Chapter 335 – An Arm!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye hadn’t help back at all. His Slaughter Sword Intent surged violently while his speed rose to its limits. Of course, just think wasn’t sufficient to kill Mo Qingyu. When he was less than 10m away from her, a strand of fine flames had instantly suffused Yang Ye’s Hidden Sword.

When this strand of flames appeared, the temperature in the air had instantly become hot. Moreover, an expanse of mist swiftly appeared everywhere he passed. It was mist that was created by the evaporation of the air caused by the strand of flames!

Earlier, he’d completely disregarded vengeance in order to save Xiao Yuxi. Presently, the tiny vortex had lent a hand and Xiao Yuxi’s life was probably not in danger. Since she was safe, then it was naturally time for him to take revenge! Even though he didn’t know why the Ninth Hell Cold Gale had come back, it wasn’t important to him. The important thing to him was that Mo Qingyu had made an appearance here!

This strike could be said to be Yang Ye’s strongest attack because he hadn’t just utilized his Slaughter Sword Intent and violet profound energy, he’d even utilized his strongest trump card, the Nether Ghostflame. He’d stopped concealing it, and the objective behind this was naturally to kill Mo Qingyu!

As for Mo Qingyu’s identity… not to mention a Hidden Clan, Yang Ye wouldn’t hesitate to kill her even if she was the daughter of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!

Earlier, while Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun were pursuing the Ninth Hel Cold Gale, they didn’t know what had gone through its mind, but it had actually turned around and traveled back from where it came. Moreover, its speed was even faster than when it was fleeing. It was like it had noticed something extraordinary! This made Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun feel puzzled!

Even though they were puzzled, they didn’t give up! Both of them increased their speeds to their respective limits and pursued the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

Mo Qingyu had just arrived here when her expression changed violently. Because a strand of terrifying aura was moving directly at her. Her heart shook when she saw that it was Yang Ye. Yang Ye is actually that strong?

She didn’t continue thinking about this question because Yang Ye had already arrived in front of her. Mo Qingyu grunted coldly before a green sword flashed into appearance in her grasp, and then her wrist moved slightly. The green sword left a string of afterimages behind as it slashed down towards Yang Ye! She hadn’t held back at all when executing this attack, and her 7th level Sword Intent surged out without reservation. Because she’d sensed a trace of terror from Yang Ye’s sword!

Mu Jun glanced at Yang Ye and Mo Qingyu before he withdrew his gaze. In his opinion, it didn’t make a difference whether Yang Ye or Mo Qingyu died. Now that the two of them were fighting, it just happened to be the best opportunity to capture the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

His figure flashed explosively towards the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. However, his pupils suddenly constricted before he swiftly turned his head to look at Yang Ye and Mo Qingyu!


The sword in Yang Ye’s hand collided directly with Mo Qingyu’s sword, and then her eyes opened wide while astonishment filled them. In the next moment, a light bang resounded as that Heaven Rank sword was instantly transformed into nothingness, and then Yang Ye’s sword slashed swiftly towards her head!

However, a green barrier of light had suddenly appeared around Mo Qingyu when his sword was merely a few inches away from her, and it obstructed Yang Ye’s sword.

However, it only lasted for an instant before a light hissing sound resounded, and then the green barrier of light had been instantly transformed into nothingness just like the green sword from before!

At this moment, there wasn’t just astonishment in Mo Qingyu’s eyes, there was even extreme fear! Her sword was a low-grade Heaven Rank sword while the green barrier of light was the Equipment Spirit of a low-grade Heaven Rank armor. However, they were actually unable to resist a single strike of Yang Ye’s sword!

At this moment, a strand of regret suddenly arose in Mo Qingyu’s heart because she shouldn’t have been careless and collided head-on with Yang Ye’s attack!

Even though Mo Qingyu was astounded that her low-grade Heaven Rank armor had been destroyed, her reaction wasn’t slow at all. She immediately utilized her Wind Intent, and then her figure surprisingly flashed towards the side. However, it was still a bit too late, and Yang Ye’s sword slashed down from where her right arm resided!


Mo Qingyu’s right arm instantly flew into the air while leaving a string of blood behind it!

“AHH!!” A hysterical and furious howl resounded. Mo Qingyu’s expression instantly turned savage while a strand of fierce, sharp, and violent Sword Intent shot into the sky from within her. Countless strands of sword qi appeared out of thin air around her, and they flickered while revealing a shocking scene!

“What’s the point of going berserk?” Yang Ye spoke in a ferocious tone. “Just die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly slashed his sword down towards her. A strand of light violet sword qi instantly shot out from the tip of his sword, and it was extremely terrifying when enhanced by his 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent, violet profound energy, and the strand of flames!

The strand of violet sword qi was extremely swift, and it seemed as if it had pierced through space and instantly arrived in front of Mo Qingyu. Everywhere it passed, a long white line had been drawn through space, and the air there had been completely incinerated into nothingness. Moreover, it seemed like the space there had caught on fire, and it started to faintly warp!

Mo Qingyu roared furiously. In an instant, the countless strands of sword qi around her instantly combined into one, and then they transformed into a ray of green light that collided with Yang Ye’s violet sword qi!


