Chapter 316 – I’m With You!

Almighty Sword Domain

After she instantly annihilated Mo Kuang with a single strike of her saber, Xiao Yuxi’s figure flashed and transformed into a white shadow that shot explosively towards the direction Eccentric Du had fled towards! Her speed was swift like a bolt of lightning, and strands of sharp whistles even resounded wherever she passed!

Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and the spatial rings on Mo Kuang and Mo Yu’s hands flew into his palm. After that, his figure flashed and pursued Xiao Yuxi! Because he’d noticed that her expression was very unusual when she left, and when he associated it with what Mo Kuang had just said, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to pursue her swiftly.

Even though he didn’t know what sort of poison Soulenchant powder was, since it was able to make Xiao Yuxi become so anxious, then it was definitely not an ordinary poison. Both Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi might have been poison, so it would be too late if they didn’t chase Eccentric Du down right now and obtained the antidote from him! Even though he didn’t notice any discomfort in his body, he didn’t dare to be careless!

Yang Ye’s speed could be said to be extremely swift when he flew on a sword, and he quickly caught up with Xiao Yuxi. However, his expression changed once more when he did!

Because Eccentric Du was letting out heartrending shrill cries in front of Xiao Yuxi. At this moment, his limbs had been chopped off, and Xiao Yuxi was still swinging her saber at Eccentric Du. Every single wave of her curved saber caused a thread of blood to spray from Eccentric Du’s body, and in less than a few breaths of time, there were a few thousand scars that were fine like hairs on Eccentric Du’s body!

Yang Ye glanced at Xiao Yuxi, and he was shocked in his heart. He hadn’t imagined that this woman wasn't inferior to him at all when it came to acting ruthlessly!

Xiao Yuxi’s hand stopped for a moment. She gazed at Eccentric Du who even had scars covering his entire face, and then she said in a low voice, “The antidote!”

“There is no antidote! Bitch! Kill me if you can! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Eccentric Due roared and howled. He’d heard of people being cut and hacked to death, but he’d never witnessed it in the past. Now, he’d experienced it firsthand!

A strand of cold light flashed!

Eccentric Du’s eyes instantly turned crimson red….

“AHH!!” Eccentric Du instantly let out a hysterical and shrill cry when his eyes were blinded by her, and then he howled. “Bitch! Bitch!! Kill me if you can! Kill me!!”

A strand of cold light flashed in Xiao Yuxi’s eyes, and then Eccentric Du’s ears instantly few off from his face.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched when he witnessed this scene. What a decisive woman!

A heartrending and shrill cry resounded from Eccentric Du again, and he shouted for a while before he suddenly said, “Soulenchant Powder is created from a mixture of a few thousands of aphrodisiacs and over a hundred strong spirit herbs. It’s utterly impossible to cure without the exchange of Yin and Yang with someone from the other gender! Haha! Maiden Xiao, you’re pure and cold as ice, so you’ve probably not done it with a man, right? Haha! You’ll get to experience a man today! Haha!!”


Eccentric Du’s head flew up into the air while a strand of blood sprayed behind it!

After she killed Eccentric Du, Xiao Yuxi closed her eyes slightly while the profound energy within her body surged violently, and then strands of extremely fierce and sharp Saber Intent surged explosively and incessantly from within her body!

Yang Ye frowned when he witnessed this scene. Earlier, his attention was drawn by the miserable state Eccentric Du was in, so he hadn’t paid any attention to Xiao Yuxi. Now, when he noticed how she looked, he finally realized that she was in a bad state! Because her face was completely red as if it was on the verge of bursting into flames, and her delicate figure had actually started to tremble lightly!

“What’s wrong?” asked Yang Ye.

Xiao Yuxi swiftly opened her eyes upon hearing this, and then she gazed at Yang Ye for a while before she said, “You’re fine?”

“What do you mean?” Yang Ye was slightly dazed.

“Why haven’t you been poisoned!” said Xiao Yuxi in a low voice.

Yang Ye instantly came to a sudden realization. Right, why am I not poisoned? Why am I fine? In next to no time, Yang Ye thought of a possibility, and it was the tiny vortex! Because he was truly unable to think of any other possibilities besides the tiny vortex!

Right at this moment, Xiao Yuxi suddenly said, “Leave!”

Yang Ye recalled what Eccentric Du had said earlier, and then he glanced at her before he sighed lightly. After that, the turned around and flashed towards the distance, and it wasn’t long before he vanished from her field of vision! It wasn’t that he was cold-blooded, and it was instead because Xiao Yuxi had aroused killing intent towards him. So, if he continued staying here, then she would definitely disregard everything in an effort to kill him!

Yang Ye refused to do something that was arduous but thankless!

The last trace of clarity in Xiao Yuxi’s eyes vanished when she saw Yang Ye leave, and then the curved blade in her hand suddenly escaped her grasp and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards her neck….

She was just that resolute!


In a concealed cave, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled as he gazed at Xiao Yuxi, and then he said in a low voice. “I never expected that I, Yang Ye, would be the good guy one day!”

He’d naturally not left just now because he had a good impression of Xiao Yuxi! It would be fine if he didn’t have the ability to rescue her, but it just so happened that he did!

