Chapter 339 – Curse!

Almighty Sword Domain

Killing intent instantly rose explosively within Ying Long’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye attack without saying a single word! He’d come over here because he’d sensed an invisible force drawing him over here. Yes, he didn’t know what it was, but he knew that it was absolutely greatly beneficial to him!

Coupled with the enormous explosion that occurred over here, Ying Long felt that a Natural Treasure had definitely been born. After all, the birth of many Natural Treasures shook the world! So, when he thought up to here, Ying Long hadn’t hesitated to give up on chasing after the Evil Lord, and he’d quickly rushed over here!

However, he hadn’t expected that he would encounter Yang Ye here. He’d aroused killing intent at the moment he saw Yang Ye because Yang Ye had rushed over from the source of the explosion, because Yang Ye was a human, because….

In short, if he encountered a human that was alone, then that human deserved death! However, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would be the first to attack.

This made Ying Long feel overwhelmed with rage. His figure transformed into his true form, and then he suddenly opened his enormous mouth of a dragon while his enormous figure that was around 300m in length shot towards Yang Ye!

Besides their Innate Divine Techniques, the strongest advantage possessed by the Green Dragon was their physical bodies. How could the physical body of a dragon be penetrated by a human profounder? So, Ying Long had chosen the simplest method of attack, and it was to go head on against Yang Ye! He didn’t utilize his strongest Innate Divine Ability because as far as he was concerned, he was already thinking highly of Yang Ye by utilizing the strength of his physical body!

Ying Long had underestimated his opponent and acted carelessly, but Yang Ye didn’t. He was in a rush right now, so he didn’t hold back at all. The Nether Ghostflame silently attached itself onto the Hidden Sword in Yang Ye’s hand, and then it carried his 6th level Sword Intent as he slashed it towards Ying Long’s head!

Ying Long’s act of obstructing him and wasting his time had caused Yang Ye to arouse boundless killing intent, so he hadn’t held back at all!

A wisp of disdain flashed in Ying Long’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye intending to go head-on against him. If Yang Ye had executed some sort of high ranked sword technique, then perhaps he would be slightly fearful. After all, Yang Ye was a sword cultivator! However, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually go head-on against him. Is this ant trying to give his life away?

Yang Ye’s sword struck directly onto Ying Long’s head under Ying Long’s disdainful gaze, and then a light clang resounded as the sword in Yang Ye’s hand trembled violently. The disdain in Ying Long’s eyes grew denser because of this.

However, right at this moment, a strand of fine flame suddenly appeared on Yang Ye’s sword. Ying Long’s enormous eyes instantly opened wide when the strand of flame appeared, and his disdain had been completely replaced by terror!

He wanted to flee, he wanted to avoid Yang Ye’s flaming sword. However, because he’d been careless, the flaming sword had already struck his head.


Yang Ye’s sword sunk directly into Ying Long’s head, and then Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he suddenly shouted. “Explode!”

As soon as he spoke, the Nether Ghostflame within Ying Long’s head and swiftly exploded apart….


Ying Long suddenly roared furiously. However, his enormous head had been directly blasted apart at the instant that the Nether Ghostflame had exploded apart, and then countless pieces of red and white matter scattered towards the surroundings.


His enormous body fell to the ground, and the ground trembled violently.

Ying Long was dead. Yes, he was completely dead! It could be said that he’d died to his carelessness. If he hadn’t underestimated Yang Ye and utilized his strongest ability or didn’t go head-on against Yang Ye’s Nether Ghostflame, then it wouldn’t be realistic for Yang Ye to kill him. After all, his strength and cultivation were extremely formidable!

Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and then the Nether Ghostflame instantly returned into his body. As he gazed at Ying Long’s headless corpse, a spatial ring appeared in his hand, and then Yang Ye started to break down Ying Long’s corpse. It was the corpse of a dragon, so it was completely covered in treasures. Even a single fur on its body could be sold for a high price!

Especially the blood of a dragon. According to rumor, the blood of the Dragon Clan could strengthen the body. So, Yang Ye naturally didn’t waste Ying Long’s blood, and he’d finally dried out the blood within Ying Long’s body after filling almost 10 spatial rings with it. He would naturally not utilize it right now because he didn’t have the time. After he put Ying Long’s blood and corpse away, Yang Ye controlled his sword and flew towards the south!

Yang Ye arrived at Death Abyss after a day of flying at his full speed.

Yang Ye held Xiao Yuxi in his arms as he arrived in front of the cottage, and he’d just arrived there when its door opened slowly. Elder Mu walked out from within it.

Elder Mu glanced at Yang Ye, and then his gaze descended onto Xiao Yuxi who laid in Yang Ye’s embrace, and his brows had knit together at the instant his gaze descended upon her. He said, “She’s cursed by the heavens and is completely devoid of vitality. What a pity!”

