Chapter 319 – How Did You Save Me?

Almighty Sword Domain

“You really talk too much!” The woman in a green dress shook her head, and then she waved her right hand. In an instant, an enormous green energy sword instantly appeared beneath her feet, and then her fingers moved slightly before the green energy sword instantly shot into the sky.

In less than a breath of time, she vanished from Ancient Domain City….

As soon as the woman vanished, a white haired old man had suddenly appeared where she stood just now. He glanced at the young man who had died with everlasting regret before a wisp of a solemn expression flashed in the old man’s eyes. He said, “Peak 7th level Sword Intent, controlling the sword with the heart, Wind Intent…. As expected of the most monstrous genius of the Mo Clan! Alas, the Hidden Dragon Rankings is going to be interesting!”


After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye felt that his head was extremely heavy, and it felt like his head was filled with lead. After another period of time, Yang Ye shook his head with all his strength, and then he opened his eyes slowly. The scene before his eyes was completely pitch black darkness. There wasn’t even a trace of light here, and the surroundings were deathly silent!

Yang Ye frowned. He tried to circulate the profound energy in his body, but he noticed that his body was completely empty and devoid of even a trace of profound energy!

Yang Ye laid on the spot and remained silent for a while as he tried hard to recall what had happened before he lost consciousness. After a long time, Yang Ye finally recalled what had happened.

Who exactly saved me? Yang Ye muttered in his heart, and then he shouted loudly. “Miss Xiao, is it you?”

The surroundings were still deathly silent and without any sound at all!

After pondering deeply for a moment, Yang Ye stood up. However, he’d just stood up when he felt a weak feeling from his legs, and then he fell right back to the ground.

Right when he was about to hit the ground, a wave of refreshing fragrance assaulted his nose before a pair of hands had held his waist!


A light bang resounded as a strand of light from a fire appeared within Yang Ye’s field of vision, and then the light gradually spread to the point he was able to see where he was!

At this moment, he was in a cave, and it was Xiao Yuxi who was supporting him up.

Xiao Yuxi withdrew her hands after she helped Yang Ye up, and then she moved her gaze away and fell silent once more.

“You were the one who saved me?” Yang Ye was the first to break the silence.

Xiao Yuxi didn’t answer him, and it caused Yang Ye to be in a slightly embarrassing position!

“How did you save me? I remember that I seem to have been inflicted with….”

Xiao Yuxi’s face suddenly turned red, and then she glared at Yang Ye and said, “You saved me once, so I’ve saved you once as well. We don’t owe each other anything! Don’t ask about anything else. I’ll kill you if you ask about it again!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for what to say.

“What exactly happened to you just now?” Xiao Yuxi changed the topic.

Yang Ye didn’t want to stay on the topic of how she saved him as well. In any case, it wasn’t important because he was still alive in the end! So, Yang Ye immediately pondered deeply and said, “I’m facing some issues, and I might not be able to head to the Nether God’s Tomb for now!”

Even though he still could battle even without profound energy, he couldn’t be careless at all in the Ancient Battlefield. Because there were too many experts here, and the slightest bit of carelessness could cost him his life!

Xiao Yuxi said in a low voice, “It’s fine. The Nether God’s Tomb only opens on the 15th day of the 7th month at sunset. There are still five days until then.”

When she spoke up to here, Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then her gaze paused on him for a moment before she said, “What exactly happened to you? Why don’t you have any profound energy in your body!?”

Yang Ye spoke with an astounded expression. “How did you know about that?”

Xiao Yuxi instantly revealed a slightly embarrassed expression. Suddenly, a strand of cold light flashed.


A light bang resounded as a bottomless mark of a saber had appeared on the rock wall at the side.

Xiao Yuxi moved her eyes away and said in a cold voice, “Don’t ask about it!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. This woman….

“Even though your physical body is strong, your strength has been greatly reduced without any profound energy. It would be fine if you encounter ordinary profounders, but it’s very likely that you’ll lose your life if you encounter those top-rate geniuses!” said Xiao Yuxi in a flat voice.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I’m naturally aware of that, and that’s why I’m unable to head to the Nether God’s Tomb for now. I have to solve this problem I’m facing first! You can leave if you have other things to attend to!”

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she waved her hand. A few dozed green balls of light appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then she said, “Absorb these souls, they are beneficial to the improvement of your soul and Sword Intent!”

“They are beneficial to Sword Intent?” Yang Ye spoke with astonishment. “You’re saying that these souls can improve my Sword Intent?”

“They can strengthen it!” Xiao Yuxi said in a low voice, “There’s a certain level of a link between the strength of your Sword Intent and the strength of your soul. The stronger the soul is, the more condensed your Sword Intent would be. Moreover, the stronger your soul is, the stronger your Spiritual Energy would be, and the strength of your Spiritual Energy influences your proficiency in controlling your Sword Intent. You’ve seen me control my Saber Intent, right!?”

Yang Ye nodded, and he was unable to maintain calm when he recalled how she controlled her Saber Intent that day. Because he finally found a way to strengthen his Sword Intent!

