Chapter 305 – I’ll Let You Strike Me Once!

Almighty Sword Domain

The members from the devil territory, demon territory, and nether territory were in confrontation with Yang Ye below the city walls, whereas, a dense expanse of human profounders stood on the walls of Ancient Domain City. After they witnessed how terrifying the Green Dragon Clan from the demon territory was, the gazes that these human profounders shot towards the members of the nether territory and devil territory were filled with fear.

The total number of experts from these three territories didn’t even amount to a thousand. However, it was precisely these less than 1,000 experts that made the tens of thousands of human profounders within Ancient Domain City to fear meeting them in battle!

Actually, if these human profounders were to unite and work together, then the experts from those three territories would absolutely not be a match for the human profounders even if they had another 1,000 experts on their side! But the problem was would these thousands of humans unite?

They were from different territories and different sects. Most of them were even enemies with each other. So, was it even possible to make them band together to fight the experts from the nether territory, devil territory, and demon territory to the death?

Of course, there was an even more important point. Most humans had a common characteristic, and it was their fear of death and selfishness!

There were also some human profounders who weren’t afraid of the nether territory, devil territory, and demon territory, and these profounders were Xi Luo, Li Qingshui, and Nangong Meng. Because with the strengths they possessed, they didn’t have to be fearful even if they faced an ordinary Exalt Realm expert! However, they had no choice but to choose to retreat at this moment because if they really went to battle with the experts from the other territories who were below the city walls, then nine out of ten of these fellows who were on the city walls would most probably just stay here and watch the battle!

Most humans weren’t just afraid of death and selfish, they were extremely greedy as well! Was backstabbing rare amongst humans at all?

The three outstanding geniuses of the central territory didn’t refrain from fighting because they were afraid, it was because they had no other choice! Of course, it could be said to be an excuse as well….

Below the city walls, Mo Ke and Hun You were stunned when they heard Yang Ye, and then they roared with laughter. After laughing for a short moment, Mo Ke sized Yang Ye up from top to bottom before he said, “You want us to gang up on you? Human, do you think it’s possible that we would do such a thing against you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ke’s expression suddenly turned cold, and then he said to a youth of the devil race who stood behind him. “Mo Xi, deal with him!”

The man called Mo Xi revealed a savage smile when he heard this, and then he licked his lips and said, “The taste of flesh. Human, I haven’t had meat for a very long time. Haha!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and shot explosively towards Yang Ye!

When he arrived less than 3m away from Yang Ye, Mo Xi shouted loudly before he smashed his fist toward Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he suddenly drew his sword and slashed when Mo Xi’s fish had arrived around 10 inches in front of him!

A strand of golden light flashed!

In an instant, Mo Xi’s figure suddenly stiffened on the spot when his fist was merely less than 2 inches away from Yang Ye.


After a moment of silence, Mo Xi’s body instantly split into two, and a huge amount of blood surged out like a fountain, causing the scene to be bloody to the extreme….

4th level Sword Intent!

The disdain on Mo Xi and Hun You’s faces had vanished when they witnessed this scene, and it was replaced with a solemn expression instead. Even if a sword cultivator who possessed 4th level Sword Intent couldn’t compare to them, such a profounder could absolutely not be considered to be a weakling! Or it could be said that they currently lacked the qualifications to disregard a sword cultivator who’d comprehended 4th level Sword Intent!

“This is what an expert of the devil race is like?” Yang Ye sheathed his sword and shook his head. His eyes revealed undisguised disappointment as he said, “So an expert of the devil race is actually so weak. In any case, I’m all alone. So, why don’t all of you come at me at once?”

He was purely showing off when he spoke those last words. Even though he seemed to have slaughtered Mo Xi with ease, he’d practically utilized his entire strength just now! 4th level Sword Intent coupled with his golden profound energy and the strength of his physical body. Moreover, he was already at the fifth rank of the King Realm now while Mo Xi had underestimated him. So, these were the reasons why he was able to instantly annihilate Mo Xi with a single attack!

In short, if those fellows in front of him were to join forces against him, then he would probably be instantly torn apart. This was exactly the reason why he’d provoked them like that….

“Hehe….” Meanwhile, a black figure behind Hun You suddenly let out a wave of strange laughter, and then his figure floated mysteriously to arrive around 10m in front of Yang Ye. He gazed at Yang Ye and laughed gloomily once more before he said, “4th level Sword Intent and it’s even so sharp. I presume your soul is extremely strong. Hehe….”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black figure moved his wrist slightly, and a black colored iron hook that was made of energy had suddenly flashed into appearance before it shot towards Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged, and he tightened his grip on his sword before he slashed with it. However, his sword actually passed through the iron hook while the iron hook remained completely unharmed instead. Moreover, it didn’t slow down at all as it directly hooked his neck!

Yang Ye’s expression swiftly changed. However, to his surprise, he didn’t feel any pain coming from his neck.

Right when Yang Ye was bewildered, his pupils suddenly constricted because he felt as if his soul was actually about to leave his body! This was the first time he’d encountered such a situation, and it caused Yang Ye to be shocked in his heart!

Yang Ye didn’t dare hold back at all, and he issued a command in his heart, causing the Hidden Sword to shoot out explosively.

