Chapter 331 – Critical Moment!

Almighty Sword Domain

A violet glow flashed into appearance, and then the violet mink appeared in front of Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi. She gazed at them, blinked, and then turned to look at Mo Qingyu who’d almost vanished from the end of their fields of vision. The little fellow’s eyes instantly lit up upon noticing Mo Qingyu’s unreal speed, and then she raised her little claw and waved it….

As she dashed swiftly, Mo Qingyu gazed at the golden bell-shaped cover in her hand, and her eyes revealed undisguised excitement and happiness. If it was in a battle, then perhaps she would be a match for the joint forces of Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi, but if it was in terms of fleeing, then even if the amount of Yang Ye’s and Xiao Yuxi’s were multiplied by 10, it would still be useless before someone like her who had comprehended Wind Intent!

In other words, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale definitely belonged to her!

When she thought up to here, even someone as composed as her couldn’t help but reveal a trace of a smile on the corners of her mouth. However, right at this moment, her pupils suddenly constricted, and then her figure twisted strangely as if her body had been broken into two and forcefully moved around 30m to the side. As soon as she’d moved away, a ray of violet light mysteriously appeared where she was standing just a moment ago!

Mo Qingyu’s expression became solemn as she gazed at the violet ray of light that had just appeared there abruptly. However, right at this moment, her pupils constricted once more because layers of violet light barriers had actually appeared mysteriously around her!

Mo Qingyu’s face fell while a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed through her eyes. Her fair fingers moved slightly, and then a few dozen strands of green swords qi instantly blasted onto the violet barriers of light! With the boost provided by her 7th level Sword Intent, those fierce and sharp strands of sword qi had instantly created an enormous hole on the barrier of light, and then her figure flashed through it like a breeze. However….

As soon as she left the barrier a light, a ray of violet light suddenly appeared in front of her, and it obstructed her path. Mo Qingyu’s expression swiftly turned savage, and then a green energy sword appeared in her palm. After that, she slashed it swiftly, and a light bang resounded as the violet light instantly dispersed!

This time, she didn’t dare hold back at all, and she rose her speed to its limits. She transformed into a ray of green light that flashed towards the distance.

However, she’d merely moved less than 30m away when another ray of violet light appeared in front of her. No, it was just one this time, almost 100 rays of violet light had appeared in front of her this time….

“Fuck off!” Mo Qingyu shouted explosively while she slashed with her sword, and a strand of green sword qi flashed into appearance. Everywhere it passed, the violet rays of light were instantly obliterated.

However, Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi seized this opportunity to appear in front of Mo Qingyu.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his expression became extremely solemn as he gazed at Mo Qingyu who revealed a slightly savage expression. Her speed was something that even Spirit Realm experts who could form wings with their profound energy would still be unable to catch up to! If he didn’t have the little fellow, then he would probably have no choice but to just watch as she fled!

Mo Qingyu didn’t continue fleeing. Undisguised ghastly killing intent appeared in Mo Qingyu’s eyes as she gazed at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then she said, “A Spatial Mink! Others might fear your Spatial Mink Clan, but my Mo Clan doesn’t!” As soon as she finished speaking, her fair fingers moved lightly, and then a few dozen strands of sword qi shot down violently like raindrops at the violet mink!


A strand of saber qi that was around 30m long flashed through the air. Everywhere it passed, the sword qi was instantly dispersed, and the saber qi didn’t slow down at all as it shot violently towards Mo Qingyu.

It was naturally Xiao Yuxi who had executed this strand of saber qi. This time, she hadn’t held back at all, and it was enhanced by her 7th level Saber Intent. So, it could be said to be fierce and sharp to the limit, causing Mo Qingyu’s sword qi to be utterly unable to resist it at all!

Mo Qingyu’s eyes narrowed when she saw the saber qi approach her, and her gaze was bone piercingly cold was she slashed with her sword. A strand of green sword qi flashed out from the tip of her sword, and it collided with Xiao Yuxi’s saber qi!


An enormous bang resounded while the sword qi and saber qi dispersed into nothingness!

“Xiao Yuxi, do you really want to die?” Mo Qingyu gazed murderously at Xiao Yuxi.

“Leave the Ninth Hell Cold Gale’s Gale Spirit behind!” Xiao Yuxi pointed her curved saber at Mo Qingyu and said, “Perhaps I’m unable to kill you while I’m alone. But you don’t have a chance if both he and the Spatial Mink are included!”

Mo Qingyu glanced at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then her eyes narrowed slightly. If this Spatial Mink wasn’t present here, then she could leave Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi behind. However, it was impossible for her to flee in the presence of this little fellow! On the other hand, even she had no choice but to admit that it wasn’t realistic to think about killing a Spatial Mink, especially when it was one at the peak of the King Rank!

Mo Qingyu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The Ninth Hell Cold Gale isn’t something you can subdue at all, and only death awaits you even if you take it. Don’t you understand?”

“That’s my problem!” Yang Ye said, “Just as Yuxi said, it’s impossible for any one of us to kill you by ourselves. However, you wouldn’t be a match for us if we joined forces. So, hand it over and we’ll let you leave!”

