Chapter 313 – White Haired Woman!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye stood on the spot and glanced at his surroundings. At this moment, he was slightly lost. It wasn’t because of his path, and it was his heart instead!

Yang Ye’s lifetime desire was actually very simple. It was to be together with his family, allow his family to live comfortably, and live happily with his family forever! Attain the authority to control the world? Drinking while enjoying the company of beauties? Eternal life? Prestige? He’d never thought about all of that!

Yes, since the very beginning, he’d never sought for much. He merely wanted to live an ordinary life! However, this simple desire was undoubtedly as difficult as ascending the heavens to Yang Ye!

Fortunately, he’d understood all of this a very long time ago!

His heart was merely lost for a moment. After all, he only had a single choice now, and it was to use the sword in his hand and annihilate all who stood in his way to an ordinary life! As for how many people like this existed, it wasn’t important to him any longer!

Now, there were only two types of people in this world. Those who were dear to him, and those who were his enemies!

Those dear to him had to be protected, whereas, enemies naturally had to be annihilated. If the whole world was his enemy, then he would annihilate everyone in the world!

Of course, the precondition to this was that he possessed the strength to accomplish it!

Now, he had to work hard to gain strength because he could only protect and kill when he was strong. Otherwise, it would all be empty talk if he lacked strength!

After a moment of hesitation, Yang Ye didn’t choose to return to the southern territory right now. Even though he wished for nothing more than to annihilate every single member of the Flower Palace, he knew that if he really went there now, then not only would he be unable to rescue his mother, he would lose his life as well! The Flower Palace wasn’t an existence that he could go against right now!

Yang Ye glanced at the severed finger on his right hand, and then he took a deep breath and suppressed the surging and violent killing intent in his heart before his figure flashed. He flew swiftly towards the southwest because he intended to go look for the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

The Ninth Hell was also called the Nether God’s Tomb because the Nether God of the nether territory was buried here many years ago! A huge battle had once erupted in the Ancient Battlefield a few ten thousand years ago, and countless experts had fallen during that battle. The Nether God was one of these fallen experts! Boundless energy of death had seeped out from where the Nether God died, and an area of 500km in the surroundings was instantly transformed into an expanse of barren land. It had become the place that was called the Ninth Hell now!

Every single time the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was about to be opened, countless profounders would head to the Ninth Hell because it was the best place to cultivate besides the Hidden Dragon Pagoda itself! Not only was the cold wind here able to stimulate one’s profound energy, but it could also temper the physical body. Most importantly, there was a type of spirit within the Ninth Hell, and these spirits were born from the energy of death that came from the Nether God. Devouring these spirits strengthened the soul!

So, every single time the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was about to be opened, practically all the profounders from the nether territory would first cultivate at the Ninth Hell!

An expanse of pitch black earth that seemed as if it had been burned laid before Yang Ye’s eyes, and it was the same even until the limits of his vision.

It was clearly midday right now, but the sky above this expanse of pitch black earth was covered in dark clouds. These dark clouds seemed as if they possessed strange energy, and they were actually able to block the rays of sunlight from descending!

A strand of cold wind blew at Yang Ye’s face, and it instantly made him frown because the cold wind made him feel a wave of discomfort from his soul!

The wind didn’t target the body but the soul!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly. With a command in his heart, a strand of Sword Intent shot out and drove the cold wind away. At the same time, Yang Ye’s expression had become extremely solemn. Because if he was not wrong, then the cold wind should have probably been emanated by the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Since even the cold wind it emanates is so formidable, then exactly how terrifying is the thing itself?

I have to look for it no matter how terrifying it is! Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he executed his movement technique and flashed towards the distance. It was very simple if he wanted to find the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, he just had to follow the direction which led to stronger cold winds!

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped moving because a ball of green light floated in front of him! The ball of green light was around the size of an adult’s head, and it was completely pure green in color. Moreover, the energy contained within it caused Yang Ye’s heart to thump with desire! This desire had appeared for entirely no reason. It was merely because once he laid eyes on the ball of green light, Yang Ye had a feeling that it was beneficial to him!


Right at this moment, a strand of saber qi suddenly flashed into appearance and slashed the green ball of light. A light bang resounded as the ball of light was blasted apart, and then countless little green dots floated out from within it. After that, a white haired woman suddenly appeared where the green ball of light was, and then she opened her mouth and sucked all of those little green dots into her mouth!

The white haired woman took a deep breath while she revealed an intoxicated expression. After a little white, she seemed to have remembered that someone was beside her, and then she opened her eyes and gazed at Yang Ye. She said, “Is this your first time here?”

