Chapter 303 – Converging!

Almighty Sword Domain

As he held the greataxe in his hand, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Xi Luo’s eyes. After that, he swiftly swung it towards the green dragons in the sky! After that, a ripple that was visible to the eye had instantly shot out, and the Dragon pressure that suffused the sky was instantly dispersed when this ripple appeared….

Meanwhile, the profounders in the surroundings had recovered from their shock, and then they didn’t hesitate to run towards the city. In less than 15 minutes of time, only around 10 people still remained outside Ancient Domain City!

“Ants!” The largest green dragon in the sky was instantly infuriated when Xi Long dispersed the Dragon Pressure with his greataxe, and it swung its enormous tail towards Xi Luo!

“Bring it on!” Haha! I’ve wanted to slaughter a dragon for a long time!” Xi Luo laughed brightly. He spun on the spot, and then he suddenly swung his ax downward. “Earth Breaker!”

As soon as his voice finished resounding, a ray of light that was over 30m long had shot forward like a dazzling shooting star towards the green dragon. Everywhere is passed, space trembled and shook, and it seemed to be on the verge of shattering. The impetus of his attack was extremely shocking!


It smashed onto the green dragon’s tail. In an instant, a world shaking bang resounded here, and then a terrifying wave of energy swept out from the point of collision!

Xi Luo swung his ax lightly, and the wave of energy that assaulted him was instantly dispersed. Right when he was about to launch another attack, Nangong Meng’s anxious voice suddenly sounded out from below. “Xi Luo, let’s go! Those fellows from the devil territory and nether territory are here!”

Xi Luo frowned when he heard this, and then he hesitated for a moment before his figure flashed and descended to the ground. At the same time, he seemed to have thought of something, and he gazed towards Yang Ye and the violet mink who seemed like statues and said, “What about them?”

Nangong Meng’s brows knit together slightly as she pondered deeply for a moment, and then she shook her head and said, “We don’t have the time. Let’s go!” As soon as she finished speaking, Nangong Meng and Li Qingshui’s figures flashed towards the city!

Xi Luo glanced at Yang Ye and the violet mink, and he fell silent for a moment before he sighed lightly. After that, his figure flashed towards Ancient Domain City as well.

At this moment, only Yang Ye and the violet mink remained here!

What state was Yang Ye in right now? He was naturally still alive. However, his consciousness had fallen completely into a deep slumber. As for the violet mink, perhaps it had exhausted itself too much because it was actually sleeping while holding Yang Ye’s neck….

If Yang Ye was still conscious right now, he would notice that the army of Darkbeasts within his Vortex Dantian had actually fallen unconscious right now! Of course, most importantly, a little girl was floating in the air above the pool of golden profound energy within his Vortex Dantian….

The little girl was very cute, or she should be said to be very beautiful, and she possessed an exquisite and flawless little face. Even though she was slightly young, anyone could imagine how gorgeous she would be once she grew up. She wore a white princess dress, and the dress was embroidered with numerous strange and mysterious talisman markings. These talisman markings seemed as if they were alive, and they were actually moving slowly! Moreover, a thumb sized pearl hung down from her neck and resided on her chest, and it was bright, shiny, and dazzling!

At this moment, she had her hands on her waist and a furious expression on her face, and it seemed like flames were about to spray from her eyes!

At a certain moment in time, the little girl suddenly stomped her foot in midair, and then she said furiously, “He’s truly too weak! AHHHHH! Why did you choose such a weak fellow? This Princess can stab him to death with a single finger! Not only is he weak, he likes to cause trouble everywhere. It’s fine if you die, but don’t make this Princess die with you! AHHHHH!”

In the tiny vortex, the little girl grew angrier the more she cursed. In the end, she’d even started stamping her feet with rage. However, her countenance was turning paler, and her figure was turning more and more ethereal….

After a short while, the little girl seemed to have noticed the state of her body, and she hurriedly stopped cursing. She patted her chest forcefully, and then let out a long breath of air. A moment later, she raised her hands in front of her, and then suddenly clenched them and shouted. “Open!”

As soon as she spoke, a door appeared mysterious above the pool of golden profound energy! The space within the door was completely white and misty, and it was impossible to see anything!

The little girl hesitated for a long time before she spoke with extreme reluctance. “Go!”

Along with this word, a strand of violet energy suddenly surged out from within the door. When the violet energy appeared in the space within the tiny vortex, the figures of all the Darkbeasts that were lying on the ground had instantly shaken. After that, an extremely bizarre scene appeared! Those Darkbeasts suddenly grew much larger, and then a terrifying imposing aura surged out from within them….

The Skyhowl Demon Wolf in Yang Ye’s tiny vortex had instantly become a Spirit Rank Darkbeast! Grey and Silver had stepped into the Half-step Spirit Rank as well! On the other hand, the other Darkbeasts had instantly attained the peak of the King Rank!

This wasn’t the end of it. The strand of violet energy shot out of the tiny vortex and arrived in Yang Ye’s normal Dantian. After that, it started to circulate slowly in Yang Ye’s body. Everywhere the violet energy passed throughout Yang Ye’s body, his originally shattered meridians and veins instantly recovered!

This wasn’t just happening within his body, and even his body that had countless cracks on it had started to recover at a visible speed!

However, the little girl’s countenance grew paler and paler while her body grew more and more ethereal. At this moment, her figure even seemed translucent….

