Chapter 312 – Mutating!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Ye’er? Yao’er? You’re still thinking about those two bastard children of yours?” Leng Yu laughed coldly and said, “A bitch will always be a bitch. Not only did you have a secret relationship and fell in love with a man, you even bore children for a man! Hmph! To tell you the truth, those two bastard children of yours are dead!”

“What!?” Suddenly, Feng Yu whose eyes had already closed had suddenly raised her head to gaze at Leng Yu, and she said, “No! It’s impossible! It’s absolutely impossible! The Sword Sect will protect them!”

“The Sword Sect?” Leng Yu laughed coldly and said, “Would that piece of trash sect that’s in decline dare to go against my Flower Palace? They could only hand over those two bastard children in the face of my Flower Palace’s request. Do you know how horrible their deaths were? Come, allow me to slowly describe it to you. We first castrated your son and allowed him to suffer the most painful torture in this world, and then we used the Soulstrike Whip to strike him to the point his soul dispersed. As for your daughter….”

“No!” Feng Yu closed her eyes in pain while two streams of clear tears flowed out of her eyes like torrents! The reason she was still alive was that she wanted to see Yang Ye and Yang Yao. Or perhaps, it could be said that she wanted to give Yang Ye motivation to fight. Because she was very clearly aware that one could only take control of one’s own fate by possessing strength! It could be said that if it wasn’t for these two reasons, then she should have died a long time ago!

After all, no one wanted to suffer the Coldbale Wind and Soulstrike Whip in Passionless Cliff for eternity!

“Yang Ning! Flower Palace! I won’t forgive you even in death!” Feng Yu raised her head and roared furiously. Her voice sounded as if it came from hell, and it was horrifying!


Leng Yu suddenly whipped Feng Yu’s face. In an instant, a bloody mark that was a few centimeters long had instantly appeared on Feng Yu’s face. However, this wasn’t the end because Leng Yu waved the whip once more, and it seemed like she was doing it on purpose because every single whip struck Feng Yu’s face. In next to no time, Feng Yu’s entire face was covered in red marks from the whip, and it seemed extremely hideous and horrifying!

“You won’t forgive the Flower Palace? You? The meridians in your body are already destroyed while your soul is about to disperse. You’re even worse than an ordinary commoner now. So, how would you do anything to my Flower Palace?” As she spoke, Leng Yu continued swinging the whip at Feng Yu! But she didn’t utilize her profound energy this time because the higher-ups had ordered that Feng Yu couldn’t die. Now, she was purely torturing Feng Yu’s body!


The Ancient Battlefield.

At the moment he saw Feng Yu being on the verge of death through the scene displayed by the mirror, Yang Ye was unable to suppress the ruthless killing intent in his heart anymore!

“AHHHH!!!!” Suddenly, a miserable and resounding howl of rage that carried heartrending pain resounded here!

Because he was in too much pain, Yang Ye’s entire face had warped severely while his eyes had become terrifyingly crimson red as if they were dyed with blood. His hands were clenched tightly to the point his nails sunk deep into his palm, and fresh blood flowed incessantly down his fingers!

“Flower Palace! Flower Palace! Flower Palace! Flower Palace! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Yang Ye whose eyes were crimson red and had a savage expression on his face had suddenly howled like a wild beast, and then a resounding sword howl suddenly erupted from a sword. After that, a trace of blood red shot into the sky as the little finger on his right hand shot into the air as well!

“I, Yang Ye, swear that I’ll suffer eternal damnation if I’m unable to completely annihilate all the disciples of the Flower Palace in my lifetime!” As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of peerlessly violent and ghastly Slaughter Intent suddenly surged explosively from Yang Ye’s body, and it was accompanied by his Sword Intent. The Slaughter Intent seemed to be boundless, and it raged in the surroundings along with Yang Ye’s Sword Intent!

These two Intents gradually mixed together, and they became indistinguishable from each other after a short while passed….

The expression of the Mink Emperor who was watching coldly from the side had suddenly changed as he said, “His Sword Intent has mutated! Slaughter Sword Intent! How could this be possible? How could the future Sword Emperor possess Slaughter Sword Intent?!”

Slaughter Sword Intent could be said to be a combination of Sword Intent and Slaughter Intent, and its might was countless times stronger than pure Sword Intent or Slaughter Intent! There was Sword Intent within Slaughter Intent, and there was Sword Intent within Slaughter Intent! However, it was very likely for Slaughter Sword Intent to corrode the mind of the one that had comprehended it, and it would cause that person to become a complete and utter machine of slaughter!

What was the Sword Emperor? The Sword Emperor was righteous and upright. All Sword Emperors definitely possessed an aura of righteousness. It didn’t mean that the Sword Emperors would definitely be good people, but it meant that those who became the Sword Emperor were usually not bloodthirsty individuals! Because the Sword Emperor’s sword was connected to the heart, so the Sword Emperor had to have a clear conscience if they killed! Moreover, if the Sword Emperor wasn’t able to maintain a clear conscience, then the mysterious ancient sheathe on Sword Emperor Mountain wouldn’t continue staying by the side of the Sword Emperor!

Slaughter Sword Intent didn’t represent bloodthirst as well. However, every single person in history who’d comprehended Slaughter Sword Intent was fond of killing! So, the Mink Emperor was extremely bewildered right now. He couldn’t figure out why Yang Ye who clearly possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart and was the Quasi Sword Emperor would undergo a mutation of Sword Intent and attain Slaughter Sword Intent!

Could it be that he isn’t the future Sword Emperor?

The Mink Emperor shook his head. All of this isn’t important anymore. He’ll be dying once I’ve completed his requests. So, it still wouldn’t make a difference even if he improves his Sword Intent to the perfect 10th level of Sword Intent right now!

