Chapter 300 – The Terrifying Heaven Entrance!

Almighty Sword Domain

Li Qingshui’s expression had turned slightly solemn as well. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would be able to withstand that terrifying attack by relying solely on an Earth Rank sword. Of course, he was even more puzzled because it was absolutely impossible to rely on 4th level Sword Intent alone to blast that attack into pieces. In other words, Yang Ye had definitely utilized other abilities just now!

But so what? Li Qingshui’s expression recovered its calm. Not to mention 4th level Sword Intent, what would he have to fear even if Yang Ye really possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart? Because Yang Ye was only a first rank King Realm profounder in the end!

The gap in their cultivations wasn’t something that 4th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart could make up for! Surmounting ranks of cultivation to do battle? What a joke! How could anyone in this world do that to him?

At this moment, the happiest amongst the people in the surroundings were definitely those profounders from the southern territory. After they recovered from the shock of witnessing Yang Ye actually being able to forcefully resist an attack from the Heaven Entrance, they completely seethed with excitement! Earlier, they merely hoped that Yang Ye could pass through the Heaven Entrance. Yes, they only hoped for it but didn’t look favorably upon Yang Ye. But now, they believed it was possible! They felt that Yang Ye would definitely be able to create another miracle!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s expression was extremely solemn because the terrifying attack from the Heaven Entrance just now had almost blasted off his entire arm! His physical defensive was already on par with an ordinary Spirit Rank Darkbeast! Moreover, he’d utilize his 4th level Sword Intent and golden profound energy just now. However, even then, he’d still almost lost his arm!

The attack of the Heaven Entrance was actually that terrifying!

Right at this moment, another faint fluctuation of energy arose from within the Heaven Entrance. Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he witnessed this scene. Right when he was about to utilize 5th level Sword Intent, a ray of green light had shot out like a bolt of lightning from within the Heaven Entrance. This ray of green light was extremely swift, and it struck his chest before he could even react!

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly opened wide when he was struck by the green light, and his face instantly warped.

After a moment of silence, a bang resounded. Yang Ye’s clothes instantly transformed into ash and bared his entire body, and when the spectators saw the state Yang Ye was in, all of them were stunned!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body seemed like glass that had suffered a heavy blow but hadn’t shattered into pieces yet, and his entire body was densely covered in bloody marks. Yes, Yang Ye’s entire body had cracked apart right now. Moreover, countless strands of blood were slowly flowing out from within his body.

In next to no time, Yang Ye seemed as if he was made of blood, and he looked extremely hideous and terrifying!

Nangong Meng shook her head slightly when she witnessed this scene. How could he possibly survive when he doesn’t possess any Heaven Rank treasures and entered rashly without being mentally prepared at all? However, even though he’s about to die, he’ll die a glorious death. After all, he forcefully resisted a terrifying attack from the Heaven Entrance!Young Master Xi Luo who stood on Nangong Meng’s right shook his head slightly as well, and a wisp of pity flashed in his eyes when he gazed at Yang Ye who seemed like a person made out of blood. Because he could have stopped Yang Ye from entering the Heaven Entrance just now. But he wanted to witness Yang Ye’s strength, so he hadn’t made a move to stop Yang Ye!

However, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually die just like that….

At this moment, the people with the worst expressions were definitely those profounders from the southern territory. Just a moment ago, Yang Ye had given them hope, but in the next moment, he’d made them fall into despair! When they thought about how they would never be able to hold their heads up high and be reduced to the servants of the profounders from the other territories in Ancient Domain City, the countless profounders from the southern territory were unable to restrain their emotions, and they started to curse at Yang Ye who was in the Heaven Entrance!

“Yang Ye! Don’t you fucking die! Aren’t you said to be the greatest monstrous genius in the southern territory? Aren’t you the future Sword Emperor? Don’t you possess the Enlightened Sword Heart? How can you fucking die? How can you fucking die!!”

“Yang Ye! Fucking move! You idiot! Weren’t you extremely formidable? Didn’t you possess a physical defense comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast? Why can’t you even withstand one fucking single blow of the Heaven Entrance?”

“HAHA! Is he dead? Good! Haha! The Quasi Sword Emperor? The Enlightened Sword Heart? He’s just like us! He’s considered to be formidable in the southern territory, but he turns into trash once he’s here at Ancient Domain City. We’re all just trash! Haha!!”

“Is he really dead?” Yuan Tong stood amongst the crowd as he gazed at Yang Ye who seemed like a person made out of blood, and he muttered in a low voice that carried dejection. “How could you have died just like that? If you’ve died, then who would I got looking for to retrieve my determination to become the Martial God which I lost to you?”

Amongst the people in the surroundings, there was another group of people that were extremely happy right now, and it was the group from the Sword Sect! At this moment, a heartfelt smile had appeared on Jian Wuji’s face! Yang Ye wasn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect anymore, and Yang Ye was even a disciple who’d been kicked out from the Sword Sect. So, the stronger Yang Ye was, the greater the slap to the Sword Sect’s face was. As a disciple of the Sword Sect, he naturally didn’t wish for his sect to be laughed at by others!

Of course, the most important reason was that if Yang Ye really passed through the Heaven Entrance, then with the status in the city possessed by those who’ve passed through the Heaven Entrance and coupled with what the Sword Sect had done to Yang Ye in the past, how could Yang Ye possibly let them off? In his opinion, it was definitely impossible. At that time, once Yang Ye possessed special privileges in the city, then it would definitely be the end for all of them from the Sword Sect!

