Chapter 308 – The Violet Mink Reappears!

Almighty Sword Domain

The natural talent Yang Ye revealed could be said to have aroused terror in time! Based on the strength Yang Ye revealed earlier, they knew that Yang Ye who possessed 5th level Sword Intent wasn’t someone the two of them could go against any longer! Not to mention that Yang Ye possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart as well!

In other words, this was their best opportunity to kill Yang Ye! Otherwise, perhaps it would be they who were killed!

Both of them were extremely swift, and it was even a sudden attack. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye was chained by the Nether Chain right now, both of them had arrived in front of Yang Ye without being obstructed at all!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly when he saw the two of them attacking him. However, he couldn’t do anything right now. Since the beginning, he was unable to struggle free from the chains around him! So, he could only allow them to attack him now!

A strand of cold light and red light flashed!

A sword and a sharp thorn shaped dagger stabbed at Yang Ye’s throat!


Two clear and melodious clangs resounded.

Jian Wuji and Yan Wu’s expressions changed violently. Because as soon as their sword and dagger touched Yang Ye’s skin, they noticed to their astonishment that it actually felt as if they’d stabbed hard adamant, and it shook their arms to the point that their arms felt numb!

After being dazed for a moment, the two of them stopped hesitating, and they slashed and stabbed at Yang Ye’s head once more!

Clang! Clang!

The clear, pleasant, and melodious sound of metal colliding resounded again!

Jian Wuji and Yan Wu’s attack descended like raindrops onto Yang Ye’s head and throat. However, to their astonishment, Yang Ye was completely unharmed!

Mo Ke frowned when he witnessed this scene. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s physical defense would have actually attained such a level!

On the other hand, the expressions of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory who were standing on the city wall had turned solemn as well. Yang Ye’s strength was already extremely formidable, now even his physical defense was so terrifying. In other words, Yang Ye possessed the strength to threaten them! But fortunately, Yang Ye was a human in the end, and he wasn’t from the devil race or nether territory!

So long as he was a human, then even if they couldn’t be friends, they could avoid becoming enemies!

At this moment, both Jian Wuji and Yan Wu were horrified. Yes, they were truly horrified! Because their full strengths were actually not even able to break through Yang Ye’s skin. What did this mean? It meant that the gap between their strengths was like the gap between the heavens and the earth! Presently, the thought of killing Yang Ye was undoubtedly like wishful thinking to them!

“Are the two of you having fun?” Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Now it’s my turn!”

With a command in his heart, the countless swords that had fallen to the ground earlier shot once more into the sky, and then they shot explosively towards Yan Wu and Jian Wuji!

Both of them were horrified, and they hurriedly executed their movement techniques to their limits and dashed madly to the city! However, right at this moment, the swords suddenly changed directions, abandoned them, and shot violently at Hun You instead!

Jian Wuji and Yan Wu instantly heaved sighs of relief, and then they dashed madly into Ancient Domain City! On the other hand, Hun You’s expression changed slightly because he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye who was chained by the Nether Chain was actually still able to control the swords! Hun You didn’t dare act carelessly when he saw those swords envelop down towards him, and he hesitated for a moment before he twisted his wrist. The Nether Chain instantly released Yang Ye and returned to him, and then his hand moved slightly, causing the Nether Chain to transform into shadows that covered the sky and collided head-on with the swords!


A thunderous bang suddenly resounded in the sky above Ancient Domain City, and then waves of energy covered the heavens and the earth as they dispersed down with an extremely shocking impetus!

After a moment passed, everything returned to calm once more.

Yang Ye held an Earth Rank sword in hand as he stood proudly on the spot, and a strand of violet and sharp Sword Intent ceaselessly swept out from his body. The Sword Intent struck the ground occasionally, and then numerous bottomless and pitch black cuts were instantly struck open on the ground!

At this moment, Yang Ye was slightly furious indeed. Because he’d never thought about causing trouble, but these people just refused to let him go, and they attacked him successively. Do they really think I’m some sort of weakling they can just crush as they please!?

However, he didn’t attack right now because he knew it was utterly impossible to kill Hun You and Mo Ke without utilizing the Nether Ghostflame and 6th level Sword Intent! Besides that, even if he utilized these trump cards, he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill them! Because up until this point in the battle between them, he was able to sense that they hadn’t fought seriously at all! Moreover, they had a few hundred experts on their side! What about him? He only had the green clothed young man by his side….

Yang Ye took a deep breath, turned around to gaze at the crowd atop the city wall, and then he pointed at Mo Ke and the others as he shouted loudly. “All of you should be clearly aware of the objective they came to Ancient Domain City with! All of you should be clearly aware of the hostility they hold towards the human race! All of you should be clearly aware of the strengths that they possess! Once you leave Ancient Domain City, most of you will absolutely die if you encounter them while you’re alone! Now, so long as we work together and unite as one, then we can annihilate all of them right here and now! At that time, the Ancient Battlefield and Hidden Dragon Pagoda will belong to us, humans!”

