Chapter 329 – I Come And Go As I Please!

Almighty Sword Domain

After a short while, Mu Jun suddenly exclaimed. “It’s the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!”

The expressions of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory changed when they heard Mu Jun. With the knowledge they possessed, they naturally knew of this Natural Treasure!

The three of them were slightly tempted and seemed to desire to subdue that Natural Treasure. After all, if they were able to subdue it, then their strengths would definitely improve greatly. However, at this moment, Mu Jun suddenly said, “Don’t head over to try and obtain that Natural Treasure!”

“Why!?” Li Qingshui said in a low voice, “Since Yang Ye and that woman could, then why can’t we? Mu Jun, you want us to stay behind and help you deal with Mo Ke’s group, right!?”

Mu Jun glanced at Li Qingshui, and then he said, “You ought to have noticed the might of that tornado. Do you think you can resist it with your current strength? Moreover, that tornado isn’t even the core of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Its core is more than 10 times more terrifying than that tornado!”

“Then why did Yang Ye and that woman….” Nangong Meng was puzzled.

Mu Jun chuckled lightly and said, “That genius from the Mo Clan has comprehended Wind Intent. Coupled with the resources and reserves of her clan, she has a slight chance of being able to subdue the Ninth Hell Cold Gale! As for Yang Ye…. Haha! If he doesn’t have any other shocking trump cards, then he’s merely courting death!”

“He doesn’t look like someone who would do that!” Xi Luo said, “He didn’t reveal any fear when he faced Mo Qingyu’s Instant Death Sword just now, and it was even to the extent he didn’t show any nervousness. So, I think that he definitely possesses some sort of shocking trump card or perhaps he has really attained the Enlightened Sword Heart!”

“The Enlightened Sword Heart?” Mu Jun chuckled lightly, and then he shook his head and said, “I don’t really believe that he has. After all, not a single possessor of the Enlightened Sword Heart has appeared amongst the billions of people in our central territory, so how could one appear in the southern territory which possesses scarce spirit energy in the world? Alright, let’s take a step back and say that he really has attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, we still don’t have to be too afraid of him. After all, he hasn’t received standard and systematic guidance in the Sword Dao. No matter if it’s in terms of battle or equipment, he can’t compare with us, right?”

“You’ve already taken him to be an enemy?” said Xi Luo as he gazed at Mu Jun.

“It’s he who refuses to take us as friends!” Mu Jun said indifferently, “Right?”

“Xi Luo fell silent.

“Mu Jun!” Meanwhile, Mo Ke suddenly said, “I, Mo Ke, am determined to obtain this spear. If you obstruct me, then we don’t have to wait for the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, and we can fight to the death right now. What do you think?”

Mu Jun frowned. He was naturally not afraid of Mo Ke. However, it was very inadvisable if he had to fight Mo Ke to the death right now! Because even though he’d allied with the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory, they would probably immediately split up with him if they had to fight to the death with Mo Ke and the others!

Meanwhile, Mo Ke said, “Mu Jun, you ought to be aware that perhaps it’s possible for us to defeat each other with the strengths we possess, but it’s practically impossible for us to kill each other! So, if we fight to the death now, then the consequences would be that we’re both heavily injured and allow others to take advantage of the situation. Most importantly, it’s meaningless for us to fight like that unless we’re in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. What do you think?”

“Then you want me to give up on the Nether God’s Spear and give it to you just like that?” Mu Jun’s brows raised as he spoke.

“Tell me your conditions!” Mo Ke placed his hands behind his back as he spoke in an indifferent tone.

Right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred. A red ray of light flashed by, and then the spear on the stone sarcophagus had instantly vanished. After that, the red ray of light shot towards the distance.

At the same time, roaring laughter resounded from afar. “Haha! Since all of you don’t want it, then give it to me, Jun Wuxie!”

As soon as his voice finished resounding through the air, the red ray of light had vanished from their fields of vision.

“You’re courting death!” Mo Ke shouted furiously, and then his figure transformed into a black ray that shot explosively towards the red ray of light! Hun You and Ying Ling hesitated briefly before they followed Mo Ke as well.

“It’s that fellow, the Evil Lord!” Xi Luo spoke in a low voice as he gazed at the direction where Mo Ke and the others had vanished, and a cold glow surged in his eyes!

The gazes of Li Qingshui and Nangong Meng were icy cold as well!

The Evil Lord, Jun Wuxie was someone that all of them knew. He was both righteous and evil, and he acted completely according to his own desire. Of course, the most important point was his strength! Something worthy of mentioning was that the Evil Lord didn’t belong to the central territory, and he was from the eastern territory instead. The reason his reputation was so great was that he’d entered the central territory in the past!

After he entered the central territory with just his spear in hand, he challenged the disciples of the various renowned sects in the central territory, and he’d practically challenged all the sects that had a reputation! The outcome was naturally that the disciples of those sects were bashed up!

In the end, Jun Wuxie targeted the Ninth Rank Sects which were the sects that the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory were from. Unfortunately, they were jointly pursuing an Exalt Realm expert at that time, so they weren’t at their sects. This allowed Jun Wuxie to return triumphantly, and it caused the 3 Ninth Rank Sects to lose face!

