Chapter 304 – Huge Increase In Strength!

Almighty Sword Domain

“A lowly being actually dares to try and spoil things for this Princess!? AHHHH! I’ll destroy you!!” When she saw the young man from the Green Dragon Race slam his fist towards Yang Ye’s head, the little girl within Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian immediately stamped her feet with rage. She’d gone through great difficulties and paid a huge price to bring Yang Ye back from the brink of death, yet now, this green dragon actually intended to send Yang Ye back there! How could she not be furious?

However, she was already extremely weak right now. Fortunately, she still had the strength to deal with a lowly being!

The little girl flicked her finger, and a strand of fine violet light instantly struck the green dragon’s enormous fist! In the next moment and under the astounded gazes of all the spectators, the green dragon was blasted flying, and he flew almost 3km afar before he smashed heavily to the ground! His fate was unknown!

Mo Ke and Hun You’s pupils had constricted violently at the same time, and their gazes towards Yang Ye had become extremely solemn! Even though that green dragon was arrogant and proud, there was no need to doubt its strength. At the very least, the two of them didn’t dare say that they could definitely defeat that green dragon! However, he’d been strangely blasted flying at this moment! Most importantly, both of them had been unable to notice how that green dragon was blasted flying!

It was an Exalt Realm expert or even a Monarch Realm expert!

At this moment, both Mo Ke and Hun You had similar thoughts! But in next to no time, they felt puzzled because the various territories had an agreement that experts at the Exalt Realm and above couldn’t attack them at the Ancient Battlefield! Yet now, a human expert had attacked them. In other words, the humans had violated the agreement. So, logically speaking, the experts of the devil race, demon territory, and nether territory within the Ancient Battlefield should have taken action to stop this!

But why was there no movement at all?

A white haired old man stood in the clouds above Ancient Domain City, and a middle aged man in grey robes was standing in front of him. The middle aged man was an expert from the devil race because he had a pair of horns on his head!

The white haired old man’s eyes narrowed. After a short while, he opened his eyes while a wisp of bewilderment flashed in them. After that, he shook his head and said in a low voice, “How strange! I’m actually unable to detect the aura of the person who launched that attack! Could it be her? Impossible! She wouldn’t make an appearance even if Profounder Continent vanishes! But if it wasn’t her, then who was it?”

“Qian Huan, even you are unable to detect that person’s aura?” meanwhile, the middle aged man from the devil race spoke in a low voice.

The old man called Qian Huan shook his head, and then he said, “Mo Xian, the Spiritual Energy and Soul Energy of your devil race is much stronger than my human race. Even you can’t detect it?”

The middle aged man called Mo Xian glanced deeply at Qian Huan, and then he didn’t speak further.

Qian Huan was stunned, and then he said with an astounded tone, “You suspect that we humans violated the agreement on purpose?”

“I didn’t say anything like that!” Mo Xian said coldly, “It was you who said that!”

Qian Huan was instantly infuriated. Right when he was about to speak, Mo Xian said, “But it doesn’t matter. In any case, that person didn’t make a move against a genius from my devil race! Moreover, that person didn’t strike a lethal attack against that stupid dragon. Obviously, that person merely intended to teach that fellow a lesson. Right, what exactly is the background of that human kid? He’s actually able to make a spatial mink follow by his side!”

When he spoke up to here, Mo Xian paused for a moment before he said, “Qian Huan, that kid wouldn’t be some sort of trump card that you humans prepared in order to deal with my devil race, right?”

“If I said he is, would your devil race be afraid?” said Qian Huan in a flat tone.

Mo Xian was stunned, and then he roared with laughter and said, “Qian Huan, just because of what you just said, I, Mo Xian, will absolutely not eat your flesh if you lose to me in the future!” As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Xian’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot!

After Mo Xian left, Qian Huan glanced at Yang Ye and frowned, and he seemed to be thinking of something!

Let’s take a look at the tiny vortex within Yang Ye’s body now.

At this moment, the little girl’s body had become completely translucent, and it would probably be impossible to notice her even if someone was here right now.

The little girl gazed ahead with reluctance. To be more precise, she was looking at the outside world. Suddenly, she roared furiously and hysterically. “Yang Ye, you idiot, you stupid idiot! How could you be so weak? How could you be so damn weak? Quickly cultivate! CULTIVATE! Do you know what it’s like to be locked up for thousands of years!? AHHHHHHH! You even got the Primordial Violet Energy that this Princess refined for a few thousand years! Hurry up and get stronger! AHHHHH! Once this Princess gets out of here, this Princess will destroy this world! AHHHH!”

The little girl’s voice gradually weakened. In the end, she transformed into a strand of white light that entered the door from before, and then the door suddenly vanished on the spot. After that, the tiny vortex returned to calm.

It seemed as if the little girl and the door had never appeared here!

Outside Ancient Domain City, hundreds of gazes were staring fixedly at Yang Ye, and it seemed like they wanted to see through him!