“Is that so?” Mo Qingyu laughed coldly, and then she said, “Then allow me to give it a try!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a thousand green energy swords suddenly appeared in front of her. In the next moment, her peak 7th level Sword Intent sprayed out, and those green energy swords instantly seemed as if they were material swords upon being enhanced by her 7th level Sword Intent!

Yang Ye’s eyes turned icy cold as well. He waved his right hand and two sword chests appeared in his hands. With a command in his heart, the swords within them instantly shot into the sky, and then Yang Ye’s eyes gradually turned crimson red as he said, “Since you want to give it a try, then be my guest!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he issued a command in his heart, and the over 100 swords in the air had instantly trembled before strands of violet colored sword qi shot out violently from within them. The sword qi seemed like shooting stars as they flashed down towards Mo Qingyu!

Because the tiny vortex had become Yang Ye’s Dantian, even an Exalt Realm expert was probably unable to compete with the amount of profound energy he possessed in his Dantian. So, Yang Ye didn’t hold back at all, and sword qi shot incessantly from those 100 plus swords. In merely two breaths of time, no less than a few thousand strands of violet sword qi had appeared, and their might was extremely shocking!

Mo Qingyu’s eyes narrowed slightly when she witnessed this scene, and she said, “So, you aren’t as weak as I imagined! But so what?”

As soon as she finished speaking, her fair hands moved slightly, and then another 2,000 green energy swords suddenly appeared in front of her. After that, the 3,000 green energy swords transformed into rays of light under her command, and they covered the sky as they shot explosively towards Yang Ye!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous world shaking explosions resounded in this underground area, and then waves of air surged incessantly towards the surroundings, causing space to warp wherever they passed. At the same time, the ground in the surroundings started to tremble violently while numerous arm thick rifts split open and stretched incessantly towards the surroundings. It was even to the extent that some areas had started to collapse, causing the entire underground area to be in a mess!

After a short while, the waves of air dispersed….

Both of them could be said to be in extremely sorry states right now. Mo Qingyu’s entire body was covered in scars, and her clothes were tattered to the point patches of her flesh beneath it were exposed. However, her life wasn’t in danger at all before there was a green layer of light beneath her clothes, and it was exactly this layer of light that allowed her to block off that rain of sword qi that Yang Ye had executed!

Yang Ye was in an even worse state. The clothes all over his body had transformed into rags. Of course, he wasn’t nude because he’d utilized the Violetgold Armor. If he didn’t possess this armor and relied solely on his physical body to resist those innumerable energy swords that were enhanced by 7th level Sword Intent, then the outcome was quite uncertain!

However, even if he utilized the Violet Gold Armor, it still hurt for Yang Ye. Those energy swords were truly too sharp and swift, and while the energy swords dispersed upon stabbing him, the 7th level Sword Intent that enhanced them remained! If he hadn’t comprehended Sword Intent himself, then Mo Qingyu would probably be able to rely solely on her 7th level Sword Intent to kill him!

Yang Ye took a deep breath. He didn’t want to delay any longer because he was determined to obtain the Ninth Hell Cold Gale! He nodded to Xiao Yuxi, and the latter understood his intentions. She took a step forward while the profound energy within her body surged, and then a strand of light flashed out from her saber and shot explosively towards Mo Qingyu!

At the same time, the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder waved its little claw as well, and then a violet barrier of light instantly appeared around Mo Qingyu and closing off the surroundings. Moreover, that wasn’t the end of it. The little fellow continued waving her claws. In an instant, countless rays of violet light shot through space and instantly arrived within the confined of the light barrier before they blasted down towards Mo Qingyu!

Yang Ye didn’t stand there idly as well. He issued a command in his heart, and those 100 plus swords transformed into rays of violet light that dived down towards Mo Qingyu who was trapped within the light barrier!

Mo Qingyu’s expression finally changed when she witnessed this scene. She was confident in fighting any one of them by herself. However, if she were to face Yang Ye, Xiao Yuxi, and the terrifying Spatial Mink together…. Then she had no advantage in numbers or strength, and it was even to the extent that she had no advantage in terms of speed. So, how could she resist them?

Mo Qingyu took a deep breath. She glanced at the green tornado within the golden bell-shaped cover in her right hand, and then a wisp of reluctance flashed in her eyes! But it was only for an instant! In the next moment, a wisp of a vicious expression flashed in her eyes, and she said in a slightly frenzied tone, “Since it’s like this, then no one will get it!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her right hand, and the golden bell-shaped cover instantly released the green tornado. After that, the golden bell-shaped cover expanded into an enormous size, and then it covered her instead!


Their attacks descended onto the golden cover, and thunderous rumbling instantly resounded here. However, the golden cover merely trembled and was completely unharmed!

After being stunned on the spot for a moment, the green tornado swiftly transformed into a strand of green light that flashed towards the distance, and its speed was even slightly swifter than Mo Qingyu. In just an instant, it was already over 150m away!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted violently when he witnessed this scene, and then he swiftly shouted. “Little Fellow, get it!”

The violet mink nodded, and then she flashed and instantly arrived over 100m away. After that, she waved her little claw, and a strand of violet light instantly enveloped the green tornado! However, the green tornado had struggled free of the violet light barrier after a mere instant had passed, and then it continued flashing towards the distance!

The little fellow was instantly infuriated when she witnessed this scene! She raised her little claw, and then waved it forcefully….

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