When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye pointed his sword at Mo Ke and the others, and then he gazed at the crowd on the city walls and said, “Leave the city and annihilate them! Do all of you dare to do that?”

Under the enhancement of his profound energy, Yang Ye’s voice rumbled like a bell, and it was deafening!

However, what he got in return was deathly silence! Yes, the crowd on the city walls just gazed coldly and indifferently at him. None of them answered his call, and this included the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory! The three of them were slightly moved in the beginning, but they quickly abandoned their intentions. It wasn’t because they were afraid as they as well wanted to annihilate these fellows that didn’t belong to the human race. However, the attitude of those profounders around them caused their thoughts to remain as thoughts….

Even if the three of them joined Yang Ye and Ji Yanshi, they would absolutely be killed if they went up against Mo Ke and the others! Just as Yang Ye said, unless all the humans here worked together and united as well, it would be impossible to annihilate Mo Ke and the others right now! But was it even possible to make all the humans unite?

Under the circumstances that their own interests or lives weren’t in danger, it was impossible for humans to unite. At the very least, it was impossible right now….

Mo Ke chuckled when he saw this, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re right, if they did join forces, then they really could annihilate all of us! However….”

When he spoke up to here, he raised his head to gaze at the crowd on the city walls and said, “I can guarantee that half or even more of the humans here will die!”

The expressions of the crowd on the city walls had instantly changed when they heard Mo Ke.

A profounder on the city wall said, “Yang Ye, this enmity is between you and then, yet you want to drag us down with you? How treacherous of you!”

“Exactly. You caused this trouble yourself, yet you want us to fight with our lives on the line. What an awesome plan! Do you think we’re idiots? Do you think we would fall for that?”

“Haha! Yang Ye, didn’t the rumors say that you possess the Enlightened Sword Heart? Where’s that mysterious Darkbeast from before? Weren’t you very formidable? What? Now that you can’t defeat them, you want to seek help from us? Haha! So this is how useless the future Sword Emperor is!”

The profounders in the crowd on the city wall spoke successively, and every single one of them started mock Yang Ye who stood below the city walls.

Actually, they weren’t stupid, and they naturally knew that Yang Ye was right. However, the problem was that they might die if they left the city! On the other hand, no matter how strong Mo Ke and the others were, what could Mo Ke and the others possibly do to them if they didn’t leave the city?

Most importantly, Mo Ke and the others hadn’t harmed their interests right now!

“Heh!” Hun You laughed gloomily for a while before he said, “Humans…. Haha!”

Yang Ye gazed at the crowd on the city wall for a short while, and then he shook his head and laughed. He laughed for a moment before he waved his right hand, and then the Lightning Eagle appeared. Yang Ye leaped up onto its back, and then he gestured at Ji Yanshi who was momentarily stunned by this scene. Ji Yanshi understood Yang Ye’s intentions, and he leaped up onto the Lightning Eagle.

After that, Yang Ye tapped the Lightning Eagle lightly with his right foot, and it instantly understood him. It immediately transformed into a black shadow that shot into the sky and flashed swiftly towards the distance!

Mo Ke and Hun You’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye could actually summon a flying Darkbeast! Even though they could fly as well, they were unable to maintain their flight for a long time like Spirit Realm experts could! At this moment, the two of them gazed at Ying Long because only the Green Dragon Clan’s Ying Long could stop Yang Ye!

Ying Long nodded when he saw Mo Ke and Hun You gaze at him, and then a wisp of disdain arose on the corners of his mouth while he gazed at the Lightning Eagle. He said, “You trash Darkbeast! You actually dare to act arrogantly in front of me!?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of Dragon Pressure suddenly erupted from Ying Long, and it instantly enveloped the Lightning Eagle!

The Lightning Eagle instantly let out a shrill and miserable cry, and then its figure started to tremble violently. Right when it seemed like it would fall from the sky, a strand of violet light flashed, and then the violet mink appeared in front of Yang Ye. It gazed at the Lightning Eagle that was trembling violently, and then it waved its little claw, causing an enormous violet arc of light to instantly envelop the Lightning Eagle!

The Lightning Eagle instantly recovered a great deal when it was enveloped by the violet light. Even though it still couldn’t help but tremble slightly, it could fly steadily! This allowed both Yang Ye and Ji Yanshi who stood on the Lightning Eagle to heave sighs of relief!

Ying Long’s expression changed when he witnessed this scene, and then his figure flashed. He returned to his original form, and then he transformed into a green shadow that shot explosively towards the Lightning Eagle!

However, right at this moment, a strand of violet light suddenly and mysterious blasted onto his head, causing Ying Long’s body to crash swiftly to the ground! This wasn’t even the end of it. Around 10 strands of violet light suddenly appeared behind Ying Long, and they collided with him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ying Long didn’t even have the chance to react before he was blasted by the violet light, and he crashed to the ground!

Ying Long’s figure shook as he took human form once more, and his expression was unprecedentedly solemn as he gazed at the Lightning Eagle that had transformed into a black dot in the distance!

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