Chapter 315 – 7th Level Saber Intent!

Almighty Sword Domain

Peak 6th level Saber Intent!

These words caused Bai Feng’s expression to become unsightly. After all, he was already considered an extraordinary genius in the Saber Dao, yet he merely possessed 5th level Saber Intent! On the other hand, she was already at the peak of the 6th level Saber Intent a year ago. This was truly a slap to the face for him!

“As expected of the Quasi Saber Exalt!” Bloodless Death suddenly spoke in a low voice. “I originally didn’t intend to become enemies with you. Unfortunately, I’m unable to refuse the compensation they provided. So, you should just die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bloodless Death suddenly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, he’d appeared in front of Xiao Yuxi. However, right at this moment, a cold glow flashed.


Bloodless Death’s figure returned to where he stood just now, and the only difference was that a faint blood red mark had appeared on his neck!

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed once more when they noticed this scene! Especially Bai Feng because that casual attack from Xiao Yuxi was actually faster than his quickest attack!

Xiao Yuxi gazed at the siblings from the Mo Clan, and then she pointed at Yang Ye and said, “This enmity is between our clans, and it’s unrelated to him. So, can you let him leave?”

“No!” It was Bai Feng who spoke these words. Bai Feng revealed a gloomy expression as he said, “Everyone, if the news that the five of us had joined forces against a woman were to spread, then how would we continue living in the continent? So, this kid must die!”

“Indeed!” Eccentric Du agreed. “This fellow can’t leave with his life. Otherwise, if the Mo Clan were to find out, then we’ll probably have to spend the rest of our lives facing endless pursuit!”

Bloodless death didn’t say anything, and he just gazed at Yang Ye.

Xiao Yuxi frowned, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Sorry for dragging you into this. Just flee if you have the chance! You have a good chance of fleeing with that profound technique of sword control that you possess!”

Yang Ye asked with an astounded expression. “You intend to fight all five of them on your own?”

Every single one of them was at the peak of the King Realm. Moreover, they were existences who could surmount their realms of cultivation to do battle. Yet this woman actually wanted to fight all five of them by herself? Not even someone with 6th level Saber Intent could act so recklessly!

“How can those who use the saber shrink back from battle?” said Xiao Yuxi as her brows raised.

Yang Ye was filled with great respect for her and said, “Even though I don’t agree with your actions, I have no choice but to admit that your actions are worthy of my respect.”

When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye turned to gaze at Mo Kuang and said, “It was you who attacked with those three needles just now, right?”

“So what if it was?” Mo Kuang spoke with a ferocious voice. “Kid, could it be that you want to kill me?”

“Indeed!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “I, with a strength at the fifth rank of the King Realm, challenge you to a one on one battle. Do you dare to accept it?”

Everyone was stunned by this!

Mo Kuang recovered from his shock, and then he roared with laughter. He laughed for a while before he said, “You want a one on one battle with me? A piece of trash at the fifth rank of the King Realm is challenging me to a one on one battle? Kid, are you even worthy of it?”

“Just tell me if you dare or don’t!” said Yang Ye in an indifferent tone.

A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed in Mo Kuang’s eyes. Right when he was about to make a move, the gorgeous woman by his side had suddenly stepped forward, and she said, “Big Brother, there’s no need for you to act against a mere fifth rank King Realm profounder!”

As she spoke, her figure instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye, and then she didn’t attack but started dancing instead….

The woman wore very revealing clothes, and she merely wore a few layers of thin lace that covered a few important parts of her body. Actually, the lace could be said to be nonexistent because it was transparent. To a certain extent, it was equivalent to her being without any clothes…. The woman had an extremely good figure. She had a voluptuous chest and a plump behind. Coupled with the faint seduction that she exuded, it simply caused one’s blood to burn!

The woman’s dance was extremely hot, and she even performed some extremely stirring moves as she danced. It caused the blood of all the men in the surroundings to burn!

Of course, this wasn’t a simple dance!

At the moment that the woman had started to dance, the scene before Yang Ye’s eyes had changed. There was a luxurious hall with naked beauties…. They were singing and chatting happily in a mess of booze and sweat….

The Heavenly Demon Dance!

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings had turned solemn when they witnessed this dance. Because this dance had once caused a Monarch Realm expert to fall into an illusion and become trapped within it! A Monarch Realm expert! How could one who was able to become a Monarch Realm expert possess a weak will and mind? However, such a figure had lost himself to the Heavenly Demon Dance!

It could be said that so long as one possessed desire, then it was practically impossible to resist the Heavenly Demon Dance! Of course, no matter how formidable a cultivation technique was, it was useless if it was executed by a weakling! So, the strength of the dance depended on the dancer.

Mo Kuang was very relaxed because he hadn’t seen anyone in the same realm of cultivation being able to resist this dance of his younger sister’s!

Xiao Yuxi had recognized the origins of this dance as well, and she couldn’t help but frown when she noticed Yang Ye’s eyes seemed to show that he was gradually losing himself in the dance.


Right when she intended to act, a strand of light suddenly flashed, and then the gorgeous woman’s head flew into the sky while leaving a string of fresh blood behind it!

Everyone was dumbstruck by this scene!

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the gorgeous woman’s head that had its eyes opened wide. Because the woman really didn’t know what was good for her! She’d actually utilized an illusion technique in front of him. How could an illusion affect him when he possessed 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart? At the very least, this woman wasn’t capable of affecting him!

