Chapter 336 – Intense Battle!

Almighty Sword Domain

Mu Jun’s expression instantly turned cold. When had he ever suffered such provocation? A strand of golden energy surged out explosively from within his body, and then a golden little dragon shot into the sky from amidst the golden energy. The golden energy dragon suddenly opened its mouth towards Yang Ye, and then a ray of golden light instantly whistled sharply through the air as it shot explosively towards Yang Ye!

“Bring it on!” Yang Ye shouted while he swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then a ray of violet light flashed as he charged into the sky and moved to collide head on against the golden ray of energy!


Yang Ye and the golden ray of light collided forcefully amidst Mu Jun’s solemn gaze, and then a shocking and enormous bang resounded through this underground area. Mu Jun frowned, and then his eyes suddenly opened wide because a small flame had surprisingly appeared in front of him!

Mu Jun’s pupils instantly constricted violently upon noticing it, and then the golden energy within his body surged explosively towards his left hand. A golden dragon head appeared on his left hand, and then he swiftly smashed his fist against the flame!

They’d just collided when the dragon head exploded into pieces, and it dispersed into golden specks of light! On the other hand, the flame didn’t slow down at all as it shot explosively towards Mu Jun!

This time, astonishment had appeared on his face for the first time. That punch from before had been a mid-grade Heaven Rank combat technique, yet it was actually unable to resist this flame at all! Exactly what sort of existence is it?

Mu Jun suppressed the astonishment in his heart while he squatted slightly, and then suddenly leaped up while the wings behind his back flapped swiftly. He instantly shot into the sky.

In the end, he didn’t dare to go head on against this little flame of unknown origin because once he failed to stop it, then… Mo Qingyu was the best example!

Mu Jun had just shot into the sky when a strand of violet sword qi descended straight down from above him!

A vicious expression flashed in his eyes. This fellow, Yang Ye, is really going too far!

He flipped his palm, and then a dragon shaped seal that had a golden dragon inscribed on it had appeared in his palm. The profound energy within his body flowed into the seal, and then a strand of dazzling golden light instantly erupted from it. After that, the seal expanded in midair and instantly transformed into a seal that was around 300m long before it smashed down towards Yang Ye from above!

A wisp of a solemn expression flashed in Yang Ye’s crimson red eyes as he gazed at the golden seal. Because the energy contained within it was truly very terrifying. It seemed as if it possessed the might to obliterate the world!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly. The Nether Ghostflame instantly appeared in his palm with a single gesture. After that, Yang Ye took a deep breath as he gazed at the enormous seal, and then he tossed the Nether Ghostflame towards it!

The Nether Ghostflame expanded explosively in midair and instantly transformed into an ocean of fire that surged over towards the sea.

As soon as they came into contact….


A shocking and enormous bang resounded, and then expanses of terrifying waves of energy erupted like tidal waves throughout this area, causing the surroundings here to instantly collapse!

As he gazed at the ocean of flames, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he gestured with his right hand, and the Nether Ghostflame instantly flew back into his body. After that, he turned around and stabbed with his sword, and he transformed into a ray of violet light as he charged towards the surface. The underground area was already collapsing, so he had no choice but to leave because he would probably be buried here if he stayed here any longer!

Even though an ocean of flames covered the area, Yang Ye’s intuition told him that Mu Jun wouldn’t die so easily! However, he couldn’t be bothered about all of that now because they might perish together if he continued to fight Mu Jun under such circumstances!

Right at the moment that Yang Ye had charged out to the surface, a strand of green light flashed, and it left a trail of green light behind it as it followed behind Yang Ye….

Yang Ye had just charged out from beneath the ground when the surface had collapsed down completely….

Yang Ye felt a wave of lingering fear in his heart as he gazed at the uneven and collapsed ground. If he was just a little bit slowed, then he would have really been buried alive! If that happened, then he would die no matter how heaven defying he was!

In next to no time, Yang Ye frowned because Mu Jun didn’t emerge from underground. According to his expectations, it was definitely impossible for Mu Jun to perish so easily! Especially when Mu Jun had that golden dragon shaped seal because it was an existence that even the Nether Ghostflame couldn’t destroy!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he thought up to this point. These geniuses from the central territory are really so wealthy. They have an endless supply of various Heaven Rank treasures! Unfortunately, Yang Ye didn’t even have a single Heaven Rank treasure or Heaven Rank combat technique! The state of his Dark Treasures wasn’t too bad because while he didn’t possess any at the Heaven Rank, he had a pile of Earth Rank treasures with the help of the tiny vortex!

But what about techniques? Amongst the Energy Split Technique, Sword Qi Finger, Heavenrend Drawing Technique, and Sword Control Technique, besides the Sword Control Technique that was still extremely helpful to him, the other techniques could be said to be completely useless!

As for the Dragonbreaker technique. Even though it was merely inferior to the Sword Control Technique, it wasn’t very useful in the Ancient Battlefield which was a place that geniuses gathered at. So, besides the Sword Control Technique, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and the Nether Ghostflame, Yang Ye didn’t have any useful techniques!

