Chapter 337 – Drop!

Almighty Sword Domain

A day later.

Yang Ye was seated cross-legged with his eyes closed in a dense forest within the Ninth Hell. A strand of invisible Sword Intent surged incessantly from within him before it surged back into his body! Moreover, countless strands of faint violet sword qi flickered ceaselessly around him. The sword qi didn’t attack anything, and it just flickered incessantly around Yang Ye, causing it to seem extremely shocking!

After the incident in the Nether God’s Tomb, Yang Ye was clearly aware of his insufficiencies. No matter if it was his Sword Intent, combat techniques, or cultivation, there was a certain gap between him and those monstrous geniuses of the central territory. If he didn’t possess the Nether Ghostflame that Elder Mu had given him, then his strength would truly be insufficient in the Ancient Battlefield!

Especially his cultivation, he’d relied on the tiny vortex all along the way, so his cultivation had improved too quickly. This was a good thing, yet it was also a bad thing! It was good because his cultivation had finally caught up with those monstrous geniuses of the central territory, and the bad thing was that it had been improved too quickly. His mental state was unable to catch up to his cultivation, so his cultivation wasn’t stable!

It was fine at any other ordinary time, but it was a lethal flaw during a critical moment. Especially during battles with those monstrous geniuses!

So, after he subdued the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, Yang Ye hadn’t gone about roaming the Ancient Battlefield, and he’d found a quiet place instead. He intended to consolidate his cultivation and Intent first, and then create a technique of his own!

Yes, he intended to create a combat technique! Of course, it wasn’t a sudden impulse, and it was because he’d obtained some comprehension during the battle with Mu Jun instead. During that battle, he’d combined the Nether Ghostflame, sword qi, and Sword Intent for the first time, and he noticed that the might of their combination was rather terrifying, but it was slightly chaotic and too simply. Especially when he faced a profounder who was slightly swift, then it would be very useful!

This time, he was considering how he should combine them in a better manner and then create a sword technique that only belonged to him, Yang Ye!

Time slowly based by, and 10 days had passed in the blink of an eye. During these 10 days, Yang Ye had ceaselessly consolidated his cultivation and Intent, and the effects of it were very good. After all, he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, so he was able to quickly enter into a state where his mind and heart were clear, and that, he could search for his flaws and ceaselessly improve on them!

In this way, his cultivation and Slaughter Sword Intent had been greatly improved. Especially his Slaughter Sword Intent, it even showed signs of advancement. However, he’d forcefully suppressed it. Presently, he hadn’t fully consolidated his Slaughter Sword Intent, so another advancement would only add even more latent troubles for him. In that way, the costs would outweigh the benefits!

In terms of his cultivation, he’d obtained rather great gains as well. Even though it hadn’t been consolidated completely and resolved the potential troubles that were created by the improvement of his cultivation that had been too swift, he was on the verge of success. So long as he didn’t improve his cultivation too quickly in the future, then there shouldn’t be any more problems.

After he resolved the problems in his Sword Intent and cultivation, Yang Ye started to concentrate on creating that sword technique of his own! Actually, it couldn’t be said to be the creation of a new sword technique. It was merely a method to properly combine the violet profound energy, Sword Intent, and Nether Ghostflame. Every single one of these three forces were extremely powerful. So, if they could be combined well, then Yang Ye was confident that this ‘sword technique’ would absolutely not be weaker to a mid-grade Heaven Rank or even high-grade Heaven Rank sword technique!

It was too inflexible to purely attach the Nether Ghostflame to his sword qi, and its might was limited as well.

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. Since the Nether Ghostflame can be attached to swords and sword qi, then can’t it be attached to a sword formation? He acted as soon as he thought of this!

Yang Ye stood up, and then he flipped his hands. Two sword chests appeared in his hands. With a command in his heart, the 36 swords that were within the initial sword chest he possessed had instantly flown into the Infinite Sword Chest! After that, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he moved his finger slightly, and then numerous swords flew out from within his spatial ring and entered the Infinite Sword Chest as well!

In this way, there were 200 high-grade Earth Rank swords within the Infinite Sword Chest!

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the 200 high-grade Earth Rank swords within the Infinite Sword Chest had transformed into 200 rays of violet light that shot into the sky, and then they formed a round sword formation that circled in the sky!

Yang Ye took a deep breath as he gazed at the sword formation, and then he flipped open his palm.


The Nether Ghostflame appeared on his palm!

Yang Ye flicked his finger, and the Nether Ghostflame instantly transformed into a fiery ray of light that charged into the sword formation. After that, a bang resounded as the Nether Ghostflame suddenly exploded apart and transformed into countless threads of flame that entered those swords!

This was an extremely difficult process because Yang Ye didn’t just have to control the sword formation, he even had to control the Nether Ghostflame to attach itself to those swords. This was extremely mentally exhausting! In merely a few breaths of time, cold sweat had started to seep out from Yang Ye’s forehead, and his countenance gradually paled!

However, he still didn’t give up!

Since I have no backing, no sect, and no techniques, then I’ll make my own! Could it be that it’s impossible to survive in this world without a sect? I don’t believe in that!

