Chapter 311 – Space Mirror! The Passionless Cliff!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violent mink’s figure flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then it rubbed its forehead against Yang Ye’s face. Moreover, the glimmer of tears flickered within its eyes. Obviously, it didn’t want to leave Yang Ye as well!

Yang Ye’s heart instantly hurt as well when he saw the little fellow act in this way. How could he be willing to part with the little fellow? Since he’d been born and until he met the little fellow, Yang Ye had always been alone. Only when he met the little fellow did Yang Ye understand that there was another form of affection besides family love, and that was friendship!

The little fellow and Yang Ye could die for each other! So, if it was possible, he would rather never part with the little fellow forever. However, his current ability didn’t allow it!

“Zi’er, being together with him will only harm him!” Meanwhile, the beautiful woman spoke in a gentle voice. “If you still stay with him now that your identity has been exposed, then not only would you be in danger, he would as well. Understand?”

The violet mink rubbed Yang Ye’s face with its claw, and then it started waving its claws about….

After a short while, Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “I can’t go with you. You ought to be aware that I have many things that I need to do, and I have to accomplish them! I’ll go look for you in the demon territory once I’m done with all of that, and then we’ll travel the entire continent together, alright?”

The violet mink suddenly shook its little head, and then it hugged Yang Ye’s neck with force while droplets of tears gradually seeped out from its eyes!

The Demon Empress and Mink Emperor exchanged glances, and they saw shock and bewilderment in each other’s eyes! Yes, they hadn’t imagined that the relationship between the violet mink and Yang Ye would be deep to such an extent! Could it be that Zi’er has aroused feelings of…?

When they thought of a certain possibility, both of their expressions instantly changed, and then they exchanged glances while a cold glow flashed in their eyes. The Demon Empress hesitated for a moment before she nodded. In the next moment, she waved her fair hand, and then space warped before she instantly vanished with the violet mink!

“I actually didn’t want to kill you!” After the Demon Empress and the violet mink vanished, the Mink Emperor gazed at Yang Ye and said in a low voice, “Because you saved Zi’er’s life in the end. Moreover, even I have no choice but to admit that your natural talent in the Sword Dao is extremely monstrous! So long as you don’t die prematurely, then Zi’er will definitely have an extraordinary expert as a friend! However, based on her attitude towards you just now, I know that Zi’er’s feelings towards you are absolutely not limited to ordinary friendship. So, I have no choice but to eliminate you in order to put an end to such thoughts of hers!”

Yang Ye gazed at the Demon Emperor without the slightest fear on his face, and he chuckled and said, “Senior, you wanted to kill me since the beginning, right?”

The Demon Emperor nodded and said, “Indeed. Even though the two of you are friends, you humans are the ficklest. You may be friends now, but perhaps you’d become her enemy in the next moment for the sake of your own interests! I can’t be at ease if she’s with a human!”

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he gazed at Madman Huang and said, “Senior Huang, you said that you’d deal with any trouble I get myself into. Does that offer still stand?”

Madman Huang’s expression instantly turned slightly unsightly. Even though he couldn’t defeat the Mink Emperor with his strength, he still had the ability to fight the Mink Emperor! However, the problem was that he couldn’t fight the Mink Emperor! Because if he offended the Spatial Mink Clan, then the Divine Sword Sect would be in huge trouble!

Everyone in the continent knew that the Spatial Mink Clan usually didn’t cause trouble, but once it did, then it was absolutely horrifying!

Not to mention the Divine Sword Sect, even the three Ninth Rank Sects wouldn’t dare to rashly offend the Spatial Mink Clan!

However, Yang Ye’s natural talent was truly monstrous! If Yang Ye joined the Divine Sword Sect and received both the resources and fostering of the sect, then Yang Ye would definitely become an extraordinary expert in the future. At that time, it was very likely that the Divine Sword Sect would advance into the ranks of Ninth Rank Sects, and it was even to the extent that it might even become a Tenth Rank Sect!

Now, a huge problem was placed in front of Madman Huang! To save or not to save?

“Save him!” Meanwhile, Ji Yanshi suddenly said in a low voice, “Madman Huang, the Divine Sword Sect is in a gradual decline now. If someone capable of re-energizing the sect doesn’t appear, then the Divine Sword Sect would probably not even be able to stay an Eighth Rank Sect! Since it’s like that, then why don’t we gamble on him? If this kid is able to survive, then my Divine Sword Sect will definitely be renowned throughout the Profounder Continent even if he’s the only one remaining in the entire sect!”

Madman Huang took a deep breath and said, “But me, you, and even more disciples of the sect will die!”

Ji Yanshi felt silent. Indeed, if we fight the Mink Emperor for Yang Ye, then it’ll be equivalent to the Divine Sword Sect having to face the formidable Spatial Mink Clan. Once war breaks out, then it wouldn’t be just a problem of death in the sect, the entire sect might even be eliminated from the central territory!The barrier between territories was effective against any clan and race, except the Spatial Mink Clan….

Yang Ye glanced at Madman Huang’s expression, and then he grinned as he gazed at the Mink Emperor and said, “Senior, you possess unfathomable ability, so can I ask two requests from Senior before I die? Don’t worry, both of them won’t trouble Senior!”

The Mink Emperor gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “Out of consideration for the fact that you saved Zi’er, speak of your requests!”

Yang Ye bowed to the Mink Emperor, and then he turned around to gaze towards the distance. That direction was the southern territory….