After a short while, Yang Ye’s eyes were still crimson red, and his gaze was slightly blank as he suddenly said, “My final request is to head to a place!”

The Mink Emperor frowned as he gazed at Yang Ye who seemed as if he’d lost his soul, and then the Mink Emperor said, “Alright!”

Death Abyss.

The Mink Emperor and Yang Ye appeared at the bottom of Death Abyss. After they arrived here, the Mink Emperor swept the surroundings with his gaze, and then he frowned and said, “Where’s the person you wished to meet?”

“He’s just ahead!” Yang Ye pointed towards the cottage in the distance, and then he walked over slowly and bowed before he said, “Elder Mu, I can’t die yet!”


The door was opened slowly, and then an extremely old and hunched man walked out while supporting himself with a walking stick. The man’s aged appearance and weak body made it seem like just a gust of wind could blow him to the ground! However, it was precisely such an old man that caused the Mink Emperor’s expression to change!

Elder Mu glanced at the Mink Emperor before he gazed at Yang Ye, and then he sized up Yang Ye before he grinned. “Not bad. 6th level Sword Intent and the fifth rank of the King Realm. Such speed is truly shocking. Unfortunately, your Sword Intent has mutated, so you’ll be unable to inherit the mysterious ancient sheathe! However, it’s fine because Slaughter Sword Intent is the purest and sharpest amongst all types of Sword Intent. Coupled with the Enlightened Sword Heart that you possess… Haha! Would anyone be able to resist a single strike of your sword in the future?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu nodded to Yang Ye, and then he gazed at the Mink Emperor who had a solemn expression on his face. Elder Mu said, “Spatial Mink. Hah. Xiao Tianji once said — ‘the divine treasure emerges, the violet pupils appear. Chaos envelops the world, the Heavenpath will clear. All living beings prosper.’ I presume you’ve heard of these words!”

The Mink Emperor’s expression changed swiftly when he heard this, and then he gazed at Elder Mu and said in a low voice, “Who exactly are you? Why do you know of Xian Tianji’s prophecy from 10,000 years ago!?”

“I’m just someone that’s about to die!” Elder Mu shook his head and said, “Mink Emperor, I can’t stop you from killing him. But if you do kill him, then that prophecy will cease to exist. In other words, your Spatial Mink Clan will be buried along with all the living beings on Profounder Continent!”

“What do you mean by that!?” The Mink Emperor’s expression was slightly unsightly, and the space around him rippled!

Elder Mu raised his head slightly and gazed towards the sky in the distance. After that, he said softly, “Mink Emperor, do you know why no one has been able to overcome the Heavenpath after the Unfettered One cleared it all those years ago?”

The Mink Emperor stated in a low voice. “The Unfettered One was extremely formidable indeed!”

“He was formidable indeed!” Elder Mu smiled and said, “He crushed the entire Heavenpath with just a single sword in hand. Not to mention in the history of the past 10,000 years, even if it was in the history of the continent for a few ten thousand years, no one has been able to accomplish that. As for the future….”

When he spoke up to here, Elder Mu glanced at Yang Ye, and then he said, “There’s probably no one besides him who can accomplish that!”

The Mink Emperor glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Is that so?”

Elder Mu smiled and said, “Let’s speak about the Heavenpath! In the last 10,000 years after the Unfettered One passed through it, no one has been able to overcome it again. Besides the reason that the Unfettered One’s strength was too formidable, it’s also because the difficulty of the Heavenpath has been increasing after his departure! The people outside don’t want anyone here to leave again. Do you understand?”

“Who exactly are you!?” The Mink Emperor’s expression changed once more, and he said, “You actually know about the ‘people outside’. There are definitely less than a handful of people on Profounder Continent who are aware of this! Who exactly are you!?”

Elder Mu spoke indifferently as he gazed at the Mink Emperor. “The Undertaker!”

The Mink Emperor’s pupils constricted when he heard this. He gazed at Elder Mu for a short while, and then the Mink Emperor actually bowed slightly while Yang Ye watched with astonishment and bewilderment.

After he bowed to Elder Mu, the Mink Emperor said, “According to legend, regardless of whether one is a human, demon beast, or any other race, the corpses of all the experts who perish on the Heavenpath will be taken by a mysterious expert and given a proper burial so that their souls may rest in peace and attain reincarnation! I thought this was only a legend, but I never imagined that you really existed!”

Elder Mu smiled, and then he glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I originally intended to foster him into the next Undertaker, but I noticed that the continent wouldn’t be needing one in the future.”

The Mink Emperor fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “Indeed!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at Yang Ye, and then he said, “Since he’s your disciple, then I naturally can’t make a move against him! Farewell!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Mink Emperor bowed once more to Elder Mu, and then he vanished on the spot!

After the Mink Emperor left, Yang Ye said, “Elder Mu, what….” Yes, from the beginning until the end, Yang Ye was extremely dazed. The Mink Emperor and Elder Mu clearly didn’t know each other. However, the Mink Emperor was so courteous to Elder Mu, and it felt extremely unusual to Yang Ye!

“You want to ask why he was so courteous to me?” said Elder Mu with a smile on his face.

Yang Ye nodded.

“Because even someone as strong as he might need me to bury his corpse!” Elder Mu smiled and said, “The Heavenpath is also called the tomb of experts…. Haha, why am I tell you all of this now? Go on, return to the Ancient Battlefield. Your mother is fated to suffer this tribulation, and you still don’t have the ability to resolve this tribulation for her. Go work hard to become stronger, otherwise, your mother, you, your younger sister, and countless other people will all die….”

Yang Ye was just about to ask something when the world around him spun, and his consciousness started to become blurry!

When he regained his consciousness once more, he was already at the spot where he’d met the Mink Emperor in the beginning!

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