Chapter 288 – The Poor Leng Yin! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

As he gazed at Leng Yin who’d made a sudden appearance here, a wisp of ridicule flashed through Leng Jun’s eyes. This idiot actually dared to appear fearless before us because he thinks his movement technique is mysterious and unfathomable….

What’s it like to court death? What’s it like to be an idiot? Leng Yin is both!

Yang Ye was stunned as well because he hadn’t expected that Leng Yin would actually appear openly before him. What does this fellow intend to do?

Leng Yin glanced at Yang Ye before he gazed at Leng Jun who laid on the ground. As for the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder, he’d directly disregarded it.

“Tsk, tsk. Leng Jun, I truly never imagined that you would actually be reduced to such a state when facing a profounder at the First Heaven Realm. Tsk, tsk…. You’re even begging for mercy from him. I truly didn’t expect that even you, Leng Jun, would be reduced to such a state one day!” Leng Yin gazed at Leng Jun while he shook his head and spoke slowly.

He naturally didn’t take Yang Ye serious because if he wanted to leave, then not to mention a profounder at the First Heaven Realm, even a Spirit Realm expert who could form wings with profound energy would be unable to catch up to him! Did he have to care about a tiny profounder at the First Heaven Realm when he possessed that mysterious movement technique? The answer was no!

Yang Ye didn’t make a move. On the contrary, he gazed with interest at this assassin who had made a sudden appearance here. The heavens really are too kind to me. I just finished subduing an extraordinary goon and it has sent me another….

Leng Jun glanced at Leng Yin as if he was looking at a moron, and then he said, “Leng Yin, I merely thought that you were brave but not astute in the past. But now it would seem like even that is a form of praise to you. You’re simply an extraordinarily huge idiot. You simply have the brain of a pig! Our strengths are almost on par, yet I’ve been reduced to such a state now. Could it be that you didn’t consider the reason for this? If I were you, I would have turned around and fled at the first possible moment, yet you showed yourself recklessly. Saying that you have the brain of a pig is an insult to pigs!”

Leng Yin’s expression changed when he heard this. Right, why didn’t I think of this? Leng Jun’s strength is definitely stronger than my own, yet why has he been reduced to such a state?

When he thought up to here, he turned to gaze at Yang Ye who was gazing at him with a mocking expression, and his heart shook!

What sort of gaze is that?

When he noticed that the situation was bad, Leng Yin’s figure flashed, and he intended to retreat. However, it was already too late. A violet barrier of light had suddenly appeared around him.

Leng Jun instantly seemed to take pleasure in Leng Yin’s misfortune when he saw the violet barrier of light. I finally have a companion now!

Leng Yin cried out in his heart when he saw the violet barrier of light. Shit!

He didn’t hesitate at all to swing his palm at the barrier of light. However, it didn’t move at all, and right when he was about to continue attacking, a strand of violet light had suddenly appeared in front of him….


Leng Yin was blasted flying!

“Continue! Right, leave him on the verge of death!” said Yang Ye in an indifferent tone. This assassin before him, Leng Yin, was clearly a rebellious fellow, so Yang Ye felt that he had to pull out Leng Yin’s teeth before he had a discussion with Leng Yin.

The violet mink swung out another few dozen strands of violet light under Yang Ye’s orders. Fortunately, the violet mink controlled the strength of the violet light, and these strands of violet light could only cause pain but not death to Leng Yin. Even though it was like that, it was still torture to Leng Yin.

After an hour had passed, Leng Yin was on the verge of death, and he was in an even more miserable state than the state Leng Jun had been in just now.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath at all nor did he ask for Leng Yin’s opinion. He directly asked the violet mink to extract a strand of Leng Yin’s soul. Because Leng Yin was aware during this process, the pain from the extraction of his soul caused Leng Yin to fall unconscious, and this scene caused Leng Jun’s body to tremble….

After half an hour passed, Leng Yin regained his consciousness. When he saw Yang Ye, a savage expression and killing intent had instantly appeared in Leng Yin’s eyes.

Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw Leng Yin’s expression, and then he withdrew a high-grade talisman and slapped it onto Leng Yin before he said, “Continue blasting him!”

Leng Jun. “….”

The violet mink would naturally not refuse. It waved its little claw, and then over 10 strands of violet light instantly blasted onto Leng Yin before he fainted once more….

15 minutes later, Leng Yin woke up from the effect of Yang Ye’s Healing Talisman. A ferocious glow immediately arose in his eyes when he saw Yang Ye, and he even intended to attack.

“Continue blasting him!”


Two hours later, Leng Yin woke up again. This time, he didn’t reveal a ferocious glow in his eyes upon catching sight of Yang Ye. There was only deep fear and reverence in his eyes. However, Yang Ye seemed to have become accustomed to giving the command, and he didn’t hesitate at all upon seeing Leng Yin wake up. “Continue!”

As he spoke, he slapped another high-grade Healing Talisman onto Leng Yin.

He had a bunch of talismans, so he could do as he liked!

So, the poor Leng Yin’s fate was tragic….

15 minutes later, Leng Yin woke up once more. This time, the first thing he said after he opened his eyes was. “I admit defeat!”

This caused Yang Ye who was about to give the order again to be stunned. He actually admitted defeat….

