Chapter 310 – The Mink Emperor! The Demon Empress!

Almighty Sword Domain

Ji Yanshi intended to warn Madman Huang again and state. “No! He seems to have offended the Spatial….”

However, Madman Huang glared fiercely at Ji Yanshi, and then he said, “Stinking kid, didn’t I say it already? No matter what trouble he’s in, I’ll deal with it for him! What? You don’t believe in my strength? Or is your skin itchy and you need some help from me?”

Ji Yanshi’s expression instantly became unsightly, and then he took a deep breath and decisively chose to shut his mouth.

Right at this moment, a strand of violet light flashed, and then the violet mink who Yang Ye had hidden in the tiny vortex had appeared on his shoulder. After it appeared, it took a light breath of the clear and fresh air, and then it glared at Yang Ye with displeasure. It seemed to be displeased with Yang Ye for disallowing it to come out and play!

Yang Ye smiled helplessly, and then he stretched out his hand and held the violet mink in his arms before he rubbed its head lightly. He naturally hadn’t made the little fellow enter the tiny vortex earlier because he was afraid that the little fellow would cause trouble for him. He was afraid that the little fellow’s injuries weren’t healed. However, now it would seem like the little fellow was fine!

Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that Madman Huang seemed as if his acupoints had been pressed at the instant that the little fellow appeared here, and he was directly stunned on the spot. His eyes were opened wide while he gazed with disbelief at the violet mink that appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder!

When he saw Madman Huang’s appearance, Ji Yanshi instantly took pleasure in Madman Huang’s misfortune and started smiling. He said in his heart, You’ll deal with any trouble? This trouble is probably not so easily dealt with! Let’s see how you deal with it!

After a short while, Madman Huang was just about to say something. Right at this moment, his expression suddenly changed, and he shouted in a low voice. “Who is it!?”

Right when Yang Ye and Ji Yanshi were puzzled, a wave of fluctuation arose in the space 10m in front of them. In an instant, a middle aged man and a beautiful middle aged woman appeared mysteriously on the spot!

Madman Huang’s expression instantly turned solemn when he saw them, and he exclaimed in a low voice. “The Mink Emperor, the Demon Empress!”

The middle aged man and woman didn’t even spare a glance at Madman Huang, and their gazes stared fixedly at the violet mink that was now on Yang Ye’s shoulder again. The two of them seemed to be extremely excited. Especially the beautiful middle aged woman, there were even tears glimmering in her eyes.

The violet mink blinked, and then its figure flashed and instantly appeared in front of the beautiful middle aged woman. After that, it embraced the woman’s neck with its little claws before ceaselessly rubbing its little head against the woman’s face!

Yang Ye smiled lightly when he saw this scene. If he wasn’t wrong, then this middle aged man and beautiful middle aged woman were the little fellow’s loved ones! Even though he didn’t know how they’d found the little fellow, it wasn’t important anymore. The most important thing was that the little fellow could finally return home!

He naturally didn’t want the little fellow to leave him. However, he didn’t have the right to make the little fellow follow him forever! After all, the little fellow had its own loved ones and home!

Of course, if the little fellow was willing to continue staying by his side, then it couldn’t be any better….

Meanwhile, the middle aged man suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, and the gentle expression in his eyes had instantly turned icy cold when he looked at Yang Ye. Moreover, it wasn’t just icy cold, it even carried ghastly killing intent that was completely undisguised. He said, “Human, why was Zi’er with you!?”

As soon as the middle aged man finished speaking, Yang Ye, Ji Yanshi, and Madman Huang instantly felt the space here fluctuate violently as if it was on the verge of shattering into pieces!

He naturally didn’t have a good impression of humans. Humans had always been extremely greedy and selfish. So, when he saw Yang Ye together with the violet mink, and when he saw the violet mink being so close to Yang Ye, his first thought was that his daughter had been tricked by this human’s sweet words and promises!

So the little fellow’s name is Zi’er? It sounds like the name of a girl…. Yang Ye grinned, and then he described how he’d met the little fellow that day!

Meanwhile, the violet mink hurriedly waves its little claws as well. It waved them for a while before it seemed to have recalled that it didn’t have to use its claws to convey its thoughts to the middle aged man and beautiful middle aged woman. So, strands of ripples emerged from its mouth.

After a short while, the violet mink finished speaking, and then it flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder. It pointed at Yang Ye, and then pointed at the middle aged man and woman as if it was introducing them….

The two of them exchanged glances, and then they frowned at the same time. The beautiful woman said, “Zi’er, you’re saying that the two of you are friends? Very good friends? Just like me and your Imperial Father?”

The violet mink grinned from ear to ear, and then it hurriedly nodded.

The two of them exchanged glances once more. This time, their faces fell. Because they seemed to have understood something! The beautiful woman’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and she sized him up before she gazed at the violet mink and said, “Zi’er, he isn’t worthy of you. Moreover, humans are mostly treacherous and deceitful. They are not worthy of being trusted!”

