Chapter 301 – The Infuriated Violet Mink!

Almighty Sword Domain


Along with a world shocking explosion, almost 100 profounders from the southern territory didn’t even have the time to react before the ray of green light blasted them into mush!

After the dust and dirt dispersed, a large, bottomless, and pitch black hold had appeared outside Ancient Domain City! As they gazed at that hole, countless profounders instantly gasped, and even the eyelids of Li Qingshui and Xi Luo had twitched. The attacks of the Heaven Entrance are truly too terrifying!

Even the two of them were extremely fearful if they were to face this attack!

In next to no time, the crowd recovered from their shock and gazed simultaneously towards the violet mink. At this moment, its eyes were a mix of crimson and violet while its expression was ferocious, and a violet aura was ceaselessly sweeping out from within it. The violet wings on its back were flapping swiftly and incessantly, and as they were ceaselessly flapped, some people with sharp and discerning gazes noticed that the space around the violet mink actually seemed to be rippling without end!

Right at this moment, another ray of green light appeared within the Heaven Entrance. The expressions of all the spectators changed violently when they witnessed this scene, and then they didn’t hesitate to flee towards the surroundings.

Li Qingshui, Xi Luo, and Nangong Meng moved over 30m back as well. With their current strengths, they would naturally be able to resist an attack from the Heaven Entrance if they joined forces. However, that was truly unnecessary. Moreover, the violet mink had clearly gone berserk, so they didn’t want to offend it!

This time, the ray of green light didn’t attack Yang Ye, and it shot explosively towards the violet mink instead! However, this strand of violet light hadn’t even arrived in front of the violet mink when it vanished mysteriously.

In the next moment, a world shocking explosion resounded outside the Heaven Entrance, and some profounders who weren’t able to flee in time were blasted into mush!

Countless profounders were astounded when they witnessed this scene, and then they ran madly away from Ancient Domain City! At this moment, they wished for nothing more than to have more legs because this violet mink was truly too terrifying….

However, the matter was far from over. The Heaven Entrance seemed to have been infuriated, and it trembled violently. In the next moment, five rays of green light flashed into appearance and shot towards Yang Ye and the violet mink. Moreover, it was so swift that it was almost two times faster than the attacks from before!

Even though Yang Ye couldn’t move right now, he was still fully conscious, and he was instantly horrified when he saw those five rays of green light. How will the little fellow resist that?

When he thought up to here, he disregarded his injuries and made the profound energy within his body surge violently before he forcefully circulated it out of his body!

With a flip of his palm, the Hidden Sword appeared in his hand. He held it with both hands and forcefully endured the heartrending pain he suffered as he flashed forward and stood in front of the violet mink who’d been slightly stunned by the sight of those five rays of green light. After that, he let out a loud shout and swiftly slashed towards those five rays of green light!

A strand of golden sword qi whistled sharply through the air as it shot forward like a bolt of lightning!

However, the gold sword qi hadn’t even come into contact with those five rays of green light when it was blasted into nothingness by the imposing aura emanated from those five green rays of light!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he witnessed this scene. Could it be that I’m going to die here today?

At the moment that he’d executed that strand of sword qi, his entire body had started to split apart slowly, and the bones and scarlet red flesh beneath his skin were exposed. He seemed extremely hideous and terrifying, and it caused the profounders in the surroundings to be unable to bear the sight of it!

More and more blood flowed from him while his skin split wider and wider. Moreover, the profound energy within his body had started to rage about throughout his body.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt that he was really about to die. If he hadn’t entered here rashly, then perhaps he wouldn’t die. But did he regret his actions? Yang Ye didn’t. Even if he’d known what the outcome would be at the moment before he entered the Heaven Entrance, he would still do it without the slightest hesitation!

He’d taken the little fellow to be a loved one of his, so how could he, Yang Ye, do nothing when the little fellow was in danger? Even if he was clearly aware that he wasn’t a match for it, he still intended to act. Because wasn’t the worst consequence just death?

He was naturally not willing to die because he wanted to save his mother and take care of his younger sister. However, there were some things that he couldn’t refrain from doing just because of these reasons! Just like this incident right now!

Yang Ye glanced at the violet mink with reluctance, and his lips parted slightly as he intended to tell the little fellow to flee quickly. However, at this moment, Yang Ye was unable to open his mouth no matter how hard he tried, and then his consciousness gradually started to blur….

As it watched Yang Ye’s eyes close slowly, the violet mink was stunned, and then it was infuriated.


It howled furiously before a strand of dazzling violet light suddenly erupted from its body.

When the spectators in the surroundings saw this violet light, they were instantly shocked to the point their eyeballs almost fell from their sockets! Because everywhere it passed, it actually caused space to warp….

Yes, space had started to warp! After those five rays of green light entered that warped expanse of space, they shockingly started to warp as well, and then it wasn’t long before they vanished. Yes, they directly vanished just like that!

“As expected of the most mysterious and shocking Spatial Mink Clan of the demon territory!” When she witnessed this, Nangong Meng took a deep breath and said, “With such natural talent and terrifying spatial techniques, it’s no wonder that even those extraordinary overlords of the demon territory don’t dare to rashly offend them…. But why would it be with a human? Moreover, it’s a human who’s only at the first rank of the King Realm….”