However, he didn’t have to worry about all of that now because Yang Ye was dead!

“Are you really dead?” Somewhere within the crowd, Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye while she said in a light voice, “If you’re dead, then what would your younger sister do? What would Aunty Yu do? How could you just die like that?”

Had Yang Ye really died? Of course he hadn’t! But he was on the verge of it! At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t even dare take a large breath as he was deeply afraid that his body would instantly shatter into countless pieces!

It could be said that the extent of his current injuries was the most severe he’d ever experienced in his entire lifetime! Because his entire body had really been struck to the point it had shattered, and if his physical body wasn’t formidable to the extreme, he would have probably been transformed into a pile of mush by now. Even though he’d relied on the defensive ability of his physical body to barely remain alive now, he might die at any moment!

Because his blood was flowing endlessly, and fine cracks were ceaselessly spreading throughout his body….

When Yang Ye was struck by the second ray of green light, the chief culprit, the violet mink, was instantly stunned in midair. As it watched more and more blood flow from Yang Ye while his condition grew worse and worse, two streams of tears instantly started flowing slowly from its lively eyes. It stretched its little claw out towards Yang Ye but was afraid of causing Yang Ye pain, so it withdrew its claw once more. For a time, the violet mink was anxious to the point it ceaselessly flickered around Yang Ye!

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of everyone in the surroundings instantly changed!

“It… teleportation….” Xi Luo cried out involuntarily. “It’s a Demon Beast!”

For the very first time, Li Qingshui revealed an expression of shock. He didn’t speak but just stared fixedly at the violet mink as if he wanted to see through that little fellow which he intended to capture just now!

Nangong Meng took a deep breath while the shock in her eyes was utterly undisguised. She said, “It really is from that clan. But why is it with a human?”

As he gazed at the violet mink that was flickering incessantly before him, Yang Ye’s lips parted slightly as he wanted to say something. However, he’d just moved his mouth when a mouthful of blood sprayed out from within it. Moreover, this action affected the injuries throughout his body, and the heartrending pain he suffered instantly caused his face to warp once more!

The violet mink hurriedly stopped in front of Yang Ye, and then it stretched its little claw forward to Yang Ye’s face yet withdrew it right after. Its eyes were filled with terror, and its round and puffy face was covered in a river of tears!

Right at this moment, another fluctuation of energy came abruptly from within the Heaven Entrance, and then a ray of green light flashed once more into appearance. After that, it seemed like a bolt of lightning as it once again shot swiftly towards Yang Ye at a speed that wasn’t visible to the eye!

Yang Ye who was standing within the Heaven Entrance couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart when he saw another ray of green light appear. Do the heavens desire to put an end to me?

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. He swiftly gazed at the violet mink, and then he disregarded the injuries he’d received as he forcefully opened his mouth and said, “Litt… Fell… Run….” He hadn’t been able to finish speaking when a mouthful of blood sprayed once more from between his lips!

The violet mink was stunned for an instant. In the next moment, its round and puffy little face had instantly turned ferocious, and a strand of violet light suddenly surged out from within it. After that, the violet mink’s figure instantly doubled in size while a pair of small violet wings had appeared on its back. Moreover, its large eyes had instantly turned violet at this moment!

“A Spatial Mink with violet eyes!” Nangong Meng opened his eyes wide and cried out involuntarily with shock upon witnessing this scene.

When they heard Nangong Meng, the two Spirit Realm experts, Li Qingshui, and Xi Luo instantly gazed at the violet mink with expressions of disbelief!

At this moment, they couldn’t be bothered to care about whether Yang Ye was still alive, and only the extremely furious violet mink remained within their scopes of attention….

The violet light had just arrived in front of Yang Ye when the violet mink had immediately waved its claw. A strand of violet light flashed before the ray of green light directly vanished on the spot.

In the next moment, it mysteriously blasted on the wall within the Heaven Entrance….


An enormous and world shaking bang rumbled and resounded like a thunderclap. Under the astounded gazes of all the spectators outside the Heaven Entrance, the Heaven Entrance trembled violently, and then another ray of green light actually appeared after a moment of deathly silence!

A fourth attack!The two Spirit Realm experts at the side were dumbstruck. The Heaven Entrance had always executed merely three attacks, but a fourth attack had actually appeared this time!

What’s going on? What went wrong? Their minds were filled with questions!

Just like before, it once again shot explosively towards Yang Ye upon appearing, and its speed was so swift that it caused Yang Ye’s pupils to constrict violently. Because at the speed that it was moving, even he was unable to discern its trajectory. Moreover, merely an instant had passed before he sensed that it had arrived in front of him and was about to collide with him!

Fortunately, the Violet Mink waved its little claw, and then that terrifying ray of green light instantly vanished in front of Yang Ye.

In the next moment, the ray of green light had appeared amidst the crowd outside the Heaven Entrance…. Yes, the green light didn’t strike against the Heaven Entrance this time, and the little fellow had directly teleported it out of the Heaven Entrance and towards the crowd!

Nobody knew whether the violet mink had done it intentionally or not, but the spot where the green light descended just happened to be where the profounders from the southern territory stood….

This ray of green light that appeared abruptly caused those profounders from the southern territory to instantly shudder with terror!

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