Chapter 298 – Unexpected Event!

Almighty Sword Domain

Nangong Meng had just stepped foot into the Heaven Entrance when a strand of energy fluctuation arose within it. After that, a ray of green light appeared out of thin air within the Heaven Entrance, and it shot swiftly towards Nangong Meng at a speed that countless people in the surroundings were unable to react to!

Nangong Meng’s expression turned solemn as she gazed at the green ray of light. Her sect had told her countless times about how terrifying the Heaven Entrance was, and it was even to the extent that those elders of the sect prohibited her from trying to enter through it because they were worried that she would suffer a mishap! However, she’d still done it in the end! Because she was extremely confident of her own strength!

But now, when she personally experienced the Heaven Entrance, she knew that she’d been always underestimating the Heaven Entrance! However, a released arrow couldn’t return to the bow. At this moment, she had no paths of retreat, because retreat was equivalent to death. So….

A wisp of a fierce expression flashed in her eyes while she shook her hand lightly, and then the Spirit Illumination Mirror instantly moved towards the ray of green light!

Under the astounded gazes of all the spectators, the ray of green light collided with the Spirit Illumination Mirror!

There was no explosion or any fluctuation of energy. Because as soon as it came into contact with the mirror, the ray of green light and instantly vanished as if it had entered the mirror!

The crowd of spectators was dumbstruck. That terrifying attack of the Heaven Entrance vanished just like that?

Yang Ye frowned as well. He’d personally witnessed how terrifying the green light was. It was an attack that was on par with a full force strike of a Spirit Realm expert who hadn’t relied on any external sources of strength to advance into the Spirit Realm! However, it had vanished just like that! Exactly what is that mirror to actually be so terrifying?

“The Spirit Illumination Mirror is a Heaven Rank defensive dark treasure, and it’s said to be able to absorb all attacks in the world. Of course, it isn’t that terrifying. However, it can still absorb the attacks from combat techniques below the Heaven Rank and the attacks of Spirit Realm experts. Moreover, after it absorbs these attacks, it can reflect them back. That’s the most terrifying ability of the mirror!” Xi Luo seemed to know that Yang Ye was puzzled and spoke indifferently from the side.

Yang Ye smiled bitterly when he heard this. A Heaven Rank defensive dark treasure. In other words, with that mirror in her possession, she’s already invincible in a battle with her peers. All other profounders who don’t possess Heaven Rank treasures will be unable to harm her at all. If that was the case, then how the heck would anyone be able to fight her!?

At the Heaven Entrance, Nangong Meng hadn’t relaxed when the Spirit Illumination Mirror absorbed that strand of green light, and her expression had turned solemn instead. Because only she knew that even if the ray of green light was just a little bit stronger, then the mirror in her hand might have collapsed! The might of the Heaven Entrance had completely exceeded her imagination!

After a moment of silence, another ray of green light suddenly flashed into appearance. This ray of green light was much larger than the ray of green light from before, and its speed was much faster as well!

Nangong Meng’s pupils constricted while she hurriedly waved her fair hand. White light suddenly erupted from the mirror, and then a ray of green light suddenly shot out violently from within the mirror!

The two rays of green light had just come into contact in midair when the ray of green light that shot out explosively from within the mirror had rumbled and dispersed. On the other hand, the ray of green light from the Heaven Entrance didn’t slow down as it struck onto Nangong Meng’s Spirit Illumination Mirror….


The green light vanished mysteriously, just as it had before this. However, everyone heard a light crack this time! Those with comparatively discerning gazes had noticed that some fine cracks had appeared on the borders of the mirror….

Countless people instantly gasped when they witnessed this because the second attack from the Heaven Entrance was actually so terrifying to the point of being capable of damaging a Heaven Rank treasure!

If we were to enter the Heaven Entrance and didn’t possess Heaven Rank treasures to resist it…. When they thought up to here, cold sweat emerged from countless people. They who didn’t possess Heaven Rank treasure would probably be instantly annihilated just like Wang Jindao had!

Xi Luo and Li Qingshui frowned while worry appeared simultaneously in their eyes. The might of the Heaven Entrance had completely exceeded their expectations! In other words, they who were originally confident in Nangong Meng couldn’t help but waver slightly when they witnessed this scene!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt lucky in his heart. Yes, he felt lucky because if he’d entered rashly just now and this terrifying attack took him by surprise, and especially if it was this second ray of green light, then he would definitely be heavily injured, and his life might have been in danger as well! Needless to say, the might of the Heaven Entrance had completely exceeded his imagination!

Not to mention King Realm experts, even some Spirit Realm experts would probably be obliterated as well!

Right at this moment, another wave of energy fluctuation arose in the Heaven Entrance, and then another strand of green light appeared out of thin air. This time, Nangong Meng’s pupils instantly constricted when she saw it because it was more than two times stronger than the ray of green light from before! Moreover, its speed was so swift that even she couldn’t see it clearly!

Nangong Meng’s reaction wasn’t slow, and she immediately made her profound energy surged violently into the mirror, causing a strand of dazzling white light to instantly erupt from it. After that, another ray of green light shot out violently from within the mirror!

