Chapter 332 – Mental State!

Almighty Sword Domain

In an instant, almost 100 strands of violet light instantly enveloped the green tornado surroundings. Layer after layer of violet light surrounded the green tornado. However, the tornado didn’t just wait helplessly for death to arrive. It ceaselessly smashed itself against the violet light barriers, and layer after layer of the barriers were being blasted apart as it collided incessantly with them….

However, a new layer would immediately appear once a layer was blasted apart, and such a cycle caused the green tornado to be forcefully trapped there!

At the same time that she’d trapped the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, the violet mink didn’t forget to send a few rays of violet light at the green tornado. Obviously, she was very annoyed by it. Unfortunately, the rays of violet light were minced into nothingness before they could even approach the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

Mo Qingyu’s face fell when she saw that it had been trapped. She originally thought that Yang Ye’s group would be unable to capture it. After all, it was much faster than her even with the boost from the Wind Intent that she’d comprehended. However, she’d never imagined that the Spatial Mink would actually be so abnormal and actually possess such a shocking divine ability!

Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi suddenly said to Yang Ye, “You go subdue it. The violet mink and I will hold Mo Qingyu back!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then his figure flashed towards the green tornado!

Mo Qingyu’s expression changed when she saw him flash towards the green tornado, and she was just about to attack when a ray of violet light and a ray of cold light instantly appeared in front of her….

Yang Ye arrived before the light barriers, and his expression was extremely solemn as he gazed at the green tornado that was rampaging about within the confines of the violet light barriers.

It was a Natural Treasure, and Yang Ye couldn’t help but shudder when he recalled the scene of the past when he subdued the Nether Ghostflame! That sort of feeling where living was worse than death was truly terrifying. Moreover, he had Elder Mu’s help at that time….

Would I be able to subdue a Natural Treasure by relying solely on my own strength now? Yang Ye was slightly hesitant and doubtful.

At the same time that Yang Ye was hesitating, the light barriers that trapped the Ninth Hell Cold Gale grew thinner and thinner from its ferocious attacks. Moreover, it seemed to have been infuriated now, and the speed it spun had actually increased by more than 10 times. Even though space wasn’t destroyed as it spun, space had started to warp slightly!

It was silent, extremely silent. Yang Ye felt as if every single sound in the surroundings had stopped while he gazed at the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Yes, he was unable to hear the sounds of the battle between Xiao Yuxi and Mo Qingyu. At this moment, he was only able to hear his own heartbeat!

He was filled with boundless confidence before they’d captured the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, but once they had, his confidence had wavered! His intuition and senses told him that he was utterly unable to succeed in subduing it with the strength he currently possessed. Because the energy contained within that thumb sized mini tornado could really destroy mountains and boil oceans. So, how could the body of a human like him subdue a treasure of the heavens and the earth?

His hopes were great, but reality was cruel.

If I don’t give up, then it’s very likely that I’ll die. Once I die, then everything would come to naught. Am I willing to die? I’m naturally not willing to die! After all, I still have many things that I need to do, and there are many things in this world that I’m reluctant to part with.

But would I be willing to give up? I’m naturally unwilling. What was the reason I came to the Ancient Battlefield for? It was naturally for the sake of becoming stronger. So long as I subdue the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then I’ll naturally have a foothold in the battles between those monstrous geniuses in the future. Or to take it even further, how would I resist the Flower Palace if I didn’t become stronger? If I’m unable to save my mother, then what would be the point of living?

In other words, if Yang Ye didn’t become stronger, then living was equivalent to death for him….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye started laughing. Yes, he was laughing. In the path of cultivation and especially in the path of the Sword Dao, one wasn’t cultivating cultivation techniques or combat techniques, it was actually the heart that was being cultivated! The path of cultivation was filled with difficulties. If one wasn’t able to stay true to the heart, then how could one stride to the peak of the Martial Dao?

The greatest challenge on the path of cultivation wasn’t natural endowment, cultivation techniques, or resources. It was one’s mental state! Would someone with a formidable mental state be a weakling? Since the ancient times until now, how many experts had relied on cultivation techniques and natural endowment to rise to the peak of the Martial Dao?

The ‘heart’ was the most difficult to cultivate. Even if he’d attained the Enlightened Sword Heart and peak 6th level Sword Intent, his mental state was still flawed. Fortunately, he’d realized it now.

Yang Ye took a deep breath while a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in his eyes. Instead of living as a good-for-nothing fellow in the future, why don’t I risk it all now? Isn’t it just a Natural Treasure? I’ve already subdued one in the past, so why should I hesitate?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of the green tornado that had just smashed through the last violet light barrier, and then he stretched out his right hand and grabbed it.

In an instant, Yang Ye’s pupils constricted violently. Because the flesh and blood on his palm had been instantly minced into mush when he grabbed the green tornado!

Yang Ye didn’t dare hesitate or stop, and he opened his mouth and sucked forcefully to swallow it into him. After that….

At the instant it entered him, Yang Ye’s eyes instantly opened wide, and then his face warped. Subsequently, blood streamed out from Yang Ye’s seven apertures. Moreover, strands of bone piercingly cold winds actually started to slowly seep out from within him. The cold wind didn’t disperse, and it enveloped the surroundings and ceaselessly eroded Yang Ye’s body!

