul of his was extracted by force. In other words, you can rely on this spiritual soul to affect the other two spiritual souls and six physical souls! Just a single thought of yours would be sufficient to make living worse than death to him. Even an Exalt Realm expert would probably be unable to endure that sort of pain that comes from the depths of the soul….”

“It’s that formidable?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and then he said, “Let me try….”

When he spoke up to here, he issued a command in his heart, and a strand of Sword Intent smashed directly onto the strand of black gas!

“AH!!!” Right at this moment, Leng Jun who’d fallen unconscious had suddenly let out an extremely miserable and shrill cry. After that, his body twitched as if he’d been electrocuted. Moreover, the features on his face had instantly warped. It simply seemed as if he was experiencing unimaginable pain!

Yang Ye was shocked by Leng Jun’s reaction. But in next to no time, he started laughing. Because from now onward, he had an extraordinary lackey at the King Realm, and it was even an assassin!

A wisp of pity flashed in Liu Weiwei’s eyes as she gazed at Leng Jun who was writhing in pain on the ground. However, she didn’t say anything because she was aware that if Yang Ye hadn’t had the assistance of that little fellow, then he would probably have perished by now. Moreover, if Yang Ye perished, then the assassin would probably not let Cai Yanyan and her go!

She was naturally not afraid of a head-on collision with the assassin. However, when she thought about that assassin’s shocking movement technique, she couldn’t help but shudder with fear!

After a moment of delight, Yang Ye turned to look at the little fellow before he spoke with slight displeasure. “Little Fellow, since you possessed such an ability, then why didn’t you tell me in the past?”

Yes, if the little fellow told him about it sooner, then he could possess numerous extraordinary experts to fight for him! Even if he couldn’t subdue numerous extraordinary experts, just torturing them to death in such a way was perfect. For example, the Flower Palace’s Feng Yi!

The little fellow instantly revealed a wronged expression when it heard Yang Ye, and then it started waving its little claws about. Before long, Yang Ye understood that the little fellow was saying that it couldn’t accomplish this in the past, and the reason it could now was because its strength had improved!

Right at this moment, Liu Weiwei suddenly asked. “Yang Ye, is it from the demon territory?”

“The demon territory?” Yang Ye frowned, and then he said, “What’s that?”

“You don’t know the demon territory?” Cai Yanyan opened her eyes wide as she gazed at Yang Ye, and it was like she was looking at an idiot….

Liu Weiwei was slightly stunned as well. Obviously, she hadn’t expected that Yang Ye didn’t even know of the demon territory….

Yang Ye was slightly embarrassed from being looked at in such a manner by them, and he immediately said, “Please do tell!”

When she noticed that Yang Ye didn’t seem to be acting, Liu Weiwei glanced at him with a strange gaze before she said in her heart, Exactly how isolated is the southern territory?

Liu Weiwei stopped thinking about this and said, “Since Profounder Continent was split apart by those two extraordinary experts, it was divided into numerous territories, and one of them is called the demon territory. There are no humans there, and only Demon Beasts reside there. Right, they are what you residents of the southern territory call Darkbeasts! Of course, no matter if it’s strength, bloodline, or type, the Darkbeasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains are utterly unable to compare to the Demon Beasts that reside there! After all, the four great Divine Beasts of the ancient times exist within the demon territory!”

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart when he heard this. The four great divine beasts of the ancient times. In other words, the legendary Dragon Race exists in the demon territory? Moreover, the little fellow is from such a place?

Liu Weiwei glanced once more at the violet mink with a complicated expression, and then she said, “Its method of attack is truly too mysterious. I think that there aren’t any Darkbeasts and humans in the world that aren’t afraid of it. Logically speaking, such a type of Demon Beast should be extremely famous in the demon territory. However, there’s no information about it within the information of the demon territory which my Heavenly Sword Sect possesses. This is exactly why I’m bewildered!”

Yang Ye turned to look at the violet mink, and then he stretched out his hand to rub its little head before he said, “Little Fellow, are you from the demon territory?”