However, right at this moment, over 10 strands of violet light blasted at his body once more….

At the instant before he fell unconscious, Leng Yin howled with sorrow in his heart. I fucking admitted defeat. What else do you want!? I already admitted defeat! Big Brother! I admitted defeat! Even if you want to kill me, just give me a swift death, alright? Alright??

Yang Ye was stunned as well because he hadn’t given the order!

Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink, and the violet mink blinked before it shrugged in response. It seemed to be saying that it had gotten used to doing that….

Both Yang Ye and Leng Jun were speechless, and their gazes towards Leng Yin were filled with pity. He really suffered such a tragic fate!

After another 15 minutes passed, Leng Yin woke up once more. This time, he didn’t gaze at Yang Ye but at the violet mink instead, and his eyes were filled with fear and horror as he gazed at this tiny fellow before him. If he knew that this mysterious King Rank Darkbeast was so terrifying, then he wouldn’t have shown himself no matter what. However, it was too late for all of that!

“Do you want to live or die!?” Yang Ye said frankly, “If you want to live, then you ought to know what you must do. If you want to die, then take your own life. I’ll absolutely not stop you!”

The corners of Leng Yin’s mouth twitched. Take my own life….

No one wanted to die. Even ants wanted to drag out their insignificant existence, let alone humans! Leng Yin naturally chose to live, and this choice made Yang Ye very happy. Of course, he wasn’t happy that Leng Yin could live, and he was happy because he got another extraordinary assassin to fight for him. So, no matter if it was against the disciples from the six great powers or the monstrous geniuses of the other territories, he had another trump card to be used during his trip to the Ancient Battlefield!

After he found out that Yang Ye could help him dispel the poison, the resistance Leng Yin had towards Yang Ye had instantly vanished greatly. Even though he would be under Yang Ye’s control once the poison was dispelled, it was much better than being controlled by his enemies. Moreover, from this day onward, he could fully escape the League of Doom, and he could even make a move against the league!

“I want to return to the southern territory!” Right at this moment, Leng Jun spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye frowned and said, “Why?” Because he wanted to bring the two of them to the Ancient Battlefield with him.

Leng Jun said in a low voice, “There are numerous assassins like Leng Yin and me at the southern territory. Of course, their strengths aren’t as formidable as us, and it’s even to the extent that many are merely at the Mortal Realm and First Heaven Realm. However, their potential is extremely great. If you’re able to dispel the poison for them, then they’ll definitely be willing to serve you! In this way, we wouldn’t just be able to obtain even more help, we would even be able to weaken the overall strength of the League of Doom!”

“How confident are you in your ability to make them come to me!?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

“Over 90%!” Leng Jun said in a low voice, “All of them have irreconcilable enmity with the League of Doom. They will definitely not refuse if they’re able to escape the league’s control. However, in this way, it’s very likely that we’ll become targets of the league! It’s even to the extent that the league might dispatch Earth Assassins who are Spirit Realm experts to kill us!”

“That doesn’t matter!” Yang Ye said, “In any case, they can’t enter the Ancient Battlefield, and they can’t make a move against us even if they do!”

“So, you’ve agreed?” asked Leng Jun.

“Of course!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “Both you and Leng Yin can return to the southern territory. Try your bests to find those assassins of the league, and then bring them to me at the Ancient Battlefield. It’s probably not difficult for all of you to traverse the Grand Myriad Mountains and head to the Ancient Battlefield with the movement technique all of you possess. So long as you’ve entered the Ancient Battlefield, I’ll naturally be able to find the two of you!”

Meanwhile, Leng Yin suddenly said, “Aren’t you afraid that we would flee?”

Yang Ye replied with a question “Would the two of you even dare?”

Leng Yin grunted coldly and said, “Why not? Could it be that you would be able to find us once we’ve gone far from you and that mysterious King Rank Darkbeast!?”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Feel free to give it a try!”

Leng Yin fell silent. Earlier, he still held a trace of hope that Yang Ye’s method of control required a certain level of with them. In other words, Yang Ye could only keep them under his control while they were by Yang Ye’s side! But Yang Ye’s attitude right now allowed him to realize that the method Yang Ye utilized to take control of them wasn’t restricted by distance at all….

When they thought up to here, a wisp of sorrow flashed in the eyes of Leng Jun and Leng Yin. They didn’t want to die, but they didn’t want their freedom to be in the hands of another as well. Just think about it, how could anyone be truly willing to fight on another’s behalf? However, they had no choice now….

As if he knew what they were thinking, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “I only need both of you by my side for 10 years, and I’ll return your freedom to you after that time!”

10 years were enough for him! Because he was confident that he didn’t need anyone to fight on his behalf after 10 years had passed!

Leng Yin and Leng Jun had both swiftly raised their heads to look at Yang Ye when they heard this, and they said with excitement, “Really?”

“Of course!” Yang Ye said, “Since I said it’s for 10 years, then it’s 10 years. Of course, if both of you only pretend to obey my orders or make me feel dissatisfied during these 10 years of time, then there’ll be no need to wait for those 10 years of time because I’ll make you vanish from the world right away!”

“We absolutely won't!” They hurriedly guaranteed. Perhaps 10 years was an extremely long period of time for an ordinary person, but it was only a blink of the eye to profounders!

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