Chapter 341 – Traversing The Heaven Entrance!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Yang Ye, don’t you dare….” Yan Wu shouted. However, she hadn’t even finished speaking when a strand of violet light suddenly flashed past her neck, and then her voice stopped abruptly before fresh blood started seeping out slowly from her neck. After that, her head tilted and fell off to the ground.

Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck!

Yang Ye gestured with his hand and the Hidden Sword flew back into his grasp. He glanced at the headless corpse on the ground and shook his head before he said, “The members of the Flower Palace are still so detestable. From today onward, I’ll kill every single one I meet!”

When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye suddenly raised his head to gaze at Jian Wuji. The latter’s expression changed, and then he didn’t hesitate to flash towards the city!

However, he hadn’t even entered the entrance when a strand of violet light had pierced through his chest….

In just an instant, Jian Wuji and Yan Wu had been instantly annihilated by Yang Ye, and it caused all the others here to feel fearful. Even though they were called geniuses in the southern territory, they knew their own limits, and they knew that they were absolutely unable to defeat Jian Wuji and Yan Wu. However, the two of them weren’t even able to resist a single strike of Yang Ye’s sword….

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at Jian Wuji who’d fallen to the ground. Jian Wuji’s strength wasn’t bad at all. If he wasn’t cowardly and fearful, and if he’d actually drawn his sword to fight Yang Ye, then he wouldn’t have been killed with such ease. Unfortunately, Jian Wuji didn’t even have the courage to draw his sword, so how could a sword cultivator who didn’t even dare to draw his sword survive?

Yang Ye put the Hidden Sword away, and then he gestured once more with his right hand. Yan Wu and Jian Wuji’s spatial rings flew into his hand, and then he disregarded those profounders in the surroundings who were gazing at him with fearful expressions and looked towards the Heaven Entrance that had been repaired. Yang Ye gazed at it for a short while before he started walking towards it!

Someone from amongst the profounders of the southern territory cried out involuntarily. “He intends to go through the Heaven Entrance!”

With a flip of his hand, a high-grade Earth Rank sword had appeared in Yang Ye’s hand, and then he walked step by step towards the Heaven Entrance. As he moved step by step towards the Heaven Entrance, his Slaughter Sword Intent gradually arose, and it started from the 1st level into the 2nd, and then the 3rd….

When Yang Ye had arrived in from of the Heaven Entrance, his Slaughter Sword Intent had risen to the peak of the 6th level, and the sword in his hand had turned a gorgeous blood red color….

The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged as he gazed at the Heaven Entrance, and as his violet profound energy surged incessantly into his sword, its color had changed once more and turned maroon! When he’d accumulated his strength until its peak, Yang Ye raised his feet and stepped into the entrance. In an instant, a wave of spatial fluctuation arose here, and then a ray of green light shot swiftly towards Yang Ye!

A wisp of a vicious expression flashed in his eyes when he saw this. He swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then his figure shot forward like a cannonball before he drew his sword and slashed swiftly. “Break!”


An enormous bang resounded as the sword in Yang Ye’s hand directly slashed that ray of green light into two!

However, right at this moment, another ray of green light flashed forward like a bolt of lightning and shot at Yang Ye. It was so swift that it was more than two times faster than the first ray of green light!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed lightly. He tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword and swiftly executed a downward slash!

When the sword collided with the ray of green light, a bang had resounded as the sword in Yang Ye’s hand transformed into pieces, and then the ray of green light didn’t slow down at all as it shot towards Yang Ye’s chest. Yang Ye’s reaction wasn’t slow at all. He’d clenched his right fist tightly as soon as the sword had been blasted apart by the ray of green light, and then he suddenly blasted his fist towards it!


The green ray of light was instantly dispersed, whereas, Yang Ye was struck by the recoil and moved backward explosively while dragging his feet on the ground, and he’d only stopped after creating a groove that was around 25m long!

The profounders from the southern territory instantly started seething with excitement when they saw Yang Ye withstand the 2nd ray of green light. At this moment, they’d forgotten the displeasure they felt towards Yang Ye, and they’d forgotten everything. There was only a single thought in their minds, and it was that a profounder of the southern territory was about to pass through the Heaven Entrance!

The profounders from the southern territory had the lowest status in Ancient Domain City because every single territory had experts who’d passed through the Heaven Entrance and Earth Entrance, except the southern territory….

In short, the profounders of the southern territory had the lowest status in Ancient Domain City, and it was the territory that was most oppressed by others. The reason was naturally that the profounders of the southern territory were weak….

Right when Yang Ye had dealt with the 2nd ray of green light, the space within the Heaven Entrance had fluctuated once more, and then another ray of green light flashed into appearance. It pierced through space and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye! Fortunately, Yang Ye was mentally prepared, so another sword had appeared in his hand while he moved backward explosively, and then a strand of flame had silently crept onto the sword….

“Break!” Yang Ye shouted as he slashed down with his sword. As soon as they collided with each other, the sword in his hand had been blasted into pieces again. However, that strand of flame was like a tiny snake that instantly shot into the ray of green light. After that, a light bang resounded as it exploded into pieces and dispersed into specks of light!

