Chapter 302 – The Devil Territory! The Nether Territory! The Demon Territory!

Almighty Sword Domain

There was a mountain 500km away from Ancient Domain City, and the mountain towered into the clouds. When looked at from afar, the mountain seemed like a pillar the supported the heavens and the earth! It was exactly Heaven Tower Mountain that was renowned throughout Profounder Continent! It was also the barrier between the devil territory and the southern territory. If it wasn’t for this mountain, then the southern territory wouldn’t belong to humans anymore!

Of course, the true barrier to the young men of the devil territory wasn’t the mountain, and it was the restriction set up on the mountain! There was a mysterious and formidable restriction on this mountain. The restriction was a type of force that caused one to endure a greater gravitational force the greater one’s cultivation was! For example, if experts at the First Heaven Realm ascended this mountain, then they had to endure 10 times the ordinary strength of gravity. But if it were King Realm experts instead, then they would endure 30 times the normal strength of gravity! Moreover, the greater their cultivations, the stronger the force of gravity would be….

However, if the youths of the devil race were able to endure the gravity on Heaven Tower Mountain, surmount it, and arrive at the southern territory, then they would obtain extraordinarily great benefits! Because after they endured the gravity, which was multiples times stronger than normal, no matter if it was their own strength or mental state, it would obtain great improvement because of this!

The Devil Race was a race that respected the strong. Strength was equivalent to life to the youths of the devil race! So long as they could become stronger, then they could give everything up, including their lives! So, countless youths of the devil race would try successively to climb over Heaven Tower Mountain every single time that the fight for Karmic Luck at the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was held! However, only a pitiable few were actually able to climb over Heaven Tower Mountain!

At this moment, a few hundred youths with tall and robust figures were walking step by step from the mountainside of Heaven Tower Mountain towards its peak. The appearance of these youths was extremely similar to humans, and if it wasn’t for their figures that were clearly much more robust than humans and the pair of horns that grew out of their heads, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they were human!

There was an especially striking young man at the front of this group of youths. Why was he said to be especially striking? Because the horns on the heads of all the other youths were black, yet his horns were violet! Moreover, when the youths behind him gazed at him occasionally, all their gazes were filled with extreme respect!

Right at this moment, one of the youths walked over to the side of the violet horned youth and said, “Mo Ke, rest a little or don’t obstruct the gravity for us!”

“Yeah, Big Brother Mo Ke. If you hadn’t been helping to relieve us of the gravity we suffered, then you would have climbed over Heaven Tower Mountain a long time ago. Just forget about us, otherwise, we’ll truly become sinners of the entire devil race if we drag you down with us!”

“Just forget about us. Big Brother, go on ahead….”

The young man called Mo Ke stopped, and then he turned around to glance at them. As he gazed at their completely red eyes, Mo Ke took a deep breath and said, “How many came to climb over Heaven Tower Mountain with us this time?”

Their expressions instantly dimmed down when they heard this, and they remained silent for a moment before someone answered. “1,300 brothers!”

“What about now?” asked Mo Ke once more.

All of them lowered their heads and fell silent.

“There are only 432 now!” Mo Ke’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “1,300 elites of my devil race left with me, yet only 432 remain while we haven’t even arrived at Hidden Dragon Pagoda. If even all of you die on Heaven Tower Mountain, then it would be utterly meaningless even if I, Mo Ke, obtain the first on the Hidden Dragon List and seize countless amounts of Karmic Luck for the devil race! Your ability to arrive here is sufficient proof of the potential all of you possess. So long as all of you survive, then countless extraordinary experts would surge into appearance from my devil race in the future! However, if all of you perish, then there’ll be a gap in the cultivation of experts within our devil race for a certain period of time in the future! At that time, our devil race would be in danger!”

“We understand all of that!” The youth by Mo Ke’s side said, “However, Heaven Tower Mountain is truly too terrifying. The gravity we’re enduring now is already 46 times that of what we usually endure. If you weren’t enduring most of the gravity for us, then we would have already been unable to hold on before this 46 times of gravity. But now, we’ve only arrived at the mountainside of Heaven Tower Mountain….”

Mo Ke took a deep breath, and then he suddenly turned around to gaze at the mountain, and a wisp of a savage expression flashed in his eyes as he gazed at this mountain that shot into the clouds. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand, pointed a finger towards the peak of the mountain, and shouted furiously. “What? Why must my devil race live in such an adverse environment? Why isn’t my devil race allowed to enter the world of the humans? Why?”

The youths behind Mo Ke fell silent. They naturally understood who Mo Ke was asking these questions too, and it was naturally the extraordinary expert who’d set up these terrifying restrictions all those years ago.

The devil territory was covered in snow and ice all year round, and the weather there was extremely adverse. Because of that, most things were unable to survive there, and it caused the devil territory to have a severe lack of food!

