Chapter 320 – A Hundred Swords Rise With A Single Command

Almighty Sword Domain

A wisp of a vicious expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw Mo Ke’s fist assault him. These fellows from the devil race and nether race are really like ghosts that just refuse to go away!

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think too much about it. He shouted loudly as he blasted a punch towards Mo Ke’s fist!

If he could, he would naturally prefer to use his sword. After all, Mo Ke’s strength was extremely formidable! However, it couldn’t be helped. There wasn’t even a trace of profound energy within his entire body. So, he could only use his physical strength to go head-on against Mo Ke’s attack! Fortunately, his physical strength was extremely formidable as well!

Mo Ke grunted coldly when he noticed Yang Ye using his fists instead of his sword, and then Mo Ke said, “You’re courting death!” As soon as he finished speaking, his fist suddenly spun, causing the space around it to tremble!

Under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, their fists collided head-on!


Yang Ye was directly blasted flying 300m away before he smashed to the ground, and he smashed open a huge and deep hole where he landed! On the other hand, Mo Ke remained motionless on the spot like a mountain!

To the shock of everyone, Yang Ye who’d crashed to the ground and leaped up from the deep hole! The expressions of the youths from the devil race changed when they witnessed this scene. They were clearly aware of how shocking their Big Brother’s strength was. Because not to mention a King Realm expert, even ordinary Spirit Realm experts wouldn’t dare to go head on against Mo Ke’s physical strength! However, Yang Ye had done so, and he seemed to be completely fine….

Mo Ke’s expression changed slightly as well. He knew Yang Ye’s physical body wasn’t bad, but he didn’t know that it was formidable to such an extent! After all, even though he’d merely utilize less than 40% of his strength just now, it wasn’t something that a fifth rank King Realm profounder could withstand!

Obviously, he’d underestimated this sword cultivator called Yang Ye since the very beginning! But so what if I’ve underestimated him? No matter how strong an ant is, can it triumph over an elephant?

At this moment, Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face because he noticed that Mo Ke was far stronger than he’d imagined! Even though he seemed to be completely fine, his entire body was extremely sore right now, and he couldn’t feel his right hand. Moreover, the energy within his body was roiling. If he hadn’t suppressed it by force, then he would have probably been unable to stand up by now!

If it was merely based on physical strength alone, then he was inferior to Mo Ke. Of course, if he utilized his golden profound energy, then the boost it provided might allow his physical strength to be capable of rivaling Mo Ke! But unfortunately, he didn’t have a trace of profound energy within his body now….

Mo Ke gazed at Yang Ye as he stated indifferently. “Use your sword! Otherwise, you’re going to die!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly in his head. Would he refrain from using it if he could use it? I really don’t know what’s wrong with the tiny vortex! It’s actually acting so unusually! It has absorbed that much profound energy yet it’s still not enough. What exactly is it trying to do?Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at the colossi that were circling in the air, and the bitterness on the corners of his mouth grew denser. Looks like these fellows from the devil race, nether race, and demon race really intend to kill me!

“Since you refuse to draw your sword, then go to hell!” Mo Ke spoke coldly before his figure shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

When he was only around 30m away from Yang Ye, Mo Ke had suddenly blasted his right fist forward. In an instant, an energy fist shot out violently from his fist. Everywhere it passed, the air was completely crushed into powder while numerous white spikes of air appeared around it!

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he witnessed this scene. If he had profound energy within his body, then he could naturally utilize his sword to deal with this terrifying attack. However, he could only go head-on against it with his physical body! But could his physical body endure it right now?

Yang Ye took a deep breath. Right when he was about to fight desperately, a strand of cold light had suddenly flashed here, and it instantly blasted against that energy fist.


The energy fist and cold light exploded apart, and they transformed into a wave of air that swept towards the surroundings….

The wave of air dispersed and Xiao Yuxi was suddenly standing in front of Yang Ye while she held that curved saber of hers in her left hand. Obviously, it was she who’d launched that attack earlier!

Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others’ expressions changed when they saw Xiao Yuxi who’d suddenly appeared here. Mo Ke took a step forward and spoke in a low voice. “7th level Saber Intent. I never expected that someone amongst the human profounders was actually able to attain the 7th level of an Intent!”

Xiao Yuxi glanced indifferently at Mo Ke, and then she turned to glance at Yang Ye and said, “Leave, I’ll stop them!” As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Yuxi turned around to gaze at Mo Ke and the others. After that, a strand of invisible and terrifying Saber Intent surged out explosively. Under the pressure exuded by her Saber Intent, all the others besides Mo Ke and Hun You couldn’t help but take over 10 steps back!

A wisp of unusual emotion flashed in his heart as he gazed at Xiao Yuxi. Yang Ye wasn’t stupid, so he knew that it was absolutely not a coincidence that she’d appeared here. She probably hadn’t left at all during the last few days!

Why didn’t she leave? Was she protecting me?

Mo Ke’s face sank when he sensed the boundless and terrifying Saber Intent that Xiao Yuxi emanated. Right when he was about to attack, the glow of a sword flashed through the air before a woman who wore a green dress descended from the sky. The woman in a green dress frowned when she noticed the Saber Intent that was raging through here, and then a strand of terrifying Sword Intent surged out from within her!

7th level Sword Intent! Everyone here was stunned when they witnessed this scene. When had so many extraordinary geniuses appeared amongst the humans?

Mo Ke and Hun You’s faces fell. Two extraordinary geniuses who’d comprehended 7th level Intents were a threat even to them! Fortunately, it seemed like there was enmity between the woman in a green dress and the white haired woman. Because the woman in a green dress was looking at the white haired woman with a hostile gaze!