A wave of energy suddenly erupted from the point of collision, and the entire ground instantly cracked apart!

The green sword qi and the violet sword qi dispersed. However, a strand of flames had soundlessly appeared in front of Mo Qingyu.

Mo Qingyu’s savage expression was instantly covered in horror when she saw this strand of flames, and she cried out involuntarily. “A Natural Treasure! You actually possess a Natural Treasure!” At this moment, she finally knew what made her feel terrified just now. It turned out to be this Natural Treasure. But even she didn’t know which Natural Treasure it was!

However, at this moment, she didn’t have the time to think which Natural Treasure this strand of flame was! She didn’t hesitate to utilize her Wind Intent to its limits, and a gust of wind suddenly flashed before she vanished on the spot and appeared around 100m away. Moreover, her speed didn’t slow down at all as she flashed towards the distance. Merely two breaths of time had passed when Mo Qingyu’s figure had vanished over 300m away, and she only left a few words behind that drifted over from afar. “Yang Ye, I’ll repay you a hundredfold for this severed arm of mine! Just you wait! A hundredfold!”

A wisp of a helpless expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he watched her figure vanish in the distance. Her speed was truly too swift, and he was utterly unable to stop her from leaving without the little fellow by his side. However, it was fine because severing her arm could be considered as taking some interest from her. Moreover, they would meet again in the future, right?

“How truly shocking!” Meanwhile, Mu Jun suddenly said, “I never expected that such a monstrous genius like you would actually appear from somewhere insignificant like the southern territory. Not only have you comprehended Slaughter Sword Intent, you’ve even subdued a Natural Treasure. How unexpected!”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. He slashed with his sword, and a strand of violet sword qi shot forward explosively. How could there be anything to be said to this fellow who’d heavily injured the little fellow? Not only had this fellow heavily injured the little fellow, but he’d also caused Xiao Yuxi to almost lose her life! So, Yang Ye naturally intended to take revenge for this!

Since they were enemies, then talking was completely pointless!

Mu Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw Yang Ye attack, and then a wisp of killing intent flashed through his eyes. He said, “As expected of a sword cultivator. All of you really are extremely arrogant!” As soon as he finished speaking, he clenched his left palm tightly into a fist, and then he blasted his fist forward. An enormous golden dragon formed from energy instantly flashed forward and collided with Yang Ye’s sword qi!


A wave of violet and golden energy swiftly swept out from the point of collision.

Yang Ye suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then his figure shot forward explosively. He instantly arrived before Mu Jun, and then his sword slashed down directly towards Mu Jun. It was enhanced by his Slaughter Sword Intent, violet profound energy, and physical strength, so this strike could be said to be Yang Ye’s strongest attack! Right, that strand of flames was included in it as well!

He’d witnessed how terrifying this attack was, so Mu Jun didn’t dare act carelessly at all nor did he dare to go head-on against it. The wings on his back flapped, and his figure swiftly vanished on the spot. However, he didn’t flee, and he just appeared mysterious around 10m behind Yang Ye. After that, an enormous golden energy dragon flickered into appearance and carried peerlessly terrifying might as it assaulted Yang Ye!

Yang Ye didn’t turn around, and he closed his eyes slowly instead and extracted the distracting thoughts within his mind. In the next moment, he stabbed the Hidden Sword backward, and then a strand of violet sword qi shot violently towards the center of the golden dragon’s forehead.


The golden energy dragon was blasted apart amidst a rumbling explosion!

Mu Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes had a bewildered, puzzled, and shocked expression within them. Because Yang Ye’s sword qi had actually attacked the weak point of that golden energy dragon.

Was that a coincidence or intentional? If it was intentional…. Mu Jun’s expression turned solemn because the rumors said that Yang Ye possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart. If the rumors were true, then wouldn’t the techniques he relied upon become useless in front of this fellow?

Yang Ye’s eyes opened before his figure flashed, and he instantly arrived in front of Mu Jun. He flicked his wrist, and his sword slashed horizontally. Moreover, a strand of a flaming glow accompanied the strand of violet sword qi as it surged forward, and it was so swift that it instantly arrived before Mu Jun!

Mu Jun’s eyelids twitched when he saw that flaming glow because the energy contained within it caused even him to feel horrified. He didn’t dare act carelessly at all. He swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then a light hiss resounded as his figure vanished on the spot and appeared around 100m away.

However, in the next moment, he shot explosively towards Yang Ye, and then he unclenched his left fist and suddenly made a grabbing motion towards Yang Ye while he shouted. “Shackle!”

In an instant, Yang Ye felt an invisible force appear in the space around him. This invisible force was like a rope that was slowly tightening around him, causing his entire body to feel as if it was shackled!

A wisp of vicious expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he suddenly slashed. “Break!”

A strand of violet sword qi that was accompanied by a strand of flames shot forward explosively. Everywhere it passed, the space around it warped, and then that feeling of being shackled vanished instantaneously.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t continue attacking. He gazed at Mu Jun instead, and then he laughed with contempt and said, “Mu Jun, you’re a genius of the central territory, yet you don’t even dare to go head-on against a single attack of mine?”

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