Chapter 317 – Slaughter Until The End!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xiao Yuxi seemed to realize that her words could be interpreted in a different manner, and she instantly revealed a slightly uncomfortable expression before she turned her head to the side. After a short while and right when the atmosphere between them was slightly embarrassing, she said, “It’s very likely for the Mo Clan to dispatch Mo Qingyu. You absolutely must not fight her if you encounter her while you’re by yourself. She’s extremely strong!”

“Even stronger than you?” asked Yang Ye.

Xiao Yuxi shook her head and said, “I don’t know, I’ve only fought her once, and both of us didn’t go all out during that battle. So, even I don’t know how strong she is! Right, she uses the sword as well, and she attained the peak of the 7th level of Sword Intent last year! Moreover, she has comprehended Wind Intent as well, and both her movement technique and the speed of her sword are extremely terrifying!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. At this moment, he finally understood what the words ‘there’s always someone stronger’ meant! Before this, he’d felt that his natural talent in the Sword Dao was already sufficiently monstrous, but only now did he realize that he was looking up at the world from within a well!

When she saw the expression on Yang Ye’s face, Xiao Yuxi thought that he’d suffered a blow to his confidence, and she hesitated for a moment before she said in a light voice. “There’s no need to underestimate your own ability. Even though the level of your Sword Intent isn’t as high as hers, you possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart. Just that alone allows you to stand at an invincible position amongst your peers!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he said, “Let’s not talk about that. Right, why were those siblings from the Mo Clan trying to kill you?” Even though he’d offended a formidable enemy, Yang Ye wasn’t afraid at all. 7th level Sword Intent? Not only was he unafraid, but he was also slightly itching to fight her instead!

Because he would definitely obtain a huge amount of comprehension if he fought a genius in the Sword Dao!

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she said, “Telling you would only bring harm to you!”

“Then don’t tell me!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “Alright, now I need to ask you about something. Do you know where the Ninth Hell Cold Gale is?”

After he witnessed the situation that his mother was in, Yang Ye urgently desired to become strong! Now, he finally understood this principle of possessing strength was equivalent to possessing everything! Now, he only wanted to become strong!

Xiao Yuxi frowned and said, “How do you know about that!?”

Yang Ye said, “I naturally have my own methods. Just tell me if you know about it or not!”

Xiao Yuxi fell silent for a while before she said, “It should be within the Nether God’s Tomb because all the cold wind comes from within the tomb!”

When she spoke up to here, she gazed at Yang Ye and said with a serious expression, “You wouldn’t be thinking of obtaining it, right?”

Yang Ye didn’t conceal his intentions from her, and he nodded and said, “I need it!”

Xiao Yuxi said solemnly, “You will die! The Ninth Hell Cold Gale is a Natural Treasure of extreme Yin and cold properties. Not only is it lethally harmful to the body, it even strikes the soul! It’s utterly impossible for you to subdue it! No, it should be said that you’re utterly unable to approach it at all!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “I have to give it a try or I’ll never be satisfied!”

Xiao Yuxi frowned as she asked. “You wont back down no matter what?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Xiao Yuxi, “Then we’ll go together!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said with a puzzled expression, “Why?”

“Because you don’t know the way to the Nether God’s Tomb!” She glanced at Yang Ye, and then she stood up and walked slowly out of the cave.

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot. What sort of reason is that?

After that, he shook his head and smiled before he flashed off to follow her.

As soon as they left the cave, Yang Ye was stunned once more because almost 100 human profounders had gathered outside the cave! It wasn’t just them, there were over 30 youths from the devil race as well. Moreover, there were a few dozes corpses on the ground as well. There were some corpses of youths from the devil race amongst them, but most were human!

The expressions of those youths from the devil race had instantly changed upon noticing Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi. They didn’t know Xiao Yuxi, but they knew Yang Ye! He was someone that could fight their big brother! Even though they looked down upon humans, even proud fellows like them had no choice but to admit that they were absolutely not a match for Yang Ye!

On the other hand, the human profounders were delighted because the youths from the devil race were nothing to be feared with Yang Ye here!

Yang Ye asked Xiao Yuxi. “What’s going on?”

Xiao Yuxi glanced at the group of human profounders before she said, “They are probably fighting for the souls here!”

“Oh,” said Yang Ye. “Let’s go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the side. Help the human profounders? What a joke! Yang Ye wasn’t that kind because their fate wasn’t related to him at all! Moreover, he hadn’t forgotten how they’d acted at Ancient Domain City that day!

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she didn’t say a thing and just followed him.

Yang Ye was slightly surprised when he sensed that she’d followed him. Because based on her character, it was very likely that she would lend a hand to save those human profounders. But it just so happened that she’d listened to him and follow him. What exactly is going on with her? Yang Ye was puzzled!