The corners of Yang Ye, Ji Yanshi, and Madman Huang’s mouths had twitched. Does she have to be so frank!? At any rate. there are three humans here!

The violet mink blinked, and then it shook its head. It pointed its claw at Yang Ye and then pointed at itself as if it was expression something.

The middle aged man shook his head and said, “Zi’er, he’s a human while you’re a demon beast. Even though you’re about to take human form, you’re still a demon beast in the end. Moreover, he’s truly too weak. He’s utterly unworthy of you. Let’s go home. We’ve already caused great chaos in the demon territory in order to find you, and it’s time to put everything back in order!”

The violet mink was slightly anxious. Right when it was about to say something else, Yang Ye strode forward and bowed to the middle aged man and woman. He said, “I think Seniors might have misunderstood. The little fellow and I are friends, or it wouldn’t be going too far to say we’re dear to each other. That’s all!”

“Friends? Dear to each other?” The middle aged man laughed coldly and said, “Human, what qualifications do you possess to say that? Do you know of Zi’er’s identity? Do you know of her potential? Do you know what she will inherit in the future? Out of consideration for the fact that you’ve helped Zi’er in the past, I won’t kill you. However, in the future, if…. No, there will be no such thing. Both of you’ll have no chance to see each other again!”

Yang Ye looked the middle aged man in the eye and said, “I don’t have the qualifications now, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t in the future!”

Madman Huang instantly gasped when he witnessed this scene. My god! This little bastard actually dares to speak to the Mink Emperor in that way. Is he fearless because he’s ignorant, or is he audacious to the extreme?

“Oh?” The Mink Emperor’s eyes narrowed as he said, “Human, do you know who you’re talking to?”

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Senior, you said that I don’t possess the qualifications to be friends with the little fellow, then allow me to ask you what conditions do I have to meet? Is this enough?” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he took a step forward, and then his 6th level Sword Intent surged out without restraint!

6th level Sword intent!

A wisp of surprise flashed in their eyes. Obviously, the middle aged man and woman hadn’t expected that Yang Ye had actually attained 6th level Sword Intent! Even though 6th level Sword Intent was nothing to the two of them, it was different when it was possessed by a human that wasn’t even 20 years of age!

“If that isn’t enough!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye took another step forward, and then he said, “What about now?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly and entered an empty state. After that, the sword in his hand trembled violently before a sword howl shot into the sky….

The Enlightened Sword Heart!

The expressions of the middle aged man and beautiful middle aged woman had finally changed when they witnessed this scene, and they revealed a solemn expression for the first time! In their opinion, even though one could be considered a genius by comprehending 6th level Sword Intent before the age of 20, it wasn’t sufficient for them to take a person seriously! However, the Enlightened Sword Heart was completely different!

He attained both 6th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart before the age of 20! 10,000 years ago, wasn’t that human expert from the Sword Sect around the same?

Madman Huang was utterly stunned instead. 6th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart? My god! What sort of monstrous genius have I encountered! He’s actually such a monstrous genius!

The Divine Sword Sect was said to be the leading sect in the Sword Dao throughout the continent. But at this moment, Madman Huang felt that the geniuses of the Divine Sword Sect’s younger generation were trash when compared to this monstrous genius who stood before him!

The Mink Emperor gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke in a low voice. “The Quasi Sword Emperor!”

The beautiful middle aged woman nodded and said, “Your potential and natural talent are shocking indeed. Especially your natural talent in the Sword Dao, and it’s the most monstrous amongst all the experts we’ve seen. But so what? Monstrous geniuses that haven’t matured can only be considered as monstrous geniuses, but they aren’t experts. Once they die, then the potential of monstrous geniuses would be meaningless! So, your potential and natural talent are meaningless to the two of us. We only look at the present and not the future because there are too many variables in the future. Understand?”

Yang Ye shook his head, and he said, “I merely wanted to prove that I have the qualifications to be friends with the little fellow. That’s all! As for what Senior said about disregarding the future, I wonder if Senior has heard a saying — Life is full of variables, so don’t bully the young for being weak!”

The beautiful woman gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re that confident?”

“Yes!” Yang Ye didn’t back down and met her gaze!

“Very good!” She nodded and said, “Take the first during the Hidden Dragon Rankings this year. What do you think?”

Unexpectedly, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Senior, you’ve still mistaken my intention! The little fellow and I are friends, we’re dear to each other. This is something that doesn’t need to be proved by anything! I didn’t prove myself to the two of you for the sake of currying favor with you or to obtain your acknowledgment!”

“Then why?” asked the beautiful woman.

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he gazed at the violet mink and said, “Little Fellow, it’s time for us to part! Promise me that you won’t be playful in the future and will cultivate properly. I’ll do the same as well. Let’s prove to the world and your loved ones that I’m the human that’s the most qualified in the world to be your friend, and you’re the demon beast who’s most qualified to be my friend as well. Alright?”

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