“Cursed by the heavens?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “What do you mean, Elder Mu?”

Elder Mu grinned lightly and said, “There are always people in this world who like to defy the heavens, yet lacked the ability to do so, so they’re cursed by the heavens. Such a curse is extremely terrifying because it’s passed down to future generations! It’s probably her ancestor or someone in her clan who has done something that defied the heavens, and that person suffered the punishment of the heavens!”

Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Elder Mu, is there any way to recover the vitality within her?”

“You want to save her?” Elder Mu glanced at Yang Ye and spoke with slight surprise.

Yang Ye nodded.

“Do you know that saving her defies the heavens as well!?” Elder Mu said, “She’s someone who’s cursed by the heavens. If you save her, then it means that you’re acting in defiance of the heavens as well. In that way, you’ll suffer the punishment of the heavens. Such punishment is very severe!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Elder Mu, just tell me if there’s a way to save her! As for the punishment of the heavens! Haha! It’s just death! Why would I fear it?”

Elder Mu gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he shook his head and said, “Youth really makes one act rashly! Fine, I won’t stop you, otherwise, you’ll hate me!”

When he spoke up to here, Elder Mu glanced at Xiao Yuxi and said, “If you want to save her, then you have to recover the vitality within her that was eliminated by the heavens. This is equivalent to bringing a person back from death. It’s extremely difficult, so you must be mentally prepared!”

Yang Ye glanced at Xiao Yuxi who laid in his arms, and then he said, “I have to do it no matter how difficult it is!”

Elder Mu nodded and said, “There are three methods that can recover the vitality within her. The first method is a precious natural treasure called the Source of Life, and it’s something that’s condensed into form from spirit energy of the heavens and the earth. Not to mention recovering one’s vitality, it can even recover one’s soul if the person’s soul hasn’t completely dispersed from the world! Moreover, it can increase the lifespan of humans and demon beasts!”

Yang Ye was overjoyed as he said, “Where do I find it?”

Elder Mu shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I’m sure that it exists in the world because I’ve seen it in the possession of someone. Unfortunately, he has used it.”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he heard this, and then he said, “Elder Mu, tell me about the second method!” Since even Elder Mu didn’t know where to look for it, then how could he search for it? He was naturally not afraid of wasting time, but could Xiao Yuxi wait as well?

Elder Mu smiled and said, “The 2nd method is easier than the first. Don’t get happy first. It’s still as difficult as ascending the heavens to you! This second method is to act according to the destiny provided by the heavens and share your lives”

“Share our lives?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“It means that both of you will share a single lifespan. To put it simply, you’ll share your lifespan with her, understand?” said Elder Mu.

“That works?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said, “Elder Mu, then share my lifespan with Yuxi right now!”

“How could it be that simple!?” Elder Mu shook his head and said, “If it was any other person, then it wouldn’t be difficult. However, she’s different because she’s cursed by the heavens. In order to share your lifespan with her, you have to act according to the destiny provided by the heavens. In other words, it has to be acknowledged by the heavens! Otherwise, while sharing your lifespan with her would allow her to be awakened, she would be eliminated by the heavens in an instant! So, you must allow her to obtain the acknowledgment of the heavens first. How would you obtain the acknowledgment of the heavens? There’s an opportunity right now, and it’s the Karmic Luck within the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. If you obtain sufficient Karmic Luck and give it to her, then it should be sufficient to offset the curse!”

“Karmic Luck can offset her curse?” asked Yang Ye. As far as he was concerned, Karmic Luck was something ethereal and illusory. He felt it was something used to maintain the prosperity of a sect or clan, so he wondered how it could be utilized to remove the punishment of the heavens!

“Of course!” Elder Mu said, “There’s a Dragon Vein beneath the ground under the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. The Dragon Vein is born from the heavens and the earth, so it should be possible to utilize its Karmic Luck to remove her curse. At that time… no, from now onward, you should start to slowly share your lifespan with her and allow her to maintain a ‘living’ state. Otherwise, even if she comes back to life in the future, she will suffer damages in all aspects! Once you obtain the Karmic Luck and dispel her curse, then you should share your lifespan with her at one go and allow her to awaken. Of course, the amount you share is entirely up to you!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he shook his head and chuckled. He’d originally headed to the Ancient Battlefield merely for the sake of finding the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and he’d never given the Hidden Dragon Pagoda any thought. Yet now, he had to fight for it even if he didn’t want to! Karmic Luck? Yang Ye was determined to obtain it!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Elder Mu, how should I share my lifespan with her?”

Elder Mu’s aged face instantly revealed a slightly strange expression when he heard this, and then he pondered deeply for a short while before he flipped his palm. A scroll appeared in front of Yang Ye before he said, “Take a look yourself!” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye gazed at the scroll in his hand, and then he was stunned because the title of the scroll was Mutual Cultivation Technique!

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