Chapter 334 – Regret!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xiao Yuxi’s eyes opened wide, and then the light in her pure white eyes had gradually dispersed before they slowly closed. She’d gazed at Yang Ye at the moment before her eyes closed, but this glance was eternal….


Right at this moment, a strand of flames shot into the sky from within Yang Ye. The flames rose explosively along with the wind, and the surroundings were instantly covered in an ocean of fire.

Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene because those flames actually caused them to feel that it was extremely dangerous.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes and spat, causing the green tornado to instantly shoot out from within his mouth. The green tornado was stunned for a moment, and then it transformed into a ray of green light that flashed towards the distance with a swish.

Yang Ye hadn’t subdued the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Just as he’d wished, he’d forced it into his Vortex Dantian, and just as it was with the Nether Ghostflame, the tiny vortex seemed to pose an extreme threat to the green tornado, and it instantly seemed paralyzed upon entering the tiny vortex.

Yang Ye was delighted by this sight, and he hurriedly started utilizing the method Elder Mu had taught him to take control of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. However, right when he was about to succeed, he’d sensed the scene in the outside world. He’d sensed how the little fellow had been trapped and Xiao Yuxi had fallen….

Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun were stunned when they saw the green tornado flash by. Mo Qingyu didn’t hesitate at all to transform into a breeze that flashed explosively towards it.

Mu Jun’s face fell, and then he gazed at the violet mink and hesitated for a moment before he waved his right hand. The Immortal Binding Rope instantly flew back into his hand. He didn’t dare to kill this Spatial Mink, otherwise, it was very likely that it would cause a war between the Spatial Mink Clan and the Exalted Han Empire. At that time, even his father might not be able to protect him!

After he retrieved the Immortal Binding Rope, Mu Jun’s figure flashed, and then a pair of golden wings instantly appeared behind him. After that, his figure instantly appeared over 100m in the distance from a single flap of it….

Both Mu Jun and Mo Qingyu didn’t have the time to pay attention to Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi right now because the Ninth Hell Cold Gale was the most important to them!

Yang Ye walked slowly towards Xiao Yuxi, and a strand of regret instantly crept out from the bottom of his heart as he gazed at her lying there with a ghastly pale countenance and closed eyes! In his entire lifetime, Yang Ye had never done anything that he regretted, but he really did regret it this time. He regretted allowing Xiao Yuxi to follow him, he regretted trying to subdue the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and he regretted allowing the little fellow and Xiao Yuxi to face his enemies alone. He regretted it! He truly regretted it!

Two streams of clear tears flowed gradually from his eyes….

“AH!!!” Yang Ye suddenly raised his head and roared furiously while his eyes were instantly suffused by a blood red hue, and then boundless Slaughter Sword Intent erupted explosively from within him. The Nether Ghostflame in the air seemed to have sensed Yang Ye’s rage as well, and it suddenly exploded with a bang, causing the ocean of flames to surge explosively without end. Everywhere it passed, only nothingness was left behind….

The clear tears that flowed from Yang Ye’s eyes were gradually replaced by two streams of blood….

A violet glow flashed, and then the violet mink appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder. At this moment, the violet mink was extremely mink. Her violet pupils were dim while the violet glow she emanated was extremely faint, and it seemed as if it would disperse at any moment.

The violet mink embraced Yang Ye’s neck before she rubbed her head against Yang Ye’s face with all her might. However, she seemed to be too weak, and she hadn’t even rubbed his face twice when she fell from his shoulder!

Yang Ye caught the violet mink when she was about to hit the ground, and his eyes grew even more bloody red as he gazed at her weak state. He rubbed the little fellows head before placing the violet mink in the pool of violet profound energy within the tiny vortex, and then his gaze descended onto Xiao Yuxi!

Yang Ye squatted down before slowly taking her into his arms, and then the violet profound energy within his body surged violently into Xiao Yuxi’s body. Based on her outward appearance alone, there was no vitality within her body at all, and she was completely dead. Yang Ye didn’t know why he was acting in this way or it was because he merely wanted to give it a try and save her. Even if he only had a trace of hope or didn’t even have that, he still wanted to give it a try….

As his violet profound energy surged incessantly into her, Xiao Yuxi’s body was gradually covered in a layer of violet light, and her ghastly pale countenance slowly turned rosy. Moreover, the hold in her chest had gradually healed. Even though all of this was a slow process, it had actually happened!

Yang Ye was overjoyed by this, and he hurriedly sent out his violet profound energy at an insane pace.

Two hours gradually passed.

The hold in Xiao Yuxi’s chest had healed completely and her countenance had returned to normal. However, her body was still without any vitality, and her eyes were still shut tightly!

Yang Ye was in panic, and the profound energy within his body surged madly once more…. Another hour passed but Xiao Yuxi’s body was still without any trace of vitality….

“Why… why… why….” Yang Ye muttered softly while seeming as if he’d lost his soul. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and he closed his eyes slightly before immersing his consciousness into his body. After that, he said to the door that stood above the pool of violet profound energy, “I know you definitely have a way to save her, right?”