Right at this moment, another wave of energy fluctuation arose from within the Heaven Entrance. After that, 10 rays of green light appeared out of thin air.

The violet mink revealed sorrow in its eyes upon witnessed this scene. That spatial technique it executed just now was its final attack. In other words, it was unable to deal with these 10 rays of green light right now!

Its figure flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then it leaned its little head by the side of Yang Ye’s face. After that, it gradually closed its eyes!

From the beginning until the end, it could have fled! Or it should be said that when it entered the Heaven Entrance, it was able to deal with the attacks of the Heaven Entrance, or if worse came to worse, it could still flee. Because no matter how swift the green light was, the green light wasn’t as fast as it was. However, it hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would follow it in. After all, while the green light couldn’t catch up to its speed, the green light was absolutely able to move faster than Yang Ye!

In other words, Yang Ye was unable to flee! Moreover, Yang Ye had been struck by the green light before it could even react, so how could it have abandoned Yang Ye and fled by itself?

Just like this very moment. Even though it was unable to resist those 10 rays of green light, it was still able to flee from them. However, it didn’t choose to flee because it felt the same way as Yang Ye did. Since they couldn’t live together, then they would die together….

“Bastard! Son of a bitch! Asshole! Fucking bastard! Can’t the two of you just stop!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It has been 10,000 years! This Princess is finally on the verge of breaking through a layer of the restrictions, but I have to fall once more into deep slumber because of the two of you! AHHHHHHH!! A tiny trash Equipment Spirit actually dares to spoil things for this Princess! This Princess will obliterate you! AHHHHHH!!!”

While he was unconscious, Yang Ye had heard these words in his daze, and then Yang Ye had the indistinct feeling that the tiny vortex within his body had suddenly started to circulate….

The 10 rays of green light had arrived before Yang Ye and the violet mink in the blink of an eye. However, in the next moment, a strand of violet energy suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then the violet energy instantly blasted those 10 rays of green light into dispersion. After that, the violet energy didn’t slow down at all as it directly blasted towards the Heaven Entrance at a speed that couldn’t be noticed by the spectators!


The wall of the Heaven Entrance that was over 300m tall instantly trembled. In the next moment, two miserable and shrill cries resounded from within the Heaven Entrance, and then the Heaven Entrance rumbled as it collapsed under the astounded gazes of the spectators…. No, it should be said that it had been transformed into powder and not just collapsed. Yes, the Heaven Entrance had been transformed into powder that was like fine sand!

It wasn’t just the Heaven Entrance, even the Earth Entrance suffered the same fate.

The Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance of Ancient Domain City are gone just like that? As they gazed at the powder and debris that covered the ground, all the spectators were dumbstruck, and they were unable to recover from their shock for a long time!

Right at this moment, a middle aged man suddenly appeared in front of Ancient Domain City. The middle aged man was around 40 years old. His brows were thick, his eyes were large, and he had an oblong face and spirited eyes. Even though he hadn’t said anything as he stood there, he emanated a terrifying and imposing aura!

The expressions of the Spirit Realm experts instantly changed when they saw this middle aged man, and then the two of them hurriedly ran over to the middle aged man and bowed respectfully. After that, the Spirit Realm expert on the right said, “Elder Ma, what’re you doing here?”

The middle aged man called Elder Ma shook his head lightly, and then he swept the surroundings with his gaze. His expression instantly turned solemn when he saw the Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance. Perhaps others were unaware, but he was clearly aware that the Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance was a Dao Artifact, and the Artifact Spirit of this Dao Artifact was comparable to an Exalt Realm expert!

However, this Artifact Spirit that was comparable to an Exalt Realm expert had actually been obliterated by someone. Moreover, even the Dao Artifact itself had been transformed into powder…. Exactly how terrifying would one’s strength need to be in order to accomplish this? It would at least require an expert at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm to accomplish it so thoroughly!When he thought up to here, Elder Ma took a deep breath before he said in a low voice, “I’m the Elder of Ancient Domain City’s Enforcement Team, Ma Yiping. Friend, since you dared to destroy the Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t come out and meet me, right?”

No one answered him!

Ma Yiping frowned, and then his divine sense surged out. After a short while, the brows on his forehead had knit together even more tightly. Because with the strength he possessed, his divine sense could instantly cover an area of over 500km. He hadn’t searched with his divine sense before this out of consideration for the person’s strength, because acting in that way was extremely disrespectful! However, that person didn’t answer him or make an appearance, and this made him slightly angry. So, he utilized his divine sense to search for the person. But he was puzzled by the fact that his divine sense hadn’t found anything!

There could only be a single reason why such a situation appeared, and it was that the person’s strength far exceeded his own and had avoided his detection! However, in Ancient Domain City… No, throughout the profounder continent, the number of people who surpassed him in strength could be counted with one’s hands. Moreover, all of these people were extraordinary seniors who had lived for a few ten thousand years….

Ma Yiping was just about to speak. But right at this moment, his expression suddenly changed, and he gazed towards the north. After a short while, he said in a low voice, “Those fellows from the devil territory are quite earlier this time!”

After pondering deeply for a moment, Ma Yiping glanced at the crowd in the surroundings, and then he said in a low voice, “Quickly enter the city if you don’t want to die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot. He couldn’t interfere in the battles between these juniors, and the reminder he just issued was already against the rules. Fortunately, it wasn’t a severe violation….

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