Now, their expressions were naturally unsightly when they heard that it was Jun Wuxie!

“I’m going to test the ability of that fellow called the Evil Lord!” Xi Luo spoke these words before his figure flashed and followed in pursuit behind Mo Ke’s group.

Li Qingshui and Nangong Meng didn’t hesitate to follow him!

As he gazed at their figures, Mu Jun chuckled lightly and said, "The Quasi Sword Emperor, the Quasi Saber Exalt, the Quasi Evil Lord, the Quasi Martial God, the Quasi Devil Lord, the Quasi Nether King, and I, the Quasi Mortal Emperor, who’s bound to command the continent. So many monstrous geniuses have appeared in this generation. Haha! Heavens, what’s the meaning of this?”

After he descended beneath ground level, Yang Ye felt that the cold winds grew even more bone piercing. Even 5th level Sword Intent was slightly unable to resist the bone piercing cold winds, so he had no choice but to utilize 6th level Sword Intent to resist the assault of the cold winds! As for the little fellow, the little fellow had very smartly ran off into his tiny vortex when the violet light couldn’t resist the cold winds….

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly stopped, and then he turned around to gaze at Xiao Yuxi who had suddenly appeared behind him. He said with an astounded expression. “What’re you doing here?”

“I come and go as I please!” Xiao Yuxi spoke indifferently but her expression was slightly unnatural.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then a stream of warmth flowed in his heart. How could he be unaware that she’d followed him because she was worried about him? He wasn’t being narcissistic, and it was merely because his intuition told him so!

Yang Ye shook his head and said in a gentle tone. “This is my decision. No matter what the outcome is, I should face and endure it myself. You really don’t have to join in. You’ve already helped me enough, and I, Yang Ye, will never forget these feelings you have for me!”

A blush suddenly appeared on her beautiful face, and she glared at Yang Ye with rage and embarrassment as she said, “What do you mean by feelings? Don’t talk nonsense or I’ll kill you!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. My great lord! What did I say wrong? I just meant the feelings of kindness and friendship. What’s wrong with her?

Xiao Yuxi lowered her head in silence, and only her hand held tightly onto the hilt of her saber.

Xiao Yuxi had caused Yang Ye to be at a loss for what to say, and the atmosphere between them instantly became slightly embarrassing again.

After a short while, Yang Ye smiled embarrassedly and said, “Miss Xiao, you’ve witnessed the might of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. I really have zero confidence in my ability to deal with it, so don’t follow me. Of course, I’m not scared that you’ll be a burden to me, and I’m afraid that I would drag you down instead. At the same time, I don’t want you to take such a risk with me. I’m telling the truth!”

“Then why are you bringing that little fellow with you!?” Xiao Yuxi suddenly raised her head and stared directly at Yang Ye’s eyes.

“I….” Yang Ye was speechless again. Because he suddenly noticed this problem as well! Why did I bring the little fellow? Is it because I really took the little fellow to be a loved one?

However, this was very normal because the little fellow had experienced life and death with him on many occasions, so he naturally took the little fellow to be a loved one of his.

On the other hand, it wasn’t that he hadn’t taken her to be someone close. After all, she’d helped him a great deal all along the way, and he owed her a little too much. This time, his future was unknown, so he was truly unwilling to make her take a risk with him again.

A wisp of disappointment flashed in Xiao Yuxi’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye remain silent, and then she said indifferently, “I merely want to see how Mo Qingyu subdues the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. It’s not related to you at all!” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed towards the depths of the ground.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly with he witnessed this, and then his figure flashed and hurriedly pursued after her.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye felt that the cold winds were growing stronger and stronger, and it was even to the extent that his 6th level Sword Intent was slightly unable to resist the cold wind. This caused Yang Ye’s expression to become solemn. Because up until this point, the strength of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale had completely exceeded his imagination, and all of this was under the circumstances that he hadn’t even laid eyes on its core!

Exactly how terrifying was its core? Yang Ye was slightly afraid to think of it. However, he still hadn’t thought of retreating. After all, he’d caught sight of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, so discontent would take root in his heart if he didn’t work hard and give it a try, and such a thing was very bad for his path of the Sword Dao!

Yang Ye shook his head and sped up towards the distance.

After almost four hours passed, Yang Ye suddenly stopped because Xiao Yuxi had stopped in front of him, and then he walked over and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head, and her expression was slightly solemn. “The Ninth Hell Cold Gale is probably not too far ahead because my Saber Intent is slightly unable to resist the bone piercing coldness of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale anymore.”

When she spoke up to here, she turned around to gaze at Yang Ye before she said, “Are you sure you want to continue forward?”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “We’re already here, so how could we just go back?” When he spoke up to here, he gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said seriously, “Do you really intend to follow me there?”

Xiao Yuxi was slightly unable to endure Yang Ye’s gaze, and she turned around and gazed towards the distance as she said, “Of course!”

Yang Ye suddenly smiled and said, “Then let’s go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed towards the distance!

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