How did Yang Ye feel right now?

He felt pain! Pain that struck deep into his marrow! Pain that struck deep into his soul! He’d already tasted physical pain when he subdued the Nether Ghostflames, so he was mentally prepared for the physical pain! However, it was different this time because it came with pain that came from the soul!

After the green tornado entered Yang Ye’s body, it hadn’t moved about to destroy his internal organs, and it had ceaselessly emanated cold gales with the intention of assaulting Yang Ye’s soul instead!

The pain from his soul was much more terrifying than any physical pain!

In merely an instant, Yang Ye’s features had warped completely while his body couldn’t help but tremble violently. Moreover, the cold wind around Yang Ye seemed like numerous sharp blades that were ceaselessly slicing his body. Even with the strength of his physical body, he was still covered in cuts because of this.

The sharp pain from both his body and soul caused Yang Ye’s consciousness to gradually become blurry. However, he knew that he couldn’t lose consciousness, and he had to maintain a trace of clarity. Because once that happened, then he would be unable to subdue it according to the method that Elder Mu had instructed him with. In other words, he would be eternally unable to wake up if he were to lose consciousness!

After it was swallowed into Yang Ye’s body, it started moving about Yang Ye’s body like a curious child.

Why didn’t it try to damage the insides of Yang Ye’s body? It was because Yang Ye’s insides were covered by a layer of violet profound energy. Of course, this was done by Yang Ye because he would naturally not be completely unprepared before daring to swallow the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

The meridians within his body were already extremely strong. Now that they were protected by the violet profound energy, he felt that they should be able to resist the Ninth Hell Cold Gale as well. Of course, if it wanted to damage his body, then the violet profound energy would definitely be unable to stop the Ninth Hell Cold Gale for too long. However, to Yang Ye’s surprise, it actually didn’t attack his violet profound energy, and it wanted to approach the violet profound energy instead….

Yes, the state it was in right now was slightly amusing. Because it seemed to really like the violet profound energy, and it was slowly approaching it while seeming to be fearful of something. Right when it was about to come into contact with the violet profound energy, it would hurriedly retreat again. However, it seemed to be very reluctant, so it continued to approach the violet profound energy again. But it hurriedly withdrew itself every single time it was about to come into contact with the violet profound energy, and this continued in cycles….

As for why Yang Ye was in such pain? It was because the Ninth Hell Cold Gale had instinctively emanated the bone piercingly cold gales. Perhaps it was unaware that an unintentional action of it had caused Yang Ye to almost die.

Why did Yang Ye dare to swallow the Ninth Hell Cold Gale? He was naturally relying on the tiny vortex.

Just like the last time, Yang Ye had tried to utilize Elder Mu’s technique to control it first. However, the results weren’t promising. Because once he utilized that technique, then the Ninth Hell Cold Gale’s reaction would be huge, and it would move about within his body, causing Yang Ye to be overwhelmed by pain….

Yang Ye forcefully suppressed the sharp pain that came from his body and soul, and then he started to utilize the second method. This method was to force the green tornado to the tiny vortex. If nothing unexpected happened, then the outcome would probably be the same as the Nether Ghostflame once it entered the tiny vortex….

What method did he use to accomplish this? It was naturally the violet profound energy.

The violet profound energy transformed into threads under Yang Ye’s command, and he used them to slowly force the green tornado into the tiny vortex.

The green tornado seemed to be very happy upon seeing the violet profound energy approach it. However, it seemed to be very fearful as well. It wanted to take the initiative to approach the violet profound energy but didn’t dare, so it could only be slowly forced towards the tiny vortex….

Xiao Yuxi and Mo Qingyu weren’t fighting anymore. Because their battle was meaningless since the moment Yang Ye had swallowed the green tornado.

As she gazed at Yang Ye whose features were warped and seemed to be in extreme pain, Xiao Yuxi’s heart felt as if it was squeezed by something, and her feet moved slightly. She seemed to want to approach Yang Ye. However, she could only forcefully suppress this impulse when she thought about Mo Qingyu who was standing at the side, and then she paid attention to Yang Ye while staying vigilant towards Mo Qingyu!

The violet mink was the same. She wanted to see exactly what had happened to Yang Ye, but she couldn’t because only she could obstruct Mo Qingyu’s speed!

“He actually swallowed the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!” Mo Qingyu’s eyes narrowed slightly while her eyes were filled with disbelief. Besides the fact that she could utilize the Wind Intent that she’d comprehended to influence the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, the reason she dared to target the Ninth Hell Cold Gale was also because her clan had prepared numerous things for her.

However, Yang Ye had just swallowed it like that…. At the same time that she felt disbelief because of this, she was also extremely shocked!~


Right at this moment, a whistle resounded through the air before a person appeared in front of Mo Qingyu and Xiao Yuxi’s eyes.

Mo Qingyu’s eyes lit up when she saw him, and then she glanced at Xiao Yuxi while seeming to take pleasure in Xiao Yuxi’s misfortune.

On the other hand, Xiao Yuxi’s expression had turned completely gloomy.

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