“Absorb them!” said Xiao Yuxi.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he stopped hesitating and swallowed them. In an instant, the green balls of light instantly entered his body, and then an indescribable feeling swept through his entire body!

After a short while, Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “I need more!”

The corners of Xiao Yuxi’s eyes twitched slightly, and then she said flatly. “I have none left!”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this, and then he smiled with embarrassment. He finally understood why those human profounders and youth from the devil race would be fighting for these souls. It turned out that they were treasures! Even though he was unable to utilize his Sword Intent right now, his intuition told him that his Sword Intent had strengthened a little!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t possess even a trace of profound energy right now, then he really wanted to go around plundering!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but frown when he thought about the state his body was in. Because the tiny vortex seemed to be acting slightly unusually. Could it be that there’s something wrong with the tiny vortex? Or perhaps it needs a huge amount of profound energy like it had in the past?

When she saw Yang Ye in deep thought with a frown on his face, Xiao Yuxi’s eyes drooped. She hesitated for a moment before she walked out of the cave. She stopped momentarily right before she left the cave and said, “You have to be careful of those fellows from the nether territory. Their ability is much more mysterious than you’ve imagined. Don’t be careless! Besides that, if you encounter an expert sent by the Mo Clan, then it’s best that you don’t fight that person for now. If it’s her, then her Instant Death is absolutely not a technique that you can evade and resist!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t stay here any longer and vanished from the cave!

Yang Ye was stunned for a short while before he shook his head because he didn’t have the time to think about all of that. The important matter at hand was to make the tiny vortex go back to normal, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in the Ancient Battlefield!

With a flip of his palm, a few hundred energy stones appeared in Yang Ye’s hand, and then he started madly absorbing them. Just as he’d expected, as soon as the energy stones were converted into profound energy, they were instantly absorbed by the tiny vortex! Yang Ye frowned when he witnessed this scene, and then he stopped hesitating and started absorbing the energy stones like a madman!

In less than two hours, a few thousand energy stones had transformed into ashes. However, the tiny vortex was like a bottomless hole that couldn’t be filled no matter how much profound energy he provided it!

After four hours passed, over 10,000 energy stones had vanished but the tiny vortex was still absorbing crazily….

Yang Ye was still absorbing the energy stones!

If someone were to find out that Yang Ye was squandering energy stones like this, then they would probably be angered to the point of killing him! Because this was truly too much of a waste! Even the disciples of the large sects were unable to spend energy stones in such a lavish manner!

Time gradually passed by. Yang Ye absorbed from morning until night and then continued from the night until the day. Just like that, three days had passed!

On the 4th day, a group of profounders from the devil territory and nether territory had arrived at the cave which Yang Ye resided in, and then leaders of these groups were Mo Ke and Hun You!

After Yang Ye had let that group of youths from the devil territory go the other day, they naturally didn’t let the matter rest. After all, they’d given Yang Ye everything they’d worked hard to obtain! So, they immediately looked for Mo Ke, and Mo Ke was instantly infuriated when he heard that his fellow members of the devil race had been robbed by Yang Ye. So, he immediately gathered all the members of the devil race in the Ninth Hell to search for Yang Ye!

Mo Ke knew that Yang Ye had a flying Darkbeast and the Spatial Mink, so he went looking for Hun You and Ying Long because he wanted them to keep the Spatial Mink and flying Darkbeast busy! In this way, if Yang Ye didn’t have the assistance of the Spatial Mink and the flying Darkbeast, then killing Yang Ye would be as easy as flipping his palm!

“I smell his aura!” Hun You gazed at the cave which Yang Ye resided in and said in a gloomy voice, “He should be inside. Haha! Aren’t the three of us thinking too highly of him by joining forces to kill him?”

Mo Ke shook his head and said, “Any one of us has the ability to kill him. However, don’t forget that he has a flying Darkbeast and that mysterious Spatial Mink by his side. It won’t be easy for us to kill him while he has them by his side!”

Hun You laughed gloomily but didn’t refute this.

Mo Ke raised his head to gaze at the green dragons that were circling in the sky above. After that, he nodded, and then he gazed towards the cave that Yang Ye resided in while a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes. He took a step forward before he pushed his right palm forward, and then he pulled his palm back. In the next moment, he suddenly blasted his fist forward again!

In an instant, a terrifying gale surged from his palm!


In an instant, the mountain which that cave resided in had been instantly obliterated!

Hun You’s eyes narrowed when he witnessed this scene. Obviously, Mo Ke’s strength had slightly exceeded his expectations! After all, even though the mountain was small, it was almost 300m tall! Even a Spirit Realm expert might not be able to shake such a mountain, but Mo Ke had obliterated it with a simple punch!

As expected of the most monstrous genius in the devil race for the last thousand years!

“Big Brother is awesome!” After a moment of silence, the youths from the devil race behind Mo Ke had let out a wave of deafening cheers, and their cheers shot into the sky and shook the nine heavens!

Mo Ke glanced at Yang Ye who was in the ruins of the mountain, and then his figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. After that, he clenched his right hand into a fist before he smashed it forcefully towards Yang Ye’s head!

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