Chapter 340 – Mutual Cultivation Technique!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s expression became slightly unnatural when he opened the scroll and had a look. Because the Mutual Cultivation Technique referred to ‘mutually cultivating’, and then gradually transferring one’s lifespan to the other! Not only could it transfer lifespan, it could even transfer cultivation, and it could make two people attain the state of being one in heart!

In short, the Mutual Cultivation Technique was extremely beneficial to both parties. But….

As he gazed at Xiao Yuxi who laid in his arms, Yang Ye’s expression became even more unnatural. In this way, wouldn’t I be taking advantage of her? But if I don’t do that, then her soul and body will definitely perish!

Yang Ye was slightly troubled by this decision!

Yang Ye stood on the spot for a short while before he suddenly shook his head and smiled. He said with self-ridicule, Am I still a man? She’s already in such a state because of me, so how can I ever turn my back on her? Since I can’t, then why am I hesitating?

As for how he should face her, was there any need to think about it? If words failed, then he could use force, and if force failed, then he just had to act shamelessly. In any case, Yang Ye had set his mind on being together with her in this lifetime!

After he thought all of this through, Yang Ye stopped hesitating. He waved his right hand, and then a violet glow flashed before he left on his sword!

In a cave, Yang Ye was troubled once more as he gazed at Xiao Yuxi who laid there before him. Even though he’d thought it through, he was still slightly anxious and perturbed when it really came to it. After all, he had no experience in this aspect. The only time he’d had any experience was one when he wasn’t even conscious, and this caused Yang Ye to feel extremely aggrieved and depressed when he thought of it!

Now, his consciousness was clear, yet he didn’t know how to start!

Yang Ye stood on the spot for a short while, and then he shook his head and walked over slowly to Xiao Yuxi before he gazed at her while she laid there silently. Xiao Yuxi was extremely beautiful, and it was like her face was meticulously carved by the heavens. Her face was glistening like jade, her nose was smooth and curved, and her lips were bright red. When her features were coupled with her snow white her, Xiao Yuxi who laid there silently in front of him seemed like a celestial maiden who’d descended from the heavens and didn’t belong to the mortal world.

Yang Ye was slightly infatuated as he gazed at her….

Actually, being able to look at her like this for eternity is an extremely delightful thing as well…. Such a thought had flashed through Yang Ye’s mind.

Actually, delight was really not simple sometimes.

Yang Ye bent down to lightly peck her bright red lips, and then he said in a low voice, “I will definitely not turn my back on you forever!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s slightly trembling hands had moved slowly towards Xiao Yuxi’s chest….

It was a lie if he said that he wasn’t nervous. After all, it was the first time he was doing something like this. Moreover, Xiao Yuxi was even unconscious. However, even though it was his first time, most men didn’t need a teacher for such a thing, and Yang Ye was no exception!

When he opened her dress to reveal a wisp of snow white, Yang Ye’s breathing had instantly become rapid, and a few beads of sweat had even appeared on his forehead. It was like he was in battle!

Yang Ye closed his eyes, took a breath, and then opened his eyes once more. His hands sped up, and it wasn’t long before he’d taken off all her clothes. A beautiful and breathtaking body appeared before his eyes. As he gazed at that beautiful body, his eyes had turned slightly red while his breathing had become even more rapid….

Yang Ye wasn’t a saint, he naturally had desires of his own; he wasn’t an eunuch, so he naturally had impulses. So, his hands that needed no master started to slowly move up her jade peaks….


Six hours later, Yang Ye helped Xiao Yuxi put on her clothes, and then he pecked her red lips lightly. He said in a gentle voice. “Yuxi, just you wait. I’ll definitely allow you to wake up!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye placed her within the tiny vortex.

After that, his eyes closed slightly before he started to meditate. Mutual cultivation was really bliss at the beginning, but in the end, it consumed his spirit greatly. Because the technique should have been circulated by two people and cultivated together. However, she was unconscious, so he could only do it himself. This caused his mental energy to be greatly exhausted and coupled with the fact that he was passing his lifespan to her through the technique, Yang Ye could be said to be extremely exhausted right now!

Of course, he was perfectly happy to suffer this exhaustion….

Two hours later, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then he flipped his palm. The Heavenly Devil Physique that he’d obtained from Mo Ke had appeared in his hand.

Even though he possessed the Nether Ghostflame, Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and had even created a terrifying sword formation like the Ghostflame Sword Formation, he still didn’t dare look down upon those monstrous geniuses throughout the continent. After all, while he had trump cards, didn’t they possess trump cards as well? Perhaps their trump cards were even greater than his own!

So, he still wanted to become stronger! Moreover, only by becoming stronger would he be able to obtain a place for himself on the Hidden Dragon Pagoda and obtain Karmic Luck. He was only able to revive Xiao Yuxi by obtaining Karmic Luck!

It wasn’t just for Xiao Yuxi’s sake, it was also for his mother, and for himself. He had to become stronger! Because if he didn’t possess sufficient strength in this world where the strong were respected, then everything would be just a dream!

As he gazed at the technique in his hand, Yang Ye’s expression grew more and more solemn because it was really extremely formidable. Even if it was an incomplete scroll, it made him feel extremely shocked. Just based on the 1st part of the Heavenly Devil Physique, Yang Ye was already able to imagine exactly how formidable Mo Ke’s physical body was!

