Chapter 287 – Submission!

Almighty Sword Domain

Based on the understanding of Yang Ye that he’d obtained during this period, he knew that since Yang Ye dared to come close to him like this while not taking any precautions, then Yang Ye definitely had a method to protect himself! On the other hand, once he failed to kill Yang Ye, then endless torture and pain would be waiting for him!

He truly didn’t want to experience that pain from before that came from the depths of his soul!

Since Yang Ye dared to come so close to this assassin, he naturally had a way to protect his life, and it was naturally the little fellow! If this fellow before him arouse any hostile intentions towards him or make a move against him, then the little fellow would toss a strand of violet light over at the first possible moment!

Was the attack speed of this assassin faster than the little fellow? The answer was an absolute no!

After a short while, Yang Ye’s expression had become completely solemn. Because he noticed that the poison Leng Jun suffered from was much more terrifying than he’d imagined! It wasn’t just within Leng Jun’s body, it should be said that Leng Jun’s entire body was inflicted by the toxic poison, and Leng Jun could be described as a person that was full of poison!

“What sort of poison is this!?” Yang Ye withdrew his hand, and then he gazed at Leng Jun as he spoke with a solemn expression.

Leng Jun laughed bitterly and shook his head as he said, “I don’t know! I’d looked for some Alchemists and Toxicologists in the past, but not even one knew what sort of poison this was! Besides the antidote, the only other ways to eliminate this poison is to seek the assistance of a Monarch Realm expert or become a Monarch Realm expert myself!”

“You’re saying that even Exalt Realm experts are unable to eliminate this poison?” said Yang Ye in a low voice.

“It’s not that they’re impossible to eliminate it!” Leng Jun shook his head and said, “If I’d just been inflicted with this poison, then the strength of an Exalt Realm expert should be sufficient to dispel it without encountering much difficulty! However, the problem is that we’ve been suffering from it since a young age. At this point in time, the poison has already fused into one with our bodies. So, it’s probably impossible to dispel even if we attain the Exalt Realm!”

“The League of Doom really is ruthless!” Yang Ye said in a light voice, “In this way, all of you’ll be eternally in their control unless all of you attain the Monarch Realm!”

“The Monarch Realm?” Leng Jun laughed with self-ridicule and said, “We’ll probably never be able to attain the Monarch Realm in our entire lives! Or even if we’re able, but would they allow us to become Monarch Realm experts and escape their control?”

Yang Ye shook his head and didn’t answer Leng Jun. At this moment, he was thinking of a method to deal with the poison in Leng Jun’s body. He had no doubt that if he’d been inflicted by this poison, then the tiny vortex would definitely be able to dispel it with ease even if the poison had seeped deep into his bones. However, the problem was that the poison wasn’t in his body but the body of another!

So, he had a problem!

The tiny vortex was within his body, so it would lend a hand when his life was threatened! However, it was impossible to make the tiny vortex help on its own. Just like this very moment, Yang Ye had asked countless times for the tiny vortex’s help, but it didn’t display any reaction at all!

In other words, it was impossible for him to get the tiny vortex to help! If the tiny vortex didn’t help, then Leng Jun would definitely die!

Dejection slowly crept into Leng Jun’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye remain silent. After a short while, he said in a low voice, “You ought to be clearly aware that there’s another assassin in the shadows that’s waiting for his chance to assassinate you. I can help you deal with him!”

“What’s your condition?” asked Yang Ye with an indifferent tone.

“Let me leave!” Leng Jun said, “Even though I don’t know what you’ve done to me, I know that if you want to kill me, then it would probably require a single thought from you! Moreover, I’m more useful to you while I’m alive because the person I want to kill is the person who gave the order to assassinate you!”

“How confident are you in your ability to kill that person?” asked Yang Ye in an indifferent tone.

“I have no confidence at all!” Leng Jun said, “I’ve told you about it earlier. No matter if it’s the Earth Assassins, Blood Assassins, or Heaven Assassins, there’s an Exalt Assassin amongst them. What’s an Exalt Assassin? It’s one that has never failed! Even though he’s at the King Realm as well, the gap between us is huge.”

“In other words, you’re just courting death?” said Yang Ye.

Leng Jun said, “But it’s better than dying meaninglessly at your hands. If I try to kill him, then even if I die, I would be considered to have tried to avenge my loved ones, right?”

Yang Ye fell silent. He naturally didn’t care about Leng Jun’s fate, and he merely cared about whether he could get an assassin as his subordinate. Moreover, it was even an elite assassin. He truly didn’t wish to give up such an opportunity.

After a short while, Yang Ye said, “I might have a method to dispel the poison for you. However, the process will probably be slightly painful!”

“You can dispel the poison!?” Leng Jun suddenly raised his head to gaze at Yang Ye while his eyes were filled with excitement. What did this mean? It meant that he could escape the League of Doom’s control in the future, and it represented that he could disregard the poison that once plagued him and make a move against the members of the League of Doom. In other words, he could take revenge for his loved ones!