Yang Ye returned to his senses and gazed at the white haired woman. She was around 20 years of age and had an extremely beautiful appearance. Not only did her white hair not diminish the beauty she possessed, but it also added a strange and unusual type of beauty to her. A round and curved blade was hung in a slanted position on her waist. The curved blade was extremely thin and very short, and it was on par with some comparatively longer daggers. Yang Ye noticed that the white haired woman’s left hand had always been on the curved blade since she’d appeared here, and it had never left the blade!

Is this a habit, or is she on guard against me?

Yang Ye replied. “Indeed it is!”

The woman asked another question. “You came from Ancient Domain City?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I’ve already answered two of your questions, so can I ask you a question as well?”

“Go on!” The white haired woman glanced at Yang Ye and spoke sparingly.

“What was that?” asked Yang Ye.

“A soul!”

“A soul?” That was a soul?” asked Yang Ye with a frown on his face.

The white haired woman glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “That a second question!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

The woman asked once more. “You came from Ancient Domain City?”

Yang Ye nodded.

“There’s a person there called Yang Ye. Do you know him?” The woman’s words question was shocking.

Yang Ye was stunned. He glanced at the white haired woman in a serious man, and he confirmed that he didn’t know her! Could it be that my reputation is so great?

The white haired woman frowned slightly when she saw Yang Ye being stunned on the spot, and she repeated her question. “Do you know him?”

Yang Ye glanced at the woman with a strange expression, and then he nodded and said, “I do. Right, why are you looking for him?”

“To kill him!” said the white haired woman.

Yang Ye blurted out. “Why?”

At this moment, Yang Ye felt that he was suffering from injustice. After all, he absolutely didn’t know this woman, and he believed that she too didn’t know him at all. Otherwise, why would she be unable to recognize him while he stood in front of her? Since it was like then, then there was a problem. Why did the woman want to kill him?

The white haired woman glanced at Yang Ye, and then she didn’t say anything before she turned around and left!

Yang Ye was stunned when he witnessed this. Is she that cold and aloof?

He didn’t hesitate to hurriedly follow her. After all, he hadn’t gotten to the bottom of the matter!

Even though he wasn’t afraid of trouble, he didn’t want people looking for trouble with him for no reason! Moreover, it was an expert like this white haired woman who wanted to look for trouble with him. After all, the saber qi from the woman just now contained 5th level Saber Intent!

The white haired woman stopped, turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, and then said, “What’re you doing?”

Yang Ye was utterly stunned by this question, and he only returned to his senses after quite some time. He said, “Err, I want to ask why you intend to kill Yang Ye? Based on what you said earlier, both of you seem to not know each other? So, is there some sort of misunderstanding?”

The white haired woman shook her head and said, “If I don’t kill him, then I have to marry him. I don’t want to marry him, so I can only kill him!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was shocked to the point he almost leaped up with surprise, and then he said, “Marry him? Wh… wh… why?” At this moment, Yang Ye felt like his mind wasn’t capable of processing all of this.

“It’s because of my father!” The white haired woman said, “My father is usually right. But I really don’t want to marry him. Why don’t you return to Ancient Domain City and ask him not to participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings? Tell him to rush back to the southern territory and never come to Ancient Domain City again, alright?”

Yang Ye was even more dazed by this. He slapped himself on the head, and then he said, “Err, I understand a little now. You want to kill Yang Ye because your father wants you to marry Yang Ye? On the other hand, you don’t want to marry Yang Ye, so you want to kill him, right?”

The woman nodded.

“May I ask you why your father asked you to marry Yang Ye?” At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Because someone actually wanted their daughter to marry him! My god! Exactly which great lord is so king?

The white haired woman said, “I don’t have to marry Yang Ye actually. My father merely said that I have to marry the Sword Emperor of this generation. Yang Ye already possesses 5th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart, so….”

“But what if Yang Ye can’t become the Sword Emperor?” Yang Ye said, “Wouldn’t you have killed the wrong person? Wouldn’t you feel guilty for doing that?”

“But he possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart….”

“Possessing the Enlightened Sword Heart doesn’t mean that one will definitely become the Sword Emperor!” Yang Ye interrupted her and said, “Did your father say that the one who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart is the Sword Emperor? He probably didn’t, right? Besides that, if a person who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart would definitely be able to become the Sword Emperor, then your father would have directly told you to marry Yang Ye and not the Sword Emperor, right?”

The white haired woman frowned lightly as she thought….

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Right, may I ask who your father is?”

The white haired woman suddenly gazed at Yang Ye when she heard this, and then Saber Intent surged out from her entire body. However, the Saber Intent suddenly surged back into her body when it was about to arrive in front of Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s expression changed once more when he witnessed this scene! Because he was unable to accomplish that!

Who exactly is this woman who seems slightly slow-witted?

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