The black figure’s expression had instantly changed when the Hidden Sword shot violently towards him because he’d sensed an incomprehensible feeling of danger! The black figure didn’t hesitate at all to float backward and leave the spot he stood at just now!

As soon as the black figure retreated, that feeling where his soul seemed as if it was about to leave his body had instantly vanished. Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief before a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed in his eyes.

With a flip of his palm, the sword chest instantly appeared, and then he commanded the 36 Earth Rank swords within the sword chest to transform into 36 rays of light that shot swiftly like bolts of lightning towards the black figure!

Under the enhancement of his 4th level Sword Intent, the speed and might of the 36 swords had been instantly amplified by countless times. The black figure hadn’t even been able to react before they shot through his body. After that, the black figure’s body gradually dispersed in midair under the astounded gazes of countless profounders….

After he killed the black figure, Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the 36 swords instantly shot into the sky before they circled around above him. After that, he gazed at Mo Ke and the others before he said, “Who else?”

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t try to show off anymore, and he was truly infuriated right now.

In the beginning, he didn’t have a hostile attitude towards the devil race, the nether territory, and the demon race because there was no enmity between them! So, he’d chosen to leave once he’d woken up! However, they refused to let him go because he was a human!

Since you don’t intend to let me go, then let’s fight! In any case, I’ll summon the Lightning Eagle and flee if I can’t defeat all of you…. Yang Ye wasn’t a pedantic person at all!

When they saw Yang Ye kill that black figure from the nether territory, both Mo Ke and Hun You’s had turned gloomy. They knew that they’d underestimated the strength possessed by this human, and it was exactly because of their underestimation that they’d lost two of their companions!

Since they were able to come here, both Mo Xi and that black figure could be said to possess extremely enormous potential and natural talent. If they were given sufficient time, then they would definitely become experts in the future!

However, Mo Xi and that black figure didn’t have futures anymore because Mo Ke and Hun You had underestimated the enemy….

Mo Ke glanced at the 36 swords that circled around above Yang Ye, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he slightly raised his right foot.

Right at this moment, a youth from the devil race who stood on Mo Ke’s left had stepped forward before Mo Ke could act, and then he glanced at Yang Ye before he said, “Big Brother, it’s only a sword cultivator who had comprehended 4th level Sword Intent. There’s no need for you to make a move at all! I, Mo Qiu, am sufficient!”

Mo Ke glanced at this youth, hesitated for a moment, and then nodded before he said, “Alright!”

The youth nodded, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye before he said, “My devil race respects the strong. You’ve used your strength to prove that you’re not weak. So, you have the qualifications to obtain my respect! I’m Mo Qiu, and I’m at the eighth rank of the King Realm. I don’t want to bully the weak, so I’ll let you strike me once without fighting back!” Mo Qiu’s figure flashed as he spoke, and he arrived 10 away from Yang Ye. After that, he stretched out his hands to his sides as if he Yang Ye could feel free to attack him….

Hun You frowned when he heard the youth, and then he gazed at Mo Ke and reminded. “He seems to be courting death! Don’t forget that he’s a sword cultivator! Moreover, he’s a sword cultivator who has comprehended 4th level Sword Intent!”

Mo Ke said indifferently, “Mo Qiu has already cultivated the Heavenly Devil Physique to the 4th level. Not to mention a tiny profounder at the fifth rank of the King Realm, even ordinary Spirit Realm experts would find it difficult to injure him!”

Hun You didn’t speak further when he heard this.

Yang Ye was first stunned when he heard Mo Qiu, and then he revealed a mysterious smile as he said, “Are you sure?”

Mo Qiu stated proudly. “Of course!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he walked slowly towards Mo Qiu. In next to no time, Yang Ye had arrived in front of Mo Qiu. Mo Qiu remained motionless while his face was covered in a calm expression and a faint wisp of disdain!

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and a sword flew into his grasp. He grinned as he held the sword in his hand, and then he moved it slowly up to Mo Qiu’s chest. Right when he was about to exert force, he stopped once more and gazed at Mo Qiu before he said, “Are you really going to let me strike you once?”

Mo Qiu said impatiently, “I said I would, so I would! What’s with all the crap?”

“Alright! Alright! I’ll attack right away!” Yang Ye nodded. In the next moment, Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed while a wisp of cold light flashed through his eyes. After that, a tiny thumb sized strand of flames flowed along the sword and instantly came into contact with Mo Qiu’s body.

As soon as it came into contact with Mo Qiu’s body, the strand of flames flashed in and out of Mo Qiu before returning into Yang Ye’s body. It was like it had never appeared!

At the moment that this strand of flames had come into contact with Mo Qiu’s body, Mo Qiu’s eyes had instantly opened wide, and his eyes were filled with horror and regret….

Yang Ye glanced at Mo Qiu with pity before he withdrew his sword, and then he took around 10 steps back.

In the next moment, Mo Qiu’s body had mysteriously burst into flames under the puzzled expressions of the countless spectators….

After a single breath of time, Mo Qiu had completely vanished on the spot. He didn’t even leave a bit of ash behind, and it was like he’d never been there….

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of Hun You, Mo Ke, the green dragon, Xi Luo, Li Qingshui, Nangong Meng…. Actually, it should be said that the expressions of everyone in the surroundings had changed when they witnessed this scene!

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