As always, it was better to have another friend than another enemy! Especially when it was in the Ancient Battlefield and under the circumstances where numerous people were hostile towards him! So, having another expert as a friend was especially important to him!

Of course, the precondition was that he had a good impression of the person! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have saved her and would have taken advantage of the situation instead!

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he walked slowly over to Xiao Yuxi, and he felt his breath being taken away as he gazed at her face that revealed an expression of pain. Only when he gazed carefully at her did he notice that Xiao Yuxi’s appearance was actually not inferior to Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue! She had perfect and exquisite features, and when it was coupled with her snow white hair, she exuded a form of unique beauty. Yang Ye couldn’t deny that she was extremely attractive!

Yang Ye suppressed the emotions in his heart before he slowly placed his palm onto her stomach, and then the profound energy within his body surged before threads of golden profound energy flowed slowly into Xiao Yuxi’s body….

Two hours later, Xiao Yuxi opened her eyes slowly. She was first stunned, and then she stood up and hurriedly looked at herself. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that her clothes were intact, and then she gazed at Yang Ye who was sitting cross-legged on the ground and said, “You saved me?”

Yang Ye smiled. “Who else could it have been?”

“Thank you!” Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she hesitated for a moment and asked. “How did you save me?”

“It’s a secret!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “It’s a secret technique of mine that I can’t tell you about! In any case, you’re fine now and no one took advantage of you. Isn’t that the most important?”

Xiao Yuxi nodded, and then she walked over to Yang Ye and sat down cross-legged in front of him before she started staring at him. This caused Yang Ye to feel uncomfortable, and he said, “What’re you looking at me for? Is there something on my face?”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head and said, “No, I just want to see exactly what sort of person the man that my father wants me to marry is. Even though your appearance isn’t really great, your character isn’t bad because you didn’t take advantage of the situation!”

What does she mean by my appearance isn’t really great!? Yang Ye rolled his eyes. Can’t this fellow be a little tactful?

Yang Ye said, “You keep speaking about your father. I’m really curious about who exactly your father is? Why does he want you to marry the Sword Emperor? Right, allow me to state in advance, someone said that it’s absolutely impossible for me to be the Sword Emperor. So, it’s absolutely impossible for me to be the person who you have to marry!”

“You’ve already attained 6th level Sword Intent right?” asked Xiao Yuxi.

Yang Ye didn’t conceal it from her and nodded.

She asked another question. “Moreover, you possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, right?”

Yang Ye nodded once more.

“Then it’s right!” Xiao Yuxi said, “Even though the Sword Intent of some of the sword cultivators I know are superior to you, they don’t possess the Enlightened Sword Heart. So, you’re definitely the Sword Emperor of the present age! As for who my father is…. I’m sorry but I can’t tell you. Because obtaining such knowledge might be harmful to you!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he released a strand of Slaughter Sword Intent. When she noticed the strand of Slaughter Sword Intent, Xiao Yuxi frowned while a wisp of bewilderment flashed in her eyes. She said with a puzzled expression, “How could this be possible? You’ve attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, yet you possess Slaughter Sword Intent. What exactly is going on?”

“What else?” Yang Ye said, “This proves that I’m not the Sword Emperor of the present age. So, don’t kill me, alright?”

“Others will kill you even if I don’t!” Xiao Yuxi said, “At this moment, the Mo Clan is probably already aware that we killed that pair of siblings from the Mo Clan, and they’ve probably dispatched experts to the Ancient Battlefield!”

“So be it!” Yang Ye didn’t mind at all, and he said, “So long as it isn’t an Exalt Realm expert, then do we have to be afraid?”

She suddenly asked. “What do you think of my strength?”

Yang Ye thought for a moment before he said with a serious expression, “It’s very strong. You’re the strongest I’ve seen besides Hun You and Mo Ke!”

“The experts they dispatch will definitely be stronger than me!” Xiao Yuxi said, “The resources and reserves of a Hidden Clan isn’t something that you can imagine!”

“A Hidden Clan?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “What’s that? Is it stronger than a Ninth Rank Sect?”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head slightly and said, “They can’t be said to be stronger than a Ninth Rank Sect, but they can’t be said to be weaker as well! You’ve heard about the strength of bloodlines, right?”

Yang Ye nodded. He’d naturally heard of it because the little fellow possessed it!

“Hidden Clans are clans that possess the bloodline of a Saint Realm expert!” Xiao Yuxi said in a heavy voice, “The bloodline of all experts who attain the Saint Realm would undergo a transformation, and it would possess a special ability that’s mysterious and unfathomable. Moreover, their descendants would be able to cultivate much faster than ordinary people. If both possessed the same level of natural talent, then those with such bloodlines would be able to spend a month to obtain what the other would take a year to accomplish!”

“Then why were they so weak?” Yang Ye was puzzled. “Look, I instantly annihilated her with a single strike of my sword while you did the same to Mo Kuang. Their bloodline doesn’t seem to be very strong!”

Xiao Yuxi’s eyelids twitched, and then she said, “They were careless, and they weren’t direct line descendants of the Mo Clan. So, the bloodline they possessed wasn’t pure. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been to the extent that they hadn’t even comprehended their Innate Divine Ability!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Tell me how strong the person they dispatch will be so that I can mentally prepare myself!”

“You don’t have to worry because I’ll be with you!” Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye and spoke softly.

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot.

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