After a short while, the Mink Emperor glanced at Madman Huang and Ji Yanshi. Madman Huang understood the Mink Emperor’s intentions. He cupped his fists, glanced with a complicated expression at Yang Ye who had a slightly blanked gaze, and then his figure flashed and vanished with Ji Yanshi.

Once they left, the Mink Emperor waved his hand, and then an extremely enormous mirror appeared in space. He said, “This mirror is called the Space Mirror, and it can satisfy your first request!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Mink Emperor waved his hand once more. In an instant, the surface of the mirror suddenly started flickering, and then a scene gradually appeared on it….

The Flower Palace.

There was a cliff that one couldn’t see the bottom of at the rear mountains of the Flower Palace. The bottom of the cliff was extremely dark, and bone piercingly cold winds swept through it! The gusts of cold wind here were like sharp blades that even cut the air apart, and it caused the bottom of the cliff to be filled with sharp whistled from the air being torn apart!

There was a round platform at the center of this place, and a dense expanse of pitch black poles stood on the round platform. Countless women were tied to those poles. Some of these women were dead, and they’d died horribly because their faces had been cut by the cold wind to the point of being unrecognizable, and some had even been cut into countless pieces!

However, even more of them were still alive! However, these living women weren’t in much of a better state than those dead women….

The bottom of this cliff was the renowned Passionless Cliff of the Flower Palace, and the cold winds that sliced through the air here were called Coldbale Wind. The Coldbale Wind was especially utilized to punish the disciples of the Flower Palace who had violated the rules of the palace!

Suddenly, a middle aged woman appeared on the round platform. Terror instantly arose in the eyes of those women who were tied to the poles when they saw this woman! Because this middle aged woman was in-charge of Passionless Cliff. Of course, the most important reason was that this woman had a slightly twisted mental state!

This middle aged woman had once fallen in love with a man just like all of the women here. However, the man she fell for was a disloyal fellow that had only approached her for wealth and pleasure. After that, her mental state started to become twisted, and she couldn’t bear to see men and women of the world being in love. It was exactly because of this that the Flower Palace had assigned her to manage Passionless Cliff!

Because she would absolutely not hold back against these disciples who’d fallen in love!

When she noticed the terror in their eyes, the middle aged woman instantly revealed a cruel smile and said, “Tsk, tsk. Geniuses of the past, it’s time to ‘enjoy’! Come, enjoy it well!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the middle aged woman flipped her palm, and then a pitch black whip appeared in her hand!

When they saw this pitch black whip, the delicate figures of the women in the surroundings couldn’t help but tremble! Because this whip was called the Soulstrike Whip. As its name implied, it struck the soul! Most of the women being kept here were at the Spirit Realm or above, so with the strength of their physical bodies, it was utterly impossible to harm them with ordinary attacks!

So, the Flower Palace had specially created this Soulstrike Whip! Because no matter how painful physical pain was, it couldn’t even compare to a tenth to the pain that came from the soul!

As she gazed at their terrified expressions and trembling figures, the middle aged woman’s smile grew even brighter. She said, “All of you bitches brought this upon yourselves. You could have enjoyed luxury and status in the palace, but all of you just had to fall in love! Now, all of you can enjoy the torture from this damnable Coldbale Wind every single day and even suffer whippings three times a day! Don’t all of you think that you asked for this?”

As soon as she finished speaking, her hand moved, and a bang resounded as the whip in her hand transformed into a black shadow that swiftly descended onto a woman in front of her!

“AH!” A miserable and shrill cry instantly resounded! The woman’s face warped from pain, and her body even started to tremble violently!

The middle aged woman seemed to feel even more pleased with herself, and she raised the whip in her hand and waved it over and over again towards the woman….

After a short while, the woman fell unconscious, but her body was still trembling violently!

“Hmph! How weak!” The middle aged woman grunted coldly when she saw the other woman faint, and then she raised her arm with the intention of swinging her whip onto the woman once more!

Right at this moment, a woman tied to the pole on the left of that fainted woman suddenly said, “Leng Yu, she has already fainted. Is it necessary to act in this way? Be lenient when it’s possible. After all, we were once from the same sect!”

The hand of the woman called Leng Yu stopped in midair, and then she gazed at the women who spoke those words. A wisp of gloominess flashed in her eyes as she said, “Feng Yu, don’t even think that you can order me around just because someone within the sect is protecting you. Allow me to tell you that I’m in charge of everything within Passionless Cliff! Hmph! It looks to me like you haven’t had a taste of the Soulstrike Whip for a long time, right? I’ll let you taste it today!”

As she spoke, Leng Yu’s figure flashed while she suddenly swung the whip at Feng Yu, and the Soulstrike Whip actually left a string of black afterimages behind when it was swung with her full strength!


It struck forcefully onto Feng Yu’s body. Feng Yu instantly felt her soul shudder. The sharp pain that came from the depths of her soul caused Feng Yu’s brows to knit together tightly. Just like the woman from before, Feng Yu’s body couldn’t help but tremble violently. However, Feng Yu didn’t make a sound!”

“Hmph! You’re quite unyielding, huh?” Leng Yu grunted coldly, and then she raised the whip and swung it at Feng Yu….

In less than a quarter of an hour, Feng Yu’s entire body was covered in marks left behind by the whip. Moreover, while she hadn’t fallen unconscious, her countenance was extremely pale and without the slightest hint of red. Coupled with the countless marks of the whip on her body, Feng Yu seemed to be in an extremely horrifying state!

“Ye’er…. Yao’er….” Feng Yu slowly closed her eyes. At the moment before her eyes had closed completely, two names gradually had emerged from between her lips….

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