Chapter 328 – The Ninth Hell Cold Gale Appears!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed when he heard this voice, and a wisp of ghastly killing intent appeared in the depths of his eyes. His thumb moved slightly, and then a strand of violet sword qi shot out violently and collided with that ray of light.


Both of them vanished simultaneously.

After that, a green ray of light flashed before Mo Qingyu appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“Eh!” Mo Qingyu exclaimed lightly as she watched her attack being blasted apart by Yang Ye’s attack, and then a wisp of surprise flashed in her eyes as she said, “Your strength improved?”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and his figure transformed into a black ray that swished through the air as he shot explosively towards Mo Qingyu.

He hadn’t forgotten how she’d treated him when something had gone wrong with his Dantian! Now, when they met once more, he intended to kill her even if she didn’t desire to kill him! So, at this moment, words were completely meaningless, and only a single word had any importance. It was the word kill!

Mo Qingyu’s face suddenly turned gloomy when she saw Yang Ye actually dare to attack her, and then she opened her palm. In an instant, a green sword appeared in her palm, and she held it as her figure flashed like a breeze and left a string of afterimages as she shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

When they saw Yang Ye and Mo Qingyu enter into battle, both Mo Ke and Mu Jun’s groups had simultaneously stopped fighting for the Nether God’s Spear for now. Because a battle between two formidable sword cultivators was extremely rare! Of course, the reason why they hadn’t made a move now was most importantly because they were unable to do anything to each other!

On the other hand, Yang Ye, Mo Qingyu, and Xiao Yuxi were variables here! Because whichever side obtained Yang Ye’s help or Mo Qingyu’s help could firmly suppress the other side!

A wisp of a ferocious expression flashed in his eyes when he saw Mo Qingyu shoot over like a bolt of lightning. The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged madly into the sword in his hand, and then he swiftly slashed it down from above. He hadn’t held back this time. When his peak 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent was coupled with the strength of his physical body, space shook violently wherever his sword passed, and numerous sounds of air exploding resounded incessantly like firecrackers!

Moreover, under the circumstances that Yang Ye hadn’t held back at all, his Slaughter Sword Intent had revealed its terrifying and savage side for the first time. His Sword Intent hadn’t even come into contact with Mo Qingyu when a terrifying force that carried boundless killing intent arrived before Mo Qingyu first. The boundless killing intent within this force seemed as if it intended to wipe out all living beings, and it made others shudder with fear!

The others in the surroundings were stunned when they witnessed this scene. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s Sword Intent would actually be Slaughter Sword Intent. Moreover, it had even attained the 6th level! 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent was already capable of being a threat to them!

Mu Jun was first stunned, and then he chuckled lightly and said, “It’s actually Slaughter Sword Intent, and it’s even at the 6th level. Haha! How interesting!”

Mo Ke merely glanced indifferently at Yang Ye before he withdrew his gaze, and then his eyes descended onto the violet mink. In his opinion, no matter how terrifying Yang Ye was, Yang Ye couldn’t compare to the little fellow….

Mo Qingyu revealed a slightly solemn expression for the first time. She understood that she’d underestimated this sword cultivator who stood before her! But so what? How can anyone dare to call himself the Sword Emperor before me, Mo Qingyu?!

Mo Qingyu’s left hand moved slightly before another green sword appeared in her hand, and then she suddenly pressed her hands together, causing the swords to join into one. After that, she shouted lightly, and she held the sword with both hands as she slashed it forcefully at Yang Ye!

As soon as their swords came into contact, thunderous rumbling resounded here. At the same time, the ground where they stood had instantly collapsed into an enormous hole. Moreover, their Sword Intents had gone out of control and started to rage through the surroundings. In less than a breath of time, the ground in an area of 300m around them had been covered in dense and bottomless scars….

On the other hand, Mo Qingyu and Yang Ye had split apart at the instant they collided with each other.

At this moment, even though Yang Ye’s eyes were crimson red, his mind was extremely clear, and his face turned solemn as he gazed at Mo Qingyu. Because his Earth Rank sword had already transformed into powder during the collision from before. Moreover, her 7th level Sword Intent was all-pervasive and had left a dense expanse of scars on his body!

Mo Qingyu’s condition wasn’t very good as well. Even though she’d destroyed Yang Ye’s sword, she’d merely succeeded in doing that by relying on the Heaven Rank sword in her hand. On the other hand, she noticed that if it was in terms of Sword Intent, then even though Yang Ye’s Sword Intent was merely at the 6th level, it was actually not inferior to her 7th level Sword Intent at all and even showed faint signs of suppressing her Sword Intent! This gave her no choice but to re-evaluate Yang Ye. Because she noticed that when Yang Ye’s strength at this moment was compared to his strength during their first meeting, then it was like the gap between the heavens and the earth!

