Chapter 307 – Surprise Attack!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye exerted slight strength with his palm, and the rock in his palm instantly transformed into a pile of stones. After that, he relaxed his grip, and the stones instantly rolled down the tip of his fingers and fell to the ground.

Yang Ye patted his hands before he issued a command in his heart, and then the myriad of swords that were circling in the air had instantly transformed into rays of light that shot violently towards the group from the devil race!

5th level Sword Intent!

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed when they witnessed this scene. After all, Yang Ye had merely utilized 4th level Sword Intent just now! Yet now, it had become 5th level Sword intent. So, had Yang Ye been holding back, or did he just attain sudden comprehension? No matter which it was, no one in the surroundings dared to underestimate Yang Ye now!

Even some Spirit Realm experts didn’t dare look down upon a sword cultivator who’d attained 5th level Sword Intent!

On the walls of Ancient Domain City, the expressions of Nangong Meng, Li Qingshui, and Xi Luo had become solemn at this moment. 4th level Sword Intent could only cause some trouble for them, but it was unable to threaten them! However, 5th level Sword Intent was different! Moreover, Yang Ye even possessed that profound sword technique. In short, Nangong Meng and the others had started to take Yang Ye seriously at this moment!

On the other hand, the expressions of Yan Wu from the Flower Palace and Jia Wuji from the Sword Sect had become unsightly instead. After less than a month of time, Yang Ye hadn’t just advanced from the First Heaven Realm to the King Realm, he’d even improved his Sword Intent from the 4th level to the 5th level! Such terrifying natural talent…. If Yang Ye is given a little more time and coupled with Enlightened Sword Heart that he possesses, could anyone in the southern territory be a match for him?

If Yang Ye was allowed to continue his growth, then the Sword Sect and Flower Palace would have a terrifying and extraordinary expert as an enemy in the future!

When they thought up to here, killing intent instantly surged within the hearts of Yan Wu and Jian Wuji! Of course, even if Yang Ye hadn’t revealed such terrifying natural talent in both cultivating and the Sword Dao, they would still not let Yang Ye off!

Because the Sword Sect and Flower Palace had given them instructions, and Yang Ye wasn’t allowed to live….

Of course, if they knew that Yang Ye had already comprehended 6th level Sword Intent now, then they would probably not arouse any ill intent towards Yang Ye!

Yes! At this moment, Yang Ye’s Sword Intent had advanced from the 5th level to the 6th level! After his mental state changed just now, his Sword Intent had improved once more, and it attained the advanced-stage of Sword Intent! It was exactly because of this breakthrough that he was able to make those thousands of swords approach him and follow his every command!

Yang Ye had naturally not attacked Mo Ke upon returning to his senses for the sake of bringing honor to the human race! In his opinion, no matter if it was the devil race or the human race, they were both the same. So long as they didn’t offend him, then he wouldn’t go looking for trouble! However, Mo Ke wanted to kill him now, so he naturally intended to return tit for tat!

Since they intended to kill him, he intended to kill to his heart’s content!

The myriad of swords below the walls of Ancient Domain City were enhanced by 5th level Sword Intent, and it was an astounding scene that revealed a shocking impetus! Moreover, the terrifying Sword Intent contained within the swords was something that even the youths from the devil race who took pride in their physical defense couldn’t help but fear!

“What a magnificent sight!” Meanwhile, Mo Ke spoke abruptly, and then he shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, it only looks imposing!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ke took a light step forward, and then a wisp of a savage expression flashed in his eyes as he gazed at the swords that covered the sky. In the next moment, Mo Ke opened his mouth slightly, and then he suddenly roared at the swords!


A ripple that was visible to the eye surged towards the swords that covered the sky, and then then it collided with the swords! In an instant, an invisible wave of energy instantly swept out towards the surroundings. The wave of energy was like a tidal wave, and wave after wave of it swept incessantly towards the surroundings. In the end, the waves collided with the walls of Ancient Domain City, and it caused the city to tremble violently!

The crowd on the walls of Ancient Domain City was extremely shocked when they witnessed this scene! The might of Mo Ke and Yang Ye’s attacks were actually so terrifying…. My god! Are they Spirit Realm experts?

After quite some time passed, the waves of energy dispersed while the glow of the swords that Yang Ye controlled had vanished as well. Pieces of swords were actually scattered throughout the ground!

Yang Ye’s heart shook as he gazed at the pieces. How terrifying was the speed and strength of those swords when they were enhanced by 5th level Sword Intent? One could say without the slightest hesitation that even an ordinary Spirit Realm cultivator would be unable to withstand that attack before just now! However, Mo Ke had directly blasted it apart, and he’d done it with such ease….

Looks like I underestimated my opponent a little! Yang Ye took a deep breath. Right when he was about to say something, a pitch black chain suddenly passed through space and shot swiftly like a bolt of lightning towards his neck! This sudden and unexpected event caused Yang Ye’s pupils to constrict.

Right when Yang Ye was about to dodge, the pitch black chain had suddenly passed through space once more, and it instantly arrived before Yang Ye’s neck and coiled around it!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and then he flicked his sword upwards at an angle with the intention of flicking the chain away.


The chain was completely unharmed. On the contrary, the Earth Rank sword in his hand had chipped instead!