The profounders from the southern territory were first stunned upon witnessing this scene, and then thunderous cheers erupted from amidst them!

Yang Ye didn’t even spare a glance at them. He gazed at the Heaven Entrance while a wisp of a solemn expression flashed through his eyes. The Heaven Entrance was extremely terrifying indeed. If he hadn’t consolidated his cultivation and Sword Intent before this and even improved them, then he would probably have been unable to withstand these three rays of green light with such ease, even if he’d utilized the Nether Ghostflame!

After pondering deeply on the spot for a moment, Yang Ye stopped hesitating and headed through the entrance. However, right at this moment, a white haired old man had suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. The white haired old man glanced at Yang Ye before he said, “A sword cultivator from the southern territory?”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed when he saw the old man appear out of thin air. He knew that this old man was definitely an extraordinary expert, and he didn’t dare be careless while nodding immediately.

The white haired old man asked another question. “Are you a disciple of the Sword Sect?”

Yang Ye shook his head.

A wisp of surprise flashed in the old man’s eyes when he saw this, and then he said, “Your Sword Intent is so sharp, so how can you not be a disciple of the Sword Sect?”

When he spoke up to here, he paused for a moment and said, “Could it be that you’re a disciple of the Origin School? Right, even though the Sword Sect is pretty good in the southern territory, it’s much more inferior to the Origin School!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “Senior, I’m just an independent cultivator. I have no sect!”

“You’re an independent cultivator?” said the old man with an astounded expression.

Yang Ye nodded.

A strange expression instantly appeared in the old man’s eyes. He sized up Yang Ye for a moment, and then he hesitated for a moment while seeming to want to say something. But in the end, he didn’t say anything and merely sighed as he flicked a badge to Yang Ye. He said, “All those who pass through the Heaven Entrance will obtain such a badge. You can travel freely through the Heaven Entrance with this badge in your possession, and you won’t be attacked by it. Moreover, this badge will allow you to enjoy a huge amount of benefits and preferential treatment in the city. You’ll understand in the future!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at Yang Ye with regret, and then his figure vanished on the spot.

The old man was Qian Huan. He’d aroused the intention to recruit Yang Ye into his sect upon hearing that Yang Ye was an independent cultivator, but he’d quickly abandoned that thought because Yang Ye had only 10 years of lifespan left! Moreover, there was an invisible force that was ceaselessly corroding Yang Ye’s vitality! Qian Huan naturally knew what it was, and it was the punishment of the heavens of course!

He didn’t know why the heavens would punish Yang Ye, but it wasn’t important. The most important thing was that if he did recruit Yang Ye, then it meant that his sect would have to save Yang Ye. In other words, his sect would have to defy the heavens and change Yang Ye’s fate. It could be accomplished with the strength of his entire sect, but he felt that it wasn’t worth it to make such a sacrifice for a sword cultivator who merely possessed 6th level Sword Intent!

So, he’d given up on Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was naturally unaware that the old man who’d suddenly appeared in front of him had the intention of recruiting him. But even if he did, he wouldn’t agree. Because entering a sect was equivalent to suffering restraint and restrictions. Yang Ye didn’t like the feeling of that. He liked to draw his sword and kill when he was displeased, he liked the feeling of roaming through the world with just his sword in hand!

Only a sword that was without restraint could produce the might it should possess!

Yang Ye smiled as he gazed at the badge in his hand, and then he put it away. He didn’t traverse the Heaven Entrance because he sought the limelight, and he’d done it exactly for this badge. Because it would definitely be much easier for him to do things in Ancient Domain City if he had this badge in his possession!

After he put it away, Yang Ye was just about to enter the Heaven Entrance when a voice suddenly resounded from behind him.

“Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard someone call out to him, and then he turned around. He saw that group of profounders from the southern territory was standing behind him, and it was the long-haired man in the lead who’d called out to him.

“Do you need something?” asked Yang Ye in an indifferent tone. He really didn’t have any interest in this group of profounders from the southern territory, and he intended to disregard them so long as they didn’t offend him. Even though they were all from the southern territory, he was very clearly aware that over 90% of them hoped that he, Yang Ye, died. Or perhaps, it could be said that all the profounders from the southern territory hoped for his death!

However, he didn’t care at all. There were too many who desired his death, but wasn’t he well and alive until now?

The long-haired man hesitated for a moment before he said, “We hope to follow by your side!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and he spoked in an astonished tone. “I’m not hearing things, right? All of you want to follow me?”

The long-haired man and the others behind him nodded.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Why didn’t all of you say so earlier? Would all of you say this if I didn’t overcome the Heaven Entrance? Of course, everyone is realistic, and I understand that. However, even though I do understand it, I’m sorry but I don’t like it.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and left without the slightest hesitation!

He was naturally aware of their intentions. It was none other than intentions to use him. Follow me? What a joke! What were all of you doing until now?

When they saw Yang Ye turn around and leave, the expressions of the long-haired man and the others had instantly become unsightly….

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