But so what? Mo Qingyu twisted her right, and then the green sword instantly disappeared from her hand. After that, she pressed her palms together in midair before pulling them apart, and then a green energy sword appeared there. The green energy sword seemed as if it was material, and it started spinning at a visible speed between her palms….

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed abruptly when she witnessed this scene. “Watch out! It’s the Instant Death Sword!” As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Yuxi suddenly tightened her left hand’s grip on her saber while the profound energy within her body surged. However, she didn’t make a move. Because if she were to make a move and interfere in a battle between sword cultivators, then it would be an insult to both the sword cultivators!

The violet mink blinked, and then a violet glow flashed on her little claw. However, she didn’t make a move as well. She naturally hadn’t stopped because she was afraid of insulting Yang Ye and Mo Qingyu. The reason she hadn’t was merely because she felt that Yang Ye could defeat his opponent…. That was all!

Something worthy of mentioning was that the eyelids of Mo Ke and Mu Jun’s groups had twitched when they noticed violet light flash on the violet mink’s claw. Because they were extremely fearful of this little fellow. After all, it was impossible for them to injure the little fellow unless they joined forces!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly when he sensed the terrifying energy contained within the green energy sword, and he didn’t dare conceal his strength as well. So, he slowly closed his eyes and entered into a state of clarity.

Every single technique in the world had a flaw, and the Instant Death Sword before him naturally had a flaw as well. So long as it had a flaw, then he could destroy it with a single strike of his sword. That was what it meant to be a possessor of the Enlightened Sword Heart!

Under the enhancement of her 7th level Sword Intent, the might of the green energy sword seemed even more terrifying, and it spun at a speed that wasn’t visible to the naked eye anymore. The ground around Mo Qingyu seemed to be unable to endure the terrifying might contained within the energy stone and actually started to crack inch by inch.

However, Yang Ye’s eyes were slightly closed instead while his breathing and expression were calm. It was like he hadn’t noticed how terrifying the green energy sword was.

Everyone held their breaths and awaited the arrival of this attack….

At this critical moment, an unexpected event suddenly occurred!


An enormous bang resounded abruptly, and then an enormous rift around 300m long had suddenly split open on the ground, and then everyone watched with astonishment as a colossal tornado swept out from within the rift. The tornado was extremely swift, and it instantly left the ground and swept off towards the distance!

The tornado was extremely terrifying. It was around 300m in height. It left a mess everywhere it passed, and it was like the end of the world had arrived.

The expressions of everyone here instantly changed. Especially Mo Qingyu and Yang Ye. The green energy sword in her hands had instantly stopped when that tornado appeared, and then Mo Qingyu swiftly turned around to gaze at the terrifying and colossal tornado. On the other hand, Yang Ye had suddenly opened his eyes, and they were filled with excitement and happiness!

Because it was the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

However, Yang Ye was bewildered because it should have been deep underground. Why has it suddenly come out to the surface?Yang Ye didn’t have time to think, the profound energy within his body immediately started to surge madly. However, he didn’t make a move because he was utterly unable to do so. After all, not to mention his physical body, even Mo Ke’s physical body would be minced into pieces by that terrifying colossal tornado!

Everyone here was stunned by the tornado!

“What’s that!?” asked Mo Ke upon noticing the tornado.

Mu Jun’s brows knit together tightly, and he seemed to have thought of something.

“See that?” Xiao Yuxi suddenly spoke softly by Yang Ye’s side. “The Ninth Hell Cold Gale isn’t something that you can resist with your current strength. Not to mention subduing it, even approaching it is impossible for you!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly. He felt powerless while he gazed at the tornado that raged through the surroundings. Its might was truly too terrifying. Not to mention a tiny King Realm profounder like him, even a Spirit Realm profounder or Exalt Realm profounder would be unable to resist that tornado!

However, he was truly reluctant to give up just like that! Because if he was able to obtain it, then his strength would definitely improve greatly, and he would be even more confident when he faced a colossus like the Flower Palace in the future!

Right at this moment, the enormous tornado had suddenly turned around and returned underground, and it vanished in an instant!

Right when everyone felt bewildered, Mo Qingyu who’d remained silent until now had suddenly transformed into a green shadow that shot underground explosively, and her speed was so swift that it was astounding!

“What’s she doing?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

Xiao Yuxi pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Her objective might be the Ninth Hell Cold Gale as well. Because if she who has comprehended Wind Intent can subdue it, then she would be like a tiger that obtained wings. Her strength would definitely multiply a few times!”

Yang Ye pondered silently for a moment, and then he took a deep breath before he nodded to the violet mink. The latter understood his intentions and flickered onto his shoulder. Yang Ye smiling before his figure flashed, and he flashed underground as well. In the end, he was unable to give up on the Ninth Hell Cold Gale just like that!

Even if he was going to give up, he would only do it after he gave it a try and confirmed his inability to subdue the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

Xiao Yuxi stared blankly at Yang Ye’s figure that had shot down into the rift in the ground, and then her figure flashed and followed him!

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