Yang Ye’s expression changed once more when he witnessed this scene!

“Hehe….” Hun You who held the other end of the chain chuckled and said, “You want to slash my Nether Chain apart? What a joke! Human! Not to mention an Earth Rank sword, it’s impossible for even a Heaven Rank sword to harm my Nether Chain at all! Because this Nether Chain of mine is a Pseudo Dao Artifact! Now that you’ve been chained by my Nether Chain, you’ll definitely die no matter what extraordinary ability you possess. Because it doesn’t just chain your body but your soul as well! Don’t believe me? Do you feel an indescribable feeling of suffocation? Haha!”

Right at this moment, Mo Ke suddenly said in a low voice. “Hun You, this is a battle between me and him!”

“So what?” Hun You laughed coldly and said, “Don’t forget that he killed someone from my nether territory!”

“It looks to me like you want to devour his soul!” Mo Ke said in a low voice, “I presume the soul of a genius in the Sword Dao that has attained 5th level Sword Intent would be extremely strong and pure. It’s undoubtedly extremely tempting to you, and I understand that! If it was before this or at any other time, then I wouldn’t have any objections if you acted against him. But not now! Because he’s my opponent!”

“But his fate is in my hands!” Hun You said coldly, “Mo Ke, I know you’re very strong, but I, Hun You, am not afraid of you! If it wasn’t because I didn’t want those despicable humans to benefit from a battle between us, I would have taken your soul a long time ago!”

“Those are my thoughts exactly!” Mo Ke’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said in a low voice, “I really dislike all of you fellows from the nether territory as well!”

“If both of you aren’t worried about the members from your territories being completely annihilated, then go ahead and fight each other!” Right at this moment, the green dragon, Ying Long, who had kept quiet until now spoke abruptly. “My Green Dragon Clan is naturally not afraid of these ants. If worse comes to worst, we can just return to the demon territory. In any case, Karmic Luck isn’t very important to our Dragon Clan! However, it’s different for the two of you. How would the two of you return and give an explanation to your kin if you’re unable to obtain sufficient Karmic Luck?”

Mo Ke and Hun You instantly fell silent when they heard this. If their races were to fight in the Ancient Battlefield, then it would be the humans who would benefit from it in the end. Of course, most importantly, their races couldn’t afford any losses. At the very least, there couldn’t be any unnecessary losses….

Meanwhile, Ying Long suddenly said, “Since the two of you are in conflict because of this ant who stands before us, then allow me, Ying Long, to deal with this ant!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ying Long’s figure flashed, and he instantly arrived before Yang Ye who was chained by the Nether Chain. After that, his expression instantly turned savage while he didn’t hesitate to smash his fist towards Yang Ye’s head!

Earlier, he’d been terribly humiliated in public because of Yang Ye, and with the pride possessed by the Dragon Clan, how could he swallow this humiliation? The reason he hadn’t attacked just now was that he was afraid of that mysterious expert who’d attacked him. However, now it would seem like that mysterious expert probably wouldn’t be making another move or that mysterious expert had been stopped by the experts of Ancient Domain City! Because Yang Ye’s life was in Hun You’s hands, but that mysterious expert hadn’t made an appearance!

It was exactly because of this that Ying Long dared to attack Yang Ye!

Yang Ye frowned when he saw Ying Long’s fist blasting towards him. Because he was in a very bad state right now. Not only was he unable to move freely because he was chained by the Nether Chain, even the profound energy within his body couldn’t be circulated. Most importantly, it was just as Hun You said, and he felt suffocated!

It was a form of suffocation that came from the depths of the soul!

Such a situation was something he’d never experienced in the past, so he was in an extremely bad state right now!

At this moment, when the fist of that young man called Ying Long smashed down towards him, Yang Ye didn’t dare hold back anymore. Right when he was about to utilize the Nether Ghostflame, a figure had flashed before him, and then Ji Yanshi appeared in front of him.

Ji Yanshi laughed coldly before he suddenly slashed with his sword, and he struck Ying Long’s fist!


Ying Long’s formidable strength shook Ji Yanshi to the point his entire arm was number while he moved around 10m back, whereas, Ying Long had retreated by around 4m!

Ji Yanshi laughed coldly as he gazed at Ying Long who was furious, and he said with disdain, “So this is the Dragon Clan of the demon territory. Why did the Dragon Clan become so shameless? You actually even abandoned the pride of the Dragon Clan and intended to attack a human that can’t even move? If you fought him on your own, then I would just fucking watch even if you chopped him up into pieces! But you took advantage of the situation he’s in, and I really can’t continue watching that! Right, let me tell you one more thing. I look down upon your Dragon Clan from now onward!”

“Ant!” Ying Long instantly stamped his feet with rage, and then his figure flashed explosively towards Ji Yanshi!

Right at this moment, Hun You grunted coldly, and then the profound energy within his body surged.

In an instant, Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because he felt a cold energy assault his body. No, it should be said that it assaulted his soul!

Right at this moment, Yan Wu and Jian Wuji who stood on the city wall exchanged glances, and then they nodded slightly to each other.

In the next moment, both of them leaped off the city wall, and then they raised their speeds to their limits and shot explosively towards Yang Ye!

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