There was no reaction from the tightly closed door!

“I don’t know exactly what sort of existence you are nor do I know why you chose me. However, I know that you have the ability to save her. So, if you refuse to save her, then let’s just perish together!” said Yang Ye.

There was still no reaction from the tightly closed door!

“Since it’s like that!” Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes before he said, “Then let’s perish together!” As soon as he finished speaking, the Hidden Sword in his hand shot into the sky, and then it transformed into a ray of light that descended straight towards his forehead!

He was gambling this time. He was gambling that the tiny vortex wouldn’t dare to perish along with him, or perhaps it could be said that the tiny vortex needed him! If the tiny vortex needed him, then his gamble would pay off because not only would it prevent his death, it would also save Xiao Yuxi! If he failed the gamble…. How could he even bother to think about that at a time like this?

As for the violet mink’s safety, he’d naturally thought about that as well. Even if he died, the tiny vortex would absolutely not be harmed at all. So, since it would be fine, then the violet mink who resided within it would definitely be fine as well! He was gambling on whether the tiny vortex needed him! If it needed him, then he would have succeeded; if it didn’t, then he would die!

Even though he had many things he was reluctant to give up on and many things he had to do. But at this moment, he had to do this… even if it might take his life!

Yang Ye was no god. It was impossible for him to take care of everyone he cared about, but he could act within the limits of his ability!

This time, Yang Ye had made the right gamble!

It seemed like something had stopped the Hidden Sword when it was merely half an inch away from Yang Ye’s head, and it was unable to move even a centimeter further! After that, the door within Yang Ye’s tiny vortex slowly opened before a strand of pure violet colored profound energy directly entered into the center of Xiao Yuxi’s forehead.

However, right at this moment….

The sky was instantly covered in dark clouds, and then a bolt of divine lightning flashed down from within the dark clouds before it descended straight down. At this moment, the heavens and the earth were trembling!

At Ancient Domain City that was 500km away from the Ninth Hell, a figure flashed up into the sky above the city and gazed towards the Ninth Hell while revealing an unprecedentedly solemn expression.

This person was none other than the white haired old man, Qian Huan!

Qian Huan had a solemn expression as he gazed towards the Ninth Hell and said, “Divine lightning is descending from the heavens. Who’s doing something that defies the heavens?”


At the moment it descended to the ground, the divine lightning didn’t cause any damage to the ground at all, and it directly penetrated the ground and instantly arrived above Yang Ye. After that, it descended towards Xiao Yuxi who lied there in Yang Ye’s arms!

Yang Ye’s expression changed rapidly when he noticed this bolt of divine lightning that appeared abruptly. Because he was actually unable to arouse any intent to resist when facing it, and it was even to the extent that terror which came from the depths of his soul had instantly spread throughout his body, causing him to actually be on the verge of lying prostrate on the ground!

What exactly is that?

This question had just flashed through his mind before a wisp of ruthlessness appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes. He flipped his palm and then a strand of green sword qi shot explosively towards the divine lightning!

The divine lightning was descending towards Xiao Yuxi, so how could Yang Ye retreat?

However, right at this moment, a strand of violet profound energy suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then it collided with the bolt of divine lightning.


The divine lightning instantly dispersed before Yang Ye’s astounded gaze.

After it crushed the bolt of divine lightning with a single strike, the strand of pure violet profound energy instantly flew back into Yang Ye’s body. Subsequently, a strand of violet light flashed and enveloped Xiao Yuxi who laid there on the ground, and then it flashed once more as it instantly took Xiao Yuxi into the door within Yang Ye’s tiny vortex. After that, the door was shut!

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot. What does this mean? What does this mean?

Is she alive or is she dead? What does all of that mean? Where did it take Xiao Yuxi? What exactly was that bolt of divine lightning from before? Why did it suddenly appear underground?

A string of questions was flashing incessantly through Yang Ye’s mind.

However, right at this moment, Yang Ye’s expression changed abruptly before he raised his head to gaze towards the distance, and he saw a green ray of light flash over from afar.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he saw this because the green ray of lightning was the Ninth Hell Cold Gale’s Gale Spirit! Moreover, there were two people behind it, and it was none other than Mu Jun and Mo Qingyu!

Yang Ye’s gaze instantly turned icy cold upon noticing them. At the same time, a strand of bloody red instantly suffused his eyes.

Right when Yang Ye was about to act, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale had suddenly arrived in front of him. Or to be more precise, it had arrived where Xiao Yuxi was lying just moments ago. It seemed to be searching for something, and it was ceaselessly flickering back and forth!

Yang Ye was stunned by this, and then he paid no further attention to it. At this moment, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale wasn’t attractive to him at all, and the Hidden Sword in his hand caused a wave of fluctuations around it as his gaze locked onto Mo Qingyu.

However, right at this moment, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale suddenly appeared in front of him, and then it jumped about incessantly as if it was asking Yang Ye something….

“Fuck off! I don’t have the fucking time to waste on you!” Yang Ye shouted furiously before his figure flashed explosively towards Mo Qingyu!

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