Xiao Yuxi took a deep glance at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye waved the sword in his hand, and then he gazed at Mo Kuang and said, “My offer from before still stands. So how about we fight one on one?”

“Mo Yu!” Mo Kuang suddenly roared furiously like a wild beast, and he instantly howled angrily when he heard Yang Ye. “You killed my little sister! AHHH! I’ll kill your entire family!” As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Kuang’s figure flashed explosively towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s gaze turned completely icy cold. The thing he hated the most was others threatening his family! So, Mo Kuang had to die today!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to draw his sword and slash! A strand of golden sword qi shot forward explosively, and it was swift like a bolt of lightning!

5th level Sword Intent!

Bai Feng’s expression changed violently. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that this profounder who was merely at the fifth rank of the King Realm would have actually comprehended 5th level Sword Intent!

On the other hand, Xiao Yuxi’s eyes drooped, and no one knew what she was thinking.

When he saw this attack, Mo Kuang who’d just arrived in front of Yang Ye was astounded in his heart. He hurriedly stopped his figure, and then he let out a fierce shout as he smashed his palm towards Yang Ye’s golden sword qi!


An enormous bang resounded. After that, the expressions of Bai Feng, Bloodless Death, and Eccentric Du had changed! Because a hole had suddenly appeared on Mo Kuang’s left chest!

“Who exactly are you!?” Mo Kuang gazed at Yang Ye while he spoke in a low voice.

“Guess it yourself!” Yang Ye chuckled lightly as he spoke. It caused Mo Kuang’s expression to turn savage, and he was almost unable to restrain himself from attacking Yang Ye.

“According to rumor, a Quasi Sword Emperor has appeared in the southern territory. He has comprehended 5th level Sword Intent before the age of 20 and even possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart….” Meanwhile, Bloodless Death suddenly said, “I presume you’re that Quasi Sword Emperor? Mo Yu tried to utilize an illusion technique like the Heavenly Demon Dance in front of you who possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart…. Haha! She probably can’t rest in her grave!”

“You’re Yang Ye!?” said Mo Kuang with an astonished tone.

Yang Ye glanced at all of them, and then he said, “Actually, I really dislike trouble, and I really didn’t want to interfere in the enmity of others. However, it can’t be helped. This fellow, Mo Kuang, launched a lethal attack against me without even saying a single word, whereas, all of you wanted to kill me to keep me silent. Since it’s like that, then I have no choice to but kill all of you!”

“How arrogant!” Bai Feng said coldly, “Yang Ye, who do you think you are? You’re just a trash sword cultivator from a savage area. Do you really think you’re invincible? Which one of us can’t surmount a realm of cultivation to do battle? Yet you intend to surmount ranks of cultivation to kill us? You’re really dreaming!”

Eccentric Du snickered. “Tsk, tsk. The Quasi Sword Emperor and Quasi Saber Exalt. They’re actually together! Tsk, tsk. Once I kill the two of you, I’ll definitely be renowned throughout the continent! Haha!!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “Let’s deal with the matter between us later. Let’s join forces for now, alright?”

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she said, “Alright!”

“Attack together!” Meanwhile, Mo Kuang gave the order.

“Alas!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly sighed and said, “I asked all of you to fight me one on one, yet you refused and insist on a group battle. Since it’s like that, then I won’t hold back! Come out here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 7 Darkbeasts instantly appeared here.


The Darkbeasts howled in unison, and they revealed a ferocious glow in their eyes as they gazed at Mo Kuang and the others. They were intolerably hungry for blood!

When they witnessed this scene, it wasn’t just Mo Kuang and the others who were shocked, even Xiao Yuxi was shocked by it.

“Kill!” Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to give the order.

As soon as he finished speaking, the 7 peak King Rank Darkbeasts didn’t hesitate to pounce at Mo Kuang and the others.

“Haha! I, Eccentric Du, won’t be accompanying all of you. Haha!” Suddenly, Eccentric Du roared with laughter, and then his figure flashed towards the distance.

When he heard this, Mo Kuang was angered to the point of almost spitting blood. However, right at this moment, Bai Feng suddenly said, “Brother Mo, I’m powerless to help you in this matter. I’ll be leaving first, and I’ll apologize to Brother Mo on another day!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bai Feng’s figure flashed towards the distance!

Mo Kuang’s expression became unsightly, and then he looked towards Bloodless Death who was the only one left. “You’re leaving as well!?”

Bloodless death nodded, and then his figure flashed and vanished mysteriously on the spot.

Yang Ye didn’t pursue them because he wasn’t able to catch up to them. With the strengths they possessed, they could still escape even if they couldn’t defeat him.

The 7 Darkbeasts encircled Mo Kuang under Yang Ye’s command, so it could be said that it was impossible for Mo Kuang to flee now!

“HAHAHA!!” Mo Kuang suddenly started roaring with laughter, and then he gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “If I were you, I would pursue Eccentric Du right now! You’re probably still unaware of it, right? He scattered Soulenchant Powder in the air as soon as he made an appearance just now. Maiden Xiao, you’ve probably heard of Soulenchant Powder, right!? Haha!”

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed when she heard Mo Kuang, and then she closed her eyes slightly. After a short moment, her eyes suddenly opened, and a strand of ghastly killing intent that was seemingly material had appeared in her eyes.

She drew her saber and slashed, and a snow white strand of saber qi tore through space and instantly arrived in front of Mo Kuang before it pierced through his chest!

Yang Ye’s expression changed violently!

Mo Kuang spoke softly with disbelief before he died. “7th level Saber Intent….”

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