It could be said that amongst 10 infants in the devil territory, there were at least four that would be unable to grow up. Because practically all four of them would die of starvation! It was exactly because of this that the youths of the devil territory had an extremely high regard towards martial strength. After all, if they possessed strength, then they wouldn’t have to starve to death! Under such circumstances, the youths of the devil territory would naturally do all they could to become stronger….

If the human profounders wanted to become experts for all sorts of various desires and reasons, then the devils of the devil race wanted to become experts purely for the sake of survival! This was also the reason why the strength of the devil race far surpassed the human race!

On the other hand, the one that made the devil race suffer such hardships for thousands of years was naturally the extraordinary expert who set up the restrictions on Heaven Tower Mountain! The youths of the devil race naturally hated this human expert, but they couldn’t do anything about it even if they hated him. Because that extraordinary expert seemed to have left this world already….

Of course, even if he was still in this world, they would be helpless against him. Just a restriction that the extraordinary expert had created thousands of years ago had trapped their devil race until now.

The devil race hadn’t produced such an expert for the last 10,000 years!

The wind here grew stronger and stronger, and it was to the extent that these youths from the devil race were on the verge of being unable to endure it even with the formidable physical bodies they possessed!

After a short moment of silence, Mo Ke took a deep breath, and then he pointed his finger towards the sky and said, “I, Mo Ke, swear on my soul that I’ll definitely eliminate Heaven Tower Mountain from this world! I’ll allow my devil race to stop enduring the hardships of the devil territory!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ke turned to gaze at the youths behind him and said, “The human world is right before our eyes. We just have to climb over this mountain, and we’ll be able to taste the flesh and blood of humans. Don’t all of you want to take revenge for this 10,000 year old enmity with your own two hands?”

“Yes! Drink their blood and eat their flesh!”

“Eat their flesh!”

“Come, follow Big Brother. Even if we die, we must eat the flesh of humans!”

Six hours later.


Mo Ke’s legs swiftly descended to the ground, and the ground beneath his feet instantly started trembling violently. After that, countless cracks that were thick as an arm swept swiftly towards the surroundings. In less than two breaths of time, the ground in an area of over 3km around Mo Ke had cracked open….

Something worthy of mentioning was that there were less than 200 people behind Mo Ke now….

As he gazed at the black dot that was Ancient Domain City in the distance, Mo Ke revealed a savage smile as he said, “Humans! I, Mo Ke, am coming!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ke led the youths from the devil race in a dash towards Ancient Domain City….

At the same time, on a plain that was over 1,000km away to the east, a pitch black vortex had appeared out of thin air. The sky had suddenly dimmed when this pitch black vortex appeared above the plain, and at the same time, a huge expanse of the ground around the pitch black vortex had transformed into barren ground….

After a moment of silence, countless black figures that wore black robes and seemed like shadows had floated out from within the vortex, and in next to no time, a few hundred black figures had appeared here!

These black figures were extremely strange because they were floating in midair, and they didn’t have shadows!

Right at this moment, a black figure in the lead that held iron chains in his hand sniffed for a moment before he greedily inhaled a deep breath and said, “The smell of human souls. Hehe…. How I yearn for it….” As soon as he finished speaking, this group of black figures floated swiftly towards Ancient Domain City!

After Ma Yiping had just vanished outside Ancient Domain City and while the crowd was still puzzled, a terrifying pressure suddenly appeared above them, and this pressure caused countless profounders to instantly lay down on the ground.

They were astounded. Right at this moment, over 10 enormous green dragons that were around 3km long had appeared in the sky above the area outside Ancient Domain City. These enormous dragons moved ceaselessly through the air while Dragon Pressure rained down incessantly, causing countless human profounders below to be horrified!

“It’s the Green Dragon Clan of the demon territory!” Xi Luo spoke with a solemn expression when he saw those dragons.

“They’re too arrogant!” said Li Qingshui who stood by Xi Luo’s side. At the same time, the Demonic Dimension Ball that floated in front of him had started to revolve swiftly!

Meanwhile, Nangong Meng shook her head and said, “Let’s retreat to the city first. Those fellows from the devil territory and nether territory have arrived as well!”

Li Qingshui and Xi Luo instantly frowned when they heard this. If it was just these green dragons from the demon territory, then the three of them naturally didn’t have to retreat! But if those freaks from the devil territory and the bizarre fellows from the nether territory were to be included, then the three of them had no choice but to be fearful!

Because if there were no humans present, then the fellows from these three territories might fight against each other. But if there were humans present, then they would definitely join forces to deal with the humans first! It couldn’t be helped. For the last 10,000 years, the human race was famous amongst the other races of the entire continent for bullying others with numbers….

When they sensed various unfamiliar auras approaching from the surroundings, Li Qingshui and Xi Luo stopped hesitating. Xi Luo swept the profounders behind him with his gaze, and then he shouted in a low voice. “Swiftly return to the city if you don’t want to die! Hurry!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xi Luo leaped up into the sky, and then he flipped his palm and a greataxe appeared in his hand!

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