Xiao Yuxi frowned when she saw this woman. She tightened her grip on the saber in her hand before she said, “Mo Qingyu, I didn’t think that the Mo Clan would really dispatch you!”

“I wasn’t dispatched in the beginning!” Mo Qingyu glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I merely heard that a Quasi Sword Emperor appeared in Ancient Domain City, and that’s why I came. A Quasi Sword Emperor? Haha! I’m really curious who has the qualifications to be worthy of this title in the entire Profounder Continent! Now that I’ve seen him, the fifth level of the King Realm and 6th level of Sword Intent is truly disappointing!”

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart when he heard this because she was actually able to see through his cultivation realm and level of Sword Intent with a single glance! No wonder even Xiao Yuxi who possesses 7th level Saber Intent is extremely fearful of her!

Meanwhile, Mo Qingyu said, “Xiao Yuxi, I didn’t come here for you today. Move aside and make him withstand three strikes of my sword. I’ll spare his life if he can accomplish that!”

“It was I who killed that pair of siblings from the Mo Clan!” said Xiao Yuxi.

“That isn’t important!” Mo Qingyu said indifferently, “I merely came here to kill this fellow who’s called the Quasi Sword Emperor. After all, this title is the highest honor amongst us Sword Cultivators, and not just anyone is worthy of it. Even if it’s merely the title of Quasi Sword Emperor.

Xiao Yuxi was looking down. Suddenly, she turned to gaze at Yang Ye, and she had a slightly displeased expression as she said, “Why haven’t you left!?”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly when he heard this. How could I possibly leave right now? Moreover, there are enemies everywhere, so it’s impossible to leave even if I wanted to!

“You should leave!” Yang Ye said in a light voice, “With your strength, they will absolutely not stop you nor can they stop you if you intend to leave.”

“I refuse!” Xiao Yuxi glanced at him and spoke in a low voice.

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“I don’t know!” Xiao Yuxi turned to gaze at Mo Qingyu, and then she slowly drew her curved blade before she accumulated strength to attack!

Yang Ye was speechless.

Mo Qingyu glanced at Yang Ye, and then she glanced at Xiao Yuxi and said, “Haha! The rumors said that your father wanted you to marry the future Sword Emperor of the continent. Looks like it wasn’t a rumor! But Xiao Yuxi, are you that sure that he’s the future Sword Emperor? If he isn’t, then wouldn’t you have paid a huge price for nothing?”

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight. Why waste your breath on so much nonsense?” said Xiao Yuxi in a cold voice.

Mo Qingyu said, “Xiao Yuxi, look, I’m not the only one here who wants to kill him. If you were to fight me, then who would protect your lover?”

Xiao Yuxi frowned, and then she said after a short while, “I’ll do my best!”

Mo Qingyu nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then both of you can die together!” As she spoke, she intended to attack.

However, right at this moment.

“Wait!” Yang Ye who’d been silent until now had suddenly stepped forward!

“What?” Mo Qingyu glanced indifferently at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye grinned, and then he said, “Let us leave safely if I’m able to resist three strikes of your sword without utilizing profound energy. What do you think?”

“Without using profound energy?” Mo Qingyu ridiculed and said, “What high sounding sentiments. But we’ll do it as you wish. Let me see exactly what ability you, the one who’s called the Quasi Sword Emperor, possesses! Besides that, what if you’re unable to withstand it?”

Yang Ye smiled. “Then I’ll die!”

“You’re pretty optimistic!” Mo Qingyu spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye was just about to speak when Xiao Yuxi suddenly moved over to stand in front of him, and then she said in a low voice, “She’s very strong!”

“I know!” said Yang Ye while he smiled at her.

“You’ll die in your current condition!”

“I know!”

“Then why do you still intend to do it?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “If I don’t, then it wouldn’t be one person but two who would die today.”

The members of the devil race, nether race, and demon race were only targeting him and not Xiao Yuxi. However, if he didn’t make a bet with the woman in a green dress, then the outcome would be that all of them would join forces to jointly attack him and Xiao Yuxi!

With the condition he was currently in, he didn’t have the slightest chance of surviving! So, he could only make this bet with Mo Qingyu. If he died, then Mo Ke and the others would definitely leave, so even if Xiao Yuxi couldn’t defeat Mo Qingyu in battle, she would still be able to survive. On the other hand, it couldn’t be any better if he could withstand her attacks because then he would have Mo Qingyu’s help as well! At that time, it would be even easier for him to leave this place!

As for whether Mo Qingyu would go back on her word, Yang Ye believed that she wouldn’t. After all, Sword Cultivators were extremely proud, not to mention that she was one who had comprehended 7th level Sword Intent!

Mo Qingyu glanced at Mo Ke and Hun You before she said, “Both of you don’t object, right? If you do, then I can only help you leave first!”

Mo Ke glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Please go ahead!”

He was naturally not afraid of Mo Qingyu. However, if Mo Qingyu were to join forces with Xiao Yuxi, then numerous disciples of the devil race would probably die. That was something he was unwilling to see!

Mo Qingyu glanced at Hun You, and the latter chuckled and said, “It’s my favorite to watch humans kill each other. So, please go ahead!”

Mo Qingyu took a deep glance at Hun You, and then she turned around to gaze at Yang Ye before she said, “Are you prepared?”

“Bring it on!” said Yang Ye.

Mo Qingyu nodded. She didn’t seem to have made any movement at all, but 100 green energy swords had suddenly floated in front of her!

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed when she witnessed this scene.

A hundred swords rose with a single command!

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