The violet mink blinked, and then its eyeballs started to spin. When he saw this, Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head with a helpless expression on his face, and then he said, “Stop trying to avoid it and answer me!”

The violet mink fell silent for a short while before it nodded. After that, it seemed to have thought of something, and it flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder and rubbed its head against Yang Ye’s face.

When she saw the violet mink nod, Liu Weiwei gazed at Yang Ye and sighed. She hesitated for a moment before she said, “Even though I don’t know why it’s staying by your side, what I want to tell you is that the demon territory is very hostile towards the entire human race. In other words, if those Demon Beasts of the demon territory find out that it’s staying by your side, then you’ll probably be in great trouble!”

Great trouble? Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then he said, “The trouble I face has never been little, so what if I have a little more? In any case, so long as the little fellow isn’t willing to leave, then no one can separate us. Regardless of whether it’s a human or Demon Beast. If anyone thinks of doing that, then I’ll make him regret being born!”

When it heard Yang Ye, a strand of violet light suddenly flashed in the violet mink’s eyes, and then it blinked at Yang Ye before it rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s face.

“Stop bragging!” Meanwhile, Cai Yanyan said, “You don’t know how terrifying those fellows from the demon territory are. If you know how formidable they are, then you wouldn’t say that!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he said, “Even if they are formidable, are they as formidable as my little fellow?”

Cai Yanyan was instantly speechless. She’d personally witnessed the ability of this little fellow. In this world, perhaps only the legendary divine beast, Phoenix, could match this little fellow’s speed. On the other hand, any other Demon Beast or human could only suffer a beating when facing this little fellow….

Yang Ye suddenly asked. “By the way, will the members of the demon territory be coming to the Ancient Battlefield?”

“Of course they will!” Liu Weiwei said, “The Ancient Battlefield is related to Karmic Luck, so the demon territory will naturally dispatch some of its geniuses!”

When she spoke up to here, Liu Weiwei seemed to have thought of something. She glanced at Yang Ye and the violet mink before she sighed and said, “It's best that you ask it to hide itself once you arrive at the Ancient Battlefield. Otherwise, if those Demon Beasts from the demon territory find out that it’s from the demon territory as well, both of you will be in great trouble!”

Yang Ye grinned, and then he gazed at the little fellow and said, “Are you afraid?”

The little fellow shook its head in a very resolute manner. What a joke! It wasn’t afraid of any Demon Beasts in the world!

Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’m not afraid as well!”

Liu Weiwei sighed. She hesitated for a moment before she said, “Brother Yang, your natural talent and potential is truly being buried in the southern territory. I wonder if Brother Yang is interested in heading to the other territories?”

“You want me to head to the northern territory and join the Heavenly Sword Sect?” asked Yang Ye.

Liu Weiwei nodded and said, “If Brother Yang joins the Heavenly Sword Sect, I guarantee that Brother Yang will immediately ascend to the ranks of inner court disciples. Moreover, the sect will foster Brother Yang with all its might. No matter if it’s medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, or combat techniques; my Heavenly Sword Sect will give Brother Yang the best!”

“Forget it!” Yang Ye refused and said, “I think that all these sources of reliance can’t be relied on. The most important factor is still one’s own strength because it’s the true foundation of everything!”

Of course, there was something else that Yang Ye hadn’t said, and it was that he truly felt extreme contempt towards the character of those disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect, and he felt that the higher-ups of the Heavenly Sword Sect weren’t any different!

When she heard Yang Ye’s refusal, Liu Weiwei still wanted to say something. However, Yang Ye waved his hand, and then he tossed two high-grade Healing Talismans and two high-grade Strider Talismans to the two of them before he said, “It’s really not safe to stay in the Grand Myriad Mountains any longer. Quickly head over to the Ancient Battlefield!”

After she caught those four talismans in her hands, Liu Weiwei was stunned. The northern territory naturally had talismans as well, and it wasn’t really valuable to her. However, it was different when the talismans were of the high-grade! Even she found it very difficult to obtain high-grade talismans! However, Yang Ye had casually tossed four high-grade talismans to them….

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