Chapter 299 – Heavily Injured!

Almighty Sword Domain

“It’s Yang Ye!” At the instant that Yang Ye charged out from the crowd, some profounders from the southern territory had recognized him and instantly exclaimed with surprise.

When they heard this, all the other profounders from the southern territory gazed simultaneously at Yang Ye who was charging towards the Heaven Entrance. Just as Yang Ye had said, he could really be considered as a ‘famous person’ amongst the younger generation of the southern territory. He’d defeated the Quasi Martial God of the southern territory, obtained the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings, and comprehended 4th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart….

However, even though all the profounders of the southern territory’s younger generation were hostile towards Yang Ye because of the incident on Ascension Mountain Range during the Ascension Rankings, they had no choice but to admit that Yang Ye’s strength was extremely terrifying! They were just unwilling to admit that Yang Ye was the strongest amongst the younger generation of the southern territory!

Now, when they saw Yang Ye actually intended to traverse the Heaven Entrance, all of them felt excited! Why were they excited? The current situation of the southern territory’s profounders within Ancient Domain City had to be explained for that!

All of them present here were the most elite disciples of the southern territory, and they’d once thought that they were the greatest monstrous geniuses. However, only after they arrived here had they realized that the southern territory was the weakest amongst the various territories….

Amongst the four entrances, there was actually not a single person that had passed through the Earth Entrance!

Even Yuan Tong, Wenren Yue, and Leng Xinran whom the profounders of the southern territory had entrusted great hopes to were only able to pass through the Man Entrance! As for the others, practically all of them had entered through the Dog Entrance. So, the profounders of the southern territory weren’t even able to walk with their heads held high within Ancient Domain City. At the same time, they’d become the lowest of the low in the city!

They were the most dazzling existences in the southern territory, but they were at the bottom in Ancient Domain City. The profounders of the southern territory found it very difficult to get accustomed to such a difference, but what else could they do but adapt to it? It was their fault for possessing inferior strengths! How could the rules of Ancient Domain City be something they could break? Moreover, most importantly, the profounders of the southern territory had become existences that were bullied in the city!

Why were they bullied? Because they were weak! Because no one from the southern territory had passed through the Earth Entrance!

Yet now, Yang Ye was attempting to traverse the Heaven Entrance!

At this moment, the countless profounders from the southern territory had tacitly forgotten how they’d treated Yang Ye in the past.

At this moment, they really ‘worked hard’ to cheer and clap for Yang Ye.

At this moment, they sincerely hoped that Yang Ye was able to create a miracle again and allow the southern territory to have a genius that had passed through the Heaven Entrance so that they could hold their heads up high!

In the crowd, a wisp of a complicated expression flashed in the eyes of Wenren Yue, Leng Xinran, and Yuan Tong as they gazed at Yang Ye who’d charged into the Heaven Entrance. Especially Yuan Tong, his emotions were the most complicated. In all honesty, he hated Yang Ye because Yang Ye made him lose the inheritance of the Martial God! However, he felt gratitude towards Yang Ye as well!

Because that battle during the Ascension Rankings had allowed him to gain a completely new understanding of himself. It was Yang Ye who allowed him to realize his insufficiencies. It was Yang Ye who made him realize that there was always someone stronger in the world. Moreover, it was Yang Ye that made him understand that his strength was still too weak…. 

So, after the Ascension Rankings came to an end, Yuan Tong hadn’t become dispirited at all, and he’d aroused an unprecedented will to fight instead, allowing him to break through into the King Realm in one go. It was exactly because of this that he was able to make the Origin School attach importance to him once more and send him to participate in this battle for Karmic Luck!

After he broke through into the King Realm, he was prepared to seek out Yang Ye and cleanse himself of his past humiliations. However, he found out to his disappointment that Yang Ye had actually chosen to traverse the Grand Myriad Mountains alone and travel to Ancient Domain City on foot. This caused his plans to fail, and he had no choice but to plan to challenge Yang Ye after he met Yang Ye at Ancient Domain City! However, he’d never imagined that once he’d arrived at Ancient Domain City, he, Yuan Tong, would actually be so weak….

Yes, amongst the four entrances, the Origin School had already instructed him that he couldn’t attempt to pass through the Heaven Entrance. So, he’d chosen the Earth Entrance. However, to his disbelief, he, Yuan Tong, who was said to be the greatest monstrous genius in the southern territory was actually not even able to pass through the Earth Entrance! If the Origin School hadn’t given him a Heaven Rank defensive treasure, then he would already be dead right now!

At the moment he failed, he sensed the undisguised disappointment from all the profounders of the southern territory, and there were even some that insulted and cursed him!

He didn’t blame them because he’d given them hope, yet he’d failed. His failure wasn’t just a personal failure, it had even made all the profounders of the southern territory to be unable to hold their heads up high in the city!

Now, at the moment he saw Yang Ye charge into the Heaven Entrance, he suddenly noticed that he didn’t hate Yang Ye anymore. At this moment, he was just like the others, and he hoped that Yang Ye would be able to pass through the Heaven Entrance. Even though it was slightly impossible, he felt just like everyone else, and he sincerely hoped that Yang Ye would be able to create another miracle!