As soon as the green lights came into contact with each other in midair, the ray of green light from the mirror had been instantly dispersed just like before, and then the ray of green light from the Heaven Entrance blasted onto the mirror!

Under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the Spirit Illumination Mirror trembled slightly before a bang resounded, and then it exploded into pieces….

However, the ray of green light hadn’t vanished, and it didn’t slow down as it shot explosively towards Nangong Meng!

Li Qingshui and Xi Luo’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene. Right when the two of them were about to act, the two Spirit Realm experts who stood on guard outside the Heaven Entrance had appeared mysteriously in front of Li Qingshui and Xi Luo, and they obstructed their path!

“Obliterate!” Right at this moment, a light shout resounded from within the Heaven Entrance. Everyone looked over and saw Nangong Meng wave her palm forward before clenching it lightly. In the next moment, a fist-sized, pitch black, and horrifying black hole suddenly appeared in front of Nangong Meng’s hand. In merely an instant, the black hole had expanded a few times, and it swallowed the ray of green light!

Someone in the surroundings exclaimed upon witnessing this scene. “The mid-grade Heaven Rank combat technique, Obliterate!”

Mid-grade Heaven Rank! Yang Ye’s expression changed when he heard this. This was the first time he’d seen a mid-grade Heaven Rank technique being executed! In the past, he felt that even if there was a gap between low-grade and mid-grade Heaven Rank techniques, it would definitely not be a huge gap. However, after he witnessed this scene, he had no choice but to admit that his thoughts were mistaken!

The gap between a low-grade and mid-grade Heaven Rank technique wasn’t just a little bit, it was a huge amount of ‘little bits’!

Even some Spirit Realm experts were definitely unable to withstand the might of that third ray of green light, but a mid-grade Heaven Rank technique had directly swallowed it whole….

Presently, Yang Ye slightly believed the rumors about Nangong Meng, Li Qingshui, and Xi Luo having jointly killed an Exalt Realm expert!

Nangong Meng instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the ray of green light being completely swallowed, and then she fell to a seated position on the ground. The attack from before had completely exhausted the profound energy within her body, so there wasn’t even a drop of profound energy left within her right now! At this moment, even the most ordinary profounder could kill her! However, fortunately, she’d passed through the Heaven Entrance! Because the Heaven Entrance had always attacked just three times!

After a moment of silence, thunderous cheers suddenly resounded in the surroundings.

No matter which territory they belonged to, experts ought to be respected!

Of course, most people felt shocked and helpless. They were the best geniuses in their respective territories, and they were the most dazzling existences there as well! But when they compared themselves to Nangong Meng right now, they instantly felt that they truly didn’t deserve the title of ‘monstrous genius’! What was a true monstrous genius like? Someone like Nangong Meng!

Yang Ye was silent. He had no choice but to admit that he was truly slightly shocked by Nangong Meng’s strength! Especially the Heaven Rank technique she’d executed at the end! Even though Heaven Rank techniques were terrifying, the most terrifying aspect was that she’d cultivated it to the point it was on the verge of perfection! Yes, it was on the verge of perfection!

Earlier, when Nangong Meng had executed that Heaven Rank technique, Yang Ye who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart had only been able to notice a slight flaw in it after observing it with his full concentration. However, this flaw couldn’t even be considered a flaw because she’d truly executed it too swiftly, so the flaw had vanished right after it appeared!

In other words, even if he’d noticed the flaw in her attack, Yang Ye was helpless against it! This was the first time he’d encountered such a situation since he’d attained the Enlightened Sword Heart!

Yang Ye who was in deep thought hadn’t noticed that the violet mink on his shoulder was blinking, and faint violet light had flashed on its little claws. Moreover, its gaze was on the Heaven Entrance….

The two Spirit Realm experts in front of the Heaven Entrance nodded as well because Nangong Meng’s success could be considered to have brought glory to the central territory. So, as members of the central territory, they were naturally happy as well!

Li Qingshui and Xi Luo heaved sighs of relief. Earlier, both of them were terrified as they watched Nangong Meng. Especially during the final attack of the Heaven Entrance. It had completely exceeded their expectations. If Nangong Meng hadn’t cultivated that Heaven Rank technique to the advanced-stage, then she would have definitely perished!

Because the might of that final strike was utterly not something that their physical bodies could endure!

The two of them exchanged glances before Xi Luo said, “Will you be going first, or should I?”

“It’s up to you!” Li Qingshui was a man of few words.

Xi Luo nodded and said, “Then I’ll go first!”

The corners of Li Qingshui’s mouth twitched as he glanced indifferently at Xi Luo.

Right when Xi Luo was about to walk towards the Heaven Entrance, a strand of violet light had flashed by as the violent mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder had suddenly vanished. In the next moment, it had appeared within the Heaven Entrance!

The countless spectators in the surroundings were stunned when they witnessed this scene….

On the other hand, Yang Ye’s expression changed violently, and he didn’t hesitate to utilize his movement technique to its limits. He transformed into a black ray of light that shot explosively towards the Heaven Entrance….

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