Chapter 289 – Advancement!

Almighty Sword Domain

Leng Jun and Leng Yin had left. Yang Ye was naturally not worried about them fleeing or arousing other ill intent when a strand of their souls was in his possession. Because even if they were extremely far away from each other, he merely had to issue a single command in his heart and living would be worse than death to them! So, he was entirely not worried that they would play any tricks or refuse to return!

On the Lightning Eagle, Yang Ye’s thoughts drifted as he gazed at the dense forest and mountains that were ceaselessly shrinking in his gaze. Since he’d dealt with the surprise attacks of the assassins, he naturally didn’t have to continue heading to the Ancient Battlefield on foot.

Even Yang Ye felt slight anticipation towards the Ancient Battlefield. After all, all the monstrous geniuses of the entire continent would be gathered there!

Regardless of whether it was quality or quantity, the monstrous geniuses here weren’t existences that the geniuses who participated in the Ascension Rankings could compare to!

Yang Ye wanted to see the monstrous geniuses of the other territories, and he wanted to see exactly how great the gap between him and them was!

Of course, he hadn’t forgotten the reason he’d come to the Ancient Battlefield. Improving his strength was his main objective! After a few confrontations with the Flower Palace, Yang Ye had deeply understood a single principle, and it was that his strength was truly too weak. Not to mention going against the Flower Palace, if it wasn’t for the Talisman Master’s Association and the Founding Emperor of the Grand Qin Empire, he would have probably died a long time ago!

He had the protection of the Talisman Master’s Association and the Founding Emperor in the past, but what about the future? Could it continue placing his hopes on others in the future? The answer was no!

So, if he wanted to rescue his mother, then he had to rely on himself! However, he felt a deep feeling of powerlessness whenever he thought about the colossus which was the Flower Palace. No matter how extraordinary his potential was or how monstrous his natural talent was, he was merely an ant in the eyes of the Flower Palace right now!

He could only rescue his mother by utilizing strategy and wits but not force!

This was a fact that Yang Ye had just understood! Even such a colossus like the Flower Palace had its enemies like the Grand Qin Empire and various other enemies that he was unaware of. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If he wanted to deal with the Flower Palace, then the only way was to gather these powers that were hostile towards the Flower Palace!

Of course, he had to possess a power of his own as well! So, that was the reason why he’d chosen to expose the Nether Ghostflame and help dispel the poison within both Leng Jun and Leng Yin! If they were able to bring even more assassins to him, then coupled with the King Rank Darkbeasts he possessed, he would be slightly more confident in his ability to go against the Flower Palace in the future!

If he wanted to subdue even more Darkbeasts, then the only way was to improve his cultivation and allow the tiny vortex to enlarge swiftly. So, during the following period of time, Yang Ye started to cultivate madly. He had no lack of energy stones, and he even had some top-grade energy stones, so he could cultivate without worrying about anything!

After he consumed almost 10,000 energy stones, Yang Ye had finally advanced, and he’d advanced by two ranks in succession to attain the peak of the First Heaven Realm’s ninth rank!

Now, he merely lacked a critical factor in order to enter into the King Realm. On the other hand, if he lacked this critical factor, then it would probably be impossible for him to advance even if he consumed 10,000 energy stones!

So, Yang Ye could only temporarily put his intentions to advance into the King Realm aside.

Yang Ye opened his eyes on the Lightning Eagle, and then he rose his head slightly and gazed towards the azure sky and white clouds in the distance. After that, he took a deep breath while shock that couldn’t be concealed appeared in his eyes.

Merely around 10 days had passed since he’d started absorbing the energy within the energy stones, and it was exactly this short period of time that allowed him to advance from the seventh rank of the First Heaven Realm into the peak of the First Heaven Realm’s ninth rank! He’d directly advanced by two ranks in just 10 days of time. Isn’t such speed a little too fast?

Yang Ye was naturally clearly aware that the speed of his advancement was definitely related to the tiny vortex, and it was exactly the reason why Yang Ye was deeply shocked. Exactly what is the background of the tiny vortex? Where exactly did it come from? Since I’ve noticed the tiny vortex until now, it seems to be all-powerful and it seems like there’s nothing it can’t deal with!

Even the Nether Ghostflame wasn’t able to resist the tiny vortex at all. Besides that, Elder Mu who possesses unfathomable strength and those other peak figures like Daoist Zui and the Founding Emperor were actually unable to notice the tiny vortex that resides within me. What exactly is the tiny vortex? Why does it possess such terrifying ability? What other abilities of it have I not discovered yet?

Of course, the most important question is why is it in my possession?

Yang Ye laughed bitterly as he shook his head. It wasn’t that he’d never thought about all of this in the past, and it was instead because he was unable to come to any conclusion every single time that he thought about it. This time was the same as well. So, as he always said, it was fine so long as the tiny vortex didn’t harm him!