It could be said that Yang Ye was the one and only existence who could change the current situation faced by the profounders of the southern territory!

“He’s that Yang Ye from the southern territory who’s said to be the Quasi Sword Emperor? 4th level Sword Intent? The Enlightened Sword Heart? Him?” A profounder from one of the other territories instantly spoke with bewilderment when he heard the cheers of those profounders from the southern territory.

“Perhaps he does possess 4th level Sword Intent, otherwise, it’s impossible for him to dare challenge Li Qingshui! However, the Enlightened Sword Heart is probably just a rumor! What a joke! I haven’t even heard of anyone in the central territory that possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart! How could such a genius appear in the southern territory?”

“Even if he doesn’t possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, it’s extremely terrifying even if he has merely comprehended 4th level Sword Intent. A sword cultivator that possesses 4th level Sword Intent is almost unrivaled amongst his peers! However, if he intends to pass through the Heaven Entrance by relying on 4th level Sword Intent, then he’s dreaming!”

“Yang Ye?” Young Master Xi Luo grinned and said, “4th level Sword Intent? The Enlightened Sword Heart? The Quasi Sword Emperor? Haha! How interesting!”

At the moment that the violet mink had flashed into the Heaven Entrance, Yang Ye was truly frightened out of his wits! He’d personally witnessed how terrifying the Heaven Entrance was, yet the little fellow had actually entered it directly. So, how could he not be anxious? So, he didn’t hesitate to enter with the little fellow!

At that moment, he hadn’t thought about how terrifying the Heaven Entrance was or whether he would die in it. There was only a single thought in his mind, and it was to keep the little fellow safe!

In the Heaven Entrance, the violet mink’s eyes instantly narrowed when it saw Yang Ye follow it in here, and then it revealed a cute smile. Obviously, it thought that Yang Ye had come to play with it….

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Right when he was about to hold the violet mink in his arms and give it a good beating, a wave of energy fluctuation suddenly arose from within the Heaven Entrance. After that, a ray of green light flashed into appearance once more, and it shot explosively towards the violet mink and Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s expression instantly changed violently when he saw this scene, and then his figure flashed to stand before the violet mink. After that, 4th level Sword Intent surged out at the same time that he drew his sword and slashed it forcefully at that ray of green light!

How could Yang Ye dare to be careless when he’d witnessed how terrifying the rays of green light were!? So, he directly utilized 4th level Sword Intent at this moment, and he’d even utilized the might of his golden profound energy and physical body!

This was definitely a full force attack of Yang Ye’s, and its might was extremely terrifying! Everywhere his sword passed, numerous explosions resounded successively. Moreover, the space throughout the sword’s path even showed faint signs of warping….

Li Qingshui’s brows raised when he witnessed this scene while Xi Luo who stood by Li Qingshui’s side instantly said, “It really is 4th level Sword Intent. Haha! Frostface, I originally thought that he wouldn’t be a match for you, but now it would seem like even though it’s impossible for him to defeat you, he definitely possesses the ability to fight you with the 4th level Sword Intent that he possesses!”

Li Qingshui withdrew his gaze, glanced at Xi Luo, and then remained silent!

Xi Luo chuckled, and then he gazed at the Heaven Entrance!

Nangong Meng stood by their side and stared fixedly at the violet mink, and her eyes were filled with bewilderment….

Under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, Yang Ye’s attack collided forcefully with the ray of green light. In an instant, everyone heard the clear and resounding sound of metal breaking as the sword in Yang Ye’s hand instantly broke into countless pieces. After that, a terrifying wave of air suddenly erupted from the point of collision!


In an instant, the ground was blasted apart while countless rocks shot violently towards the surroundings like a rain of arrows. The surroundings were in a mess!

The hearts of the profounders from the southern territory had instantly risen to their throats when they witnessed this scene. If it was in the past, they would wish for nothing more than to see Yang Ye perish! But not now! If Yang Ye was to fail now, then the situation they faced in Ancient Domain City would only grow worse before becoming existences that were eternally bullied in the city! So, Yang Ye absolutely couldn’t die. At the very least, he couldn’t die right now….

At this moment, Yang Ye wasn’t aware that numerous people were worried about him….

After a short moment, the spectators could see the situation within the Heaven Entrance clearly.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in an extremely sorry state. His hair was disheveled and hung down loosely to his shoulders, and the clothes he wore were riddled. It was like he’d suffered a rain of arrows! In next to no time, their gazes had descended onto his right hand, and they noticed that his right hand had turned blood red!

Yes, Yang Ye’s entire right arm had turned blood red! If someone stood by his side, that person would notice that his entire arm was struck to the point it was on the verge of falling apart. Fine cracks had spread like spiderwebs throughout his arm while strands of blood were slowly flowing out ceaselessly from his right arm….

Nangong Meng’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye’s right arm, and then her expression turned solemn. She’d personally experienced the might of the first attack from the Heaven Entrance, and she’d only been able to withstand that attack by relying on a Heaven Rank treasure! However, at this moment, Yang Ye had relied on nothing but an Earth Rank sword to withstand that attack! Moreover, he’d forcefully blasted that ray of green light into pieces!

This fellow, Yang Ye’s, strength is actually so terrifying?

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