Right at this moment, the green dragon that the little girl blasted flying just now started crawling up slowly from the ground. However, at this moment, he wasn’t prideful and arrogant anymore, and the only emotion he had was deep fear and terror! Earlier, he’d sensed the aura of death for the very first time! Even he didn’t know what had blasted him flying, but he was able to sense how terrifying the energy that blasted him flying was! It was an energy that made even his soul tremble!

A strange scene appeared here. A few hundred people were staring fixedly at Yang Ye, and they didn’t say anything, causing the surroundings to be silent to the point of being slightly terrifying and shocking!

Let’s talk about Yang Ye’s current state now. Under the healing effects of the violet energy, the injuries inside and outside his body had been completely healed!

Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly, and then two strands of violet light flashed in his eyes. As he sensed the state his body was in, Yang Ye’s face instantly froze because he noticed that he was actually at the fifth rank of the King Realm right now! Yes, it was the fifth rank of the King Realm! Moreover, he even sensed that his physical body seemed to have grown stronger as well!

What’s going on? Yang Ye’s mind was filled with questions. Such an instant improvement of five ranks is extremely unusual!

This improvement didn’t pleasantly surprise Yang Ye, and it caused him to feel slightly worried instead! Because his cultivation had been improving a bit too swiftly, and it seemed like the chains between ranks of cultivation were useless against him….

In next to no time, Yang Ye thought of the tiny vortex, and he investigated it.

Yang Ye was instantly stunned once more when he saw those Darkbeasts within it!

“The Spirit Rank….”

Yang Ye gulped a huge mouthful of saliva when he saw the Skyhowl Devil Wolf that was lying on the ground, and then he said, “The Half-step Spirit Rank, the peak of the King Rank…. What the fuck happened?”

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and he swiftly turned to look at the little fellow.

When he saw the little fellow snoring loudly as it slept, Yang Ye immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, the little fellow is fine!

When he recalled what the little fellow had done for him just now and the little fellow’s refusal to leave him until the end, Yang Ye was quite touched!

Even though the little fellow hadn’t spoken a single world throughout the time that they’d been together, Yang Ye knew that the little fellow had taken him to be a loved one. Even though he was a human and the little fellow was a demon beast, the enmity between the human race and the demon beasts was unable to affect their relationship!

It could be said that no matter if it was human or demon beast, Yang Ye and the little fellow wouldn’t show mercy to any that tried to harm them!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to embrace the violet mink, and an indescribable feeling of pain arose in his heart when he gazed at the violet mink whose face was covered by an exhausted expression. He rubbed the violet mink’s head lightly, and then he placed the violet mink in the pool of golden profound energy within the tiny vortex. As soon as it entered the pool of profound energy, the violet mink’s expression eased up, and then strands of violet light flickered into appearance….

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene. Fortunately, the tiny vortex is effective towards the little fellow’s injuries. Otherwise, I would really not know what to do!

Yang Ye took a deep glance at the tiny vortex, and then his expression turned solemn because he noticed that the tiny vortex seemed to be slightly heaven defying….

However, the tiny vortex had always been too mysterious, and he’d never been able to find out anything about it! Fortunately, the tiny vortex seemed to carry no ill intent towards him. Conversely, it would even lend a hand when he was in extreme danger. Moreover, he obtained enormous benefits every single time it helped him. Just like this time, he’d directly jumped to the fifth rank of the King Realm….

Yang Ye stopped thinking about all of this. He shook his head, and then he was instantly stunned when he raised his head to look forward. Because there were a few hundred people staring fixedly at him right now!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly when he noticed their dressing and appearances. He knew that these fellows were probably the monstrous geniuses of the devil territory, nether territory, and the demon territory!

Yang Ye glanced at his surroundings, and he instantly laughed with ridicule when he saw that there wasn’t a single human here. He didn’t blame those profounders for abandoning him. After all, it was fine so long as they didn’t kill him! How could he, Yang Ye, wishfully hope that these so-called beings of the same race as him would lend him a hand?

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this. Moreover, he paid no attention to those hundreds of people that were staring at him. He turned around and walked towards Ancient Domain City.

Right at this moment, Mo Ke suddenly said, “Wait!”

Yang Ye stopped, and then he turned around to gaze at Mo Ke before he said indifferently, “What?” As he spoke, the profound energy within his body started to surge.

“You seem to have been abandoned by your own race?” said Mo Ke.

“It can’t be considered as abandonment. I’m already very surprised and grateful that they didn’t seize the opportunity to kill me!” said Yang Ye in a flat tone.

Mo Ke’s brows raised, and then he said, “My brothers behind me haven’t eaten anything for many days. Your strength isn’t bad, so your flesh should be not bad as well. How about you allow my brothers to have a taste of flesh?”

Meanwhile, Hun You suddenly stated. “His soul is mine!”

Eat my flesh? Devour my soul? Yang Ye chuckled, and then he shrugged and said, “Bring it on!”

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