Outside the city, it had only been 10 breaths of time since Nangong Meng’s group of three entered the city when Mo Ke had arrived while leading the 200 youths from the devil race with him. Moreover, Mo Ke had just arrived outside the city when a group of black figures that seemed like shadows had suddenly appeared outside the city!

Mo Ke greedily inhaled a deep breath, and then he exclaimed. “What fresh air! What a magnificent city! There are no bone piercingly cold snow and wind, no storms that rage throughout the year, and no adverse weather than makes the sky dim forever. This is really a paradise!”

“Indeed!” A black figure who held a chain in his hand spoke from amidst the group of black figures. “These humans are really blessed by nature!” The black figure’s voice sounded like a rock scratching a piece of iron, and it was sharp and ear piercing!

Mo Ke glanced at the black figure, and then he said, “You’re the number one genius of the nether territory, Hun You?”

“Hehe….” The black figure laughed gloomily and said, “You’re Mo Ke, right? Heh…. As expected of the strongest genius in the devil race, your soul is actually so strong. Heh!” As he spoke, he licked his lips while his eyes revealed a greedy glow.

Mo Ke was just about to say something when his pupils suddenly constricted. Because a pitch black chain had suddenly appeared in front of him, and it was like a poisonous snake that shot towards his throat!

Mo Ke’s face instantly fell. However, surprisingly, he actually didn’t evade and allowed the chain to strike his neck!


The ear piercing sound of metal colliding resounded when the chain struck his neck!

Hun You’s expression changed slightly when he witnessed this scene, and then he gestured pulled on the robe to make it return instantly to him. After that, he said with a solemn expression, “According to rumor, you’ve cultivated the Heavenly Devil Physique to the 7th level. It seems like it isn’t a rumor but a fact!”

The expressions of the black figures behind Hun You had changed simultaneously when they heard him. The Heavenly Devil Physique was created by the most outstanding Devil Exalt in the devil race from over 15,000 years ago. It was a body refinement technique that had 12 levels! According to rumor, if someone was able to cultivate it to the 10th level, then one could become a god by way of the body. If it was cultivated to the 11th level, then the body would be eternal and difficult to be destroyed. As for the 12th level…. No one knew what the 12th level did. Because for the last 15,000 years, only that Devil Exalt was able to cultivate it to the 12th level, and that same Devil Exalt had vanished from the continent over 10,000 years ago….

In short, the Heavenly Devil Physique was said to be the number one body refinement technique on Profounder Continent. Of course, it was extremely difficult to cultivate as well, and it was to the extent that no one had been able to cultivate it to the 10th level after that Devil Exalt. Now, Mo Ke had actually cultivated it to the 7th level! In other words, Mo Ke’s physical strength and defense was on par and might even surpass the Dragon Race!

“You’re not bad yourself!” Mo Ke spoke in a cold voice. “You actually cultivated the Soul Snatcher technique to the point it’s untraceable. If you used a little more strength just now, then my soul would have probably left my body!”

“Heh….” Hun You laughed gloomily once more, and then he said, “You’re worthy of forming an alliance with me, Hun You!”

“An alliance?” Right at this moment, a disdainful voice suddenly resounded from the sky. In the next moment, the body of the largest dragon shook, and then it transformed into a ray of green light that shot towards the ground. When it arrived at the ground, the green light had transformed into a robust young man.

The young man glanced at Mo Ke and Hun You with undisguised disdain in his eyes, and he said, “Both of you actually intend to form an alliance to deal with a group of human ants. How laughable! It’s laughable to the extreme!”

“Human ants?” Mo Ke chuckled, and then he glanced at the young man and said, “You’re from one of the four great divine beast clans of the demon territory, the Green Dragon Clan, right?”

The young man said in a cold voice, “At least you have some discerning ability!”

Mo Ke shook his head and said, “You say the humans are ants? Why do I remember that the members of the Green Dragon Clan who come to participate in the battle for Karmic Luck at the Hidden Dragon Pagoda 10,000 years ago were completely slaughtered by the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect, the Unfettered One? At that time, your Green Dragon Clan didn’t even dare to say a word in front of these humans, right?”

“What did you say!?” The young man’s expression instantly turned ferocious, and then a strand of Dragon Pressure assaulted Mo Ke.

Mo Ke laughed with disdain, and then his lips parted slightly before he suddenly roared at the young man. A black ripple instantly swept out and completely dispersed the Dragon Pressure!

The young man’s expression changed slightly. Right when he was about to attack again, a pitch black chain had suddenly appeared in front of him and stopped him from attacking. The young man turned to look at Hun You, and then Hun You said, “Mo Ke is right. We really shouldn’t underestimate the humans! Most of the humans are weaklings indeed, but don’t forget that their strongest experts have never been fewer in number to the total possessed by our three territories! Moreover, most importantly, the numbers that the humans possess far exceeds anything that our three territories can compare to! Just like this very moment, there are less than 500 of us when the members of our three territories are added together, but there are a few ten thousand humans! If we don’t form an alliance, then even if 10 more or 100 more green dragons come from your clan, they’ll still be unable to escape the fate of being slaughtered!”

“By them?” The young man grunted coldly and said, “Didn’t you notice that those ants ran faster than rabbits when we arrived? Ants are always ants, they’re the lowliest beings…. Huh?” Suddenly, he looked at Yang Ye who was below the entrance to Ancient Domain City, and then he revealed a savage smile as he said, “There’s actually an ant that isn’t afraid of death….”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and instantly arrived before Yang Ye. After that, he smashed his fist toward Yang Ye’s head!

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