“I can’t be certain that it’ll succeed, but we should give it a try, right?” said Yang Ye.

“Of course!” Leng Jun naturally wouldn’t refuse. Even if it was only a shred of hope, he still didn’t want to give up on it!

Yang Ye nodded. With a flick of his finger, a strand of ghastly while flame appeared on his palm, and the temperature in the surroundings instantly rose when this strand of white flame appeared.

Leng Jun’s pupils constricted violently when he saw this strand of ghastly white flame because he was able to sense how terrifying the energy within the flame was!

“My method is to send this flame into your body and circulate it through the meridians within your body. We’ll be utilizing the high temperature of the flame to incinerate the poison within your body. Of course, I’m not confident that it will succeed, and the slightest mistake might transform you into a pile of ash!” Yang Ye spoke casually. “Of course, if it succeeds, then you’ll gain new life and escape the control of your enemies!”

“Do I have a choice?” Leng Jun laughed bitterly. If he chose to refuse, then this fellow before him would probably kill him on the spot.

Yang Ye smiled. Leng Jun was right, he didn’t have a choice at all. Because if he chose to refuse, then Yang Ye wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate him on the spot! Since Leng Jun couldn’t be of use to him and was his enemy, he felt that it was best that Leng Jun was dead!

With a flick of his finger, the Nether Ghostflame directly entered Leng Jun’s body.

In an instant….

“AH!!!” A grievous shrill cry resounded, and it shot into the sky. If he knew the flame was so terrifying, then Leng Jun wouldn’t have agreed to it no matter what. Because it was truly too painful. How should this pain be described? One could say that it was like being roasted by a ball of flames. Moreover, it was like being roasted from inside out. Most importantly, he was still fully conscious….

Now, he finally knew that when the pain from this flame was compared to the pain he suffered from the poison in the past, the pain from the poison was simply like child’s play….

Yang Ye frowned as he gazed at Leng Jun who was shivering on the ground, and he said, “Can you be a little more composer? You’re a King Realm expert at any rate, so you shouldn’t make such an embarrassing display, right? Isn’t it just a ball of flames?”

Leng Jun was almost angered to the point of falling unconscious when he heard this! What do you mean by it’s just a ball of flames? How can you speak so heartlessly?

Yang Ye didn’t care about the pain Leng Jun felt. He controlled the Nether Ghostflames to flow incessantly through Leng Jun’s body. For the sake of keeping this extraordinary goon of his alive, Yang Ye was very serious. He had no choice because the slightest mistake would probably cause Leng Jun to be instantly evaporated into thin air! If Leng Jun died, then his future group of extraordinary assassins would be gone….

15 minutes later, numerous beads of sweat had appeared on Yang Ye’s face. However, he revealed slight happiness from his eyes. Because he noticed that the Nether Ghostflame was effective against the poison within Leng Jun’s body! Everywhere the Nether Ghostflame passed, the poison within Leng Jun’s meridians and blood would be instantly evaporated and transform into nothingness!

In other words, it was only a matter of time now.

After around an hour passed, Yang Ye gestured with his hand and the strand of ghastly white flame emerged from Leng Jun’s body and flew into his palm. After he put the Nether Ghostflame away, Yang Ye gazed at Leng Jun and said indifferently, “90% of the poison within your body is gone, and the remaining bit of poison within your body will be unable to affect you at all. You ought to know what you should do if you want the remaining poison to be eliminated!”

Leng Jun closed his eyes slightly and sensed the condition of his body. After a short while, he opened his eyes while a wisp of wild joy appeared in his eyes. But in next to no time, Leng Jun calmed down because while the poison had been eliminated, he had another problem before him….

A King Realm expert like him was naturally unwilling to obey the orders of a profounder at the First Heaven Realm. However, he knew that if he tried to flee or try anything at this moment, then the consequences would be extremely horrifying.

In next to no time, he thought of a method, and it was to agree for now….

Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw Leng Jun remain silent. With a command in his heart, a strand of Sword Intent shot towards that strand of Leng Jun’s soul.

In an instant….

“AHH!” Another shrill cry suddenly resounded. Leng Jun instantly fell to the ground while his feature had instantly warped….

“Stay your hand. I… I’m willing to submit to you….” Leng Jun forcefully endured the pain that came from the depths of his soul, and he begged for mercy in a hoarse voice.

Yang Ye said indifferently, “Don’t challenge my patience. If you do that again, then I would rather torture you to death than keep you alive. You can feel free to try if you don’t believe me!”

“No, it won’t happen again….” This time, Leng Jun was speaking sincerely. Because he noticed that Yang Ye hadn’t done anything, yet he’d suffered such pain. In other words, Yang Ye had definitely executed some sort of mysterious technique against him, and this technique was even more terrifying than the poison!

“Haha!!” Right at this moment, Leng Yin suddenly appeared here. His face was covered in an expression of ridicule and mocking as he gazed at Leng Jun who was begging for mercy on the ground, and he said, “I truly never expected that you Leng Jun would actually be reduced to such a state. I truly never expected this! Haha!!”

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