After he straightened out his thoughts, Yang Ye stood up and issued a summon in his heart. A strand of violet light flashed before the violet mink appeared in front of him.

“Little Fellow, do you have other abilities?” asked Yang Ye. Every single time the little fellow’s cultivation advanced, it would obtain some new abilities, and that was the reason why Yang Ye had asked such a question.

The violet mink blinked, thought for a moment, and then its eyes suddenly lit up. After that, it waved its little claw at Yang Ye. No violet light flashed, or it should be said that nothing seemed to have happened at all. However, Yang Ye was directly stunned on the spot. Because he noticed to his shock that the Hidden Sword in his hand and the spatial rings that he wore had vanished….

Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said, “Little Fellow… what… what did you do to them?”

The violet mink blinked, and then it waved its claw once more. The Hidden Sword and the spatial rings instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was stunned once more when he saw them appear out of thin air. Because he’d been utterly unable to notice exactly how they’d appeared there! If the culprit wasn’t right before him, he would absolutely not believe that something like this was actually possible!

Because no matter if it was the Hidden Sword or the spatial rings, there was a trace of his spiritual brand on them. However, Yang Ye had clearly sensed the spiritual brand vanish at the instant that they vanished! Isn’t this a little too terrifying? If the little fellow is with someone else and does this to me, then….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat!

“What… what other new abilities do you possess?” Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart and continued.

The violet mink thought for a moment, and then it wasn’t long before it started waving its little claw again. This time, a violet colored energy sword appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then the little fellow waved its claws swiftly under Yang Ye’s astonished gaze, causing an extremely strange scene to appear here!

The violet energy sword was originally in front of Yang Ye. However, along with a wave of the little fellow’s claw, it appeared behind Yang Ye in the next moment. After that, another swing of its claw caused the sword to directly appear above Yang Ye, the next swing made it appear on Yang Ye’s left…. Just like this, the violet energy sword constantly changed positions, and it caused Yang Ye’s jaw to hit the ground!

Yang Ye had always thought that his Sword Control Technique was extremely mysterious and swift, but when it was compared to this technique of the little fellow’s, he finally noticed that his Sword Control Technique was simply weak to the extreme! If it was a comparison of speed, then the little fellow’s technique completely crushed the Sword Control Technique’s speed; if it was a comparison of strength, then the Sword Control Technique’s might was utterly inferior to the violet energy sword unless it was enhanced by Sword Intent!

Of course, the most terrifying part about this ability was the energy swords that could appear out of nowhere because they were truly impossible to take precautions against! Perhaps even Yuan Tong would have an extreme headache if he had to deal with such energy swords!

Right at this moment, the violet mink started waving its little claws again, and then almost 100 violet energy swords appeared in front of Yang Ye. After that, they started to flutter about in the sky while Yang Ye watched with a dumbstruck expression. Moreover, the scene of 100 energy swords flickering about in the sky was simply….

A chill ran down Yang Ye’s spine!

The violet mink seemed to be enjoying it too much, and it ceaselessly waved its little claws about. Moreover, as it waved its claws about, the 100 energy swords in the sky started to form all sorts of strange sword formations.

Of course, the most important point was that it was impossible to track these energy swords. For example, they’d formed a square shaped sword formation earlier, but they would instantly transform into a round shaped sword formation in the next moment….

Yes, it was a direct transformation, and there was no process to it at all….

Yang Ye knew that the little fellow was copying the sword formations of his sword chest, and if its might was disregarded, then this shocking method of attack was utterly superior to the sword formation of his sword chest! The shocking speed at which it transformed and moved at was probably something that even Spirit Realm experts were unable to avoid!

“As expected of the Spatial Mink Clan of the demon territory. Even though you’re still at a juvenile stage, you already possess such shocking spatial techniques!” Right at this moment, a sigh suddenly resounded from above the Lightning Eagle.

Yang Ye’s expression changed. Someone has actually arrived here! And the violet mink was actually unable to notice this person’s appearance. Such strength is….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye seemed as if he was up against a great enemy, and the sword chest appeared in his hand with a flip of his palm. At the same time, the profound energy within his body started surging violently!

At this moment, the violet mink had stopped waving its claws, and it blinked incessantly as it gazed towards the surroundings as if it was saying. ‘Why can’t I notice this person?’.

Right at this moment, a middle aged man suddenly appeared on the Lightning Eagle. Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this middle aged man because it was none other than that middle aged man who’d given him a command token that day and asked him to visit the Darkbeast Empire when he was free!

Right at this moment, the 100 violet energy swords in the air had suddenly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, they’d already appeared in front of the middle aged man. Obviously, the little fellow had launched an attack because the middle aged man’s sudden appearance had displeased the little fellow!

Yang Ye was instantly alarmed in his heart when he witnessed this scene. Right when he was about to act, the middle aged man grinned and said, “Stop!”

As soon as the middle aged man’s voice escaped his lips, the 100 energy swords had suddenly and strangely stopped in midair as if time had stopped….

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