It could be said that if he was able to cultivate the 1st part of the Heavenly Devil Physique to completion and when combined with the original strength of his body, then it would probably be impossible for even a Spirit Realm expert to harm Yang Ye’s physical body! However, Yang Ye felt slightly helpless because its method of cultivation was truly too abnormal!

Why? Because there were three basic requirements in order to cultivate this technique. The first requirement was that one’s physical body had to be at a certain level of strength. What level exactly? At the very least, it had to be on par with a Spirit Rank Darkbeast…. Yang Ye had satisfied this requirement, but Yang Ye could only laugh bitterly when facing the second and third requirement!

The second requirement was that it had to be supplemented by five spirit herbs, and they were respectively the Steel Fruit, Icy Dew, Fire Dragon Tendon, Azuresky Leaf, and Kindearth Mushroom! Yang Ye didn’t know any one of these five spirit herbs, but he could only laugh bitterly at this because all five of them were high-grade Heaven Rank spirit herbs!

High-grade Heaven Rank spirit herbs were even difficult to obtain for someone like Yang Ye who was a Talisman Master! After all, so long as they were Heaven Rank spirit herbs, then they would be practically impossible to purchase on the market. Once even a single one appeared, then great figures from all over would definitely fight for them! However, the Heavenly Devil Physique required five different types, and Yang Ye could only laugh bitterly when facing such a requirement!

As for the third requirement, Yang Ye couldn’t even laugh bitterly at it. Because the third requirement was one that asked for the Blood Essence of the four divine beasts. In other words, it needed the Blood Essence of the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise! He had the blood of a Green Dragon, but what about the other three? Could it be that he had to become enemies with the entire demon territory?

Just cultivating the 1st part requires so many heaven defying treasures, so how bad would it be for the 2nd part?

At this moment, Yang Ye slightly understood why Mo Ke had been so generous because even if he’d obtained this technique, it would still be useless! Just like this very moment, he was unable to cultivate it even when he possessed it….

However, Yang Ye didn’t intend to give up because the Heavenly Devil Physique was truly too powerful. Especially for him! His physical body had already been tempered by his violet profound energy and the Nether Ghostflame, and the reason it wasn’t as strong as Mo Ke’s was merely because he’d never possessed a good body refinement cultivation technique!

If he cultivated the Heavenly Devil Physique and combined it with the tempering from his violet profound energy and the Nether Ghostflame, then Yang Ye was confident that his physical body could definitely surpass Mo Ke! After all, Mo Ke didn’t possess such heaven defying treasures like the violet profound energy and Nether Ghostflame!

He acted as soon as he decided. Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then a ray of violet light flashed before he flew towards Ancient Domain City on his sword. Besides to gather those materials required to cultivate the Heavenly Devil Physique, Yang Ye had also headed to Ancient Domain City in order to gain some energy stones. After all, he was extremely poor right now, and he didn’t even have a single energy stone. If he could save them, then it was best for him to save the top-grade energy stones because they could save his life at a critical moment!

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived at Ancient Domain City, and he sighed endlessly with emotion as he gazed at the entrances before the city that had been repaired. At that time, the little fellow and he had almost died here. The little fellow….

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly dimmed down when he thought about the violet mink, and then a wisp of icy coldness surged onto his eyes. They injured Yuxi and the little fellow! I’ll definitely make them pay a hundredfold one day!

“Yang Ye! It’s you!” Right at this moment, a voice that was slightly familiar to Yang Ye had resounded in front of him.

Yang Ye turned around and saw a group of profounders walking out from within the Mortal Entrance, and the two people in the lead just happened to be very familiar. It was exactly Yan Wu and Jian Wuji. A few more profounders were following behind them, and they were profounders from the southern territory based on their dressing.

It was Yan Wu who’d spoken those words. They didn’t dare to head to the Ninth Hell because it was practically filled with monstrous geniuses, and they would be able to do nothing but be slaughtered there! So, they’d formed a group and headed to the surroundings of the city to train every day. However, they didn’t dare go too far as they had to rush back to the city every single day. After all, the area outside the city was very dangerous!

Now, they were just about to head out and temper themselves, but they hadn’t expected that they would encounter Yang Ye as soon as they left the city. Yan Wu and Jian Wuji were filled with extreme fear when they thought of Yang Ye’s strength. If it was at any other time and they encountered him on their own, then they would have immediately turned around and fled. However, they weren’t afraid now because so many geniuses from the southern territory were standing behind them!

“You’re Yang Ye?” Right at this moment, a young man sized up Yang Ye and spoke in a cold tone.

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed slightly when he saw Yan Wu and Jian Yuji, and his gaze instantly descended onto the young man when he heard someone speaking. He said, “And who are you?”

“Wang Yu!” The young man grunted coldly and said, “You should have heard of my name, right? I’m the only son from the Li Clan that’s one of the four great clans of the Imperial Capital. My father is Wang Gang. You….”

“Sorry, I’ve never heard of you!” Yang Ye’s wrist shook slightly, and then a strand of violet lightning instantly shot through the man’s chest. After he killed the man, Yang Ye gazed at Yan Wu and Jian Wuji before he said, “Both of you seem to have left Ancient Domain City you know. In other words….”

When they heard this, both Yan Wu and Jian Wuji’s expressions had changed violently!

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