When they saw Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi leave just like that, the group from the devil race and human race were both stunned. They’re leaving just like that?

“Brother Yang, wait!” The human profounders were instantly anxious when they saw Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi were going further and further away, and a human profounder hurriedly stepped forward and called out to Yang Ye. “Brother Yang, I’m an elite disciple from a Fourth Rank Sect of the eastern territory, the Heaven’s Courtyard Sect’s Ling Feng. I formed a group with some friends with the intention of training at the Ninth Hell, yet I never expected that….”

The man called Ling Feng was speaking halfway when Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving, and then he turned around and interrupted Ling Feng. “You want me to help all of you, right?”

Ling Feng was stunned, and then he was delighted and said, “Indeed. Of course, we won’t make Brother Yang help for nothing, and we’ll provide satisfactory compensation after the deed is done!”

“Oh?” Yang Ye’s brows raised as he chuckled. “What compensation?”

Ling Feng and the others behind him revealed delighted expressions when they noticed that Yang Ye was interested, and then Ling Feng hesitated before he said, “10 mid-grade Talismans and 1,000 energy stones, alright?”

The group behind Ling Feng was instantly displeased when they heard him. A thousand energy stones weren’t a big deal because they could easily accumulate it collectively. However, 10 mid-grade talismans were something that they weren’t willing to give up. After all, even though they were disciples of large sects and clans, 10 mid-grade talismans were still extremely precious to them! So, it naturally was painful to them if they had to jointly produce such an amount of mid-grade talismans!

10 mid-grade talismans and a thousand energy stones…. Are they trying to make a beggar go away? Yang Ye was slightly speechless, and he was just about to speak when a man stood forward and spoke with a displeased tone. “Yang Ye, we’re all humans, so we should be united. Are you not ashamed to ask for compensation to save others?”

“Exactly. We’re all humans! Yang Ye, help us out and we’ll help you in the future!”

“Haha! Brother Yang, let’s drink until we drop in the Sleepless Restaurant of Ancient Domain City once the matter here is dealt with. Alright?”

“It’s settled. We’ll drink until we drop once these bastards from the devil race are dealt with. Haha!”

The youths of the devil race revealed unsightly expressions when they heard these human profounders. Earlier, these humans had been extremely cautious before them, but now, the humans seemed to be very pleased with themselves as if all of them from the devil territory would definitely perish! If they weren’t worried about Yang Ye who stood at the side, they would have attacked by now!

Xiao Yuxi glanced at them, and then she remained silent. Even though she didn’t say anything, but a wisp of disdain flashed in her eyes.

Yang Ye was speechless. Yes, he was utterly speechless. He hadn’t expected that there were so numerous shameless fellows amongst the human race. Do these fellows take me to be an idiot or are they idiots?

Yang Ye glanced at them before he gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “Let’s go!”

He’d originally intended to kill these youths from the devil race. After all, he didn’t have a good impression of them, and killing them would allow him to leave a good impression in the hearts of these human profounders. However, he decisively abandoned this thought when he heard those human profounders. No, it should be said that he wanted to kill these human profounders as well!

However, Yang Ye didn’t do it in the end because it was better to let them fight amongst themselves!

When he saw Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi leave once more, a wisp of a gloomy expression flashed in Ling Feng’s eyes, and then he gazed at the members of the devil race and said, “Once we fight to the point both our groups are injured, those souls will definitely be seized by Yang Ye. Let’s join forces to deal with him before we fight amongst ourselves. What do you think?”

The members of the devil race were instantly tempted by this. Because when compared to these human profounders, they were much more afraid of Yang Ye! After all, if Yang Ye did make an appearance after they fought to the point both their groups were heavily injured, then they would probably perish!

So, when he thought up to here, the youth in the lead of the group from the devil territory nodded and said, “Alright!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi stopped moving, and then they turned around.

Yang Ye glanced at the human profounders and the youths from the devil territory who had joined forces, and then he said, “Needless to say, I, Yang Ye, am really unlucky. Lending a hand would cause me trouble, but not lending a hand would cause me trouble as well. Motherfuckers! Do you think you can bully me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot, and then he instantly arrived in front of Ling Feng before he drew his sword and slashed!

Everyone here was stunned when they saw Yang Ye attack abruptly. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack while facing so many people!

Ling Feng was instantly horrified when Yang Ye arrived in front of him. Because Yang Ye’s speed was truly too swift. It was swift to the point that he wasn’t even able to see Yang Ye’s figure clearly.

Right when Ling Feng was about to turn around and flee, he suddenly felt coldness come from his neck. After that…. There was nothing after that because his head had flown into the sky….

After he killed Ling Feng, Yang Ye didn’t hold back, and he shot explosively into the group of human profounders before his 5th level Sword Intent surged out as his sword danced about swiftly!

Since he intended to kill them, then he intended to slaughter them until the end and leave no survivors!

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