The Nether Ghostflame transformed into countless threads of flame under Yang Ye’s control and gradually attached itself to those swords. Every single sword that had the Nether Ghostflame attached to it had changed from light violet to maroon. Moreover, they started trembling violently. It seemed as if something was about to charge out from within them!

Even the sky was gradually turned maroon by those 200 swords. But at this moment, Yang Ye’s countenance was ghastly pale while his face was covered in cold sweat, and his eyes were covered in exhaustion!


An explosion resounded in midair, and then the threads of fire within the swords had suddenly exploded. After that, the swords scattered down from midair! On the other hand, Yang Ye fell to the ground and gasped for breath with large mouthfuls!

This is really too fucking mentally exhausting! Yang Ye cursed with displeasure. Just controlling the swords was extremely mentally exhausting. Coupled with the control of the Nether Ghostflame, and he even had to divide the Nether Ghostflame into 200 portions to attach themselves onto those swords…. In this way, he didn’t have to just control 200 swords, he had to control 200 portions of ‘Nether Ghostflames’ as well.

So, how could this not be mentally exhausting?

However, would Yang Ye give up? He naturally wouldn’t! After he absorbed almost 100 energy stones on the spot, Yang Ye started once more….

He failed over and over again, and he started again time after time. This cycle continued endlessly….

Trying to form such a technique was an extremely dull thing. Every single failure caused Yang Ye’s countenance to be ghastly white and feel mentally exhausted. Every single failure was a test of his dedication. Because it seemed to be truly quite impossible to control 200 swords and 200 portions of Nether Ghostflame at the same time!

However, Yang Ye still didn’t intend to give up! All those years ago when he was reduced from an outer court disciple to a labor disciple, there wasn’t even a thread of profound energy within his body, yet he’d still relied on his will to cultivate that body refinement technique for three years. How much ridicule did he experience during those three years? How much contempt did he suffer? Didn’t he still refuse to give up?

When compared to what he’d experienced during those three years, the suffering he experienced right now was truly nothing!

Just like that, day after day passed. Yang Ye practiced from day to night every single day, and then he practiced from night until day. He’d succeeded a few times during this period. Of course, this success didn’t represent that the sword technique had taken form, and it merely represented that he was capable of fully attaching the Nether Ghostflame to those swords!

However, it was extremely difficult to control the 200 swords which had Nether Ghostflame attached to them! To put it simply, he had to split his mind into three in order to accomplish that!

After all, the difference between having his sword in his hand and having it away from his hand was huge! When it was in his hand, he could attach the Nether Ghostflame to his sword at any moment, and he could easily attach it to his sword qi as well. But once his sword left his hand, then he had to rely on the Sword Control technique, and he had to control the Nether Ghostflame at the same time. Moreover, it was 200 of them each. So, the difficulty of accomplishing this was obvious!

Thus, Yang Ye was still unable to complete this new sword technique throughout this half a month of time!

However, Yang Ye had obtained great gains during this period. He was more and more skilled in the Sword Control Technique. Moreover, it wasn’t just the Sword Control Technique, he was even getting skilled in the utilization of his Sword Intent. It could even be said that he’d attained the state where his Intent could be commanded at will. Unfortunately, he was still unable to succeed in creating the technique!

He’d failed at least a few ten thousand times throughout this period! Every single failure had occurred at the moment when he tried to attack after attaching the Nether Ghostflame to the swords. Whenever this moment came, the Nether Ghostflame would split from the swords, causing his efforts to come to nothing, and it made him feel extremely depressed and conflicted!

There was another thing that really depressed Yang Ye, and it was that he’d almost exhausted his energy stones during this period! Every single time he utilized the sword formation and Nether Ghostflame didn’t just exhaust him mentally, it exhausted a huge amount of profound energy as well. Every single failure represented that he had to utilize over 100 energy stones to recover his profound energy, so he’d completely exhausted his energy stones during the last half month of time….

Now, he had no choice but to utilize those top-grade energy stones he possessed. He only had a total of 10 top-grade energy stones, and he only had 8 more after he gave 2 to Xiao Yuxi that day. So, using every single one of them really hurt for him! Fortunately, the effect of these top-grade energy stones didn’t disappoint him. Not only were they able to very quickly replenish and fill up the pool of profound energy within his tiny vortex, it even had a continuous effect. Because the consumption of every single top-grade energy stone lasted for around five days!

So, Yang Ye could focus on practicing the sword technique while possessing the support of the top-grade energy stones!

One month later.

A row of maroon swords had formed a circle and were ceaselessly spinning in the air above the dense forest. As these maroon swords spun ceaselessly in midair, strands of terrifying and invisible Slaughter Sword Intent seeped out incessantly into the surroundings of the sword formation. However, the Slaughter Sword Intent actually withdrew back into the sword formation after moving a certain distance away from the sword formation!

Moreover, faint strands of flames were even emanated around the sword formation. These flames were extremely terrifying because the air was completely incinerated into nothingness wherever they passed!

Besides that, the space around the entire sword formation actually faintly warped as the sword formation moved!

Yang Ye gazed at the circling sword formation from below, and then a ruthless expression appeared on his ghastly pale face before he suddenly shouted. “Drop!”

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