Yang Ye could only shake his head and laugh bitterly when faced with such a situation, and his heart was filled with extreme helplessness. He was an independent cultivator who didn’t belong to a sect. No matter if it was treasures or techniques, he had to rely on his own hard work. He wasn’t like the other geniuses who merely had to concentrate on their cultivation and had no need to worry about treasures or techniques at all!

Under such circumstances, how could these fellows not be strong? How could the independent cultivators go against these monstrous geniuses? Just like the battles from before, if he didn’t possess the Nether Ghostflame, then how could Yang Ye have resisted the golden dragon shaped seal? Moreover, utilizing the Nether Ghostflame once was equivalent to suffering a heavy injury….

Why? Because the profound energy within his body had already dried up! There wasn’t even a thread of it left! Utilizing the Nether Ghostflame exhausted a humongous amount of profound energy. So, if the tiny vortex hadn’t replaced his Dantian, then not to mention the King Realm, he couldn’t even utilize the Nether Ghostflame without restraint as he had just now even if he was at the Spirit Realm!

This was the reason why he didn’t rashly utilize the Nether Ghostflame in the past. Because the consequences of every single usage were very severe. Especially when it was at the Ancient Battlefield which was filled with his enemies! If he didn’t have any profound energy, then he would be in the same situation as he had been during his 1st encounter with Mo Qingyu. How could his physical body resist the best monstrous geniuses of Profounder Continent without any profound energy?

It was clearly impossible!

Earlier, the reason why he’d utilized the Nether Ghostflame was merely because he wanted to kill Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun with a single strike. Unfortunately, both of them were truly extremely strong, and he was still unable to kill them even if he utilized the Nether Ghostflame!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and habitually turned his head to glance at his shoulder. However, the familiar figure of the little fellow wasn’t there right now. Yang Ye remained silent on the spot for a short while before he shook his head and said, “Looks like I’m still too weak!”

Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed, and then he swiftly turned around. A green tornado was floating in front of him, and it was exactly the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

At this moment, it was very meek, and it spun slowly in front of him. Right when Yang Ye felt puzzled, the tornado suddenly moved. It didn’t attack Yang Ye, and it just started to spin around him as if it intended to express something….

“What are you trying to say?” Yang Ye frowned as he asked this question. He didn’t have a good impression of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Because if it wasn’t for this thing, then Xiao Yuxi wouldn’t be in a state where her fate was unknown, and the little fellow wouldn’t have been heavily injured to the point of being in deep sleep within the pool of profound energy. So, he refused to be nice to it! It was even to the extent that if he wasn’t afraid of this little bastard’s terrifying strength, then he even desired to draw his sword and strike it!

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale instantly stopped moving upon hearing Yang Ye, and then it flashed over to Yang Ye. After that, strands of fine whirlwinds slowly seeped out from within it!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he hurriedly moved backward by around 10m before he said furiously, “What’re you going? Trust me, I’ll strike you down!” After all, the energy contained within those fine whirlwinds weren’t inferior to high-grade Earth Rank techniques, so Yang Ye was puzzled by its intentions!

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale was stunned when it saw Yang Ye move backward, and then it flashed and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. However, it didn’t release those whirlwinds this time, and it started to circle around Yang Ye again….

After a moment of deep thought, Yang Ye roughly understood its intentions. The Ninth Hell Cold Gale had probably taken a liking to something he possessed, otherwise, it was impossible for it to have returned and pestered him like this. After all, Yang Ye didn’t possess such great charm! However, what did it take a liking to?

In next to no time, Yang Ye thought of something, and it was the tiny vortex! Because besides the tiny vortex, what else in his possession could possibly draw the attention of such a Natural Treasure?

But didn’t it enter the tiny vortex earlier? It was even resisting slightly at that time. So, what’s it doing now? Could it be that it isn’t the tiny vortex but the door above the tiny vortex? Or perhaps, it’s the violet energy that was released from within the door?

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he asked. “You want to enter the tiny vortex?”

The green tornado instantly started spinning quickly!

Yang Ye nodded when he saw this, and then he said, “You can if you want, but you have to obey me in the future, alright?”

The green tornado stopped moving.

“There’s no room for discussion?” Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Then let’s split ways. I’m not someone that likes to force others. Good luck! Goodbye!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away. There was no reluctance or hesitance at all, and he acted like the Ninth Hell Cold Gale was a piece of trash….

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale was instantly anxious when it saw Yang Ye act in this way, and then it flashed and instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye and obstructed his path before it started spinning again!

Yang Ye fell silent. Even though he couldn’t understand what the Ninth Hell Cold Gale was trying to express, he was roughly able to sense what it meant, and it was that it didn’t want to lose its freedom. After all, no matter if it was a person, Darkbeast, or any other living being, would anything in this world be willing to lose its freedom? Let alone a Natural Treasure!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he said, “Stay with me for 10 years, and you only have to obey me during that time. You can leave after that. What do you think? Don’t worry, I won’t utilize those methods to forcefully take control of you during these 10 years, alright?”

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale stopped spinning. After around 15 minutes had passed, it swished and directly entered into Yang Ye’s body!

Yang Ye immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this, and then a trace of a smile had unconsciously arisen on the corners of his mouth!

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